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Over, Above and Beyond: Where to Put Your Microwave in the Kitchen Matters

Over, Above and Beyond: Where to Put Your Microwave in the Kitchen Matters
Last Updated: 05 September 2019

Every home has a microwave oven in the kitchen. For most of us who are living busy lives, it’s a must-have. For people who are going to renovate their kitchen or building a new one, they rarely spent a thought on where to put the microwave in the small kitchen. Will it be at this countertop, under that shelf, overhead? When you think about it, this location really matters, but it can get confusing too.

To help you out, we have talked with design and kitchen experts to create this post. It will give you an idea about all possible locations for your micro and their pros and cons.

Things You Should Know About Microwave Oven

Ages ago, you only needed to plonk your micro onto a bench close to a powerpoint. It’s a waste of space and powerpoint, but when you need to unplug it to reset its clock that is the most logical thing to do. Nowadays, you need to consider foot traffic and accessibility to your electromagnetic waves, so you can find it low, high, easy reach, or out of sight.

The doors of your electromagnetic wave are opening from right to left, which should be a consideration when planning to place the device in tight spaces. Apart from the access to the powerpoint and how that micro door opens, here are some things you should consider before you decide on where to place your micro.

  • Ease of access. Because electromagnetic waves come in varying sizes with different width, height, and depths it can be confusing where to put them. Plus, you have also to consider who will use them frequently. If you have a small kitchen or a shallow cupboard, you may have limited options. You should opt for a location that is near your fridge, stovetop and the countertop.
  • Safety. That position of your micro should minimize the distance of moving these hot drinks or food from one area of your kitchen to another to have less chance of accidents.
  • Visual appeal. Hiding micro behind closed doors is becoming popular. The only thing you need to consider is to have enough space for an electromagnetic wave to breath.

Possible Locations for Your Microwave

On the Countertop

The countertop by far is the most common place to put a micro, particularly in the most modern kitchens. This location is very logical because it stays with the all-natural flow of traffic. It’s within reach when you are cooking or baking, and it will be more convenient for everybody.

The only downside of placing your electromagnetic wave on your countertop is space. If you have a small kitchen and need your countertop space, it may impact your kitchen’s flow. You can fix this by buying a countertop range within reasonable dimensions.

Under the Counter

Under counter oven and microwave cabinet can be a great space-saving option too if you want to hide it. Another benefit of this location is that your microwave will be less visible in an open kitchen layout. It will remove your micro off that countertop, and it will also be user-friendly because it’s easy to access and will be not to low either.

The only downside of this placement is that if a user is tall or the location itself is too low, you will have trouble moving these dishes in and out. Another issue may be your curious and small children.

Over the Range

Placing your electromagnetic wave oven over that range is one way to consolidate your cooking appliances in one section and can save space. This is a convenient storage method, which many kitchenettes with multiple range units come up with. If you are one of those who frequently use microwave during meal prep, you might want to try this placement to save you time. Over the range is a great space-saving option for small kitchen microwave ideas.

There are two considerations when you choose this option: ventilation and height. Like what we mentioned micro breathes a lot, you should steer clear of ventilation problems. If you place your oven too high, it can be difficult to access for shorter housemates. Place a step stool, though.

Integrated into the Cabinetry

If you want to keep the micro out of sight, one excellent option is to place them inside the cabinet. This microwave pantry cabinet should be near your refrigerator or your other kitchenette appliances for easy access. Make sure that your micro fits inside the cabinet well and has enough ventilation.

Hidden microwave is a sleek custom-made option that will blend well with your kitchenette. Choose to have an open-door cabinet or have the cabinets match your current décor. The crucial factor here is placement. It should have an electrical outlet nearby to minimize visible cords.

At a Drinks Station

A smart option will be a microwave in the pantry, the bar or the secondary food prep area. It might not be the best solution for everyone but moving it to a side station will put it near the coffee machine for quick snacks or breakfasts. It clears the traffic away from the chef’s area if you have a busy household. The downside however is, it’s not an ideal location if you frequently use your micro for food prep. It should be near the fridge and stove.

On an Island

For those who have a bigger kitchenette space and can afford to have an island, placing your electromagnetic wave on the island is a great idea. It keeps the microwave out of the countertop but still in sight and within reach. It will also save you the main cabinet for storage and can position your electromagnetic waves away from your cooking area. It will help the person who is not cooking to use the micro conveniently. The only downside – if you put your micro on a lower level, it can be hard to reach, especially if your counter is deep.


The next time you are renovating your kitchen or designing a new home, do not disregard where you will place your microwave. Looking for a perfect spot for this small kitchen appliance will help ease your workflow and improve your kitchen’s aesthetics.

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