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Who Invented Trampoline and Other Cool Facts of Trampoline History

Who Invented Trampoline and Other Cool Facts of Trampoline History
Last Updated: 05 September 2019

The trampoline has long been a popular part of our life. You can hardly find an entertainment center, where there would not be this device for jumping. So, did you wonder when was the trampoline invented?

How Everything Started

Trampoline history began in 1930. Then George Nissen built his first device in his father’s garage when was still a student. He gave it the name – a bouncing rig. George and assistant coach Larry Griswold helped the circus troupe of acrobats Flying Guardians and learned how to use nets, repairing the safety nets that were used in dangerous performances.

In the 1930s, Nissen and Griswold began experimenting with installing nylon fabric instead of woven mesh, because nylon canvas has more suitable technical characteristics and has better elasticity. The inventors also called the device a “jumping installation”.

In 1937, George and two comrades organized an acrobatic troupe “Three Leonardos” and toured all over America. While on tour in Mexico, they heard that Latin Americans called their invention “el trampoline”, which meant throwing a board for jumping into the water from a height. Then George Nissen decided to add the letter “e” to the end of the word “trampoline”, and later he officially patented his invention and began to produce a device under his trademark “Trampoline”.

After that George Nissen and Larry Griswold set up the production of the devices in Cedar Rapids. However, the trade went with difficulty and Larry Griswold decided to leave the business and created his troupe of acrobats, which successfully toured America with the comedy show “Diving Fools”. As for trampoline inventor George Nissen, he devoted himself to the promotion and development of the device as an invention and “trampoline jumping” as a sport. He even managed to convince the government of the necessity to use his invention to train American soldiers and astronauts.

The invention stayed almost unchanged for the next eighty years because everything ingenious is simple. The foundations laid by George Nissen who invented the trampoline are still the basis for production. As before, it has the same design in the form of a steel frame and a hopping canvas made of nylon or polypropylene, tensioned with springs. This is an answer to a very frequent question: what is a trampoline made out of.

The Invention Has Something to Impress You With

Some people associate this device with childhood, and others with sports. But, anyway, it has long entered our lives. In different parts of the country, trampoline parks and new attractions associated with jumps are opening. But there are more interesting facts.

For example, only a few people know that this device has become a real sports symbol of the 21st century. In 2000, competitions were included in the list of disciplines for the Olympic Games in Sydney. And this is not all that is worth learning about trampolines. We have prepared for you a selection of the most interesting trampoline history facts.

Unexpected Facts You Didn’t Know

  • Competitions on trampolines were first held in their official homeland, the United States. The first national championship was held in the forties. At the same time, it was included in the list of national sports in Britain, and in the sixties – in the international list of trampoline Olympic disciplines;
  • The first double-tramp jumping competition took place in the British capital in the early seventies;
  • Jumping is often used to improve the physical training of athletes in other sports – for example, in gymnastics;
  • They are widely used for comprehensive training of future astronauts. With their help, space explorers are trained to control their body in weightlessness. In addition, this device allows you to effectively exercise the respiratory system, heart muscle, and vestibular apparatus;
  • The charge of cheerfulness that we get when jumping on a trampoline is due to the active production of adrenaline and endorphins. That is why classes in trampoline park help to get rid of stress, relieve tension and relax;
  • Ten minutes of active jumps can replace a half-hour run for energy and body benefits. In this case, you almost do not feel signs of fatigue and, most likely, you want to continue training;
  • The world’s largest device was made by a Polish company called VIV Inflatables. Now it is (at a height comparable to the nine-story building) installed in European amusement parks.

Variety of Trampolines

Today’s devices are distinguished by reliability, convenience, and safety. They are made in various designs and sizes. Are you wondering what are trampolines made of nowadays?

Modern trampolines are produced from polyvinyl chloride, which consists of many layers: polymers, lavsan, reinforced mesh. Materials should be durable and waterproof. After the jump, this canvas should take its original form. Trampolines in their functional purposes are divided into:

  • Professional;
  • Home use.

What are the Advantages of the Invention

As it has been mentioned above, the invention is very popular with people of different age. They choose such a device because of numerous advantages. Let’s outline the most important ones:

  1. Stabilize the cardiovascular system and blood circulation;
  2. Improve emotional state;
  3. Help get rid of toxins and harmful substances faster;
  4. Improve coordination and possession of your own body;
  5. Develop the vestibular apparatus;
  6. Increase endurance;
  7. Improve all metabolic processes in the body;
  8. They train many muscle groups.


Trampolines are sports equipment consisting of a particularly durable mesh or fabric stretched onto a frame with springs. They are necessary for jumping, acrobatic etudes, gymnastic workouts. Activities on this equipment gain wide popularity across the world. Even the simplest jumps have a positive effect on health, vitality, mood of an adult or a child. So, don’t hesitate and try such a great device to improve both mood and health.

We hope our article was useful to you. Now, please, tell whether you have ever tried jumping on this device or not? Do you like it? Write your answers in the comments.

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