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The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Refrigerator

The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Refrigerator
Last Updated: 19 April 2019

Despite the simple function that every fridge carries out, buying a fridge can be a tricky process. A search of the right fridge for you is far more complicated than making the choice between a built-in or freestanding model. This is not to say that this choice isn’t important, but there are several other things one needs to consider too. Let’s find out more so that you’re fully prepared.

What Kind of Fridge Do I Need?

One of the most important things to consider if the aesthetics of the product and how it will fit with your kitchen. After all, fridges have been getting bigger and bigger over the years and so it will take up a lot of the space. Are you going to tuck your fridge away behind cupboard doors or do you want one that is freestanding which you can put in any place? Maybe you’re looking for a large American type fridge with a lot of storage, a water and ice machine? Don’t worry, we’ll let you in on all the pros and cons of each fridge, helping you choose the best one for your needs.

Freestanding Models

These kinds of freezers are the cheapest kind you can buy. You’ll see a lot of them all over the market, with a large choice in terms of brand, model, budget and style. One of the biggest advantages is that they can be put anywhere in your kitchen and be taken on the move. The biggest drawback is the fact that they can be an eyesore, however, they are usually cheap and reliable.

Integrated Models

These built-in fridges can be tucked away behind any cupboard doors and work well if you don’t want your appliances to be in view. They’re a bit pricier than most freestanding models, however, they work wonders in terms of aesthetics. Put one of these in your kitchen and you may also have a lot more room for other items.

American Models

A large kitchen may demand an enormous American style fridge. If you’ve got a lot that needs storing, this is probably the type for you. Very sleek and stylish with many features such as separate thermostats, accurate temperature control and different cupboards for different types of food. Most American models also come with an ice machine or water dispenser. Just be wary that although they are cool, they do take up a lot of power and space.

Retro Fridges

Who doesn’t love the look of the past? Retro models completely stand out in any kitchen and after all, it needs to look good as well as do the job. Be wary as some of these fridges look better than they function, so always read reviews before you buy. Try to buy something that has a retro appearance but is modern – old technology just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Size Matters

You may know what kind of model you want, but you may also be asking, “what size refrigerator do I need?” this all depends on what you eat, for example, if you purchase a lot of fresh food every day, make sure the appliance can hold it all. If you’re the kind of person that likes to freeze food or cook frozen things on the go, by a fridge freezer with a larger freezer compartment. If you go shopping frequently for the things you need to cook, maybe you might not need such a large size.

Storage Space For Your Needs

Before you even start to compare different fringe volumes, it’s worth noting that manufacturers usually calculate this with the shelves, racks, and drawers all taken out. When we like to test our appliance, we look at the space you can actually use with all of this inside, so to be wary of this. It is important to read reviews online because manufacturers have sometimes been known to overstate the volume, in some cases by even around 25%! You will want to know what you can store for your money.

How Cold Should A Refrigerator Be?

It is usually recommended that the temperature of your fridge does not exceed 4°C, since this is the best temperature to store food in. you could even purchase an inexpensive freestanding thermometer to put inside your fridge to check the temperature – sometimes it’s difficult to know if the temperature really is what it says when it is over packed or has warm food inside.

How Long Should A Refrigerator Last?

Most fridges will need to be replaced between 10 and 13 years, however, some manufacturers will last longer, so check all the reviews and information you can find. By carrying out regular maintenance such as cleaning the condenser coils, this can help prolong your edges lifespan. You’ll notice your appliance is not working either when it’s not cool enough or if is producing too much frost.

Price Points

With such an expensive appliance to buy, you will want the longest lifespan possible for the cheapest price. You’ll need to think not only about initial purchase cost, typically between 100 and US$500. So all in all, how much does a refrigerator cost? To help with the long run figure, let’s look at the climate class and power consumption.

Climate Class

After thinking about what temperature should a refrigerator be, consider the “climate class”, i.e. the range of room temperatures that it is best suited to work in. Typical fridges will work in rooms that range between 10 and 23°C. Some N class models require that the temperature does not fall below 16°C, so this will not be suitable for a cold kitchen. Unless you’re going to turn your heating on overnight during winter periods and spend more money, we would not recommend purchasing an N class model. By looking at the rating plate inside, you can check the climate class and this should provide you with the relevant information you need.

Power Consumption

It is important to consider, how many watts does a refrigerator use? Modern fridges are very energy efficient and will typically use between hundred to 400 W of power depending on the size. Large ones can use up to 1500 thousand kilowatts per annum. It is important to read reviews and see what people have been saying, such as how insulated the inside is. Try to find out what people have written about the average running wattage of their fridge in order to get the most accurate result before making a purchase.

Final Thoughts

Whatever use you are going to get out of this appliance, make sure you consider all of the points above. A fridge should last a long time, however, they are usually the most expensive part of the kitchen. Make sure that you consider all of the reviews and do your research thoroughly, because not only is this an expensive item but it is also going to run all throughout the day. Sometimes premium models are not always the best.

Have you recently bought a fridge? Do you have any thoughts on making a purchase? What went through your mind? We would love to hear more from you, so share your thoughts with us below.

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