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Our Authors


Kate has been working as a copywriter since 2010 and joined our team in late 2018. She took many hours in various marketing sub-niches before realising copywriting was the skill she enjoyed most of all. She believes good copywriting needs to talk to readers. Now Kate has an MFA in creative writing, so she is proud to give you comprehensive, insightful information and guides by interviewing professionals and creating the ...


Cindy has been working with home improvement (namely, interior and architectural design) since 2014 and has been writing for the Home Expert Reviews since 2019. Prior to joining our team, Cindy provided home improvement advice for Quora and Stack Exchange Network readers, and useful DIY-guides.


Editor-in-chief of the Home Expert Reviews. When he’s not remodeling/upgrading part of his house or playing with the latest power tool, Corey enjoys life as a husband, father of two and an avid reader. He has a university degree in engineering (the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering at the University of Auburn, 2009), and has been involved in online publishing in one form or another for over the last 10 ...