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Simple Ways to Pick a Lock

Simple Ways to Pick a Lock
Last Updated: 21 August 2019

Have you ever experienced coming home to a locked house and remembering that you have left your key at the top of your table when left? Or have you ever pulled open your car door only to discover that it would not budge, and your car key is inside on that dashboard? This might not have happened to you yet, but when it does, this experience can bring stress, anxiety, and extra expense. While learning how to pick a lock seems to be fit for people planning to break in into homes, cars, or business establishments, knowing how to do it can be a blessing.

Is Learning How to Pick Locks Illegal?

Some people think that learning how to open a padlock without using a key is against the law. Perhaps, this is one reason why this is not taught in schools. But whether picking padlocks is illegal or legal will depend on how one intends to use his ability. If you want to know how it is done so that you enter houses and business establishments for robbing them, then, it can be considered as contrary to the law. If you want to learn this craft for using for your safety and convenience, then, there is nothing wrong about it. In fact, it can save one from anxiety and stress when faced with this problem of being locked out of his home or vehicle.

Advantages of Knowing How to Pick a Keyed Lock

Learning to pick a padlock is easy and will take only a short time. Knowing how to do this will give several advantages.

You can pick your way into your house when you accidentally lose your key or unintentionally leave it inside your house.

It is common for people to be forgetful. One thing that you can misplace or lose, is that this key to your house. Arriving home and discovering that you do not have your key can be a harrowing experience. Force open your door and cause damage or hire a professional locksmith for opening that lock. Both solutions can cost money. If you break your door or this padlock, you must have your door repaired or this padlock replaced. These services of a locksmith can be expensive, especially when he is roused in the middle of the night to unlock your door. If you know how to pick a door lock, you will be spared of all expenses and inconveniences.

The same applies to the door of your car. When you close yourself out of your vehicle, you can get stranded in a car park, or can take a taxi in going home. Standing alone on an empty car park, especially at night makes you a possible holdup victim. If you live far from where left your car, you will spend a big amount on the taxi fare. If you know how to pick the padlock of your car, you will not have any problem at all.

The ability to pick a lock makes you more cautious about security.

Most people think that one way of ensuring their safety is by always locking the doors and windows. This knowledge that a skilled lockpicker can open any kind of padlock will make them find more ways to ensuring the safety of their homes or offices. This fact that only a few people use this skill in doing evil things proves that not all people that learn how to lockpick would become professional robbers and thieves.

You can help and save others

You do not know when your padlock picking skills will be handy. Help a neighbor who cannot enter his house or establishment because he lost or forgot his key. Your toddler can close himself in a room and may not be able to reach and turn the knob for opening your door. Help anyone who is locked out of his vehicle by picking your lock.

Picking locks is a good hobby

Some people pass their time by picking different kinds of locks. Doing this has become a challenge for them, and when they succeed, they feel personal satisfaction. This hobby serves as a stress reliever and a useful way of spending one’s extra time.

It can be a source of income

The services of professional locksmiths have been sought by those who had been locked out of their house or car. Locksmiths can be hard to find, and so, an expert padlock picker can be hired to do the same job and charge a fee.

Tools that Lock Pickers Use

Locksmiths usually own a padlock picking set that contains all the tools needed to open a padlock without a key. Buying one will be handy, but you should know how to use a lock pick set. For those that do not find it necessary to buy a set, the following objects can be used:


Hairpins are thin and easy to bend so you can use your hands only to make a tension wrench. Once you insert this wrench into your keyhole, apply just enough force for turning it the way your key would turn. If you applied that right pressure, you can open the lock.

Paper clips

Just like the hairpin, make a tension wrench out of the clips. Insert your tool on the keyhole. Apply pressure as you turn that wrench the way you turn your key. The padlock will pop up, and you have opened it.

Plastic bottle

Plastic bottles are ideal for closures on doorknobs. All you need doing is to cut the plastic bottle into square portions. Use one piece of your squares and insert it between the door jamb and the bolt of your lock. Push that bolt down using the piece of the plastic bottle while rocking your door. You can expect the padlock for popping, and you can now open the door.

Now that you have learned how to pick locks, start gathering your materials, make them into padlock picks, and give padlock picking a try.

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