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How to Build a Greenhouse Quickly and Easily: Useful Tips

How to Build a Greenhouse Quickly and Easily: Useful Tips
Last Updated: 05 September 2019

Building a greenhouse is a large project to tackle; however, it can be done on a budget or by professional builders. Our goal is to tell you what types of such constructions are and what do you need to build a greenhouse. We will also look closer at all steps of executing.

How to Choose a Perfect Place For Your Greenhouse

It is not a secret that plants won’t give you any harvest without great sunlight. So if you are wondering how to build your own greenhouse, then the first thing you should take into consideration is finding a proper place. A perfect location will provide the plants with a lot of sunlight. You need to choose an open area without any trees to avoid possible shadows. Moreover, the construction must be protected from strong winds and drafts. So for the question where to build a greenhouse in this case – the answer is quite simple. Just put it next to the shed or a summer kitchen. The west-east position will be suitable for the winter greenhouses, while the north-south location is what you need for summer and springtime. After finding a perfect place, think about the necessary materials.

Learn What is a Greenhouse Made of

If you don’t think why to build a greenhouse as are sure that you need it, then look closer at the required materials. Actually, it consists of 3 elements:

  1. The foundation. It goes without saying, the preparation of the foundation will take a lot of time. But don’t get upset because it’s better to spend on it more days rather than get an unreliable and unstable greenhouse. So after choosing the place, do you best while digging a trench. It should have a depth of about 16-20 inches. Next, put sand as the first layer of the bottom. Go on with covering it with gravel. Finally, lay reinforcing mesh and pour concrete. If you follow these rules, you will create a reliable foundation that will not be subject to soil movement.
  2. The frame. It is a major greenhouse part, so special requirements are made for the choice of material. Commonly, it is made of metal or wood. Additionally, select either galvanized profile or steel pipe.
  3. The roof. Prepare a nylon cord for a mesh frame. Or you can also take a thick fishing line. It guarantees the roof won’t slide. Next, attach a film on the frame top and nail the bottom with wooden bars.

Why Think of a Ventilation Arrangement

Equipping the greenhouse with a good ventilation system is a must. This will allow creating an ideal microclimate for plants. Ventilation may be vented, located on the construction sides or the door. A proper airing will prevent plants from having possible problems. When placing such vents in the roof, you can arrange the movement of warm air to the street, and open doors will ensure the passage of cool air. There won’t be any drafts. In addition, the air will change for sure. You need only two vents if you have a small construction. Locate them on the greenhouse roof for good air exchange.

What Size to Select for Ideal Project

The second question that you need to solve is the size of the greenhouse. To calculate everything correctly, consider how much and what you will plant there. If you are eager to plant tall plants, then the best form of the greenhouse will be arched or gable, the height of which will provide you with convenient crop care. The base of the construction can be any: round, square, rectangular or trapezoidal, here everything depends on your capabilities. The size and the materials will help understand how much does a greenhouse cost.

Extra Useful Tips from Professionals

Owners of the greenhouses can share lots of tricks on which the harvest of vegetable or other crops depends. We spoke with the best professionals on how to build a greenhouse cheap in order to provide you with extra useful tips. Of course, they state that growing plants depends on the crop, on the amount of supplied heat, on the length of the day, on ventilation, on proper irrigation and regular fertilizing. However, there is something more:

  • If are eager to be the owner of a big greenhouse, then you will need to install water-colored barrels painted black. Under the influence of the sun, they will heat up, and in the evening and at night, they will give their heat to plants. This water can also be used for watering;
  • When using shelves and planting in boxes you can significantly increase the volume of crops grown, and, consequently, the harvest;
  • The northern side should be opaque, then you can get more heat during the cold season.

As you see, you can build a greenhouse of your dream using various types of materials, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you have decided to implement the desired project with your hands, then we hope our article will help do it quickly and with a minimum of efforts. But if you are not sure of own capabilities, you’d better take a ready construction for saving time and nerves. All in all, it’s up to you to decide. Anyway, we wish you tasty vegetables and will be glad if you share own experience of having a greenhouse. What materials do you think are better for building a stable construction?

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