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Terrific Tips On How To Build a Deck Railing

Terrific Tips On How To Build a Deck Railing
Last Updated: 05 September 2019

We can all agree that a deck rail adds this additional flair and beauty that complements the entire look of your house. You may think – is it a hard and tedious process? You’ll be surprised – it’s not.

You just need a few basic carpentry skills, and you are good to go – it’s a simple and straightforward process! All you need to do is check-in with the local building department to ensure that you have complied with these local regulations.

If you are obsessed with that designing you’ve come to that right place, we are going to have a detailed discussion on how to build a deck railing.

Installation of the posts

Count the number of posts you need

Your existing deck is always supported by stakes when it’s covered if it’s a brand-new rail, you’ll need to install new stakes will provide support to these rails.

Within that perimeter of your wood deck railing ensure there is even spacing of your stakes, this recommended spacing should be at an interval of every 1.8 meters. Note that you may need a few larger stakes if that gate is going to attach on that orlop railing.

Measuring of the posts

It’s advisable always to cut your stakes in sizes of 4x4s as they will be a little bit higher than these railings providing extra spaces for hanging underneath orlop planks. For example, if your railing will be 36 ft (91 cm), then your stakes should have a height of 44 inches (110 cm).

According to most building and code regulations, deck railing construction should range between 36 and 42 inches high.

Designing the posts with an overhang

At this base of that post, mark lines that are 2 inches above it. At that end of that first line, mark another line perpendicular to it.

Cut these marked lines using a saw to remove these marked sections measuring 2 inches by 4 inches.

Applying to finish to the posts

If you want a clean and elegant look, it is critical to apply to finish to your post before installation. Apply stain or paint on all sides of your post and allow them to dry for approximately 24 hours.

Installation of the posts

Place your stakes over this edge of that orlop, drill holes in that stake onto your deck using a drill and clamp this base of that rail to your post using a wood-block that provides support and perfect alignment.

Measurement and cutting of the wood

Marking the height railing on the posts

Use a tape measure and mark the center of each stake, that recommended range is always 36-42 inches, but it’s subject to change according to your needs and preference. A lot of homeowners like to leave that base of your rail orlop open; thus, that height mark should be a bit higher to compensate for this.

Measuring distance between posts

For those who didn’t install this stake themselves, you need to measure and write down this exact length to enable you to know that appropriate rail size to cut.

Buy wood and balusters

The lumber store is that best place to purchase these items, you can either cut them yourself, or you can request this lumber store to pre-cut them at an extra cost.

  • You’ll need cuts of 2×4 or 1×3 of lumber that is equal to that distance of your deck stakes. You should have two pieces for each railing.
  • Procure plenty of 2×2 balusters to be used during railing, plan for this spacing of 4-inches apart.
  • You’ll also require strip woods of approximately 0.25 inches by 1.5 inches.

Before assembling, you need to apply to finish to your orlop either paint or coat of polyurethane. Apply it to all that side of wood pieces and leave them to dry for 24-hours providing all-round protection against harsh weather.

Assembly of Balusters

Attaching Balusters at the end of strip wood

This is one of these essential steps on how to install deck railing, according to most building code regulations, balusters should not exceed more than 4 inches apart. For deck railing screws, use screws of recommended sizes (1.5 inches to 2 inches) will do this trick.

Positioning of the balusters and attaching them onto the strip

Place these balusters evenly along these two attached strips. Screw through this strip into these balusters till the end; this screw should range between 1.5 inches- 2 inches.

At the base of the balusters attach another strip

Once the top of these balusters has been firmly attached to that strip, repeat that same process at a bottom, driving screws of 1.5 inches- 2 inches onto these balusters tightly holding them in place.

Installation of the rail

Securing the base of the rails to the posts

At the bottom of these stakes drill holes at a specific angle, drive screws through these rails to the post, ensuring that they are fully secured. Recommended screw inch should be 3-4 inches.

The positioning of the balusters at the bottom rail

Set these rails holding these strips together at the center of these rails, screw both these strips and rails securing them in place.

Screwing the balusters at the top rail

Position the top of that thin strip holding these balusters to the top deck railing, drive a screw at an angle directly from that upper strip to a deck. All the wood pieces of a rail will be firmly attached to the stakes.

Final word

Deck railing plans is usually a simple and straightforward procedure that requires no expertise; you can do it yourself, turning your patio or deck into a beautiful masterpiece. With this post, building a deck railing will be easy!

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