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How to Boost Outdoor TV Antenna Signal?

How to Boost Outdoor TV Antenna Signal?
Last Updated: 05 September 2019

With the advent of digital televisions, the good old analog versions quickly went out of vogue. Once the digital options came, there came the problem of weak television receivers and a weak signal. While the digital television would continue to work for a little bit if there was a weak signal, an extremely weak outdoor HDTV antenna signal could cause the television to go completely off.

Outdoor TV antennas are prey to the elements of the weather most times. You would find that the transmitter you spent an outrageous amount of money on refuses to work once the wind gets vicious. The worst case scenario is would be finding out that the channels you expected to have are missing after you have painstakingly set up your transmission receiver.

This article lays down certain things you should consider if you want to boost your HDTV reception.

A Few Things You Should Consider For High Definition Antenna Reception

Maybe your television began to show those dreaded ‘no signal’ notices. When your TV says no signal with an outdoor antenna it means you have to try out the following things. Maybe one of the recommendations on how to strengthen outdoor tv antenna signal may not work for you and your situation. It is expedient that you try out as many as possible to get your preferred antenna signal strength. Just have it at the back of your mind that the ultimate picture quality comes with patience and consideration for your devices.

There are some situations that can dampen your television experience and cause you to have a poor TV signal. If your receiver is outside, anything from your geographic location to the obstacles around you such as hills or trees can contribute to a weak reception. Wind and air pressure shifting your receiver can also be a contributing factor to a poor signal. Electrical interference can also mess up your reception, leaving you with such poor picture quality that you wonder what at all went wrong. If you are within the group of people who constantly ask ‘How can I improve my TV signal?’ You are reading the right article. Go on step by step and uncover the magic of excellent television signals.

Tips to consider on boosting antenna signal

  • Consider elevating your outdoor receiver by a few inches.

    The higher your receptor is, the less likely that you will have obstacles affecting your connection. Buildings, trees, and mountains can be an annoyance when it has to do with obtaining your stellar television experience. Consider raising your outdoor receiver and setting it above the bulk of the trees and buildings. You might have to climb to the top of the highest tree in your area to get that done. Be sure to be a hundred percent safe when doing these installations. Having fewer obstacles prevent your signal from bouncing off several objects, losing strength each time and resulting in the dreaded pixelated picture quality, or worse, an off television. The roof of your house is a splendid place to mount your receptor. We recommend measuring at least 30 feet from ground level to have a good signal.

  • Aiming the mast.

    There are different directional antennas. There’s the Unidirectional, omnidirectional and multidirectional receivers. These ones give off strong and powerful signals effortlessly. However, even for these ones, you need to position them as accurately as possible to make the most of your reception. Attempt re-aiming these antennas towards the transition towers. Even a few degrees of turning can make a lot of difference when it comes to getting a good transmission. You can find out your closest transmission tower using specializing websites. Once that is done, slightly turn your antennas in the direction of the transmission.

  • Try to change the position or the location of your receptor.

    In case you have easy access to your antenna, and you constantly have a problem with receiving a good signal, changing the position and location altogether can work wonders for you and your television. Start by moving your receiver a few inches from its original location. If that does not work, take out the entire connection and reposition it on another angle or side of the house. It could be that the transmission is better there, or there are fewer obstacles in that direction. Dismount the mast and place it at a different area entirely for that high definition antenna reception. This may be tedious, so finding the area on your roof perhaps that is closest to the transmission tower can make things several times easier.

  • Protect your outdoor tv antenna from the elements.

    As mentioned before, wind, rain and excessive sunlight can affect the quality of your television transmission. This is why you should make protecting your receptor a priority if you value a good connection. Get a good waterproof antenna that cannot be easily bullied by the wind. A good receiver alone is not enough if your mast and screws are of low quality. Take care to always inspect the antenna and it’s surroundings at least yearly. Make sure that each time you inspect it, the necessary changes to help the antenna remain strong is undertaken. If you inspect the television antenna often enough you may catch problems like rust and erosions on time. You can then sort them out before they become boy enough to completely destroy your antenna.

  • Reset your TV tuner.

    Most digital TV sets come with a digital tuner. Reset the tuner if you want to clear out all the previous memories and get a fresh channel list. You might find out new channels that you never knew of.

You can do it the following way.

  1. Disconnect your receiver’s cable from the television set
  2. Do a quick channel scan
  3. Unplug your television
  4. Reconnect the antenna
  5. Plug the television
  6. Do a channel scan one more time

Many tips on how to make a tv antenna stronger are strewn all over the internet. Take some time to read the antenna installation manual as these usually have direct information regarding the care and things to consider before installing the antenna. Be safe as you do it, and run several scans each time you make a significant change that you hope to make a difference in the signal received.

Have you had trouble with your television signal? Try these tips and let us know what worked and what did not. Wishing you the best of luck!

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