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Do Infant Jumpers Affect Child Development?

Do Infant Jumpers Affect Child Development?
Last Updated: 19 April 2019

Everybody loves their baby, but not many people know that if they are bouncing around in a jumper, their development could be in some way compromised. Unless you’re a pediatrician, it can be normal to ask yourself questions, such as “when can you use a jumper with baby?” Jumpers for babies allow them to bounce as they can push themselves off the ground with their toes. This is delightful for most babies out there, but unfortunately, it is not in your baby’s long-term interest to use this. You may be wondering, “when can i put my baby in a jumper?” and even though it’s fun for your child, it might not be best. Let’s look at why a jumper is unsafe and can negatively impact a child’s development.

Jumper Types

In order to tackle the subject in depth, let’s understand what products are out there. There are three basic kinds of products for babies. The first kind attaches itself to the frame of the door and has a sling shaped seat which is suspended by straps that attached to one large spring. The second is a stationary jumper that features its own frame, the baby hanging from a suspended seat. Last but not least, one can purchase a stationary device where the seat is sitting on springs instead of being suspended from springs. Each manufacturer should also provide information about how long can baby safely use jumper on their box.

Risks to a Child’s Development

There are several risks to using a baby jumper, mainly focused on the detriment to motor skills. A little toddler is not mature enough to be able to control their own body movements when they are bouncing around quickly. Problems are also posed with the sling because the child is supported by their hips, crotch and under the arms – this actually pushes the toddler forward instead of allowing it to stand upright. Babies who are bouncing with the aid of these devices could, therefore, develop bad posture, trunk, and leg balance. As babies push off with their toes, they will become used to pointing them out which can delay walking ability and increase posture problems.

Risks To Safety

There are some risks to children in terms of safety. A lot of injuries that come result from mechanical failures. In the unlikely event of the failure, there can be some mild trauma as a result of falling over. If the bouncing device is attached to a doorway, it could come into contact with it. When is it safe to use a baby jumper when there are other things lying around? There is a risk that a child can bump into other objects or that the child’s fingers can become trapped within the springs of the jumper. It is important to note that the toddler is constantly supervised if there are other objects or household pets around.

To Be Used Wisely

Like anything good in life, moderation is key. A lot off parents out there found baby jumpers to be very useful when their child could crawl away from them at some point. So when can my baby use a jumper? As an example, when a parent goes to the bathroom they can put their child in the jumper to ensure they’re not going anywhere. It can be handy to have this item around when it is time for a break or a tiny rest. Studies have found long-term effects as discussed above, that if your toddler uses their jumper in small quantities, such as 10 minutes at a time, your child shouldn’t reap any negative impacts. You will want to limit the amount of time that your baby can bounce up and down, because if it is too much then they can develop bad toe walking habits as discussed above. Also, too long in the bouncing device and your little child could damage their hips, so be wary of this.

Other Alternatives

There are many alternatives to conventional jumpers – there is no limit to babies amusement and imagination, allowing for various other activities. You could put your child onto the floor, lying on their stomach. Stomach time is what can lead to the development of leg muscles. Allow your child to move around and they can learn to control their own movements. So what do pediatricians say about baby jumper seats? As a rule of thumb, it can be advised to seek activities over gadgets. When to start using baby jumper it is ultimately up to you, but don’t forget to put a lot of other activities into your child’s time. Don’t make them rely on their jumper.

Final Thoughts

It is clear from the information we pointed out that in the long run, jumpers can negatively impact on a child’s development, however when used in moderation, they do not pose large risks. The kinds of risks involved are exacerbated with constant use over a long period of time. The choice is really up to you. Keep in mind everything we’ve written about when you’re making your own decision about whether to use baby bouncing devices or not. If you’re going to purchase a jumper, consult your doctor or pediatrician to get their advice as every little toddler is different.

Do you have a little baby of your own? Have you had any experiences using a baby jumper with your child? We would love to hear more from you. Please get in touch and do share your comments with us below.

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