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10 Best Winter Work Gloves In 2019: Stay Warm 24/7

Last Updated: 29 October 2019

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16 hours, 66 products and 25 reviews - that are the numbers behind this article, and that’s how Home Expert Reviews stuff writer Corey Blare tested the best winter work gloves before create the final list.

In addition, he consulted consumer magazine recommendations (before mostly throwing them out), and also spoke to Joe Miller, Building Maintenance Engineer at Nexstar Broadcasting.

Best Winter Work Gloves

The outdoors has a harsh environment, especially during winter months. It’s essential to protect your hands with the best winter work gloves. Because if you don’t, you end up permanently injuring your hands. Many people dislike the traditional bulky work gloves because they are thick and limit your movements. This makes it harder to work and can highly affect your dexterity, so look for best winter work gloves for dexterity.

The extreme cold weather gloves improve every year. They become more comfortable, easier to maneuver in, and feature protection for your hands. If you want to know what pair is the perfect for you, continue reading. In this review, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive list of top products. Here are the 10 best cold weather work gloves in 2019.

Top 10 Winter Work Gloves Compared And Reviewed

1 place :

Best Overall: Carhartt Winter

Best Overall: Carhartt Winter

The best cold weather work gloves from Carhartt are crafted from polyester and polyurethane. It features a pull on closure which you can wrap around it for extra protection. For the exterior, there is a durable PolyTex shell which has fast drying technology to keep you comfortable and less sweaty. To make things even better, there are waterproof inserts which can help maintain a barrier from the snow and water outdoors. The whole item has been reinforced with polyurethane palm which allows you to grip better. The only downside of this pair is that the wrist is pretty narrow. We suggest buying a larger size to fix that issue.

Q: Will gloves keep my hands warm at 0 degrees Fahrenheit? Are they wind proof?

A: No, the gloves are not wind-proof and your fingers can get cold in 5 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures.

Q: Are they good as driving gloves?

A: They are more of a skiing or hiking gloves. Too thick and bulky for driving.

Q: Do these have a membrane so moist vapor can escape from inside the glove?

A: They have ultra-soft insulation, performance wicking lining, and waterproof insert.

pros +

Polyester Pull on closure Durable PolyTex shell FastDry technology Reinforced polyurethane palm

cons -

Narrow wrist

2 place :

For Triple Layer Technology: Youngstown Waterproof

For Triple Layer Technology: Youngstown Waterproof

The Youngstown Waterproof pair comes in multiple sizes ranging from small to XXX-Large. It’s made from nylon mixed with polyurethane, polyester, neoprene, and cotton. These winter pair will keep your hands warm at all times, but also keep them dry. Advanced triple layer technology uses a microfleece liner which can help make these gloves also windproof. The outer shell protects you from hurting your hands. There’s non-slip padding which is strong enough for outdoor work in the winter.

Q: Would these gloves keep my hands warm and dry while scuba diving?

A: Not at all. They are very thin.

Q: Can you use a touch screen phone while wearing these gloves?

A: No. This glove is not touch screen compatible.

Q: So are these 80-gram gloves?

A: 40 gram 3M Thinsulate. The glove has 4 layers: Outer Shell / Waterproof Membrane / 40g Thinsulate / Micro Fleece Liner.

pros +

Waterproof Heavy duty Terry cloth brow wipe on thumb Ergonomic design

cons -

30 degrees Fahrenheit

3 place :

For Insulation: Ergodyne Proflex Waterproof

For Insulation: Ergodyne Proflex Waterproof

The Ergodyne pair features size small to XX-large. These are the warmest winter work gloves on the market. These are thermal utility gloves designed to increase dexterity and warmth. On the interior, there is a breathable waterproof liner. But this waterproof liner can only handle snow. It’s not good for jobs that require dipping your hand into water or getting them wet on purpose. The Thinsulate insulation keeps your hands warm in chilly months. There is a padded spandex backing which gives more flexibility and movement. The back also has a neoprene knuckle pad for protection. For extra stability, the synthetic insulated leather work gloves have been double reinforced, and the low profile closure has an elastic cuffing plus a thumb brow wipe. This makes it the best waterproof option for cold weather.

pros +

Thermal work gloves Waterproof liner Thinsulate insulation Windproof Padded Spandex backing

cons -

Can soak

4 place :

For Extra Protection: Dewalt Extreme

For Extra Protection: Dewalt Extreme

The Dewalt products come in sizes medium to XX-large and are for cold weather. This model is the best winter work gloves for dexterity. They feature wind and waterproof coatings with a quad laying. The inside liner made from 100g of strong material is water and oil resistant. For better control, there is a double palm overlay to defend your hand and increase your dexterity and grip. This model for dexterity has a gauntlet cuff that ensures it doesn’t slip off your hand when you’re using it. The Durable PU coated polyester keeps you warm and shielded from the outside environment. The nylon-covered neoprene adds extra protection for your knuckles.

Q: Do they keep your hands warm?

A: Yes really warm just not waterproof i work with lumber all day and it took about 3-4 weeks before they got there first tear but i really like the rubber on them it def gives you alot of grip

Q: Will these make my hands sweat?

A: I doubt it. Decent warmth to about 25 F.

Q: Will boxes slide off?

A: No, they very good grip

pros +

Wind & Waterproof Quad layering Microfleece lining Grip enhancement

cons -

Very large

5 place :

For Comfort: Wells Lamont Insulated

For Comfort: Wells Lamont Insulated

The Wells Lamont are men’s heavy-duty work gloves that can keep you comfortable. For insulation, there’s a 100g liner and a fleece-lined interior. Fully wrapped fleece lining insulated with 3M’s Type G 100 gram Thinsulate ensures flexibility and good grip.

To help you keep the glove secure, there’s a safety cuff which helps lock in your wrist and convenient on/off. The exterior fabric is made from a grey suede cowhide. The pair is available in three sizes. They work well for Farming, construction, Lumber, Ranching, and more.

Q: What size should I get? (I'm between medium and large)

A: If it that close, I'd go with the large. Remember, they are lined so it's a bit thicker inside then the cheap stuff.

Q: Will these uphold to farming/ranching? Barbed wire, cattle, fencing, etc. I am tired of replacing gloves every few months.

A: My husband is a heavy haul transport driver. Works with chains etc. Short of them just getting to greasy and dirty, they seem to hold up fine

Q: Are these gloves really good for shoveling snow in minus 26 degree temperature?

A: Yes, my husband and father in law wear them often in the cold weather. Both work outside for a living.

pros +

Heavy duty Insulation Fleece lined Safety cuff Grey suede cowhide

cons -

Not durable

6 place :

For Precision: North Face Apex Etip Gloves Mens

For Precision: North Face Apex Etip Gloves Mens

The North Face pair is made from a mix of polyester and elastane. This model is good for working outside in winter. They feature additional insulation to help keep your hands warm in cold conditions. Note this product isn’t for below 30 degrees Fahrenheit weather. For added convenience, there is a UR Power TNF Apex ClimateBlock which enhances the tips of the fingers, so it is compatible with touch screen devices. The Heatseeker insulation will give you extra warmth around your fingers. And the synthetic gripper provides you with precision.

pros +

Polyester & Elastane Additional insulation Climateblock soft shell Five finger touchscreen capability

cons -

30 degrees and up

7 place :

For Rip Resistance: Heritage Winter

For Rip Resistance: Heritage Winter

The Heritage Winter product features a Thinsulate C70 cover which provides you with heat throughout your workday. Its soft interior has an extra lining to make it super comfortable. The material made from genuine goatskin leather makes it highly durable and rip resistant. It’s three times stronger than cowhide. Because they understand that you’re out in nature, the work gloves for winter are waterproof, breathable, and have a Hipora barrier to keep your hands dry.

Touchscreen capability through all five fingers so you can use your smartphone at work. You’ll also notice that there is a hand warmer pocket, which is necessary if you will work in frigid weather. The Spandura top stretches and is durable, and the material is made from genuine goatskin leather.

pros +

Thinsulate layer Genuine goatskin leather Waterproof Touchscreen friendly Handwarmer pocket

cons -

Warm but needs hand warmers

8 place :

For Touchscreen Capability: Mechanix Wear Winter Touch Screen

For Touchscreen Capability: Mechanix Wear Winter Touch Screen

The Mechanix touchscreen gloves are sized Small through XX-large. As for materials, the pair comprises a mix of synthetic, nylon, and spandex. If you’re focused on protection, this model has knuckle guards with EVA foam padding to help protect your fingers and knuckles.

To keep your hands warm, the model has a C40 3MThinsulate layer that traps air into the glove and uses your body heat to help you stay warm. Waterproof nylon on the back of the hand allows you to focus on your task without worrying about getting wet. Last, there is an AX double connection touchscreen compatibility placed on a thumb and index finger.

pros +

Synthetic & nylon mix Knuckle guard Foam padding Thinsulate Water resistant Touchscreen compatible

cons -

Very tight fit

9 place :

For Back Of The Hand Protection: Ironclad Project Impact

For Back Of The Hand Protection: Ironclad Project Impact

The Ironclad Project Impact pair has sizes Small through XX-large. They feature an Anti-vibe palm which helps reinforce the palm of the glove to provide you with extended support and comfort. The palm offers a unique design which helps you have an enhanced grip. The hook and loop closure features thermoplastic material which secures the glove to your body. It has a 3D ventilated mesh to cool off your backhand if needed. Thermoplastic is also abrasion resistant and can protect you in case of an impact. You’ll also have security on your knuckles. These products are the best winter work gloves with grip and are the best gloves for shoveling snow.

pros +

Back of hand TPR protection Terry cloth Sweat wipe Anti-Vibe palm Hook and loop closure

cons -

Size runs small

10 place :

For Impact Protection: Refrigiwear Insulated Extreme Freezer Pair

For Impact Protection: Refrigiwear Insulated Extreme Freezer Pair
The Refrigiwear are available form medium to XX-large sizes. These gloves are made from a knitted fabric with synthetic leather that lasts longer and is very reliable. To help you stay warm in cold climates, there is a 100g of Thinsulate and some foam. There is protection on both the fingers, knuckles and the back of your hand for durability and stability. These shock absorbing pads save your hands from any impact during your daily work. This makes them ideal for on the job gloves. As for extra features, they have a neoprene cuff that secures your hand, a pull tab with rubber ID tag, and rolled fingertips. For safety, there is a silver reflective strip on the knuckles, so people will know you’re there. Last, it features a silicone grip to enhance your performance.

pros +

Knit & synthetic material Durable & protection Rolled fingertips Silicone grip

cons -

Only 30-degree weather & up

Winter Work Gloves Buying Guide - What To Look At?

Winter Work Gloves Buying Guide

Winter models come in many variations, and the choice depends on several factors. When you’re working in colder weather, you’ll appreciate the set of winter work gloves. They make a big difference in your performance and can keep you feeling comfortable and warm. We’ve done research and here’s advice about what to consider while making your decision.

Extreme Weather

Having more choices isn’t bad, but it makes it more complicated to locate a pair that perfectly fits your needs. Most winter gloves are suitable for working in winter, but the work you do may influence the pair you need. To help you get a better idea of how to choose one, first consider the temperature. If you’re dropping below 30 degrees, most work gloves aren’t suited to keep you warm AND functional. You must sacrifice functions and dexterity to keep yourself warm.


You’ll find that most materials are hard to wear while others are easier to maneuver in. Some materials that make the best cold weather work gloves are;

  • Gore Tex
  • Waterproof Membrane
  • Leather
  • Nylon
  • Fleece
  • Softshell

Many gloves are waterproof and wind resistant. However, you may need to look for more technical blends of materials to get the protection and dexterity you need to do your job and keep you warm. Some materials are more durable than others, but they often end up being less flexible. You should focus on finding a pair with a mix of dexterity/flexibility and insulation. The most durable winter work gloves are balanced.

Special Features

Review of Best Winter Work Gloves

Some of the gloves have extra features which make them easier to use and convenient. You want to think long and hard about what extra features you need. These factors can add fun and excitement. When searching for your next pair, look out for:

  • Touchscreen-Friendly
  • Heated Work Gloves
  • Vegan Synthetic Gloves
  • Removable Liners
  • Breathable Mesh

Value for Money

Having the best-rated winter work gloves is essential, but you shouldn’t spend much on your pair. Just remember, you needn’t buy luxury winter work gloves. Many winter options are just the same but have a few differences. Check and see what pair has the ideal combination of features for your specific needs rather than focusing on the price. Don’t go for cheap winter work gloves because they can easily rip and break.

Test Winter Work Gloves In 2019. Final Advice

Test Winter Work Gloves

Owning a pair of the best winter work gloves 2019 can keep you from shivering and injuring your hand in the cold. By purchasing these you’ll keep your hands covered while also warm. Not all winter work gloves restrict your movement. You can find pairs that have a balance of insulation and still enhances your dexterity. The only downside is that you’re trading extra insulation for dexterity. Buying this accessory doesn’t oblige you to have a complicated list or read through hundreds of reviews or products. For the main buying considerations, remember to think about the weather you will be using them in, as this can highly impact your productivity outdoors. You should also consider the material. Some options are more breathable and lightweight, while others are heavy and insulated. It will be up to you what type of glove you’ll need. And last, the extra features aren’t always needed, but they can be convenient. As a buying guide, we aim to suggest the best winter work gloves to you, which saves you the trouble of searching the web for them. If we had to choose a pair of warm waterproof work gloves to be the number one, we’d have to choose the Carhartt Men’s W.P gloves. They come in multiple sizes, colors, and variations. They also have a strong exterior shell which protects you from the chilly outdoor environment. On the inside, you have FastDry technology to keep your hands warm but dry. Last, these gloves are waterproof.

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Natasha Lanphear

1 April, 2019

At first, I thought I found one of those sites that give horrible recommendations on the warmest work gloves. I was wrong! I understood what to look for in work gloves, as well as the best types available on the market. Finally, there is an end to my search for the warmest gloves because I have found the best ten available.


27 March, 2019

Do you need what you can put on during the cold weather, as well as use while working? Well, I will make suggestions of any of these best cold weather work gloves because they provide warmth and protection to users.


26 March, 2019

Every winter, I get work gloves for myself and my kids. However, since I bought one the best freezer work gloves called Carhart Winter Work Gloves, I haven’t had a single year to worry about replacing them. These gloves are made of polyurethane and polyester that provide a lot of warmth, and are comfortable to use. I would definitely recommend them.