5 Best Wheelbarrows For Your Garden In 2019

Last Updated: 29 October 2019

Why you should trust us?

After testing over 75 hours and considering a bunch of models of wheelbarrows, our staff writer Kate Olmenson finally examined the inventory at local stores, including Costco, Home Depot, and Walmart. To expand the personal experience, she also spoke to Walter Reeves, professional gardener, who have helped customers choose the best wheelbarrow.

Moreover, she spent some time at the stores showrooms getting a feel for the design, ease of use, build, and sturdiness of some of the most popular models. Clearly, Kate doesn’t do any hands-on performance testing for this review, but she does draw on what she’d learned from the hours of testing experience and expert advice.

No matter if you’re into gardening or doing other activities around the house that require you to carry heavy stuff from one place to another, using a wheelbarrow will make your life easier. But how can you be certain you buy the wheelbarrow for your purposes? There are a few things you need to consider when shopping and we will cover those. For now, let’s take a quick look at the lawn cart models available on the market right now via the comparison table we put together.

Wheelbarrow FAQs

Why Do You Need A Wheelbarrow?

No matter if you have a full garden in the back of your house or just a few flowers, you will need a wheelbarrow to take good care of them. You will move things from and to your garden shed, to move your flowers around and transport sand, topsoil, and other materials. Manually carrying the bags of dirt or mulch can cause injuries since they’re heavy and if you have a large garden, it can also take a lot of time for you to bear all those items by hand.

Who Invented The Wheelbarrow?

Getting a device to carry a heavy load and save your back seems a self-evident idea for a gardener or house owner. A mechanism with a basket, wheel and handles first appeared in China and was invented by the prime minister of Shu Han, Zhuge Liang, in 231 A.D. Liang.

Archaeologists have found pictures in Chinese tombs dated back to the second century that show men working with wheelbarrows. They used these tools in China in the 20th century and probably still are in agricultural areas.

Chinese wheelbarrow differs from ours, has a larger single wheel and a load-carrying place built around the tire instead of behind it.

How To Change A Wheelbarrow Tire?

  • Step 1 – Take off the old tire. Put your barrow on an even surface, tire face up. Remove brackets with a screwdriver. Slide the axle out of the tire. Place the old wheelbarrow tire aside.
  • Step 2 – Measure the hub. Measure from edge to edge through the axle hole with a measuring tape. So you know the hub length. Since you will replace the current wheelbarrow tire with a universal wheelbarrow tire, this measurement is important. The measurement will determine if a bushing is needed for the axle to fit properly. The universal wheelbarrow tire will come with several bushings in various sizes.
  • Step 3 – Attach the axle. Slide the axle into the hole in the new wheelbarrow tire. If the axle suits it then moves on to step five. If the axle is not good, check your assessment from the hub and match it according to the bushings of your new tire. Usually, there is a chart with the bushings and universal replacement tire.
  • Step 4 – Place the tire bushings. Remove any existing bushings from the tire with a screwdriver and hammer. You will need to insert the screwdriver under the bushing and apply pressure using the hammer to remove the bushing. Repeat this for the other side of the tire. Choose the new bushing according to the hub measurement you took earlier. Using your hammer, place the new bushing on the replacement universal wheelbarrow tire.
  • Step 5 - Replace the wheelbarrow tire. After you have attached the axle and any necessary bushings you can move on to replacing the wheelbarrow tire. Attach the sides of the axle to the brackets. Close the brackets with either a screwdriver or hammer depending on the bracket-style. Move the replaced tire on the axle to make sure it is moving properly and is not loose. Make any necessary adjustments.

How To Mix Concrete In A Wheelbarrow?

Put in about half a bucket of water and add the sand, cement, and gravel back into it. Go down to the bottom of the basket and mix the composition slightly. Move the mixed concrete to the front end of the basket. After that add the rest of the water and mix again until you get an even composition.

Top 5 New Wheelbarrows Compared And Reviewed

1 place :

Best Overall: Jackson M6t22 Review

Best Overall: Jackson M6t22 Review

There are several things that make Jackson wheelbarrow the best garden wheelbarrow. However, we will focus on the most important parts. The tray made of the highest quality steel which makes it perfect for heavier works, not just light gardening. The 16-inch tubed tires withstand the load well. You can put up to 6 cubic foot of material into its steel, heavy duty tray. The 60-inch rough duty handles provide a good grip. Since they’re made of wood, you can easily operate this garden wagon even in the coldest months when putting your hands directly on cold steel wouldn’t be such a pleasant experience.

The model is easy to assemble. Follow the user’s instructions, and you’ll be good to go in no time. It’s best to use in a large garden with multiple stones, tools, and other equipment to move around.

Q: Is this a complete wheelbarrow?

A: Yes, you have to put it together.

Q: Was the tire solid or air-filled?

A: It is inflated.

Q: Is it hard to put together? I have arthritis in my hands.

A: This is not difficult, anyone can do it.

pros +

Very durable Easy to operate Large tire to make it easier to go over obstacles

cons -

Some customers complained that the item does not have a cushioned grip; however, you’re most likely to use gardening gloves while operating it.

2 place :

Best Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow: Gorilla Carts Gor866d

Best Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow: Gorilla Carts Gor866d

Another good contender for the best wheelbarrow title, the Gorilla GOR866D is created to make unloading and loading of products simple and fast. Its quick-release dump feature is patented. It comes with four 13 inch wheels for increased stability with which you can overcome any terrain.

The poly bed is rust proof with dimensions of 40-inch by 25-inch. The body comprises a steel frame, and the whole item is coated with a black finish. It’s not a metal wheelbarrow which makes it very light and easy to operate, even for those with less physical strength. You can pull convertible padded handles by hand or hook those up behind ATV or a lawn tractor.

The ideal materials to carry with this barrow are concrete, wood, metal, dirt, rocks, and a lot of other things from around your yard. The 1-year limited warranty covers any issues after the sale.

Q: What is the cubic foot capacity of this cart?

A: The bed is 40"x25"x10.75". That's about 6 cu ft.

Q: What is the width of the tires? Want to be sure we can roll it between raised garden beds.

A: The tire width is approximately 3 1/2" to 4".

Q: What is the cubic foot size of this cart?

A: The inside bottom dimension is 20" x 29". The inside top dimension is 22" x 37". The cart is 10" deep. It is about 4 cu. ft.

pros +

Great stability It’s easy for pulling with minimum effort The handle provides a comfortable grip

cons -

Some customers said that it’s a bit difficult in assembly; however, if you follow the instructions it should be quite straightforward

3 place :

With 2 Wheels: Marathon Double Wheel Wheelbarrow

With 2 Wheels: Marathon Double Wheel Wheelbarrow

The 2 wheel wheelbarrow is, without a doubt, the top wheelbarrow you can get if you’re looking for a tool that makes gardening a lot easier. It is also 25% lighter compared to other models. And that makes it easy to operate in smaller gardens and tight spaces. You get a cushioned handle to prevent sores or blisters after a hard day of work. It is made for the needs of residential users, so it’s not much of a heavy duty wheelbarrow. The rust-resistant 5-cubic foot tray along with the air-filled rubber wheels make it suitable for up to 300 pounds loads. By the way, it is available in pink, red and green colors.

We can say it’s the best tool ever for plants or mulch because of its resistance and ease of use. You can adjust the tire pressure in case you need to carry something heavier. However, that’s not recommended since it can’t cope well with enormous loads.

Q: What is the height of the assembled cart?

A: From the ground to the top of the handle bar it is 26". From the ground to the top of the tub it is 20". The total length is 52". The tub is 34" long and 26" wide.

Q: Does it come assembled and if not how difficult is it to assemble?

A: Not difficult, it takes about 30 minutes to put together.

Q: Metal or plastic?

A: Handle/frame tubes, axle, and rims are metal; tub itself is plastic/polymer.

pros +

Easy to operate Light and resistant Very well-balanced Cushioned handles for extra protection

cons -

Some users think it’s too shallow; but, it is advertised as a residential wheelbarrow, not a contractor one

4 place :

Lightweight: Polar Trailer 8449 Review

Lightweight: Polar Trailer 8449 Review

In case you’re looking at wheelbarrow for sale ads, definitely keep an eye out for the Polar Trailer. It is a lightweight but the heavy duty model. You can use it to lift and transport up to 400 pounds. Designed for operation in tight spaces it has a fantastic pivoting distance. It’s ideal for those that wish to carry gravel, sand, rocks or any other heavy load that would be challenging to maneuver otherwise. It comes with complete instructions that don’t really require advanced technical knowledge; however, it’s not exactly a walk in the park either.

It has its own weight (35 pounds) which makes it a lightweight wheelbarrow, offering a good balance. The two wide rubber tires offer excellent stability even when going over obstacles and that’s an excellent thing to have since nobody likes to spill the content.

Q: Are the tires on the polar cub cart solid rubber or are they pneumatic tires that have to be inflated?

A: The tires are rubber and need inflation

Q: Dimensions of the plastic barrel it says 50 "is at the whole lenth including handles or just the bucket?

A: The tub itself is 37in.L x 27in.W x 16in. H.

Q: Inside dimensions of the bucket? Would it hold water?

A: The tub is 34" x 26" x 15" deep. It tapers down to a 10" wide flat, in the bottom, that extends to the front. The 4 bolts, in the bottom, would probably leak a little. It might wheel concrete but water would slosh out.

pros +

Light and easy to operate Durable thanks to the high-quality materials Good balance making it easy to lift

cons -

The metal handle does not have a cushion which can make it difficult to operate in certain conditions. Wearing a pair of gloves solves that and also protects you from injuries while working

5 place :

For Dumping: Ames CP6PS Poly

For Dumping: Ames CP6PS Poly

After going through several wheelbarrow reviews, we have picked the Ames CP6PS to be the best wheelbarrow for dumping different materials. The special pour spout at the far end makes it convenient for dumping or accurate pouring of flower dirt, sand or even cement. Actually, it is the most accurate cement pouring garden barrow available on the market right now. But is that enough to make it the number one? It has a superb balance, and the poly tray makes it rust and corrosion proof.

The wooden handle is not the best handle possible. It still offers you enough comfort for short and medium working hours. It does not suit for heavier materials but provides excellent control with pouring loose materials into a garden or a constructions site.

Q: Does it have to be put together?

A: Yes it does takes about 30 minutes

Q: What is the Load capacity for this wheelbarrel?

A: It is designated 6 cubic feet.

Q: Is the wheel pneumatic for absorption on bumps and such?

A: Yes! It is pneumatic.

pros +

Spout design Excellent for dumping and pouring loose materials Easy to maneuver in tight spaces

cons -

It might be a bit tricky to assemble if you don’t use the user’s manual

Wheelbarrow Buying Guide – What To Look At?

Wheel Type

Wheelbarrow Buying Guide

There are three different types of wheels they can equip a wheelbarrow with: pneumatic, non-pneumatic, and semi-pneumatic. The pneumatic tires are your best bet if you want to maneuver a wheelbarrow over stairs. They have an air tube that gets filled with air and acts as a cushion for smooth pushing. Their disadvantage is that there’s a chance of them going flat. Non-pneumatic or airless tires have a hard rubber wrapped around the wheel. They have the advantage of never going flat. Also, because of their stiffness, they reduce the effort you put into pushing the garden wheelbarrow.

Number of Tires

The traditional design is with only one tire, as the name also shows. However, they also come with two tires, and there’s a constant debate on what type is best. The one-tire model offers great maneuverability, sharp turns and makes it easier to push it up narrow ramps while two-tire wheelbarrows offer improved stability and they’re best on flat surfaces.

Steel vs Plastic

You might have a hard time deciding between steel or plastic when shopping for the best wheelbarrow. However, the best materials have their ups and downs. Steel is recognized for its durability. It can endure a lot of abuse from rough materials such as rocks or concrete. Also, it doesn’t break or crack like a plastic tray. On the downside, without proper maintenance, it can rust and get damaged. Going for a plastic wheelbarrow doesn’t mean you’re going for a weaker option or a cheaper one. High-quality plastic can also handle heavy loads without bends or cracks. But, in cold weather, there is a higher risk of cracking.

Classic Wheelbarrow vs Garden Carts

Classic Wheelbarrow vs Garden Carts

Even though the main focus of this article is on wheelbarrows, there are more and more voices praising the garden carts available on the market for quite some time now. And since we like to deliver complete and unbiased information for our readers, we decided to look into this category. Offering improved stability with the extra wheels, the carts can be a solution if you have wider paths in your garden and a relatively flat surface. If your paths are narrow or you have to maneuver them in tight spaces, carts won’t even compare to a wheelbarrow. Another advantage that a garden cart could offer comes from the fact you won’t have to lift anything since you pull or push it like a wagon. This could be great for those with any type of joint or mobility issues. However, if you go over rougher terrain; chances are you will lose your load on the road.

Safety Tips

Using a garden wheelbarrow is definitely a straightforward process. But, for those of you that have no previous experience with gardening, there are a few safety tips:

  • You need to bend the knees and use your back to lift the wheelbarrow off the ground
  • Don’t exaggerate loads, you can make several trips
  • Keep your back straight while pushing the wheelbarrow
  • You can easily turn the wheelbarrow when you’re not pushing it.

The Best Wheelbarrow In 2019. Final Advice

The Best Wheelbarrow

When choosing the right wheelbarrow, you need to keep in mind the old saying you always need to have the right tool for the job. If you need to turn and pivot often, go on narrow surfaces or over rough terrain, a single-wheel wheelbarrow is a perfect choice. If you want stability over maneuverability, choosing a two-wheel wheelbarrow is the safest bet. However, the best overall solution comes from the Jackson M6T22 6 Cubic foot Steel Tray Contractor, thanks to its durable materials, improved maneuverability, versatility, and comfortable use even with the heaviest of loads. This makes it the best wheelbarrow for money. Now you could compare some yard carts available on the market and you have also gone through thorough reviews for each one, it’s time to look at the buying guide that should complete the preparations you need to make before buying such an item.

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