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5 Best Wheelbarrows for Gardening in 2019

Last Updated: 31 October 2018

No matter if you’re into gardening or you’re doing some other activities around the house that require you to carry heavy stuff from one place to another, using a wheelbarrow will definitely make your life easier. But how can you be certain that you buy the best wheelbarrow for your purposes? Well, there are a few things you need to consider when shopping for the best wheelbarrow model to fit your needs and we’re going to cover those. For now, let’s take a quick look at the best wheelbarrow models available on the market right now via the comparison table we put together.

TOP 5 Best Wheelbarrows Reviwed And Compared

1 place :


The things that make the Jackson wheelbarrow the best garden wheelbarrow are several, however, we’re going to focus on the most important parts. It’s made out of the highest quality steel which makes it perfect for heavier works, not just light gardening. The other parts that compose the Jackson wheelbarrow are of the highest quality as well and very easy to assemble. The handles provide a good grip even for the heaviest of loads and since they’re made of wood you can easily operate the wheelbarrow even in the coldest months when putting your hands directly on cold steel wouldn’t be such a pleasant experience.

You simply follow the assembling instructions and you’ll be good to go in no time. You will be able to push it extremely easy and, with proper storing, this wheelbarrow will last for many years. It’s best to be used in a large garden with multiple stones, tools, and other equipment to move around.

pros +

Very durable Easy to operate Large tire to make it easier to go over obstacles

cons -

Some customers complained about the wheelbarrow not having a cushioned grip, however, you’re most likely to use gardening gloves while operating it

2 place :
Gorilla Carts GOR866D Heavy-Duty WHEELBARROW

Gorilla Carts GOR866D Heavy-Duty WHEELBARROW

Another good contender for the best wheelbarrow title, the Gorilla GOR866D is created to make unloading and loading of products simple and fast. It comes with four wheels for increased stability and minimum effort and a handle that allows you to pull it and, at the same time, dump its load. It’s not a metal wheelbarrow which makes it very light and easy to operate, even for those with less physical strength. The ideal materials to carry with this wheelbarrow are concrete, wood, metal, dirt, rocks, and a lot of other things from around your yard.

pros +

Great stability It’s easy for pulling with minimum effort The handle provides a comfortable grip

cons -

Some customers said that it’s a bit difficult in assembly, however, if you follow the instructions it should be quite straightforward

3 place :


The 2 wheel wheelbarrow is, without a doubt, the best wheelbarrow you can get if you’re looking for a tool that makes gardening a lot easier. It is also lightweight which makes it very easy to operate in smaller gardens and tight spaces. You get a cushioned handle to prevent sores or blisters after a hard day of work. It is made for the needs of residential users so it’s not much of a heavy-duty wheelbarrow, however, the rust-resistant trey along with the rubber wheels make it suitable for heavy loads as well. We can say that it’s the best wheelbarrow ever for plants or mulch due to its resistance and ease of use. You can adjust the tire pressure in case you need to carry something heavier, however, that’s not recommended since it can’t cope very well with really heavy loads.

pros +

Easy to operate Light and resistant Very well-balanced Cushioned handles for extra protection

cons -

Some users think it’s too shallow, however, it is advertised as a residential wheelbarrow not a contractor one

4 place :


In case you’re looking at wheelbarrow for sale ads, you should definitely consider keeping an eye out for the Polar Trailer. It is a lightweight but heavy duty model. You can use it to lift and transport up to 400 pounds. It is designed for being operated in tight spaces and has a very good pivoting distance as well. It’s ideal for those that wish to carry gravel, sand, rocks or any other heavy load that would be really difficult to maneuver otherwise. It comes with complete instructions that don’t really require advanced technical knowledge, however, it’s not exactly a walk in the park either.

It has an own weight (35 pounds) which makes it a lightweight wheelbarrow, offering good balance. The two rubber tires offer excellent stability even when going over obstacles and that’s an excellent thing to have since nobody likes to spill the content of their wheelbarrow.

pros +

Light and easy to operate Durable thanks to the high-quality materials Good balance making it easy to lift

cons -

The metal handle does not have a cushion which can make it difficult to operate in certain conditions. Wearing a pair of gloves solves that and also protects you from injuries while working

5 place :


After going through several wheelbarrow reviews, we have picked the Ames CP6PS to be the best wheelbarrow for dumping different materials. The special pour spout at the far end of it makes it extremely good for dumping or accurate pouring of flower dirt, sand or even cement. Actually, it is described as the most accurate cement pouring wheelbarrow available on the market right now. But is that enough to make it the best wheelbarrow? It has a very good balance and the poly tray makes it rust and corrosion proof and while the wooden handle is not the best handle possible, it offers you enough comfort for short and medium working hours. It is not exactly fitted for heavier materials but it provides excellent control when it comes to pouring loose materials into a garden or a constructions site.

pros +

Spout design Excellent for dumping and pouring loose materials Easy to maneuver in tight spaces

cons -

It might be a bit tricky to assemble if you don’t use the instructions provided with the wheelbarrow

Best Wheelbarrow Buying Guide – What to Look At?

Wheel Type

There are three different types of wheels that a wheelbarrow can be equipped with: pneumatic, non-pneumatic, and semi-pneumatic.

The pneumatic tires are your best bet if you want to maneuver a wheelbarrow over stairs. They have an air tube that gets filled with air and acts as a cushion for smooth pushing. Their disadvantage is that there’s a chance of them going flat.

Non-pneumatic or airless tires have a hard rubber wrapped around the wheel and they have the advantage of never going flat. Also, due to their stiffness, they reduce the effort you put into pushing the garden wheelbarrow.

Number of Tires

The traditional design for a wheelbarrow is with only one tire, as the name also indicates. However, they also come with two tires and there’s a constant debate on what type is best.

The one-tire wheelbarrow offers great maneuverability, sharp turns and makes it easier to push it up narrow ramps while two-tire wheelbarrows offer improved stability and they’re best on flat surfaces.

Steel vs Plastic

You might have a hard time deciding between steel or plastic when shopping for the best wheelbarrow, however, best materials have their ups and downs.

Steel is recognized for durability and it can endure a lot of abuse from rough materials such as rocks or concrete. Also, it doesn’t break or crack like a plastic tray. On the downside, without proper maintenance, it can rust and damage over time.

Going for a plastic wheelbarrow doesn’t mean you’re going for a weaker option or a cheaper one for that matter. High-quality plastic can also handle heavy loads without bends or cracks, however, in cold weather, there is a higher risk of cracking.

Classic Wheelbarrow vs Garden Carts

Even though the main focus of this article is on wheelbarrows, there are more and more voices praising the garden carts that are available on the market for quite some time now. And since we like to deliver complete and unbiased information for our readers, we decided to also take a look into this category. Offering improved stability with the extra wheels, the carts can be a solution if you have wider paths in your garden and a relatively flat surface. If your paths are narrow or you have to maneuver them in tight spaces, carts won’t even compare to a wheelbarrow. Another possible advantage that a garden cart could offer comes from the fact that you won’t have to lift anything since you simply pull or push it like a wagon. This could be great for those with any type of joint or mobility issues, however, if you go over rougher terrain, chances are you’re going to lose your load on the road.

Why Do You Need a Wheelbarrow?

No matter if you have a full garden in the back of your house or just a few flowers, you will need a wheelbarrow to be able to take good care of them. You will be able to carry things from and to your garden shed, to move your flowers around and transport sand, topsoil, and other materials.

Manually carrying the bags of dirt or mulch can result in injuries since they’re heavy and if you have a large garden, it can also take a lot of time for you to carry all those items by hand.

Safety Tips for Operating a Wheelbarrow

Using a garden wheelbarrow is definitely a straightforward process, however, for those of you that have no previous experience with gardening, there are a few safety tips:

You need to bend the knees and make sure to use your back to lift the wheelbarrow off the ground

Don’t exaggerate loads, you can make several trips

Make sure to keep your back straight while pushing the wheelbarrow

You can easily turn the wheelbarrow when you’re not pushing it

Best Wheelbarrow - Final Advice

When choosing the best wheelbarrow, you need to keep in mind the old saying that you always need to have the right tool for the job. If you need to turn and pivot often, go on narrow surfaces or over rough terrain, a single-wheel wheelbarrow is a perfect choice. If you want stability over maneuverability, choosing a two-wheel wheelbarrow is the safest bet.

However, the best overall solution comes from the Jackson M6T22 6 Cubic foot Steel Tray Contractor Wheelbarrow thanks to its durable materials, improved maneuverability, versatility, and comfortable use even with the heaviest of loads. This makes it the best wheelbarrow for money.

Now that you were able to compare some of the best wheelbarrows available on the market and you have also gone through thorough reviews for each one of them, it’s time to take a look at the buying guide that should complete the preparations you need to make before buying such an item.

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