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5 Best Upholstery Cleaners In 2019

Last Updated: 11 January 2020

Everybody loves clean upholstery, including carpets, leather, or car upholstery, but stains will invariably occur, irrespective of the upholstery type. It is essential to have the best upholstery cleaner to remove those stains as soon as possible. There are several candidates for the title, but only a select few can be considered to be great.

The device needs to be versatile and capable of tackling different requirements. Rather than opting for a professional cleaning service, use the best upholstery cleaner to complete the task for a fraction of the cost. The upholstery cleaner best be quick at the task.

ModelKITCHEN APPLIANCESItem DimensionsItem WeightPricePowerIncluded Components
BISSELL-SPOTCLEAN-PORTABLE-CLEANER BISSELL SPOTCLEAN PORTABLE CLEANER10 x 14 x 14 inches16.58 pounds$$$5.7 amps.Includes 6 stair tool, 3 tough stain tool and 8 ounce Professional Deep Cleaning formula
BISSELL-LITTLE-GREEN-PORTABLEBISSELL LITTLE GREEN PORTABLE8.2 x 17.2 x 12.5 inches9.65 pounds$3 AMP Spot & Stain formula is specially designed to loosen and remove stains and soils.
BISSELL-SPOTBOT-PET-SPOTBISSELL SPOTBOT PET SPOT16.9 x 9.1 x 12.5 inches12.5 pounds$$Includes trial-size Pet Stain & Odor, Pet Oxy Boost Formula and a 3" tough stain tool
MCCULLOUGH-HEAVY-DUTY-STEAM-CLEANERMCCULLOUGH HEAVY-DUTY STEAM CLEANER20.1 x 13 x 12.6 inches12 pounds$$1500 watts of steam power Equipped for steam cleaning jobs in and around your home including a floor mop, mop pads, nylon brushes, brass brush, scrub pad, squeegee, and more
STEAMFAST-SF-370WH-MULTI-PURPOSESTEAMFAST SF-370WH MULTI-PURPOSE15.4 x 9.5 x 12 inches8.42 pounds$1500-watt cleaner15 versatile accessories including a steam mop attachment for sealed flooring surfaces


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This Bissell upholstery cleaner will remove all the tough stains while offering excellent build quality. The product can provide a professional level of service on carpets and rugs. Since the weight is only 13.2 lbs, it is portable, and you can carry it to hard-to-reach areas with little trouble. The product comes with a 3/4 gallon tank, which is large enough to go without frequent refills. An issue with most upholstery cleaners is in the power cord, which is 22 inches on this product, so it can be used around the house with no issues. Among the accessories, there are 3 tough stain tools, 6 stair tools, and 8oz of Professional Deep Cleaning formula. The product is also praised rather attractively and will handle most of the daily requirements.

pros +

The relatively large tank does not require frequent refills Extremely powerful Portable The power cord is long

cons -


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This is one of the toughest and most portable upholstery cleaners for sale on the market. The 3’ spot machine cleans couches, carpets, chairs, and more. It sprays, lifts up, and scrubs away dirt and stains with powerful vacuum suction. You can target specific spots using the machine, which has a combination of cleaning solution, warm water, and suction force to complete the cleaning process. The tank capacity stands at a very strong 48 ounces to achieve multiple runs on a full tank. In the kit, you will find a trial size of Spot and Stain Formula to see if it works for your needs. Bissell offers a 1-year guarantee to cover after-sale issues.

Q: How do you clean the brush?

A: After each use, empty out the dirty contents then fill the water tank with water only, then use the sprayer to make sure all cleaning solution is cleared out of the lines. This will prevent any clogged lines for the next use and extend the life of the machine.

Q: I'm really confused. It says to add 4 oz. of solution (which is 1/2 cup) or 2 capfuls. There's no way 1/2 cup is 2 of those tiny capfuls. Please help!

A: You can use 2 capfuls OR 1/2 cup, depending on the strength of the cleaner you may need.

Q: Explain how to use this product.

A: The directions that come with it are pretty clear. You first fill the tank with hot water and cleaning solution, then assemble the nozzle on the hose. When you turn on the unit, the vacuum starts up. You use the handle to spray the carpet with the cleaning solution and press the handle part down on the affected area to vacuum up the moisture. The dirty water accumulates in the second tank. You have to clean out the unit before storage.

pros +

48-ounce tank capacity Tough stain removing capabilities Reasonably powerful

cons -

May not remove old stains

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The process of maintaining a clean couch is difficult with a drooling dog around. However, this couch upholstery cleaner has been designed for the home with pets. It has a spiral brush action capable of going deep through the stains with 400 cleaning revolutions. Unlike many of the products that require manual intervention, this is a hands-free spot cleaner, so it will let the user focus on other aspects while the machine targets a specific area. There are multiple heads and settings for each kind of spill and stain. Since this upholstery cleaner is only 14 pounds in weight, it is one of the best portable upholstery cleaner options around. The kit is shipped with a 3-inch tough stain tool, 3-in-1 stair tool, 2X pet odors and stains formula, and oxy boost pet in a frustration-free packaging.

Q: How long is the hose?

A: The hose is just long enough to wrap around the unit 1 1/2 times - around 5 or 6 ft.

Q: Does the SpotBot remove dried dog feces that are stuck on a low-pile, wall-to-wall carpet?

A: It does a really good job, especially if set on deep clean.

Q: How many volts is it?

A: 120 V.

pros +

Portable and lightweight Excellent for homes with pets Pet-friendly Hand-free mode

cons -


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The product heats the water up to 200° in 8 minutes to eliminate stains with steam, no chemicals needed. The device copes with grime, grease, mold, and stains on almost all surfaces, including granite, ceramic tile, grout, laminate, sealed wood flooring, appliances, grills, cars leather, and more. There are an incredible 18 accessories provided along with the device for varied tasks.

One can use the product for 45 minutes without a break, because of the large 48-ounce tank. A 15.7-foot power cord provided allows for taking it around the home. Its 9-foot hose for steam reaches hard-to-reach places. The manufacturer backs it up with a 2 year, worry-free guarantee and offers customer support based in the US. The item is safety tested and has all the standard certificates.

pros +

Outstanding cleaner Multiple accessories for different surfaces Large tank capacity Lengthy power cord

cons -

Durability is not the best around

5 place :



This is one of the most powerful furniture upholstery cleaners on the market. Since it is fairly light at just 19 pounds, you can carry it across the home with no issues. The device comes with a 20-foot power cord and an 8-inch hose, so it is great for furniture and stairs. There are two tanks in this top upholstery cleaner, and it allows for easy access to clean water. Tanks are easy to refill with no tools or mess, thanks to the Smart Tank™ system, so you will save time on cleaning. The recovery tank includes a fast pour spout. The device uses a SpinScrub® Technology for carpets’ fibers to clean them properly from all sides.

pros +

15.4 feet power cord Attractive price 15 accessories Steam switch

cons -

Quality is not the highest


There are multiple types of upholstery cleaning techniques used by products today. They are:

Types of Upholstery Cleaners

#Hot Water Extraction Cleaners

This type of cleaning relies on the use of hot water supplied through high pressure. It is capable of dissolving dirt by agitating the carpet. Apply a cleaning agent in advance to your carpet and then rinse it with water. It takes two hours to clean a carpet of around 3000 sq ft in size, and it takes another four hours to dry it.

#Bonnet Carpet Cleaners

This type provides a great result when it comes to the top surface. It is popular in hotels and commercial establishments. There is also less moisture involved in the process, and the drying time is reduced drastically. However, this type of cleaning is not thorough and can only be seen as a quick fix.

#Dry Carpet Cleaners

Professional upholstery cleaner choices are gradually shifting towards this new technology, which has been gaining prominence of late. Since its introduction in the 1980s, it has grown in popularity. It features a cleaning compound used on a carpet for deeper cleaning. Since this compound is biodegradable, it causes little harm to the environment. The compound can be removed in the end.


Complete Buying Guide — What To Look At?

It is important to pick a good upholstery cleaner by looking at various parameters. They are divided into the following categories:

#Cleaning Performance

This is an extremely important parameter, even in the case of a small upholstery cleaner. The machine has to remove all types of stains on any upholstery surface. The availability of dedicated scrubbing tools certainly helps in this regard.

#Ease of Use

The products should also be easy-to-use without the need to consult any manuals. The solution tank should come with easy-to-read lines, so you can replenish it from time to time. It should be clear to the user about the amount of detergent they should use for a full clean. It is ideal to have flat-bottomed tanks for easy refilling. The availability of a removable lid is desirable for hand washing, but give preference to products with automatic cycles. These take away a large part of the inconvenience of using the product in day-to-day life.


The entire product should be lightweight, in order to move it around easily. This feature also comes in handy while trying to store the machine when not in use. Portable devices are better for cleaning and usually weigh less than 14 pounds. If the product is lightweight, it will work well as an automotive upholstery cleaner.

#Cleaning Formula

Best Upholstery Cleaner In 2019

There are different types of cleaning formulas available on the market. Even a 32-ounce bottle will cost around $10. Hence, it is not one of the important factors that change the buying decision. Those who clean carpets only twice a year may find that a bottle will last for around two years. The brand of the cleaning formula is not necessarily a major aspect. However, it is necessary to know if the upholstery or carpet will handle the same cleaning solutions that are provided by the sofa upholstery cleaner.


The common consensus is that a upholstery cleaner with a higher power rating will offer greater vacuum suction, but this is not the case. The best performers come with 5 amps of power, while models with 10 amps motors do not have the best performance.

#Cord Length

The cord length ranges widely from 14 feet to 20 feet. This is more than sufficient for any house. A greater range is required for a commercial establishment, but the above length suffices to handle the cleaning requirements of a home. Even for a large home, it is not desirable to have a greater cord length, since there is a possibility of getting tangled with a huge amount of messy wires.

#Water Tank Capacity

The ability to fit more solution into the machine is a great feature to have, but it should not be the most decisive feature you consider. Since upholstery cleaners for sofas and other materials are primarily for spot treatments, even a size of around 35 ounces is acceptable.

#Number of Attachments

It is common practice for people to ask about the total number of attachments provided with a machine. This may not be overly important, since even two different-sized attachments will be more than sufficient for accessing the difficult corners and stairs. Rather than sweating the number of attachments, buyers should focus more on the quality of attachments provided. These will pay off in the long run.


Several parameters have to be considered when picking the best option, since there are different options on the market today. After careful consideration, the best upholstery cleaner certainly has to be the Bissell SpotClean Portable Cleaner. Rather than just excelling in a handful of aspects, this model shines with the tank capacity and ability to clean even tough stains. However, it strikes a great balance between price and features to be crowned as the market leader. This product can provide a professional level of service on even the toughest upholstery like carpets and rugs. It is fairly portable and can be carried to hard-to-reach areas with little trouble. What’s more, the Bissell SpotClean Portable Cleaner comes with a 3/4 gallon tank, which is large enough to go without frequent refills.

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Upholstery needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to maintain its look. A good upholstery cleaner will be able to maintain the original look of the upholstery at all times. Upholstery is the fabric covering on sofas, love seats, armchairs, ottomans, stools, car seats, etc.

First, decide how often you want to clean it depending on a few variables. Do you have pets? Do you have kids? Do you frequently track in dirt and grime? Do you work outside? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then cleaning upholstery should be done at least twice a year in the living areas. If that is too often for you, do it once a year or once every 18 months.

You can contact an upholstery cleaning service or find a homemade cleaning solution in the form of the best upholstery cleaner. It is a device that looks like a vacuum cleaner and produces steam to work on cloth surfaces. They can be used on carpets, furniture, and even in cars.

Yes, the latest upholstery cleaners come with the latest technologies to dry the surface. The carpets do not soak in the liquid, and you can use them straight away. Some extraction-style cleaners make immediate use possible after cleaning.

The powerful choices in the segment are more than capable of eliminating stains and other watermarks. However, they may not be adept at taking out bedbug infestations. Even though the best cleaners may be capable of treating the bedbug problem to a certain extent, it is best to seek professional help.

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