9 Best Trampolines in 2019

Last Updated: 15 March 2019

The trampoline is a device for jumping, made of a woven mesh of durable braid. Using a simulator like the best trampoline is not only pleasant but also useful. High-quality option effectively trains all the muscles of the body, improves immunity and increases the efficiency of the body. Adults use the best trampoline for sports and weight loss. Modern children are hard to get to play ball or run because they can do it in the online game. The best trampoline helps in such situations.

In this guide, you will find top rated trampolines with detailed trampoline reviews and the rating “The best trampoline 2019”. It will help you to choose the right option of your own model.

Trampolines: FAQs

What is the Best Trampoline to Buy?

First, you need to decide what you want to get from your best trampoline. There are amateur and professional models. If you need real sports equipment, it is better to choose the second option. It has more durability, and therefore it will withstand any tricks. The amateur model is designed more for entertainment and coordination training, rather than for preparing for competitions. We recommend Stratos Trampoline.

What Age is Appropriate for a Trampoline?

The trampoline is suitable for any age, starting from 1,5 years old. If you buy the option for the small children, make sure that the product is safe and made of quality and durable materials.

How Dangerous Are Trampolines?

Such simulators are save in case if you follow all the rules for their proper use and install them in a right place. Nevertheless, in order for the best trampoline to work well for many years, it is necessary to choose it correctly.

Top 9 Best Trampolines Compared and Reviewed

1 place :
Best Overall: SkyBound Stratos Trampoline Review

Best Overall: SkyBound Stratos Trampoline Review

This best trampoline has an original concave design and a dense net. Twelve pillars are made of steel. They are located outside the product in order to maintain the grid quality. All of these technologies ensures safe use and jumping on the rug.

Also for the manufacture of this jump trampoline was used a special technology of bolts with pushpin and machine welding, which in turn provides a uniform angle. The premium 8.5”spring class, which is made of steel, is also worth noting. Each spring has a coating of ionized zinc, which makes it durable and protects against corrosion and rust. According to research results, these springs are half-stronger and more durable than ordinary ones.

The undeniable advantage is a long warranty from the brand on all components. The manufacturer provides 10 years warranty on the metal frame, 2 years warranty on the mat, a year warranty also applies to the net and springs, and also a half year warranty on the pad.

pros +

Grid with very high density; Premium springs that are half-safer than ordinary; ASTM certification; Good warranty; Durable and sturdy steel frame;

cons -

High price; The installation process takes a long time.

2 place :
Best for Family Use: Skywalker 15ft Trampoline Review

Best for Family Use: Skywalker 15ft Trampoline Review

This model is that it is manufactured using the patented technology of the No-Gap Skywalker Trampolines. It provides complete security for users. In addition, this system connects the jump mat and the net from causing any harm, including adults and children.

Buyers really like the fact that the products are sold with a ball and a basketball hoop which is easily attached. They always mention it in trampoline reviews. The product has a double closure system, which is responsible for safety during jumping. This fencing system is complemented by foam additionally.

This backyard trampoline is as durable because its frame is made of steel with zinc coating, which allows the option to be resistant to corrosion.

pros +

Special patented technology; ASTM certification; Over durability and safety; Very stable product; You also get a basketball hoop and a basketball; Non-slip jumping mat, which is made of quality materials.

cons -

The ladder for this model must be purchased separately; Users note the insufficient strength of the Velcro, which should hold the basketball hoop.

3 place :
Best Additional Accessories: Ultega Trampoline Review

Best Additional Accessories: Ultega Trampoline Review

If you are in search of the best trampoline and pursue high quality, then you can consider this option. This mini trampoline is made in Germany and has a very high quality. Here is a steel frame with a zinc coating and special legs that have an external bend. It does not allow the trampoline to overturn. You also get a grid, which is highly durable and it is supported by eight supports.

There is a large number of different accessories for this. Remember, that they are not included in the kit. However, you can purchase ladders, raincoats, removable mats, extra springs, safety nets and much more. The user can choose different size options, from small to very large. In addition, you pay reasonable money for such quality.

pros +

German quality; Zinc-coated steel frame; Special legs that will not let the trampoline overturn; The ability to purchase various accessories; Five sizes.

cons -

The legs of the product take up more space than a regular trampoline; Not all users like the fact that they have to buy all optional accessories separately.

4 place :
Best Stylish Outdoor Trampoline: AlleyOOP Trampoline Review

Best Stylish Outdoor Trampoline: AlleyOOP Trampoline Review

Alleyoop trampoline is produced using a special patented VariableBounce technology. It provides excellent cushioning and high rebound performance. By the fact that some springs work a little later, than others do, Therefore, they reduce the load on the body.

The frame of this product is made of steel with zinc coating, 96 springs have increased strength and the high-quality jumping mat. It is worthwhile to dwell on a rug, called Permatron. It has a special protective screen that provides UV protection, is particularly resistant to water and is very durable.

It is worth noting that the dark green coating of this product allows it to fit into any exterior.

pros +

Patented VariableBounce technology; High-quality rug; Stylish appearance thanks to dark green powder coated; Easy installation process; High-quality springs.

cons -

Cost is higher than others; Users mention in Alleyoop trampoline reviews that they need some time to strengthen the mesh.

5 place :
Best Trampoline without Springs: Springfree 11ft Trampoline Review

Best Trampoline without Springs: Springfree 11ft Trampoline Review

The manufacturer of Springfree trampoline is well-known on the market because it produces trampolines that do not have springs. Instead, here you get flexible composite rods, which are located around and under the jump mat. This adds more secure. This an 11-foot jump mat is no different from a 14-foot jump mat on a regular option.

This is the world's first smart product thanks to the special digital system with more than 10 built-in games and training applications. It is also resistant to various weather conditions. The design of this model is also patented because there is a FlexiNet body, which is knitwear that has high resistance to tears and high UV protection. SoftEdge rug is made of high-quality and geotextile fabric withstands up to 30 times more strokes. The springs are made of the same material as the modern Boeing aircraft.

pros +

No springs; Only one smart trampoline that has a special digital gaming system; Unique patented safety design; A lightweight; The kit includes a ladder and a basketball hoop; Made from quality materials; The rods are made of the Boeing materials.

cons -

Users tell in Springfree trampoline reviews that they do not like the high price of the option.

6 place :
Best Assembly: Upper Bounce Trampoline Review

Best Assembly: Upper Bounce Trampoline Review

The first thing that distinguishes this best trampoline is the large variation in size. This product is very easy to assemble and disassemble it is proved by all Upper bounce trampoline reviews. You need no hardware to change the location of the option. You can also buy special coatings for bad weather conditions. You get a system without gaps, which excludes any injuries.

There are protective safety details and good shock absorption, which are also designed to save you from injury. Add a protective casing, which is of high-quality and has a double entrance and a zipper. It is made of Terylene mesh, which is very durable.

pros +

Ability to choose from 5 sizes; Easy assembly and disassembly; High-quality protective cover and airbags; Durable frame; Resistant to corrosion and rust.

cons -

The net has not very high-quality, which is mentioned in some trampoline reviews.

7 place :
Best Exercise Trampoline: Skywalker 15ft Trampoline Review

Best Exercise Trampoline: Skywalker 15ft Trampoline Review

The next is one more Skywalker trampolines review. The Skywalker trampoline is perfect for those who are engaged in gymnastics professionally.

The first thing that distinguishes this best trampoline is its rectangular form. This option is produced using a patented fencing system. That provides complete safety for the limbs during the jump. Thanks to the rectangular form, you get an even rebound from one end to the other, which is one of the key points for professional gymnasts. This exercise trampoline has a steel structure with a galvanized coating, as well as a special thick gasket that has UV resistance and is resistant to corrosion.

pros +

Special system, which has no gaps; Soft body; Rectangular shape; ASTM certification; UV resistant; High-quality closing system.

cons -

Much more voluminous than other models;

8 place :
Best Adult Trampoline: Exacme Trampoline Review

Best Adult Trampoline: Exacme Trampoline Review

The most important thing that distinguishes this option from others is its large carrying capacity. It is able to withstand a weight of 375 pounds so it is an excellent option for adults.

It is also made of stainless steel with a zinc coating. With the product, you get a ladder that has anti-slip bars, which eliminates the possibility of injury. This model is very durable and safe enough because they have high-quality jumpers and supports.

pros +

Very high load capacity; The presence of a large number of certification; Galvanized steel frame; Galvanized ladder included; Very durable; The special shape of the legs has 12 balanced points of contact.

cons -

Some Exacme reviews tell that the grid could be better.

9 place :
Best Rug: Skytric Trampoline Review

Best Rug: Skytric Trampoline Review

It is popular because you can choose from four sizes. In addition, it has a good load capacity, which is 330 pounds. Moreover, the small size is also quite load bearing and it will raise this weight.

The option is also made of galvanized steel, so it is durable. It has a special corner stop, which is responsible for stability. This product is very easy to assemble which will save your time.

pros +

Suitable for both experienced gymnasts and beginners; Load capacity 330 pounds; You can choose from four sizes; The rug is particularly durable.

cons -

You will have to spend some time to secure the grid as Skytric trampoline reviews tell; Not clear instructions in the user manual.

Types of Best Trampolines

All the top rated trampolines are divided into five types. Let us look at them more concrete.

#Round Trampoline with Net

These models are often used in the backyard. There are various sizes of these products, ranging from 8 feet to 15 feet.

#Rectangular Trampoline with Enclosure

Rectangle trampoline is suitable for those who have a narrow yard because they take up less space. Gymnasts also often use such trampolines for sale. Essentially, it is a great option for use in small areas.

#Springless Trampoline

You can choose it from three forms: round, oval trampoline or square one. Usually, these trampolines for sale are more expensive, but at the same time, the manufacturer gives a long guarantee. They are chosen for their high safety and good build quality. However, you must remember that it is a large trampoline, so you need more space for it.

#Octagon Trampoline

Such trampolines for sale have a high rebound. They are not so popular because they have a higher cost.

Best Trampoline Buying Guide — What to Look At?

Below we will look at some key aspects that you should definitely consider when buying a giant trampoline or indoor trampoline.

  1. Safety
  2. The most important aspect. You can choose among the standard models of trampolines with springs and new models without springs. While the springs provide a high rebound, they can cause injury, even despite the high quality of the mesh or jumping mat. It is more safety to choose the Springfree option in this case. Such trampolines for sale are more expensive but they provide very high safety.

  3. Price
  4. Best rated trampolines are expensive. The range is from 200 to 800 dollars. The price varies from the difference in shape, size, and quality of materials. If we are talking about the highest cost, you have to spend from 1000 to 3000 dollars.

  5. Size
  6. How many children or adults will use the option at the same time? This is a criterion for choosing the size of the safest one. Also, remember about the size of your backyard. The smaller is the yard, the smaller will be the size of your model. If your yard is big, you can choose even a giant simulator.

  7. Shape
  8. We are all accustomed to the traditional round-shaped option, which gives a high rebound. It is softer and deeper. As for the rectangular ones, they were originally designed for gymnasts but now they are used at home too. Square top rated trampolines are similar to rectangular ones. As for the oval or octagonal shape, such ones are similar to ordinary round models.

  9. Quality
  10. You must choose the material based on the weather conditions you live. If you have a very harsh winter, take the trouble to buy a special plastic case to cover the product.

    Pay attention to what materials the main key parts of your product are made of. Manufacturers, who produce high-quality models, use galvanized steel with powder coating.

  11. Setup
  12. In fact, how to install a product is not as important as its safety. However, do not overlook this moment. However, the tendency is that the more expensive the model, the easier it is to assemble it.

  13. Trampoline reviews

When choosing your model, be sure to read the trampoline reviews. It will help you to make a general impression about how a particular one shows itself in real life and what difficulties can happen to it.

The Best Trampoline. Final Advice.

The best trampoline is not only fun for children in the backyard but also an excellent training accessory for adults. Professional athletes use the best trampoline in the backyard too. The trampolines are divided into five types: Round Trampoline with Net, Rectangular with Enclosure, Springless, Square and Octagon. The choice of the form depends on the place you want to install it and purposes of your future option.

The best trampoline should be made of quality materials; it should be sustainable and provide high security. Choosing your own option, pay attention to the safety, size, user reviews, and shape. The best trampoline in the rating “The best trampoline 2019” is SkyBound Stratos Trampoline. This model is made of quality steel with powder coating, it is spacious and has a good load capacity. This one of the top rated trampolines is particularly durable and has the best trampoline reviews.

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