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6 Best Tower Fans in 2019

Last Updated: 10 February 2019

Most people love summer, but there are three little things that no one likes: excessive heat, sweat, and an uneven tan. Best tower fan can help deal with the first two problems. This unit promotes air circulation around the person who is in the room, and brings life-giving coolness. But for the best tower fan to be really a joy, you need to know how to choose it correctly.

Tower fans on sale have existed for many decades, but this does not mean that they are the same as they once were. In recent years, even simple household appliances, like fans, have become “smart” and demonstrate impressive performance and productivity. However, many who look at the modern abundance of models of good tower fans, do not want to "bother", and eventually buy something that comes up with it. Let us give some examples of the most "worthy" devices in this category, so that if you need to buy an oscillating tower fan, you can approximately imagine what you need to look for.

Best Tower Fans FAQ

What is it?

A cooling tower fan is a climatic equipment, a kind of modern fans. It is safer compared to conventional floor-mounted fan blade.

According to tower fan reviews, such a fan attracts fans of the climatic devices with its original design. The blades are securely tucked away, there is no tripod, and the flow of cool comes from a narrow hole. But the unusual appearance does not affect the quality of the work of this fan. With several modes of operation, a number of functions that contribute to an increase in comfort of use, the best tower fan becomes even more interesting and attractive to the consumers. Among its main benefits are:

  • originality of design;
  • compactness;
  • mobility.

How does a Tower Fan Work?

Let's look at how a tower fan with remote works. Any climatic equipment is designed to cool the room. The main difference from the axial column is the lack of visible blades. The principle of operation of top tower fans is more complicated and more advanced than the simple blade. The mechanism consists of curved blades on the rotor of the engine inside the cylindrical body.

Even the most powerful tower fan does not contain dangerous, rotating, protruding elements and therefore is absolutely safe. Many additional options make it more functional.

With the help of blades the air from the room is drawn inside the cylindrical body. A centrifugal force is created, which pushes the air through special openings back into the room, but under pressure, which can be strengthened in 15-20 times.

The air emanating from the device may resemble the sea breeze, as it can be humidified. Unlike the blade, it is not adjustable for the angle of inclination and height for blowing along the bottom.

The “pioneer” here was the company Dyson, which made a turbine built into the casing, which forces air from the room and releases it outside through the oval frame, repeatedly increasing its speed. The main advantage - the child or the animal will not get to the blades. It is also easier to care for such fans - dust does not stick to the grids and blades. But this pleasure is rather expensive.

How to Clean a Tower Fan?

The first thing to remember when servicing any electric appliance is the need to disconnect it from the mains.

You can only clean the fan casing with a damp cloth or any abrasive cleaning products. Keep the device from getting water inside.

Due to the absence of blades and moving parts, energy efficient tower fans are safe and easy to clean from dust - just wipe the frame with a cloth. The front grill can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

Top 6 Best Tower Fans Compared and Reviewed

1 place :
Best Overall Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan

Best Overall Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan

Dyson Air Multiplier is a tower fan without blades, without feeling the vibration of the air flow. Air Multiplier ™ technology multiplies airflow by directing it along an optimal trajectory continuously and evenly. There are no blades that rotate fast, everything is safe and easy to clean. There is a sleep timer - up to 9 hours, rotation function, remote control (10 settings of the power of the air flow). The height is 1 m, power of an air stream is 500 l / s. There is 24 months warranty.

When moving through an air channel located along the contour of the fan ring, the speed of the air flow increases and goes along a certain trajectory, drawing the surrounding air into motion. This increases the power of the stream tenfold, ensuring its smooth and uniform movement

pros +

Latest technology and design; Patented Dyson Air Multiplier ™ Technology; Adjustable number of speed settings; Powerful and uniform air flow; No rotating blades

cons -


2 place :
Best Design Ozeri Ultra 42″ Wind Adjustable Oscillating Tower Fan

Best Design Ozeri Ultra 42″ Wind Adjustable Oscillating Tower Fan

Ozeri tower fan has a stylish tower design equipped with impressive set of features. The fan produces more air velocity in comparison with other similar models and does this with less noise. This quietest tower fan has 3 whisper-quiet speed settings and 3 selectable airflow patterns. The fan is also equipped with an intelligent LED display to show the temperature in the room. The Ozeri Fan also has a 12 hour timer.

pros +

Sophisticated and stylish space-saving design; Generates more air velocity with less noise; LCD display; 3 preprogrammed airflow patterns.

cons -

Wobbles On Carpets

3 place :
Best Rating Lasko High Velocity Blower Fan With Handle

Best Rating Lasko High Velocity Blower Fan With Handle

Lasko tower fan is a high-velocity fan for any indoor space you want. Thanks to an optional oscillation, you get broader coverage. Furthermore, lasko tower fan is sold fully assembled so there will be no problems with installation. The fan has 3 speeds to choose the preferred level of airflow.

Due to its streamlined design and a built-in handle you can move the fan from place to place. Lastly, given the oscillating tower fan reviews, this fan has Blue Plug protecting the device in case of power surges or outages.

pros +

Directional louvers; Easy-grip carry handle; Easy-to-use top-mounted controls; Fully assembled; Optional oscillation for broad room coverage

cons -

No remote control

4 place :
Best Selling Honeywell Fresh Breeze Remote Control Tower Fan

Best Selling Honeywell Fresh Breeze Remote Control Tower Fan

The Honeywell tower fan with 3 speeds will feel your house with a spring. Thanks to the Turbo wind generator blades it is more powerful than a fan with typical blades. The breezing mode will fill your room with a slight outdoor wind. With the help of a remote control you can adjust the fan to 3 speeds and apply the infrared technology. Judging by the Honeywell tower fan reviews, you can also direct the tilted head for better cooling. Although the motor is rather strong, it operates rather quietly.

pros +

3 speeds, timer function for 1-12 hour shut-off; Electronic LCD display; Programmable Thermostat; Remote Control; Oscillation for greater air distribution

cons -


5 place :
Best Lasko 35″ Remote Control Oscillating High-Velocity Fan

Best Lasko  35″ Remote Control Oscillating High-Velocity Fan

The Lasko best oscillating tower fan is equipped with remote control. This black tower fan has a modernized stylish body with additional features! There are 3 extra speeds, optional oscillation and directional louvers to guarantee air delivery to the place where you want. Thanks to its convenient handle you can move the lasko tower fan from room to room easily.

pros +

High-powered motor for maximum performance; Timer; 3 speeds; Remote control; Air flow control

cons -


6 place :
Best Decent Fan for the Price Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan

Best Decent Fan for the Price Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan

The Honeywell Tower Fan has a couple of features that other tower fans do not have. The fan has a low price tag. In the Honeywell Whole Room Tower Fan you can choose of the 8 cooling modes. This quiet tower fan can be placed in any room. The device has the features of breezing and oscillation. Honeywell tower fan reviews state that among other main benefits there is an 8-hour timer and a thermostat.

pros +

8 speed levels; Digital display with adjustable thermostat; Shut off timer; Remote control.

cons -

Bright LED Panel

7 place :
Best Powerful Arctic-Pro Digital Screen Oscillating Tower Fan

Best Powerful Arctic-Pro Digital Screen Oscillating Tower Fan

The Arctic-Pro tower fan comes with a remote control, is 42-inch tall and is specially designed to supply a wide range of air flow throughout the room. Its unique and compact design is bound to fit in any environment with the least floor are occupied. Manufactured to deliver optimum quality and quantity of air, the Arctic-Pro oscillates to 80-degrees to allow proper circulation of air, covering wide radius of your home or office. The cylinder of the fan is 6.5 inches in diameter and operates silently as compared to other tower fans. This is an eco-friendly tower fan that decreases the carbon footprint and its sleek design gives the privilege to place it anywhere in your room.

pros +

On/Off control buttons. 12-hour timer. Speed and Oscillation control. Night Mode to reduce screen brightness

cons -

Flimsy Base

8 place :
Best Quiet Lasko WOODGRAIN 42″ Tower Fan

Best Quiet Lasko WOODGRAIN 42″ Tower Fan

LASKO 42-inch is a reliable fan that perfectly cools a large room. The fan is easy to assemble, you only need a screwdriver. We assemble the two halves of the base, which are easily connected to each other, and then fasten it to the fan itself. Fan operation is easy - whether using a remote control (included) or using the buttons on the top of the fan. You will need to pick only two AAA batteries for the remote control. Buttons are encoded with icons to make them easier for people to understand. The speed selector as well as the oscillation of the ionizer can be found both on the fan panel and in the remote control functions. Excellent air circulation gives a sense of breeze to the sea in spring. It is very, very quiet - in fact, it is much quieter than most fans to ensure air circulation.

pros +

3 quiet speeds; Air circulation provides a cool space; Oscillation delivers air to different parts of a room; Ionizer provides fresh air; Plastic housing offers durability

cons -

The body is made of lightweight plastic; The blowing range is small.

9 place :
Best Ozeri 3x Tower Fan

Best Ozeri 3x Tower Fan

With unrivaled technology, the new Ozeri 3x Tower Fan identifies the latest breakthrough in digital innovation, while at the same time it has a stunning design, a slim form factor on an elegant glass stand. The small tower fan is less than 3 inches thick, while it has noise reduction and high air speed.

Passive noise reduction uses the physics of the curvature of the blades to mitigate the generation of sound waves, reducing noise and helping blades isolate sounds from the air flow. The Ozeri 3x Tower Fan is designed with three independently working fans and three fan speeds, offering up to 9 levels of cooling and individual airflow.

pros +

Design; Heavy glass base; The remote control; The 90-degree oscillation works perfectly

cons -

Not very powerful

10 place :
Best Budget Lasko Portable Ceramic Tower Heater

Best Budget Lasko Portable Ceramic Tower Heater

The Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater delivers 1500 watts of comfort. This cheap tower fan features a digital display and top-access push button controls. The fan is equipped with low and high settings plus oscillation. There is also a programmable thermostat and 8-hours timer. Thanks to a convenient carry handle, you can easily carry this heater from room to room, as the weight of this tower heater is 8.6 pounds.

pros +

Quiet​ Good price Powerful little heater Portable Digital readouts

cons -

2 fan speeds.

Types of Best Tower Fans

Manufacturers produce several types of tower fans.

Vertical- mounted upright on shelves, desks, or other locations.

Horizontal- these are floor appliances designed to be placed on the floor.

Best Tower Fan Buying Guide - What to Look at?

Household appliances are so diverse that the purchase of even such a simple device as the best tower fan can raise questions. Which is better? What to look for when buying, and what does not matter? Why is one worth $50, and the other is ten or even thirty times more expensive?

#1 Power and Performance

The main parameter for high-quality cooling is power, that is, capacity (measured in cubic meters, blown out in 1 hour).

The more power the fan has, the more power it consumes, so the main task is to choose the right performance for the volume of your room.

#2 How to calculate the performance?

  • Find the area of the room – the length multiplied by the width.
  • Calculate the volume – the area found is multiplied by the height.
  • The volume multiplied by 3 will be the minimum power for the dwelling, if multiplied by 6, then we find the maximum performance more than which you do not need to choose.
  • The greater the number of people in the room is, the greater should the performance be.

#3 Noise Level

The noise parameter is important for comfort. For comparison: the noise level of the refrigerator with the compressor on is 38–42 dBa, and you’re almost not able to hear 38–39, 41–42 can interfere with your sleep. The maximum noise level of 45-50 dB is not terrible if the fan has low speeds, they will make less noise on them. Ideally, you have to listen, otherwise, when installed in the bedroom, you can expect an unpleasant surprise.

#4 Control

The simplest models have mechanical control and two or three speeds of work. In more advanced types it is electronic, often sensory. It is convenient when the fan has a remote control that can enable or disable the device, select the speed and direction of the airflow.

As a rule, such models have a display that shows all the parameters of work and sometimes the air temperature in the room. The most modern models allow not only to adjust the speed of work, but also to program the operation of the device at different times of the day or by day of the week, to use a timer. There are fans with remote control through the app on the smartphone. If you buy a model with electronic control, then look at the presence of auto-off function or timer off.

#5 Overheat Protection

It makes sense to read the user manual for the model you like or read tower fan reviews. There will definitely be information about whether the motor is protected from overheating: the fan in the heat runs almost around the clock, and it is important that the engine is able to turn off (so that the electrical circuit opens at a temperature above the critical level). Otherwise, the motor can simply burn.

#6 Additional Functions

Compared to axial fans, tower fans have more various additional functions that ensure their multi-functionality.

#7 Insect Protection System

Insert any insecticidal plate into the body, turn on the insect protection system and the air flow will spread insecticides throughout the room scaring mosquitoes and other insects.

#8 Installation Location

Since air intake from the outside occurs in tower-type floor fans, it is necessary to ensure its free circulation. Therefore, you cannot put the fan closer than 50 cm to curtains, walls and other obstacles.

Manufacturers produce models with both vertical installation and horizontal. Focusing on the design of the room and furniture, you can choose a home tower fan for the house suitable for you, taking into account the free space.

#9 Operating Rules

For long and safe operation of the fan it is necessary to follow several rules:

  • Before turning on, check the health of the power cord and sockets;
  • Distance to nearby objects more than 50 cm;
  • It is installed on a stable and solid surface;
  • Protect the device from water ingress;
  • Do not touch the switched on device with wet hands.

#10 Fan as an Element of Decor

It is worth paying attention to such advertising lures as the “all-metal body” only if iron is important for you in the interior. Now there are very interesting models from the point of view of design – brutal metal with stylish grilles, colored, wooden, in the style of the 30s or 50s, or, on the contrary, ultramodern – without blades, looking almost weightless models.

Best Tower Fan - Final Advice

To date, all modern models have several modes of operation. The best tower fan is no exception. Therefore, before buying, pay attention to whether this device can function in a vertical or horizontal direction. Those models that have a built-in function for adjusting the angle of inclination make it possible to most effectively process the entire area of the room. Thus, the best tower fan with several modes of operation (at different angles of inclination) can refresh the room much faster than the desktop version. At the same time the cold air will be evenly distributed throughout the area of the room. Also, make sure that the noise level in all possible modes of operation does not exceed the mark of 30-35 decibels. Our pick is Dyson Air Multiplier, as it corresponds to all the parameters required. With it, you can get a powerful, economical and reliable tower fan that will really save you from the heat along with expensive air conditioners.

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