4 Best Tortilla Presses in 2019

Last Updated: 15 March 2019

The having the best tortilla press is a great way to get a thin homemade tortilla, as it is not easy to do it manually. The best tortilla press can be bought in specialized stores of kitchen equipment or in online shops.

The range of presses is simply amazing, most of them allow you to adjust the thickness of the dough independently. Thus, we have persuaded you in the necessity of such a device at home, our rating and tortilla press reviews will be of great help for you.

This rating is built on the basis of tortilla press reviews from those who have already experienced these wonderful appliances in the household. We also took into account the opinion of specialists in repair and dwell on several criteria that are worth paying close attention to. When compiling the rating, we took into account the following indicators:

  • • capacity;
  • • availability of special non-stick coating;
  • • functionality;
  • • body material;
  • • the ability to regulate the heating process;
  • • lifetime;
  • • ergonomic;
  • • design.

Best Tortilla Press FAQ

What is it?

The best tortilla press is designed to form crusts of a predetermined thickness from dough pieces obtained on a divider, which are then sent to baking. Only the use of a specialized best tortilla press ensures the production of a high-quality product corresponding to the best world samples.

The press flattens and partially bakes the crusts in just a few seconds. Automatic press is a simple and affordable way to reduce production time and improve the finished product. Integrated dual heated plates allow the formation of thinner crusts, creating a uniform base and distributing the dough flow.

Thickness adjustment allows you to achieve almost any desired thickness and provides a uniform thickness throughout the base.

Why do you Desperately Need this Product?

Tortilla press is used to produce a round dough base for the production of tortilla. It easily replaces the time-consuming manual process of rolling dough. You just need to lower the handle and you get the perfect crust.

The best tortilla press 2019 allows you not only to give the desired shape to the crust, but also to bake it at the same time. The formation time of one billet is not more than nine seconds. Baking eliminates reflexive стягивание of the base after leaving the press, but more importantly, the resulting light crust prevents the penetration of moisture into the dough from the filling. All crusts are made of the same shape and the required thickness and, thanks to the special shape of the plates, with a rim.

How to take care for cast iron surfaces?

Wash the dish immediately after cooking, as hot cast iron is easier to clean. When washing the best tortilla press, use hot or warm water, a soft sponge or brush. Do not take metal sponges. After washing, wipe the cast iron dish dry and do not hold it in water for a long time, otherwise rust will appear. Wash cast iron dish without classical dishwashing detergents, chemicals, abrasive and chlorine-containing compounds.

Is design important for the tortilla press?

A good tortilla maker should only require minimal effort in its usage. If a masa or ball of dough needs to be pressed repeatedly to achieve the desired thinness, or rolled out further, it defeats the purpose of having a convenient maker. The plates should be designed well so that the results are even, consistent and perfectly shaped.

TOP 4 Best Tortilla Presses Compared and Reviewed

1 place :
Best Overall: Victoria Cast Iron Tortilla Press

Best Overall: Victoria Cast Iron Tortilla Press

Victoria tortilla press is a durable device with 8 inch cast-iron plates that will help you form dough bases quickly and easily. Whether you will use corn flour or any other flour, your tough balls will be pressed in an instant with this best cast iron tortilla press. You can add the necessary spices and seasonings right when forming the crust, while the surface is easy to clean. This Victoria 8 inch cast iron tortilla press is made of heavy-duty cast iron, it is great for everyday use. Simply place the ball of dough on the surface, lower the top plate and press it using the handle on the top.

pros +

Made from durable cast iron; Very convenient and fast work; Great for authentic Mexican restaurants; Perfect for Fresh Tortilla Chips, Tacos, Veppy and Enchilada Tacos.

cons -

Need to press a few times to flatten; A bit small

2 place :
Best Versatile: Chef Pro 10 Inch Tortilla Maker/Flat Bread Maker

Best Versatile: Chef Pro 10 Inch Tortilla Maker/Flat Bread Maker

Chef Pro 10 Inch Maker can make not only tortillas, but also puris, wraps, and burritos. It offers fast baking due to the capacity of 850 watts and a possibility to control the temperature. Thanks to the non-stick plates, it is easy to clean the press. This tortilla press machine is equipped with a manual and recipe book to provide you with tips on how to bake different floor or cones. The device has a ready light to signal you that baking with various temp controls is possible.

pros +

Nonstick plates; Compact upright storage; 850 watts for fast baking; Easy to clean.

cons -

Limited to small sizes.

3 place :
Best Seller: IMUSA Tortilla Press, Silver, 8-Inches

Best Seller: IMUSA Tortilla Press, Silver, 8-Inches

IMUSA tortilla press has a traditional and durable design to press homemade tortillas perfectly well, adjusting the thickness and round shape. The maker is an essential tool in any Mexican kitchen. This traditional press with numerous advantages is great for large quantities. The device is produced from long lasting and durable pre-seasoned cast iron. IMUSA cast iron maker has an 8-Inch flat round surface, which is perfect for round bases! You can use it on flour and corn bases alongside with patacones, arepas and tostones.

pros +

Made of cast iron; Traditional press with excellent leverage; Great for large quantities; Comes in gift box.

cons -

Heavy; Clean-up can be tedious.

4 place :
Best Professional: Saachi Electric Non-Stick Roti Chapati

Best Professional: Saachi Electric Non-Stick Roti Chapati

Saachi and Roti Maker electric tortilla press is ideal for cooking various wraps, chapatti, pitas, and other flatbreads in the fastest possible way. The thermostat let you control the heating process. Thanks to a nonstick coating material of the plates, you will not have any problems with releasing. The device is simple to clean with a cloth.

pros +

It is UL approved; Nonstick cooking plates; Professional cool touch top handle; Auto ON/OFF/Ready light.

cons -

Long cooking time; Dough tends to stick.

Types of Best Tortilla Press

There are four main types available on the market due to the material used for the design. According to our reviews, they are:

#Cast Iron

This is one of the most wide-spread types available on the market. It is famous for producing crusts with ideal shape and thickness. They are characterized by bulky, heavy design, so you need to apply enough pressure to reach the desired form. It is suitable for people who is fond of Mexican cuisine. However, iron cast tortilla press shouldn’t be used outdoors because of their heavy design in comparison to aluminum devices.


This type has a reputation of sturdy and light weight devices. That is why you can hope to obtain a light weight maker, which is easy to move and store. At the same time, due to its lightweight design you will need to apply more efforts to produce an ideal crust.

One more advantage of this metal tortilla press is their cost, as they are cheaper than other models.

#Handmade Wooden

Handmade wooden tortilla makers are also on offer at the market. Mainly the Mexicans rely on them. The cost and general effectiveness of such a wooden device depends on the type of wood used for its production. For example, pine wood presses are cheaper than oak, mesquite, maple, etc. Furthermore, the hardwood models of best tortilla press are heavier than those made from pine. Therefore, you will need to apply more efforts working with this device.

Handmade wooden makers are bulky in their appearance and are not suitable for outdoor use.


The last type is the plastic one. Because of its lightweight and flimsy character, such tortilla makers are not popular with buyers, as they do not want to apply efforts producing bases of ideal shape and thickness. Furthermore, it is possible to become an owner of the model with BPA, which is dangerous to our health.

Best Tortilla Press Buying Guide — What to look at?

Mexican tortilla press is not the most common household appliance. It can be found not in every kitchen. And in vain! Thin tortilla bases are what you can cook with this wonderful device.

Today we will tell you which device is better to buy, and what to look for when going shopping.


With the help of best tortilla press it is possible to produce bases from 6 to 12 inches in diameter. If you intend to make tacos, you can choose the model with a 6-inch diameter. For burritos and larger bases, 8 inch diameter or even more is required.

There are not very models with the diameter of 10-12. Such home devices are electric ones. Those that are not electric ones are large tortilla press models with the weight of more than 20 pounds. Such a 10 inch tortilla press not very suitable for home use.

#Electric or Manual

Choosing between electric or manual best tortilla press 2019, give preference to your likes. They are both useful and have their own pros and cons. If you need only a corn tortilla press and have the pans and pots, then you may choose a manual device. At the same time if you like to have everything done at once without the necessity to chance the devices, you should pay attention to the electric gadget, as it is a heated tortilla press.

#Unique Features

Even the best tortilla press for flour tortillas can hardly boast of some unique features. However, customers like to find such. So, in such devices you can find a timer controlling heating temperature, the ability to make various types of bread.


It doesn’t matter whether you make tortillas or other bread every day or from time to time. Such a feature as usability is significant. We mean you should determine if you are going to use it only for tortilla making or not. The range of products offered at the market is wide and some of the devices can be used not only for


This indicator is directly responsible for how quickly the plates of the best tortilla press will heat up. Most electric presses have the capacity in the range from 600 to 800 watts. In principle, this is quite enough for an ordinary household appliance. Buying a device with a capacity of more than 1000 W is not too advisable.

#Non-stick Coating

The presence of such a coating in this case is simply necessary. First, it allows you to use a minimum of oil, or not to use it at all. Secondly, you can easily separate the finished crust from the frying surface. However, pay attention to the quality of the non-stick coating. Isn’t it chipped or cracked? Is the coat evenly applied? This will effect the quality of the finished product.


Thermostat. It is necessary in the best tortilla press for proper and uniform temperature distribution across the surface of the plates. Your crusts will not burn on one side, while remaining raw on the other.

Timer. This is not too mandatory, but an extremely useful device. You do not have to stand over the press with a clock. The device will turn off automatically at the end of the cooking time.

Heat indicator. It is also quite a useful device. When the plate is warm enough and ready to work, you will see the corresponding signal on the lid of the appliance.

To use the press should not cause inconvenience, it must have a fairly long power cord. In addition, it would be great if the model had a compartment for its storage.

The Best Tortilla Press. Final Advice

Given this best tortilla press rating, it cannot be said that there is only one best tortilla press for the house. Therefore, choosing one or another option, be guided primarily by its purpose, consider the device performance and type. If you are impressed by simplicity and reliability – take Victoria cast iron best tortilla press, if you are a fan of new technologies and stylish design – a wide choice of imported devices is open to you.

Additionally, we recommend that you study the best tortilla press models you like before purchasing, read reviews and watch the video. You will save yourself from losing money and time.

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