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The Best Top Handle Chainsaws In 2022

Last Updated: 08 August 2022

A chainsaw is quite a useful machine when it comes to building furniture. Bookshelves, chairs, tables, all need the touch of a chainsaw. Handheld chainsaws are portable but should be used very carefully. But no matter whatever machine you buy, you must have its complete knowledge before buying. Don’t you think possessing full knowledge about a product will not let you regret later when you use it?

handle chainsaw

Similarly, before buying any type of chainsaw, you should have a complete comprehension of the machine. In this article, we're going to tell you, what the best top handle chainsaw is, how to use top handle chainsaw, and which products and brands you should pay attention to. We hope to provide you with the most comprehensive top handle chainsaw review.

Buyer’s Guide: All You Need to Know About the best top handle chainsaw

Top handle chainsaws are most appropriate for commercial uses and are mostly used by arborists. They are not like the usual rear handle chainsaws that engage both your hands while working. Top handle chainsaws have advanced control systems. These features control many things in the chainsaw and make it reliable to work with. To work with top handle chainsaws, it requires technique and skills too. Therefore, one is supposed to have complete knowledge of its products.


All You Need to Know About the best top handle chainsaw
  • Top handle chainsaws make very comfortable grips. Their ergonomic technology makes it convenient and easy for the consumer to use it. Almost all top handle chainsaws are very easy to handle.
  • Top handle chainsaws also have an advanced air cleaning system, ensuring less wear and more extended durability.
  • Chainsaws work efficiently because of their chain. Hence, if the chain gets obliterated, then you are going to regret it. But the top handle chainsaws also has a professional chain break alert technology.
  • The anti-vibration feature of the top handle chainsaw is one of its most striking qualities.
  • The best battery chainsaw is top handle chainsaws undoubtedly. These types of chainsaws also run on battery but work not less than any gasoline-driven tool. They can be regarded as the best top handle chainsaw for the money.
  • Top handle chainsaws also have a certain feature that keeps their chains consistently lubricated.

Now that you know about the striking features of top handle chainsaws, you should also keep in mind their pros and cons.

Top Handle Chainsaws Pros & Cons


  • The anti-vibration feature of the top handle chainsaws makes less noise and provides relief to the consumers’ hands using it.
  • Top handle chainsaws are very handy. Also, they are lightweight, so they become very convenient for the person using it.
  • The chain break alert technology prevents consumers from roughly using the machine.
  • Apart from being driven by a battery, many top handle chainsaws run on fuel too. But these chainsaws consume less fuel.
  • The automatic chain lubrication technology favors the chain from obliterating.


  • Most of these chainsaws have uncomfortable chain adjustment.
  • Some top handle chainsaws are highly expensive.
  • The top handle chainsaw requires high expertise.
  • Some top handle chainsaws did not work well on more significant objects.

Top handle chainsaw vs. rear

Top handle chainsaw vs. rear

While top handle chainsaws are preferred for skillful use, rear handle chainsaws are used more for traditional purposes. Best top handle chainsaws have long term reliability and smooth compatibility too. They are sturdy and are highly manoeuvrable. They are made of compact size and has many features to adjust them. While rear handle chainsaws although are affordable but have two handle use. This keeps both the hands engaged.

Moreover, it consumes a lot of the consumer’s energy. Lastly, they have fewer features to adjust them. Thus, top handle chainsaws are highly preferred for better user experience and are much recognized on the market.

How to choose the best top handle chainsaw?


How to choose the best top handle chainsaw

It is very important to check the brand of anything before you buy it. Not all products belong to worthy brands. In the case of electronic products, depending on the brand, it is crucial. So never overlook the brand. This can make you refrain from choosing the cheapest top handle chainsaw.


This criterion is highly important because it has to fit according to the buyer’s preference. Chainsaws come in both light and heavyweight. But ultimately, if you are going to use it, then do consider the size and weight.


Safety comes first! Different chainsaws have different types of models and technicalities. So you should keep in mind which one will be safer to use.


You can’t just buy anything without checking the features. Checking the features of a product is like knowing its grammar. All chainsaws do not share the same kind of features. Some will suit your preference. Some won’t. So always refer to the features.

Best top handle chainsaw types

Best top handle chainsaw types

There are basically two categories of chainsaws that are considered best:

Gas-powered – These types of chainsaws are very powerful and have adjustable guide bars. It also has high mobility and great safety features.

Battery Powered – These types of chainsaws have a quick start, electronic safety, chain break alerts, and easy adjustment features.

Best top handle chainsaw FAQ

What is the purpose of the top handle chainsaw?

Top handle chainsaws are used to cut trees and other wooden objects.

How big of a top handle chainsaw do I need?

Use 16-18inches top handle chainsaw.

Can I use a chainsaw without a license?

It varies from country to country. Most countries have this regulation to lessen accidents and causalities.

Which is better a top handle or a rear handle chainsaw?

Top handle chainsaws are used for professional work.

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How We Tested?
We tested top handle chainsaws on high-quality wood. The quick-start technology and air cleaning system maintain precision. Also, the easy grip of the chainsaws made it more reliable for us cut the wood according to our preference.

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