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These 5 Best Steamer Baskets Will Make Your Meals Healthier In 2019

Last Updated: 20 November 2019

No doubts that it is much better to prepare food at home than to eat at various cafes and restaurants. There are many fast and easy ways to cook healthy dishes and one of them is steaming. Many kitchen appliances allow preparing food in such a way, but to purchase some of them, you have to spend really big money. The more affordable variant is to buy the best steamer basket.

We have tested more than 50 devices, collected reviews from satisfied users and asked experts about their opinion. Have a look at the 9 best steamer baskets that are worth purchasing. After you learn everything about each top-notch product, you will easily make a right choice and will be on your way to healthy eating.

Steamer Baskets FAQs

If you are considering the purchase of such a device, look through the frequently asked questions to clarify some nuances on this matter.

What Is It?

Steamer Baskets

Steamer basket is a special pot with many small openings. They can be made of different materials and are suitable for preparing not only vegetables but fish, eggs, dumplings, and meat. Most devices are dishwasher safe, so you will have more time to enjoy numerous delicious healthy dishes.

Why Do You Need One?

What is also important, steamed food is not only useful but delicious. It preserves the natural color and taste of products without losing vitamins and trace elements. Meat, fish, and vegetables do not lose moisture and remain juicy. In addition, such dishes are considered to have fewer calories, as they are not fried in oil. If someone from your family needs a diet for medical reasons or simply wants to lose weight, cook the food with a food steamer. It's so delicious!

How To Use A Microwave Steamer Basket?

Microwave models are usually made of plastic. This is a well-known construction consisting of a tank, a grid and a lid. You just have to take water if necessary, put the container, put the products on the grid and cover them with the lid. Next, turn on the desired mode for the specified time.

How To Use A Bamboo Rice Steamer Basket?

How To Use A Bamboo Rice Steamer Basket?

At first, wash the rice and soak it in the cool water for one-two hours. Then put a special steaming cloth or cabbage leaves, it will help to keep the rice in the container. Add some rice and cover it with vegetable leaves. Don’t forget to cover the lid. Place a device on the pot with the boiling water and cook rice for about half an hour.

What Is A Perfect Fish Steamer Basket Made Of?

If you are going to cook a lot of fish in a device, then it would be better to choose stainless steel steamer models. They fit most of all as they don’t soak fish aromas and are easy to clean.

ModelKITCHEN APPLIANCESItem DimensionsMaterialItem WeightPriceFeatures
KITCHEN-DELUXE-PREMIUM KITCHEN DELUXE PREMIUM6 x 5.9 x 2.8 inchesStainless steel12 ounces$Expands & adjusts to fit various pot
HATRIGO-INSTANT-POTHATRIGO INSTANT POT 8.8 x 8.8 x 6 inchesStainless steel7.8 ounces$$Have silicone wrapped legs
SUNSELLASUNSELLA5.8 x 5.6 x 2.7 inchesStainless steel5.6 ounces$Expands and adjusts to fit a variety of pots
OXO-GOOD-GRIPSOXO GOOD GRIPS7 x 5 x 6.2 inchesStainless Steel8 ounces$$$Removable handle extends and locks

5 Best Steamer Baskets Compared And Reviewed

1 place :

Best Overall: Kitchen Deluxe PREMIUM

Best Overall: Kitchen Deluxe PREMIUM

Kitchen Deluxe is the most popular product which guarantees fast and easy cooking. This stainless steel vegetable steamer basket come in diameters from 5,5 to 9,3 inches. You can prepare a lot of delicious dishes for two people using this useful product. Purchasing a device you will get a lot of pleasant surprises, like a recipe book, safety tool and a peeler for vegetables. It is a great choice among electric pressure cookers. A device fits Lux, Duo and Insta Pot Ultra. A manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty and this is a great sign of a high quality, right?

pros +

100% stainless steel Lifetime warranty Goes with the kitchen book Compact to store Easy to use Great price

cons -

Sharp edges

2 place :

Top Rust-Free: Hatrigo Instant Pot

Top Rust-Free: Hatrigo Instant Pot

If you were looking for the best wire option, here it is. The product is available in three sizes s, m and l. S is a 3-quart cooker, m- is a 6-quart model and L fits 8-quart cookers. It is a top rated pressure cooker steamer basket that fits Insta Pot Pressure cooker, IP- Duo 60 and other models. A device is made of high-quality stainless steel that is absolutely rust free. Numerous positive reviews claim that this instant pot is really worth purchasing.

Q: Can this be used in regular pans?

A: There is no reason not to. However, the feet are covered in silicone and if you are using it to steam items be vigilant about ensuring the pot does not go dry.

Q: Can this steamer basket be used to strain rice or grains?

A: Absolutely - this is a sturdy, well-made product with a very fine mesh for straining.

Q: What metal? 18/10 or 210? Is it asking too much for them to say what kind of metal they are made of?

A: 18/8 stainless steel; kitchen-grade quality.

pros +

Non slip legs Silicone handle Rust free.

cons -

Not adjustable

3 place :

Best Bundle: CuisineworkEasyVeggie Silicone Steamer

Best Bundle: CuisineworkEasyVeggie Silicone Steamer

This great silicone steamer basket is made of high quality, non-toxic silicone and bundles pots of various sizes. It goes with two grip mitts that will protect your hands. The unit is easy to clean, easy to use, perfect not only for cooking, but for washing fruits and vegetables. The product is safe even for an oven and a freezer. This model is a great choice for people who like preparing not only veggies, but meat, eggs and food for babies.

Q: Will this work for heavier vegetables, like cut up potatoes?

A: It can hold potatoes but depends on how you stack them. You can also put vegetables into a bowl, plate or pan and put on top of the steamer to steam in the bigger or instant pot.

Q: Can you use it in the microwave?

A: Yes, it's microwave safe.

Q: Is it hard to grab the steamer out of the instant pot? Handle does not look very long.

A: The handle snaps together at the top so that after you load the veggies into it, you snap it together and it forms a basket-like handle over the food. Then when it's done steaming, you just grab the handle.

pros +

Fits most pots Made of thick, non-toxic silicone Easy to clean Goes with grip mitts

cons -

A little bit unbalanced

4 place :

Great Design: Sunsella

Great Design: Sunsella

If you are looking for a reliable device, pay attention to steel vegetable steamer basket Sunsella. It boasts with the unique design that fits pots of different sizes. A product is easy to remove thanks to a special metal ring located in the middle. This kitchen gadget will help to cook a lot of delicious dishes for the whole family and cozy single dinners.

Q: Do the pieces that fold in and out stay attached? I have often found that they quickly begin to detach from the main part on similar devices.

A: I've used it pretty regularly (few times a week) since purchasing and I haven't had any problems with the plates becoming loose or detached!

Q: Can you use this in a pressure cooker?

A: Yes, you can! I use mine all the time & it still looks like new.

Q: How high are the legs? How much water can be added for steaming?

A: The legs are roughly 7/8", and the clear distance between the underside of the rim and the bottom is 3/4". I bought both this one for small pots and the Oxo one for a larger pot. That one has almost 1 3/4" tall legs.

pros +

100% high grade stainless steel Unique design Compact Easy removal

cons -

Not easy to clean

5 place :

Top Steamer with Handle: OXO Good Grips

Top Steamer with Handle: OXO Good Grips

Oxo steamer basket is an ideal variant for preparing numerous dishes, starting from seafood, eggs and asparagus to various vegetables. Made of high-quality stainless steel, it will not rust with time. Its telescopic handle makes this product really unique and safe to use. A small hole in the handle allows removing the device with a fork. This product is compact for storing and easy to wash. No doubts, this Oxo Good Grips steamer basket will be an ideal helper in the kitchen!

Q: Is this stainless steel?

A: No, this is not full stainless steel. The screw threads in the center that connect to the handle is not stainless steel.

Q: How long are the feet, because in the picture it shows long and in another it shows short?

A: The feet are 1 7/8 inches from the base. When the feet are closed down they are 1/2 inch from the base keeping the base out of the water. The handle that screws in or out of the top also has a spring on it so that it will close down when a lid is put on the pot.

Q: Does it require assembly?

A: No. It’s ready right out of the box. Well, after you wash it of course.

pros +

Dishwasher safe Unique telescopic handle Safe removal High-quality steel

cons -

A little bit unstable

Types Of Steamer Baskets

Food steamer brands offer various types. More precisely, their operation principle is the same, but the equipment and appearance are different, so the variety of choices is huge.

Adjustable Size Steamer Baskets

Adjustable ones fit different sizes of pots. It is really easy to open them. Their big plus is that they are compact and simple to store.

Fixed Size Steamer Baskets

A fixed-size basket will fit a pot only of the definite size. Of course, it is not very reasonable to purchase such a device. You will not be able to use it on other pots. So, give preference to such devices only if you are going to prepare only one dish and you know in what pot.

Steamer Basket Buying Guide - What To Look At?

Types of Steamer Baskets

If you are a self-conscious individual and care about your health, then you definitely need a vegetable steamer basket. Preparing food with this device, you will enjoy the most delicious and juicy products, full of vitamins. Purchasing the steamer basket, you will save not only money but time. Most veggies will be ready in 20 minutes. It is not a simple task to choose an ideal kitchen helper, because the choice of these devices is really huge. Look at the following guide that will help to pay attention to the most important features and purchase the best steamer basket.


Before ordering a new kitchen gadget, make sure that it is made of high-quality material. There are stainless steel, silicone, plastic, bamboo and even wooden steamer baskets. Silicone basket and steel ones are dishwasher friendly, bamboo and wooden have to be cleaned manually.


There are many affordable and good quality kitchen appliances so don’t be fooled, purchasing a very expensive broccoli steamer basket, for instance.

Additional Accessories

To find the best option, pay attention if it is sold with additional accessories. A lot of manufacturers add hooks, peelers, recipe books and other pleasant surprises.

The Best Steamer Basket - Final Advice

If you care about your health and wish to eat healthily, you definitely need the best steamer basket. The choice is really huge and it is easy to get lost. We have tested a lot of products, collected reviews, opinions of experts and found out 9 best-rated steamer baskets for preparing food without oil. A leading position belongs to Kitchen Deluxe PREMIUM Vegetable Steamer Basket. There are no doubts that it is a best price-quality ratio. This device is made of 100% stainless steel and goes with such additional accessories as a recipe book, peeler, and an egg rack. It is an electric power pressure cooker friendly and fits Plus and mini, Duo, Lux, and Insta Pot Ultra. This device can cook everything starting from veggies, eggs and fish to meat. Manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty, so if you are not satisfied with this gadget, you can easily return it, but it will not happen because the product is absolutely stunning!

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