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5 Best Side by Side Refrigerators in 2019

Last Updated: 15 March 2019

When it comes to purchasing the best side by side refrigerator one needs to carefully consider the features of each model to see if it’s compatible with their home. A few reasons as to why homeowners enjoy the best side by side refrigerators is because they provide extra space for food items can fit into compact apartments, and require less space for the doors to open fully. Searching for one can be a daunting task, but we’ve created the best side by side refrigerator list which can help you select one that fits into your kitchen.

Refrigerator: FAQs

What Is The Best Side By Side Refrigerator?

A side by side refrigerator is a type of refrigeration appliance that keeps your food at the correct temperatures. It’s similar to a regular refrigerator, but the difference lies in the fact that half of the device is a refrigerator while the other half is a freezer.

Why You Need The Best Side By Side Refrigerator, Not Just Any Product

Amongst the fact these types of refrigerators often have more space, they also tend to save you precious floor space and keep your perishables safely organized. One of the primary reasons that people make the switch to side by side door refrigerators merely is because they require less space for the door to swing open. If you’re living in an apartment, small home, or have a limited kitchen space, a side by side refrigerator may come in handy. What’s more, you need a top product because best picks are more reliable and more energy efficient in the long run.

Which Is Best Side By Side Or French Door Refrigerator?

Ultimately, it will be up to the homeowner to decide which version is a good fit for their home. There are pros and cons to each type of the best side by side refrigerator, each of which may influence your final choice. If we’d have to describe why each one is good, we’d say that the best rated side by side refrigerator is excellent for those who enjoy an organized system. However, those who don’t use their freezer compartment and prefer to keep fresh ingredients may enjoy a french door refrigerator more.

How Wide Are Side By Side Refrigerators?

Typically, side by side refrigerators are going to be 30-36 inches in width. However, you can find models that are a bit wider or slimmer. The height of the refrigerator can range anywhere from 67-70 inches and the depth 29-35 inches. Of course, each brand has different measurements. Thus it’s essential to check the space available in your home before you decide on a refrigerator. Let’s now see the best rated side by side refrigerators.

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1 place :
Best Side by Side Refrigerator Without Water Dispenser: Electrolux IQ Touch

Best Side by Side Refrigerator Without Water Dispenser: Electrolux IQ Touch

Starting off we have the best side by side fridge the Electrolux IQ Touch. In terms of where it ranks on our list, it’s the best for those wanting a lot of space. The refrigerator comes in two units which make it much more effective in keeping perishable food at a specific temperature. It also includes other built-in appliances such as an air filter to help prevent odor, creating a cooler environment, and stop odors from being transferred to other food.

Aesthetically, the refrigerator is very stunning and features a modern appliance look by having a stainless steel coating. To give the device more of a modern appearance, there are bright LED lights included. The only downside to this device is that it has a steep price. However, for the quality and craftsmanship, you’re getting a steal.

Now, let’s see more top rated side by side refrigerators.

pros +

Very large capacity Keeps perishables cool Two separate units Stunning finish Air filter LED lighting Alarm System Wide Glass Shelving

cons -

High price

2 place :
Best Water & Ice Dispenser: Kenmore 50043 25

Best Water & Ice Dispenser: Kenmore 50043 25

The next best side by side refrigerator is the Kenmore 50043 25 large side by side refrigerator. This device features 25-cubic-foot of storage room which can be adjusted to accommodate different items. You’ll have the ability to change the temperature and humidity, which can help prolong the lifespan of multiple food products. As for the bins, there are nine different sized ones which allow you to place multiple items into the bins.

The main feature is the ice and water dispenser which boasts an in-door, dual-pad functionality that makes your life easier. The freezer includes five different shelves and three bins, which means that you’ll have plenty of space in both the freezer and refrigerator. Overall, this unit is one of a kind in terms of organization.

pros +

Ice and water dispenser Adjustable shelves Slide out shelves 10 year warranty

cons -

Quite noisy

3 place :
Best Side by Side Refrigerator With Ice Maker: Samsung RS25J500DSR/AA

Best Side by Side Refrigerator With Ice Maker: Samsung RS25J500DSR/AA

One of our fourth best side by side refrigerators is the Samsung RS25J500DSR review which is a side by side refrigerator with ice maker. It’s a lot smaller than others on the market, which is why some people are hesitant to get the model. However, if you have a compact space or need a small side by side refrigerator, then this narrow side by side refrigerator is definitely for you. It features a well-designed space that allows you to keep your items organized. You may not have enough room, but you will have an easier time finding produce. We only recommend this side by side refrigerator to those who are limited on space.

On the upside, this device comes with a slide-out shelving units which makes it easy to access your food. No longer will you have to reach all the way to the back and knock items over. On Top of that, there’s also adjustable shelving, which is excellent for storing larger items such as bottles, milk cartons, etc. Lastly, it comes with a five year sealed system warranty which ensures you that you have the protection and coverage for any issues that may ensue. Overall, the Samsung side by side refrigerator reviews are positive.

pros +

Compact Space saving Very organized Adjustable shelving Slide out shelves LED lighting Two crisper drawers

cons -

Smaller capacity

4 place :
Best Stainless Steel: Kenmore Elite 51823

Best Stainless Steel: Kenmore Elite 51823

On our list, the next best stainless steel side by side fridge is the Kenmore Elite 51821. This refrigerator is designed to fit in just a 66-inch tall by 33-inch wide opening, delivering an outstanding 21.9 cubic feet. Uniquely, this device comes in only the gray color which can be blended in with modern kitchen styles. While you don’t have the option of getting a black side by side refrigerator stainless steel or white side by side refrigerator this regular stainless steel side by side refrigerator is an outstanding choice for new homes.

The capacity of the refrigerator is big compared to other models due to its intelligent design. However, it does have an energy efficient build which can help cut your electric bill every month. It’s been registered with the Energy Star Advantage and uses a minimal amount of energy than any other fridge on the market. However, it does lack some extra features other models may have, such as adjustable shelves, bins, etc.

pros +

Intelligent design for maximum capacity Energy efficient Stainless steel Affordable In door ice system Amazing cooling system

cons -

Not too many extra features

5 place :
Best Side by Side Fridge & Freezer: GE GSS23GSKSS

Best Side by Side Fridge & Freezer: GE GSS23GSKSS

The last best pick is the GE. This device features a medium storing capacity for the fridge, but the freezer is pretty small. The refrigerator has shelves that can accommodate all sizes of product and ingredients. However, there are also two humidity-controlled crisper bins which can be used to keep your produce at peak condition. Included with that are two snack and deli drawers on top of the produce drawers which can help keep smaller food items organized.

However, there is a small freezer space basket which has three shelves. The issue with this is that it doesn’t fit most items, but the shelves allow you to organize the food in the freezer. Yet again, this is an energy efficient fridge and most reliable side by side refrigerator which can keep your monthly electric bill low. Lastly, it comes with four different color options, which allow you to match it to any kitchen. Overall, the only downside is that there isn’t that much space, but it’s worth it for the price range, and the organization is top of the notch.

pros +

Energy efficient Affordable Multiple color options Medium space Many shelves Adjustable slide-out shelves Spill Proof glass Led lights

cons -

May not be as big as some would like

Types of Best Side by Side Refrigerator

There are multiple types of side by side refrigerators on the market, each of which provides you with different benefits. Before you go purchasing the f rst side by side refrigerator, it’s best to get a better idea of what is available to you. You wouldn’t want to purchase a refrigerator and then find out one would be better for you and your lifestyle. Here are three different types of best side by side refrigerators.

1. Regular

The regular side by side refrigerators features two doors. One compartment includes a freezer while the other side has a refrigerator — these range in terms of size, features, and controls. The good thing about these types is that it’s not hard to find a size that fits your kitchen, which leaves you more options to choose from. Overall, these are excellent models, but you may be losing out on different extra features that higher-end models may include.

2. Energy Saving

Another type are specially created to save energy on your electric bill. It’s not uncommon for side by side refrigerators to use higher amounts of energy when compared to french door refrigerators. The reason for this is because they are more effective at spreading even coldness. Check to see what the energy consumption is, as you’ll get a better idea of the costs in a product description.

3. Organizational

The last type are organizational refrigerators. These come with adjustable shelving and shelves that you can move and change to accommodate different sizes of food products. The problem with these side by side refrigerators is that they often lack space because space is taken up by bins, shelving, and other organizational factors. However, they make it much easier to find and store food products.

Best Side By Side Refrigerator Buying Guide - What To Look At?

While you could research for hours for a side by side refrigerator, there are still many factors and features you may be missing. No one likes to sit down and waste hours to find one appliance for their home. However, we can help with the research and educate you on what features make the best side by side refrigerator. In this section, we will provide you with a buying guide which can help assist you in choosing a side by side refrigerator for your home.

Many sides by side refrigerators have different features, sizes, and colors. The problem is that you will need a decent amount of storage to place all your food products. Hence it’s good to find one that suits your needs. That includes temperature, size, and also extra features. Here’s a quick overview of the different features to keep an eye out for.

1. Width

One of the most essential factors to consider about the best side by side refrigerator is how big it is. If you don’t have the correct measurements, there could be issues when you try to install it. Always double check the width, height, and depth of the refrigerator and your kitchen before you make a purchase.

2. Capacity

Another feature to consider is capacity. Some so many models consist of just 15 cu/ft, but there are also ones with more space. Depending upon if you’re a single household, cook a lot, or are supporting a family, you may want more or less space. The biggest capacity we’ve seen is 25 cu/ft, which is enough for a huge family.

3. Shelves & Bins

Also, consider how many shelves and bins that you want in your the best side by side refrigerator. Having more of these means that you may have less space to place more items. However, then you’ll be able to easily find objects, mainly if you invest in shelves that can slide the shelving out. Generally, you want at least two produce bins, a few shelves, and side shelves for your condiments.

4. Extra Features

The last feature to keep an eye out for is the extra features. This includes energy saving, rapid cooling, side by side refrigerator without ice maker, side by side refrigerator without water dispenser, and much more. These generally raise the price of the unit, which means you’ll have to determine what price range you can afford. While all of these extra features make the refrigerator more convenient, they are not necessary.

The Best Side by Side Refrigerator: Final Advice

Top rated side by side refrigerators are a fantastic addition to most modern homes. They take up much less space and often save you space that prevents you from clearing out spaces to fully open the french fridge door. However, they also provide you with more organizational factors, as you will be able to place and find food easier. The extra types of adjustable shelving units are one of the biggest game changers, which is why you should find one that has multiple shelves. Not only are they good for that, but they also feature energy efficient properties.

But how do you determine what makes an excellent refrigerator? Take a look at our buying guide and carefully consider the different factors. Having a good idea of what you’d like for the top rated side by side refrigerator will help you shop easier. However, you may also find others that you like with more extra features. The top side by side refrigerators is changing and becoming more modern. Just be sure to check the prices double, as some of these top rated sides by side refrigerators may cost more than $5,000. These extra features aren’t needed, but they are a nice bonus to the standard fridge.

The best side by side refrigerator is the Electrolux IQ Touch Built-in All-Refrigerator & All Freezer. It features odor filters which can keep your fridge smelling nice at all times. On top of that, there are LED lights which is a nice extra touch. The price point isn’t too expensive, but it isn’t’ a cheap side by side refrigerator. However, the price is reasonable because of the extra features you receive. After all of these benefits, you also receive a large capacity, two separate units to be energy efficient, and a stunning finish that can look good in every kitchen. That’s it, we really hope you found the best side by side refrigerator for your needs!

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