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6 Best Rotary Cheese Graters In 2019 To Help You Cook Cheese Dishes

Last Updated: 30 October 2019

f yu’re a cheese lover that likes to top it with almost everything, then you already know how difficult this process can sometimes be. A classical device can sometimes spoil the fun of cheese topping due to the fact that it’s often messy and very difficult to clean afterwards. Well, just for such situations, you need a rotary cheese grater.

With it, you will be able to add shredded ingredient on your favorite meals in a matter of seconds. Another advantage is that you will get a lot of shredded product without much effort. However, possibly the biggest benefit that buying the best rotary cheese grater gives you is the ability to clean it in a few seconds. No bits sticking to your fingers in the process, just wash it and that’s it.

Now, like any other product for the kitchen, there are a lot of different models available out there from multiple manufacturers. And if you read rotary cheese grater reviews, then you know how similar things can sound. That’s why we tested and analyzed lots of reviews in order to condensate everything into a short list of the best 6 models. So, start your quest of finding the best rotary cheese grater right now!

Rotary Cheese Grater FAQs

What Is It?

Rotary Cheese Grater

A rotary cheese grater is an ideal device with which you can season a salad or decorate a pizza. It has a built-in sharp blade, which is sharpened using secret technology for producing ultra-thin sharp knives. Therefore, you can easily grind hard cheese into perfect small pieces. Hard cheese, nuts, and chocolate are grated easier than ever. It is easy to use and maintain.

Why Do You Need This Product?

It seems there is nothing difficult in cheese grating for pizza, pasta, salads. Of course, the desire to this in a traditional way is inhibited by the anticipation of a spoiled manicure and the remnants and crumbs scattered across the table. But it turns out that manufacturers have developed such designs and functionality that this process becomes easy and pleasant.

There are stainless steel graters, which grate the product directly on the plate saving the food and dispensing exactly the amount required by the consumer. Cheese graters with containers prevent contact with hands. There are also devices resembling mini meat grinders.

How To Clean A Cheese Grater Efficiently?

For a good cleaning, it's more than enough to place it in the dishwasher. If you left the residues in it for a longer time and you feel it’s too hard to get rid of them, you can soak it in warm water beforehand.

Is Assembling And Disassembling Easy?

Yes, most devices we reviewed above need no instructions for assembly or disassembly. It is a very intuitive process that can be done with ease.

Is An Electric Device Better Than A Classic Model?

Both products have the same results and it is good to know that both models have their ups and downs. For example, an electric cutter might be easier to use, however, it might not have the power to deal with harder cheese, which is an important quality for the best rotatory cheese cutter.

Top 6 Best Rotary Cheese Graters Compared And Reviewed

1 place :

Best Overall: ZYLISS Classic Review

Best Overall: ZYLISS Classic Review

If you’re thinking about buying the Zyliss rotary cheese slicer, you’re in for a treat! This is definitely a candidate for the best shredder title thanks to its simple yet very efficient and durable design. This NSF-certified device can be easily taken apart and it is also dishwasher friendly, making it very easy to clean after use. It can take a 1.5-inch chunk and the drum is very efficient. So, if you are looking for a restaurant quality appliance, this is the one for you.

Q: Is the handle reversible?

A: The handle goes both ways, but if you hold the barrel (where the grated cheese comes out) and reverse the handle it unlocks and the handle comes off, so that is how the whole thing comes apart to be cleaned.

Q: What is the inside width of the hopper? What is the widest piece of Parmesan can I put in this grinder?

A: About 2 inches. Cut it small enough to fit.

Q: How do you take it apart to clean?

A: You just reach in with your fingers and pull the cylinder out. It slides out very easily.

pros +

NSF-certified grater Restaurant quality Durable design

cons -

Not ideal for soft cheeses but it grates hard ones perfectly

2 place :

Basic Grater: IKEA Stralande Review

Basic Grater: IKEA Stralande Review

Just like all IKEA products, this simple and practical device is excellent at its job. Go through as many rotary cheese grater reviews as you like, you will come to the same conclusion. The IKEA rotatory cutter offers a great experience and it means you won’t have to worry about a complicated assembly process. Another excellent feature is its design that makes turning the handle very comfortable and extremely easy to use for both right-handed or left-handed people.

pros +

Dishwasher safe Ergonomic handles that are excellent for left-handed or right-handed use Practical design making it easy to use and clean

cons -

Doesn’t come with a warranty, although with its functional simplicity and design efficiency you’ll hardly need such a thing

3 place :

Fast Grater: Westmark Multipurpose Heavy-Duty Grater Review

Fast Grater: Westmark Multipurpose Heavy-Duty Grater Review

The Westmark product has been engineered and produced in Germany which means it complies with the highest quality standards. So, if you want good handheld stainless steel drums, this is certainly a good option for you. It also comes equipped with 3 different drums: a slicer for vegetables, a fine drum, and medium grating one.

Thanks to its design, it is very easy to handle and even though it doesn’t feel that sturdy in your hand, it will do a great job being very easy to clean afterward.

Q: Can I grate block cheese for mac and cheese?

A: Yes, but you will have to cut the block into chunks that fit into the holder. (About 1.5 x 2 x 2).

Q: What size are the blades? Thank you.

A: 4 1/2 inch diameter.

Q: What is the main body of this grater made of?

A: It is made up of a form of plastic that includes rubber which makes it bendable and durable.

pros +

Can grate a pound of cheddar in 90 seconds Equipped with suction cups that stick to the counter It folds for facile storage

cons -

The feeding mouth is quite small, although it is a lot easier to operate

4 place :

Best Table Top: Kuuk Drum Review

Best Table Top: Kuuk Drum Review

If you’re thinking about opting for a tabletop device, Kuuk is definitely the best choice you can make. It comes with 2 additional drums made of stainless steel and it’s also effective with nuts, vegetables, and even garlic.

Since it’s quite a large cutter slicer, it comes with a suction cup to secure it in place and make grating even easier. It offers a simple but effective grating experience and it is also extremely easy to clean afterward. Just put it in the dishwasher and the shredder is all set for another use.

Q: Has anyone used this for nuts?

A: I use it for nuts, almost exclusively. Works great.

Q: Can you grate softer cheeses like cheddar and mozzarella?

A: Yes, It does a great job! Take it right out of frig.

Q: Has anyone tried grating parmesan?

A: We grad Parmesan with ours about 4 times a month and it grats it smoothly and its the best grader I've been able to find.

pros +

Designed to process hard cheese as well as vegetables It comes with a vintage look that can suit perfectly your kitchen Very easy to assemble and disassemble

cons -

The suction cup can sometimes come loose if your table is made of non-adherent materials, although you can simply hold it in place

5 place :

Most Universal: LOVKITCHEN Grater Review

Most Universal: LOVKITCHEN Grater Review

If you’re looking for a good Parmesan grater rotary tool to have in your kitchen, the Lovkitchen model is a perfect choice. It’s made from A-grade stainless steel and this means it will probably last long enough for you to get bored with it. Its simple yet very effective design makes grating a very fun and easy process. It’s so fun that even your kids can do it with no problems. Just place the product into the chamber and rotate the handle to make the best out of this handheld device.

Q: How to wash it?

A: Put it into warm soap and water. Actually dishwasher is top safe

Q: Does this cheese grater work for softer cheeses too?

A: If they are really cold then yes they work ok. I use my primarily for Parm. cheese.

Q: Is it dishwasher safe

A: Totaly safe,please don't worry

pros +

Includes three additional drums Suitable for chocolate and vegetables Sturdy build will last for many years

cons -

It has a large gap in the front allowing the last slice to slide out. It doesn’t happen all the time and you can just put it back and grate it again

6 place :

Most Ergonomic: KitchenAid Gourmet Stainless Steel Rotatory Grater

Most Ergonomic: KitchenAid Gourmet Stainless Steel Rotatory Grater

The KitchenAid slicer shredder comes with a stainless steel grating surface and 3 additional drums which makes it ideal for cheese, chocolate, and vegetable grating. It’s not what you could call a large device, although it can handle quite a lot of product at a time.

One thing that is missing is the warranty. No matter if other manufacturers consider their products able to last a lifetime or it’s simply a mistake, it is a relief to know that the KitchenAid comes with a one-year replacement and a lifetime limited warranty.

pros +

High-quality materials Ergonomic design Three replacement drums

cons -

It’s quite hard to clean the drums even after dishwashing machine

Types Of Rotary Cheese Graters

Types Of Rotary Cheese Graters

Due to the great popularity, many varieties of this device have appeared. But basically, there are only 2 types of it.


A manual type is perfect for those of you that didn’t completely succumb to technology and battery-powered household utilities. It has the same mechanics and functionality principles, although instead of being battery-powered or plugged-in, you have to rotate the lever manually. A big plus of manual stainless-steel drums is the cleaning department.


The electric counterpart offers the same results but it’s all being done with a button push. For enthusiasts, the feeling of manual grating can be very rewarding, although we all agree an electric device is far more comfortable to use, especially during those late-night snacks.

Buying Guide — Main Buying Considerations For The Best Rotary Cheese Graters

Main Buying Considerations For The Best Rotary Cheese Grater

After going through all these stainless steel rotatory grater reviews, you are definitely a lot closer to being able to get the best slicer for you. However, there are still some things you need to take into consideration.


If you read the rotary grater reviews above, you noticed that there are quite a lot of different materials available. The drums and shredders are usually made of stainless steel; however, the body can be plastic, PVC or even hard silicone.

Going for high-quality materials is intuitive and always a great idea, although this doesn’t mean that a plastic grater can’t do the job well. Especially considering the fact that they’re a lot lighter compared to the heavy-duty models.


Unless your job is to grate cheese all day, you will find that size is not that relevant. However, it is ideal if you are able to fit a decent sized chunk of cheese in it. In this case, you won’t need to cut really small cubes.


A comfortable grip and a handle that is easy to turn without touching your hand or any other unpleasant interactions is a must when it comes to buying a hand grater.

The Best Rotary Cheese Grater — Final Advice

In case you’re still using a classic cheese grater, you are surely convinced by now that a rotary model will make grating a lot easier and less messy. You have a lot of different options to choose from. Keep in mind that materials, size, and ergonomics are important as well in making a decision.

If you want our opinion on the best rotary cheese grater in this list, the answer is definitely the ZYLISS Classic Grater. This choice is based on the fact that it is an extremely simple tool that offers optimal usability and functionality. As stated in our rotary cheese grater review, it has a simple but highly ergonomic handle that makes it perfect for use by left-handed and right-handed people as well. Also, it can be easily assembled and used right out of the box. Another big plus of this device is the possibility to use it to grate vegetables, chocolate, Parmesan, almonds or pistachios.

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