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Last Updated: 13 January 2020

Life with rats is fraught for humans. It is not limited to spoiled clothes and food. These rodents can carry dangerous and even deadly diseases for people, and gnawed wiring can often lead to a short circuit or even fire. So, it is evident that as soon as these rodents appear, you have a strong desire to get rid of them as soon as possible. For their effective destruction, you need to know what the best rat poison is and how it works.

We will help you navigate among a great number of methods and means for pest control. We chose the best rat poison 2019 and developed professional buying guides based on personal research and opinions of distinguished biologists. Learn about the top 4 products to take control over parasites.

Rat poison is considered an effective tool in the fight against rodents. Top poisons for rats are Zoocides from rodenticides’ group. They are designed to kill rats, mice, and other rodents. The product’s chemical base provides the poisoning effect. Rat killers are divided into two main categories: acute and chronic. Both products are effective.


For a modern person, a rat in the house or apartment is comparable to a creature from “Fantastic Beasts”. Unfortunately, the sad facts suggest the opposite - in the 21st century, rodents are still faithful companions of man. Rat raids on warehouses and vegetable stores do not frighten people as much as meeting one of them in their own apartment. It is important to know that no matter where the animals are settled, they will not leave their occupied territories, so the struggle must begin immediately. Picking up a powerful tool, rat or mouse poison, is an important task. It is necessary not only to scare pests but to destroy them once and for all. Homemade rat killers, in most cases, often don’t last as long as we would like, and you cannot call them fast. Often, such a "people's war" is delayed for months. This option does not suit everyone. Ready-made options are presented in a wide range, but the average consumer is often lost in their diversity and cannot make the right choice.

Quick Comparison
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D-Con Rat & Mouse Bait Pellets

D-Con Rat & Mouse Bait Pellets

CHECK PRICE Kills even the cleverest rodents
Rating: 5.0 / 10

Havoc Rat & Mouse Bait

Havoc Rat & Mouse Bait

CHECK PRICE Effective against Norway rats and house mice
Rating: 4.8 / 10

Tomcat Mouse Killer I Mouse Bait Stations

Tomcat Mouse Killer I Mouse Bait Stations

CHECK PRICE Contains 16 baits in a special box
Rating: 4.7 / 10
MOTOMCO Tomcat Mouse and Rat Liquid Concentrated Bait
MOTOMCO Tomcat Mouse and Rat Liquid Concentrated Bait
Rating: 4.3 / 10
Check Price

1 place :



D-Con is one of the best means to get rid of rodents in a professional way after the very first feeding. It comes in pellets that also work for mice. Be attentive, as this product is very concentrated and can also cause harm to pets that live with you. It is very important to leave pellets only in places that can’t be reached by cats and dogs. Just after pests try the tasty pellets, their lives will be on a countdown. Using this drug, you will be able to wipe away even large pests in your house.

Q: Will the mice die in my house and smell bad?

A: Yes, they will, and yes, they do stink.

Q: Will poison for mice work for rats also?

A: Yes, mice, rats and other small rodents of that nature.

Q: Will this work effectively in my crawl space?

A: Yes. If you have mice in the house, and they find and eat the bait, they will die.

Why We Like It?
  • Kills all rodents
  • Can be put in various places
  • Most effective
  • The strongest
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2 place :



Havoc is another powerful pest’ killer today. Just after rodents try this tasty bait, they will likely die the same night. There is 0.005% Brodifacoum, which is extremely powerful and dangerous for rats and mice. Now, you no longer need to spend thousands of dollars to feed pests on a constant basis, because this bait kills Norway and roof rats almost instantly. The bucket comes with 80 blocks that are securely stored for a long period of time. If you own pets and have kids, be very attentive, as this product is very dangerous for both of them.

Why We Like It?
  • Able to kill with one feed
  • Bait is ready to use
  • Comes in a large bucket
  • Effective against various species
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3 place :



Tomcat is considered to be one of the best sellers against rodents. Even professional pest killers use it. The active ingredient is Bromadiolone, so only one feeding is enough. A bag contains special bait blocks that can kill up to 12 mice and several rats. This bait station works very fast. Many people say that they began to find dead pests the next day or within the next week or two after they begin using it (it depends on the number of rodents). This natural rat poison is able to keep pests under control for a long time.

Why We Like It?
  • Pet safe rat poison
  • Affordable price
  • Disposable bait stations
  • Designed with a high level of security
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4 place :



Thanks to its unique liquid form, this bait is very effective. So, if annoying rodents feel comfortable inside your house, you have all the chances to get rid of them forever. For this, you need to prepare special bait using water and concentrate. It’s an ultimate solution for places with a lack of water, where pests will definitely come when they are thirsty. Tomcat rat poison review proves that this method works well and remains very popular among users. In addition, it helps to get rid of mice, as well.

pros +

Effective liquid form Helps against rats and mice Fast working Affordable price.

cons -

Can affect pets

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There is a large assortment of products on the market to destroy pests. They differ in action, dosages, and application methods.

Types Of Rat Poisons


This could include substances such as arsenides, phosphides, etc. In their production, compounds of zinc, aluminum, calcium, and other metals, as well as thallium salts and lead, are mainly used. These poisons have a gross effect and require a sufficiently large dosage to kill rats. Currently, they are rarely used, due to increased danger and toxicity to the environment. In some cases, they are utilized to breed rodents who have acquired immunity to other poisons.


Natural poison has a more subtle mechanism of action. Accordingly, a smaller dose is required to kill a rodent. They are also less dangerous to people and the environment. These are mainly organic substances.


These substances block blood coagulation in the body, and, in a few days, the rodent dies from internal hemorrhages. Death comes rather slowly; some swelling due to hemorrhages is characteristic. These drugs are highly effective and less dangerous to the environment. Due to slow action, pests do not understand that death comes from the poison. Many such products contain bromine atoms in a molecule.

By Nature and Location of the Action

  • Drugs Affecting Digestive Organs. They provoke pathologies, which cannot be controlled by an animal. As a result, death from exhaustion occurs. This is the most common baiting.
  • Products Affecting Blood Function. By diluting blood, the underlying substance causes bleeding inside, and the animal dies from this effect.
  • Damaging Effect On Bone Tissue. They affect not only extremities but also their entire body.
  • Respiratory And Nervous System. These drugs create a blockage of the air intake, so the rodent dies due to oxygen lack.

All means are mummifying; therefore, with their action, pests turn into mummies, and their bodies do not decompose.

Form Of Production

For rat control, modern chemical variants are produced in several forms that are convenient for consumers:

  • Gels. When applied, they form a film on the surface, and after contact the substance falls on the animal’s hair. When it tries to clean it, poison enters the digestive system.
  • Granules And Powder. Powder must be mixed into products: cereals, pastries, flour. It is not always convenient for humans and dangerous, because poisonous dust enters the air.
  • Liquid. Usually, it is used by mixing the poisonous liquid with food bait.
  • Soft Briquettes. They are ready to eat and are convenient to use. Such form has a bright color, which is different from food.
  • Granules or Pellets. They are similar to saturated color feed and are often used as bait for mice.


Rat Poison Buying Guide

As you see, there are a lot of types of rat poison for sale, and all of them are easy in use and guarantee excellent results. Before you make a final choice, make sure you are aware of all the important criteria to consider.

Type of Rat Poison

Today, cities suffer from Norway and Black rats. Before choosing a poison, you need to make sure you know which type affects these species and where to put killing bait.

Norway rats are usually not found in houses and prefer living in holes outside. Hide the bait in dark places and along the walls. Make sure that your kids will not find it and taste it. Also, it is recommended to give preference to baits that are weatherproof.

Black or Roof rats live inside. Their favorite place is the attic, so put baits anywhere, including shelves and flooring.

Safe for Pets

Pets are usually very curious and tend to try everything they find. It is recommended to choose products that are absolutely safe for your lovely pets. Remember that even if you hide a top rat poison well, it won’t be a problem for a dog to find it. That’s why the ideal choice against pests should be less toxic options to protect your pets from serious consequences.

Boxes for Baits

If you have pets that live with you, it is advised to purchase special bait boxes. They are designed to protect poisons from children and from animals. All the baits are securely kept inside and allow only rats and smaller rodents to enter them. Of course, such means are not obligatory, but they can prevent undesirable outcomes.

Rats Intelligence

These rodents can identify that their food contains some toxic ingredients. In order not to scare away pests, put the poison into a bowl or box with usual food that is tasty for them. In this way, the bait will seem to be even more attractive, and animals will taste it with pleasure.

Banned Ingredients

Keep in mind that there are products that are banned in California, because a lot of wild animals died after trying some baits. This happened after they tried to eat dead rats, which were poisoned. Try to find information concerning a chosen option and make sure it won’t do harm to animals that eat dead species.


What Is The Best Rat Poison in 2019?

If you want to get rid of rats once and forever, it’s high time to think over the purchase of the best rat poison. Based on our reviews and final rating, D-Con Bait Pellets is the leader on the market. These soft briquettes are favorite delicacies for rodents. Gourmets adore dough lures and give preference to them, even if there are regular grain feed and other products nearby. Due to this, the rats’ population is reduced at a rapid pace. Mice are also not averse to trying delicious briquettes, so soft baits work well against them. Be attentive, as such poisons also may be attractive to cats and dogs, so it is recommended to put them into hard-to-reach places. Otherwise, you can lose both: rats and pets.


Well, rat poison is a helpful way to get rid of harmful animals on your own. Usually, such methods of fighting with rodents are effective because they kill animals slowly and guarantee 100% effect. There are many ways to exterminate harmful rodents in the room, the most well-known of which is poisons bought online, in a specific store, or prepared at home. Usually, they contain various chemicals that cause pests’ death. It is not necessary to buy the most expensive rats & mice killer, as price does not always guarantee effectiveness. To poison a harmful rodent, it is necessary to find the right active ingredient that can kill such pests. Our comparison shows that the D-Con Rat & Mouse Bait Pellets are the best option at present.

Whether rat poison is dangerous to humans depends on several factors. The consequences are different - from mild malaise to death. The result is affected by:

  • active component;
  • human health;
  • age;
  • dose that enters the body;
  • liver activity.

When working with poison, it is necessary to observe security measures - use rubber gloves, do not smoke, do not eat, and do not touch your face with hands. Afterwards, discard gloves, then wash hands with soap and water. Better yet, do it several times.

Based on rat poison reviews, the poisoning occurs when the active component enters the stomach. Symptoms depend on the active ingredient. Severe intoxication with dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, and loss of consciousness are possible when using a drug with instant action.

Traditional rat poisons contain anticoagulant rodenticides, which are chemicals invented to eliminate vitamin K in blood. Without vitamin K, blood does not clot, so any external or internal damage will kill rodents. Unfortunately, anticoagulant rodenticides produce the same effect on dogs and cats if they consume this bait.

Symptoms will not be immediately noticeable, and since only after some time you realize that your pet has eaten mouse or rat poison, it may already be in mortal danger. If the diagnosis is made on time, it is possible to cure poisoning with vitamin K and blood transfusions. Without treatment, your pet will likely die from internal bleeding or from anemia.

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Best Choice
D-Con Rat & Mouse Bait Pellets
D-Con Rat & Mouse Bait Pellets
Check Price
Rating: 5.0 / 10
Havoc Rat & Mouse Bait
Havoc Rat & Mouse Bait
Check Price
Rating: 4.8 / 10
Tomcat Mouse Killer I Mouse Bait Stations
Tomcat Mouse Killer I Mouse Bait Stations
Check Price
Rating: 4.7 / 10