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8 Best Portable Air Compressors For Every Household in 2019

Last Updated: 01 November 2019

Air compressor is a device that supplies air through the tube. It can be used in various conditions and for various functions, both professional and household. Today we can say the best portable air compressor can make life much easier, providing real help in spraying paint and pumping air tires. Because of their small size and portability, they have become one of the most convenient tools. The main advantage is that the device does not require a bulky engine, the built-in small motor can quite cope with the task. When thinking about buying the best portable air compressor, try comparing the specifications and functionality, so you were definitely sure you are buying the best of them.

The advantages of using a portable air compressor is the convenience of an entirely new level. Such devices are mostly universal and offer fairly simple and convenient functionality. Many models of household devices are supplied with various tools, such as a flashlight, screwdriver, pneumatic hammer, cutting tools, paint sprayers, blast cleaning equipment, etc. Air compressors have the advantage over hand tools because they supply power to tools that can perform heavy duty work making life easier for you.

Portable Air Compressors: FAQs

Portable Air Compressors

How to Inflate a Car Tire with a Bike Pump

It is necessary to be sure that your tires are perfectly inflated because this may improve the fuel economy and car performance on the road. It will be nice to do with an air compressor, but if you don’t have it, try to inflate the tires with special small air tire inflators or a bike pump.

How Do You Inflate a Tire with a Portable Air Compressor?

The procedure itself is very simple especially if you are the owner of the good portable air compressor. First of all, you need to connect the device to the source of power and to the tire. After that run the compressor and wait till the tire of your vehicle is pressured enough. In the end, you need to disconnect the device and check the pressure in tires.

Studying the models presented on the market today, we can say compressors, ranging from domestic to professional, are offered with different price and capabilities.

8 Best Portable Air Compressors Compared and Reviewed

Choosing the best model is a very responsible task. In order to simplify this choice for you, we reviewed and analyzed top rated portable air compressors available on the market. If you choose a device among our TOP 10, you will be absolutely happy and satisfied.

1 place :

Best Overall: Viair 400p Portable Compressor

Best Overall: Viair 400p Portable Compressor

The VIAIR 400P is one of the top-rated portable air compressors on the market, which pumps the 35th diameter tire from 0 to 2 bars in less than 5 minutes. This device is widely used by fans of off-road driving around the world. A time-tested, reliable tool will help you overcome difficulties far from the tire fitting point. This best seller comes with a hose for pumping a length of 7.6 m, a convenient branded bag for storing the device, and adapters for pumping mattresses and balls.

Q: Can this compressor be plugged into a wall outlet as well?

A: No, it is only 12Volts. The power cord is a connection to the battery.

Q: What are the dimensions of this compressor? Would it be possible to mount under the hood?

A: Per the manufacture the dimensions are Dimensions: 10.9"L x 5.8"W x 7.5"H. The 400P unit is not suggested to be permanently installed to the vehicle.

Q: Can you set the target pressure and will it automatically shut off?

A: No, none of the manufacturer's compressors can do that.

pros +

Electric motor with permanent magnets Automatic over temperature protection Adapters for pumping mattresses and soccer balls 5-in-1 device Tire inflator with an integrated manometer Storage and carry bag

cons -

High price

2 place :

Best 6-Gallon Compressor: Porter-Cable c2002-Wk

Best 6-Gallon Compressor: Porter-Cable c2002-Wk

The Porter-Cable C2002-WK is another high-quality portable air compressor in our review. It is small, thought operates as if it is a heavy duty tool. It comes equipped with a 6-gallon air tank, so it is not the best solution for the car but is ideal for the household works. It starts easily when the weather is cold. With the help of the extension cord, you can easily move this best portable device from one place to another where you need to use it. In addition, it is sold together with 13 accessories and will definitely meet any tire diameter.

Q: Max capacity is 150 psi yet the gauge goes up to 300 psi. How do I know the compressor will shut off automatically at 150?

A: It has an internal shut-off valve that shuts it down at 150.

Q: I need to fill RV tires to 100psi. Does this have enough power to do so?

A: Yes, it will fill tires to 100psi. It is rated for regulated pressure to 150psi. This is adjustable with a knob on the regulator, which has its own gauge.

Q: What are the blowgun attachments for specifically?

A: Tire/ball inflation and air gun looks like a tire pressure gage also.

pros +

Large capacity storage tank 13 accessory tools are included Excellent solution for the use at home Easy in use Affordable price

cons -

Low quality of accessories

3 place :

Budget Option: Black & Decker asi300

Budget Option: Black & Decker asi300

Black & Decker ASI300 is a compact and convenient car tire inflator. It can inflate the tires of a car or a bicycle, balls, rafts, inflatable swimming pools, inflatable mattresses and other. The power supply for the pump can be 230V AC or 12V DC from the vehicle’s mains, using a 12V adapter. This air compressor comes equipped with the function of setting the desired pressure and automatically turns off when the set pressure is reached. The kit contains a cable and hose compartment for easy storage.

Q: Can I use my electric standard house outlets to recharge?

A: It is not rechargeable. It will work off of standard house outlet, but the cord is short. Plan on using an extension cord. If hooking up to your car, that cord is really long.

Q: Will this pump work to inflate a children's plastic swimming pool?

A: Yes. It comes with different nozzles, including one for inflatable toys.

Q: How fast will it take to inflate a flat tire that normally takes 35 lbs?

A: The AS1300 is slow. It may take more than 20 minutes from 0 lbs. to 35 lbs.

pros +

The best price Ideal to work on bikes, lawnmower and car tires and even on sport accessories Space-saving design Includes a tire nozzle, needle inflator and the extension nozzle Instant shut-off feature when the required air pressure was reached

cons -

Is not built for household use

4 place :

Great Design: Audew Portable Inflator

Great Design: Audew Portable Inflator

Audew Portable is the best variant for those who are looking for a cheap device with a user-friendly interface. Its maximum pressure is 150 psi. Thanks to its portability and compact form, it will charge the tires of your car easily. The cord is long and will reach even rear car tires when plugged into the cigarette socket. As it is lightweight, you will carry it to any place you need. Thanks to auto-shutoff feature it will stop working just after the maximum pressure is reached.

Q: How long time it takes to fill up the tires ?

A: In general, it only takes 1~3minutes to fill up the tires, it also depends on the tire pressure.

Q: Does this pump to accurate PSI?

A: I checked the digital gauge of the AUDEW with my pocket PSI gauge and there was exact agreement.

Q: Does it tell you the tire pressure so you know when to stop pumping?

A: U set the pressure u want and it stop automatically.

pros +

Perfect price Long cord Great nice-looking design Can be used to charge cars, trucks, bikes Can be used at night thanks to LED lights inbuilt

cons -

Doesn’t have a presta valve inflator

5 place :

Best 3-Gallon: Campbell Hausfeld fp209499av

Best 3-Gallon: Campbell Hausfeld fp209499av

3-Gallon air compressors are somewhere in the middle between super portable and large variants. In a case with Campbell Hausfeld FP209499AV, it is possible to say it is powerful enough and can help you with a majority of tasks. bridge the gap between ultraportable compressors and larger six-gallon tanks. In addition, this portable air compressor is sold together with a 10-piece accessory kit, so you will complete more tasks without extra efforts.

Q: Is the psi adjustable on this?

A: The PSI is adjustable and has a gauge .There are two gauges,one for tank pressure and another for line pressure.

Q: What are the H. L. W. dimensions?

A: Product Dimensions 12.5 x 12.8 x 14 inches.

Q: Hi, how about the voltage? Is bivolt?

A: No, this one has no voltage selector. Standard 110 VAC.

pros +

Compact middle-size design Easy in use Contains 10 accessories in the box Affordable price Perfect industrial air power

cons -

Is very noisy according to some users’ reviews

6 place :

High Quality: Bostitch btfp02012 Air

High Quality: Bostitch btfp02012 Air

Any Bostitch-produced device, no matter what its price, has an optimal build quality, which determines its continued and reliable operation. You will use this top-rated portable air compressor in maximum load mode for a long working cycle. It comes with 150 psi max PSI and 6-gallon air tank. Like all other products by the same company, this device is ECO-friendly and doesn’t create a lot of noise - only 78.5 DBA. The compact design allows storing this compressor anywhere as it doesn’t occupy a lot of space.

pros +

Top-quality product Very powerful Is a quiet portable air compressor Durable Easy in use

cons -

Is a bit overpriced

7 place :

Ultra-Compact: Oasser Mini Portable

Ultra-Compact: Oasser Mini Portable

This portable air compressor for tires is represented in a cool modern design with an LCD display. Its maximum air pressure is 150 psi, and the device is nice to use for cars, SUVs, and bicycles. They sell it with 1-year warranty service. Thanks to LCD display will charge the tires even at night as it provides excellent visibility. In addition, it comes with a home and car adapters, so, the pump may be recharged even when you are on the road.

pros +

Cool design with an LCD display Very powerful 1- year warranty Adapters included Easy in use

cons -

Maximum pressure may not be enough for some users

8 place :

Vibration-Free: Goodyear i8000 Air

Vibration-Free: Goodyear i8000 Air

The Goodyear i8000 is an original licensed product of high quality, an indispensable assistant on the road for any car enthusiast. This compact device is designed for inflating car and bicycle tires, rubber boats, balls, mattresses. The European quality level of the Goodyear device makes it the recognized leader in its segment of the market. Thanks to Whisper Soft technology, the device provides less noise and is efficient in operation. The maximum tire pressure is limited to 150 psi.

pros +

Top-quality product Quiet operation Good accessory kit Easy in use Compact design

cons -

Is not equipped with bike or car tires adapter


Single Piston Electric Compressors

Single Piston Electric Compressors

Such models of top rated portable air compressors are intended, mainly, for average living conditions of use or small commercial projects. They are cheaper and simpler in design, have a maximum capacity of 20 cfm/min. When a high working pressure and increased airflow are necessary, this is the best option.

Two-Piston Compressor

The equipment of this type is intended for heavy duty professional use. Such portable air compressors for sale have a capacity of up to 50 cfm / min; therefore, are reliable in use and are ideal for many applications.

Dual Compressors

Such devices are designed for heavy industrial use. Models of this type have two separate pumps and two motors in one housing, thus allowing higher pressure and productivity.

Buying Guide: What to Look For?

After we reviewed the best portable air compressors available on the market, it’s high time to highlight the main characteristics for choosing this device.

Among a huge number of models and groups, it is necessary to allocate vehicle devices into a separate category. Car tire compressor will become an indispensable assistant on the road and will pump the downed wheel without visiting service stations.

Air Pressure

Air Pressure

This parameter is one of the most and least important at the same time. Why is it so? It’s simple: even the cheapest air compressor is ready to raise the pressure of your vehicle tires to the needed 2-4 atmospheres. If you are the owner of an outlander or an SUV, we recommend considering the variants able to inject 8-10 atmospheres.

This is another important parameter that should be taken into consideration. Usually, the best portable air compressor is a device which quickly pumps the wheel of your auto. The capacity of average compressors on the market is somewhere 25-30 liters/minute, which will be enough for the R15 wheel to pump it several minutes. It will take longer if you need to inflate a wheel of the car which has a larger radius. The principle of making this choice is easy – the larger is the radius of the wheel, the more powerful device you will need.


Usually, compressors come equipped with analog or digital manometers. The accuracy of inflation and pressure reading in the wheel is of great importance; therefore, the manometer should have high accuracy with a minimum error value. In addition, its scale should be discernible and easy to use. The digital manometer is much more convenient to use than the analog one. The pressure on it is displayed with an accuracy of two decimal places. There is no vibration of the image. And while pumping, the unit of measurement can be changed. An additional plus of the digital manometer is the Autostop feature – when you set the required pressure on the scale, the compressor pumps the wheel to the required pressure and automatically turns off. It won’t be necessary to leave the car.

Power Type

By type of power, air compressors can be

  • working from the vehicle’s network
  • working from the built-in battery

Devices of small power work from the cigarette lighter. More powerful models with high consumption come equipped with wires and special crocodile clips for connection to the battery terminals. It is not very convenient, but the maximum energy will be at your disposal. Compressors with a built-in battery charge from household electricity. After it is charged, you can pump up to 3 wheels.

Extra Features and Accessories

The Best Portable Air Compressor

Among other features that can affect the purchase of a portable air compressor for tires, there are the following:

  • The presence of the auto-shutoff function. It is when the compressor stops pumping after reaching the parameter you’ve set before;
  • Bleed valve. This is very convenient for travelers and for people who tend to save fuel. In this case, it will be possible either to raise or to lower the pressure in tires when it is necessary;
  • Adapters. Having various adapters in a kit with the compressor is a good deal because there are cases when you need to use the device for some other purposes except tire pumping.

The Best Portable Air Compressor in 2019: Final Advice

An air compressor is a device that converts diesel, electric, or gasoline engine power into energy stored in compressed air. We can apply the energy contained in the compressed air for a variety of applications, using the kinetic energy of the air as it is released and the tank depressurizes. You can use air compressors for various on-road and household tasks. It sometimes can be difficult to find the right tool, so we researched and examined tons of users’ reviews to make a list of best sellers. These tools offer the best performance and durability.

Based on our detailed portable air compressor reviews, the VIAIR 400P is the best variant that will help you inflate tires of the car fast and is appreciated by extreme driving fans. VIAIR offers the complete line of air compressors. This best portable air compressor offers inflation of up to 35-inch tires at a rapid rate, and operation at up to 150 PSI for up to 15 continuous minutes at a time. You can monitor air pressure using the 5-in-1 inline inflator/deflator hose and gauge.

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