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9 Best Play Kitchen Sets For Your Child In 2019

Last Updated: 29 October 2019

Why you should trust us?

This article prepared by Home Expert Reviews stuff writer Kate Olmenson. For this article, she revised our picks and dismissals, expanded our search for best play kitchen, and spent more than 50 hours testing the stuff. Additionally, she interviewed Melissa Amaya, Child and Family Therapist, and asked for an evaluation of our top-picks.

Today the market of best play kitchen sets is huge. There are wooden, plastic, electronic - for every taste and size of the nursery. Thanks to a modern play kitchen children learn to be hosts, get acquainted with etiquette and pretend real chefs. Copying mom’s behavior, little chefs try on new roles. We here at HomeExpertReviews chose the 9 most interesting options of the top-rated play furnitures that no young lady will pass by. In the play kitchen reviews you will find all the essential information, as well as the pros and cons of each product.

Play Kitchen FAQs

What Is A Play Kitchen?

#Table Top

An important activity in the personality's development of a child of preschool age is social role-playing games. They help children try on the social roles of an adult. They enable toddlers to express themselves and teach to make independent decisions.

What Is A Play Kitchen?

Depending on the role-playing game, they can use various attributes. Little girls play with dolls depicting a caring mother and a beautiful hostess. The best play kitchen will help take care of their children and guests. The modern toy does not differ from real furniture and fully corresponds to its constituent elements. Children’s play set imitates real furniture, household equipment, products, and dishes in miniature. It also creates realistic cooking sounds.

Best kids play kitchen is a small kingdom for children, where they can show their creative abilities, develop their own taste and try to realize their ideas. During the game, fine motor skills of hands, figurative thinking and imagination develop.

Why Do You Need One?

Play pretend games develop and improve:

  • an ability to simulate life situations
  • such skills as dolls’ care and housekeeping
  • an ability to try on various social roles

What Material Is Better: Plastic Or Wooden?

There is no unequivocal answer to this question, and there cannot be! These toys are just different. Focus on the choice of 2 factors: the budget and the age of the child.

Pros of a wooden play kit:

  • Natural materials
  • Safety
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Non-toxicity of toys; stability, durability
  • Reliability of the structure
  • Large game elements and additional accessories


  • Heavyweight
  • Impressive dimensions
  • Lack of interactive features
  • High price

For whom: children of junior and middle preschool age

Pros of plastic play kits:

  • Reasonable price
  • Ease of movement
  • Most models have interactive properties
  • Maximum realism
  • Numerous additional gaming accessories in the set


  • Insufficient durability
  • Many small details

For whom: children of preschool and primary school age

What Does “interactive Properties Of A Kitchen” Mean?

What Does “interactive Properties Of A Kitchen” Mean?

The interactivity of a toy is its ability to “respond” to a child’s action. For example, in response to a button press, sound or light effects turn on. Children’s kitchens do not belong to interactive toys. Only individual elements of the kitchen can be interactive - the light comes on in the oven, the kettle “boils”, scrambled eggs “rustle” in the pan, the light comes on when the fridge is opened. Such elements give the toy and the game more truthfulness. However, the more interactive elements in a toy are, the higher its cost is.

Why It Is So Small?

The average height of a play kitchen is 1 m that is the same as the height of 3-4 years old kid!

Can You Buy A Play Kitchen For A Boy?

Sure you can! Now there are tough debates between teachers, psychologists, and parents about whether the boy can play “girlish” toys (dolls, strollers for them, dollhouses, etc.). But disputes about the role-playing game with the best play kitchen rarely arise. Look around ... how many famous chefs and restaurateurs are men! And it is men who are often very successful and in demand in this profession. And if in your family dad is a real cook, or it is his hobby, then get ready that your son will surely ask for a children’s play kitchen for his Birthday.

And here there are absolutely no problems in choosing. A huge number of models have a neutral color and a modern appearance.

Top 9 Play Kitchens Compared And Reviewed

1 place :

Best Overall: Kidkraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen Review

Best Overall: Kidkraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen Review

Interactive KidKraft Uptown Espresso play kitchen looks just like a real one. This toy has a stylish, innovative design that modern children will like so much! The set includes an ice machine on the refrigerator door, removable plastic sink, see-through windows on the oven and the microwave, cordless phone with a convenient stand. Its refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, microwave, and oven doors all open and close with specially molded latches. There is a chalkboard for writing the daily specials.

Q: How tall is the counter?

A: About 20 inches.

Q: What are the dimensions for each piece?

A: Stove: 25.9" L by 14.2" W by 26.75" H. Fridge: 12.3" L by 14.2" W by 31.3" H

Q: How long does it take to put together?

A: Based on user reviews, it took about an hour and a half for both pieces.

pros +

The doors open and close Modern sink with a tap is removable Shelf for storing food and a towel holder

cons -

No accessories

2 place :

Best Rating: Kidkraft Ultimate Corner Kitchen Review

Best Rating: Kidkraft Ultimate Corner Kitchen Review

Ultimate Espresso Play Kitchen is another great option from KidKraft. It’s an exquisite novelty equipped with many interactive features. The burners of the stove have a back light, and the icemaker emits realistic sounds and the lights flash. Now the little chef will cook with you his culinary masterpieces, presenting himself as an adult and independent person. The play kitchen has a rather large size and functional equipment, so several children can play here at the same time. This is a terrific gift for little cooking enthusiasts and all creative kids. The design of this model is classic and is suitable for boys and girls.

Q: What extra items does kitchen come with?

A: The Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen with Lights & Sounds comes with one phone as a play piece. Everything else can be purchased separately.

Q: For the dimensions, 32.7 x 42.4 x 36.5 inches, which is Height, Width and Length?

A: The dimensions for the Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen are 42.5" L x 32.5" W x 36.75" H. with a counter height of 21".

Q: What dishes and rack fits in the dishwasher? I got the melissa and doug set with rack and it is too big, the door can not shut with the rack in it!

A: The Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen with Lights & Sounds internal dimensions for the dishwasher are: 11.9" x 9.4" x 8.1".

pros +

Made of wood, fabric, and plastic All doors open and close Ice machine with sound and light A transparent surface of the microwave and oven Removable sink for easy cleaning

cons -

Not as affordable as other play kitchens

3 place :

Best Safe: Kidkraft Retro Kitchen And Refrigerator Review

Best Safe: Kidkraft Retro Kitchen And Refrigerator Review

KidKraft Pink Retro Play Kitchen with refrigerator is a great way to diversify your little chef’s leisure time. With this 2-Piece modular design for unique layouts, your kid will prepare a ‘festive dinner for the whole family’. More than this, this kitchen of the rich crimson color is one of its kind uplifting and attracting kids. Playing with such a toy, your child will learn to be neat and clean. The doors or refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, and oven can be opened and closed Handles on the stove and on the sink faucet are spinning so that your child can imitate igniting the hob and washing dishes. The bottom of the sink is removed, which is very convenient if it needs to be cleaned.

Q: What are the dimensions?

A: 42.5 inches long x 17.1 inches wide x 41 inches high.

Q: Does the cooktop or pans make noise and light up?

A: Nothing on this product makes noise or lights up.

Q: What is the height over the sink part? Is it shorter than the fridge?

A: It's about 3" higher then the sink,there are little hooks you can hang pots and pans on!

pros +

Combined wood materials Environmentally friendly and safe No sharp corners The handles on the stove and near the crane are spinning Sink is removable

cons -

No additional accessories

4 place :

Best For A Company: Kidkraft Large Review

Best For A Company: Kidkraft Large Review

In the large classic toy of pastel shades from KidKraft, the young mistress will achieve new culinary heights. Realistic children’s kitchen attracts kids with its bright colors and functional details. It comprises transparent doors for oven and microwave oven, revolving handles, shelves above the sink for easy storage. The removable sink is easy to clean, and the high quality of the assembly will allow this unit to withstand the tests of the most violent children’s imagination.

With the dimensions of 42.2 x 16.2 x 42.9 inches (LxWxH), it weighs 88.2 pounds. The construction is durable and withstands years of tear and wear. The set is large, so it is ideal for families with multiple children. Younger and older kids can cook together without being crowded. Because of the kitchen’s size, there is an adult assembly required. Use a powered screwdriver to save time and frustration.

Q: Do all the knobs turn?

A: Yes, they do, and they make a clicking noise too.

Q: Does this kitchen hold up well if child puts water in sink?

A: A little water will not hurt it as long as it is cleaned up in a somewhat timely manner.

Q: what is the height from the floor to the counter?

A: It's 23 inches from floor to counte

pros +

Opening and closing doors Movable oven knobs and sink faucet with a click sound Removable sink with easy cleaning system Cordless phone with a handsfree headset Many cabinets and shelves above and below the sink

cons -


5 place :

All-in-one Wood Unit: Hape My Creative Cookery Club Review

All-in-one Wood Unit: Hape My Creative Cookery Club Review

My Creative Cookery Club is a small and light set, and it is ideal for toddlers or those with limited space. Produced from solid wood, it is nontoxic. The bright green is easy to paint before putting it together. The kitchen unit includes food, pots, pans, plates, and utensils. This wooden play kitchen with many accessories is perfect for those who are on a tight budget. The manufacturer recommends this kit for kids of 36 months - 15 years. The product meets all applicable safety standards.

Q: What kind of wood is it made of? Would it hold up in a covered space outside?

A: Depends on the moisture and weather. It looks like a combo of birch ply wood and solid wood

Q: What is the dimension and the weight of the package?

A: The dimensions of the package are 21.93 inches long, 3.7 inches wide and 17.77 inches high. The package weight is 14.66 pounds.

Q: Is any part of this made from mdf? i see that some of the other hape kitchens are.

A: No, it's all wood.

pros +

Oven Refrigerator Sink Velco'd veggies and bread Pots and pans Salt and pepper

cons -

May be not enough for families with many kids

6 place :

Great Utensils: Kidkraft Grand Gourmet Corner Unit Review

Great Utensils: Kidkraft Grand Gourmet Corner Unit Review

KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner is a dream of every mother’s assistant and little hostess. They equip this kitchen with modern appliances. Cooking dinner or washing the dolls – everything is possible with this miracle toy. A large refrigerator for food storage, a washing machine, a microwave, a stove, and an oven, a removable sink will be at your disposal. All doors in the best play kitchen open and close, and the stove and oven handles make a characteristic clicking sound when turning. A chalkboard on the refrigerator is a pleasant addition. The kit includes the assembly manual. This product is for kids up to 12 years old.

pros +

Utensils for making dinner Big sizes and functional equipment for several children All doors open and close Made from composite wooden materials

cons -

On the short side

7 place :

Compact And Efficient: Melissa & Doug Cook's Corner Kitchen Review

Compact And Efficient: Melissa & Doug Cook's Corner Kitchen Review

A small but very nice set will suit both girls and boys. Two cupboards, sink, stove, several shelves – all done in the style of Melissa & Doug: high quality, beautiful, especially for children. There is a three-burner cooktop, removable sink, oven with clicking knobs, storage shelves, refrigerator, and real, 3-minute working timer! Dimensions are 26"H x 36"L x 16"W when assembled. The body has non-toxic coatings and meets US toy-testing standards.

The only problem – the weight of the kitchen reaches 16 kg! It will take a few hours to assemble this toy, but all instructions are included and parts are numbered to simplify this task.

pros +

Removable sink A refrigerator An oven with knobs 3-burner cooktop Reliable wooden construction

cons -

Weight Contains small parts

8 place :

Stylish: Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen Review

Stylish: Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen Review

Kidkraft Vintage play kitchen is the best place for your daughter or your little boy to prepare a festive dinner for the whole family, or for their toys. KidKraft white play kitchen looks real. More than this, this snow-white kitchen is elegant and stylish. This set is equipped with a modern sink with a tap. The bottom of the sink is removed, which is very convenient if it needs to be cleaned. With such a realistic kitchen, your child will get acquainted with a variety of useful functions and features that will be helpful in housekeeping.

pros +

No dangerous small parts No sharp corners Certified according to high European and American quality standards Handles on the stove are spinning The sink is removable

cons -

Small for older children

9 place :

Best Budget: Teamson Kids Burlywood Kitchen Review

Best Budget: Teamson Kids Burlywood Kitchen Review

Kids can cook up the fun with the Teamson Kids Little Chef Burly Wood Kitchen with Accessories. Constructed of eco-friendly MDF finished with lead-free paint, this item has all the major appliances and storage to boot. Knobs, like those on the double burner stove and the oven, really turn to add to the authenticity of play. There is a single basin sink for washing dishes, a microwave for quick meals, and storage bins and shelves. A clock and wall-mounted phone make this product even more realistic and give kids more things to play with.

pros +

Eco-friendly MDF and plastic Double burner stove, microwave, and oven Features a sink, cupboard, and storage bins Clock, phone, and accessories for authentic play Painted with lead-free paints

cons -

No refrigerator

Main Toy Kitchen Types

Main Toy Kitchen Types

The variety of models offered on the market is huge, so it is not that easy to buy the toy kitchen for girls or boys. The complete set can be different, for example, it can include a refrigerator, cooking panels, an oven, a stove, a sink for washing dishes, a refrigerator, toy dishes, etc. They equip functional sets with sound and light effects. High-quality plastic or wood is used for manufacturing. Depending on the size, such designs are:

  • a small play kitchen in the form of a mini-kitchen;
  • a standard play kitchen for sale;
  • a large play kitchen.

#Kids Wooden Play Kitchen

Best wooden play kitchen suitable for cooking is a great option for those parents who prefer only natural materials. Such kits have a more concise design. The advantages of children’s wooden play kitchen are in their environmental friendliness, durability, and non-toxicity. The disadvantages are that they are heavy and expensive, while compact kitchens are more mobile than sets, which include many elements.

#Electronic Play Kitchen

The electronic set is very popular. Modern toys include lights, make sounds in the process of the game, are equipped with appliances, including a grill. All this makes the game set close to real furniture for adults.

#Big Play Kitchen

Today you can buy furniture for playing with dolls, but it is better to give preference to a large set. The child will imitate their parents, prepare food. Such sets are realistic play kitchen models, well designed and thoughtful.

#High Play Kitchen for Sale

Older children can find a set with high table tops. It is very similar to a real set, it just has much more compact dimensions.


For a small child, it is better to find a mini-version of a cheap play kitchen, made in a bright color scheme. Despite the compactness, manufacturers equip most of these sets with an oven, stove, a small sink, and even kitchen utensils.

#Kitchen in a Suitcase

Such a mobile version will become the center of attraction for your kids. Modern products of this type have a bright design, rich packaging and low cost, which is important for many parents.

Buying Guide — What To Look At?

Main Toy Kitchen

If you want to buy the best play kitchen for a child, then you should carefully approach your choice. Girls play kitchen sets and boys play kitchen models are present in the market in a big variety. And the most complete sets are made of different materials. To select the best model, you need to use the following tips.

#Price and Location

You need to determine your budget and where the toy will be installed. If there is not enough free space the child’s room, then the best option would be to buy a small set. If the room allows placing dimensional objects, choose sets suitable for the child’s height.


Pay attention to the complete set of toys. It must include an oven, a stove, a sink, a cupboard. As for the other accessories, you can always buy those separately.


Buying the best play kitchen for a child, you need to know about extra options. Some kits may include signals imitating the sound of water when washing the dishware or the sound of cooking. In some models, it is possible to use water that will flow through the faucet, and the child will have a great opportunity to wash the tiny dishes.


All play kitchens should be durable, reliable and safe for kids. The smaller the child is, the fewer small parts with sharp corners should be in the game set. Children love to taste different objects, and this is noted among children of different ages. Thus, you make sure that the products are safe, covered with resistant, reliable and, at the same time, harmless paints.


A set must match the age of the child. Most kits are good for children from 3 years old when they imitate almost all the actions of their parents. Children’s play kitchens for the youngest should be simple and include only basic household items. If the child is older than 3-4 years, buy a set that includes extra products, such as iron, microwave or something that may cause interest. For the youngest hostesses of 2-3 years old, select products with large bright details. In addition, parents should make sure that the game set is stable and made of environmentally friendly materials. For children of 6-7 years old, select the best children’s play kitchen that realistically conveys all the possibilities of the toy. Here, it is worth buying electronic toys.

Which One To Choose? Final Advice

KidKraft play kitchen Uptown Espresso

As you can see the best play kitchen sets are made in various designs and colors. You can choose a model that fits into your interior. Put such a corner play kitchen in the room so that the child can play next to you. Having mastered in their toy kitchen, the crumb must invite the whole family to the branded tea. Play along with your child, and you give them real happiness, especially if you do this with a Kidkraft play kitchen, which offers the best play kitchen models on the market. They are made from environmentally friendly materials, have a modern design, a durable construction, impeccable quality and attention to detail. All appliances included work well. Our choice is interactive KidKraft play kitchen Uptown Espresso, which looks like a real one. This Kidkraft play kitchen has a stylish, innovative design that modern children will like so much! Rest assured – this set is just a great opportunity for little chefs to express themselves, develop their imagination and housekeeping skills.

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