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10 Best Patio Heaters for Warm Evenings Outdoors in 2019

Last Updated: 29 October 2019

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This article prepared by Home Expert Reviews stuff writer Corey Blare. For this article, he revised our picks and dismissals, expanded our search for best patio heaters, and spent more than 45 hours testing the stuff. Additionally, he interviewed Gene Robbins, Backyard Specialist, and asked for an evaluation of our top-picks.

It seems putting the patio heater on the street makes no sense if all the warmth immediately dissipates in space. But the trick is that infrared heaters do not heat the air like traditional oil systems, but all objects and people that are in the zone of scattering rays. That’s exactly how the bonfire works on us. Standing at an open flame, we warm up instantly, even if there are low temperatures outside. Unlike the fire, which ignited by burning oxygen, the infrared element of the patio heater absorbs nothing from the atmosphere. We recommend placing such devices on unheated porches or in summer houses because the outdoor heaters do not dry the air and cause no headaches.

In our patio heater review, you’ll find not only the top 10 list of the most prominent models available on the market but also product details, pros, and cons of each product. So let us take a closer look.

What Is It?

A patio heater is an appliance that generates thermal radiation for outdoor use. A burner on top of a pole directs the flames against a perforated metal screen. The main fuel is gas or electricity. Heat radiates from the surface of the screen in a circular pattern around the appliance. A reflector on top of the burner directs heat and decreases the loss of warmth.

Is Patio Heater Safe to Use?

Safety precautions become a part of your routine if you own an outdoor heater. Make sure you do not risk burning the house down when using a heater on a covered deck or patio. For restaurants which use propane heaters for outside dining, proper orientation of safety procedures and strictly following them is a must, and following a city’s fire code.

The first step to safety is to use tanks that are rust and leak free. Before installing the tank, inspect the tank to see if it is not rusty or the connections are all intact. Notify a fire department when there is a smell of gas.

After the installation of the tank and the heater, follow the manual and the manufacturers’ instructions on the proper use of the heater. The manufacturer shows the proper handling of the product and the exact clearance between a ceiling and the product.

Here are some safety tips:

  • Propane patio heaters are never to be used indoors.
  • It’s highly recommended that you don’t use a patio heater if wind conditions reach 10 mph.
  • Infrared heaters are an electrical appliance, so it’s not recommended that they be used in the rain because of a risk of electrocution.

TOP 10 Best Outdoor Patio Heaters Compared and Reviewed

Choosing the patio heater is not an easy task as it is necessary to take into account many aspects. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time reviewing feedback, comments, manufacturers’ websites, etc., you can fully rely on patio heater reviews given below. We tested and analyzed many products on the market and determined 10 top-rated models that deserve your special attention.

1 place :

Best Overall: Thermo Tiki Deluxe Outdoor

Best Overall: Thermo Tiki Deluxe Outdoor

Thermo Tiki Deluxe is one of the best commercial heaters, which are gas-powered. If your patio is of the small size, this variant is the most suitable. It is among tall outdoor models with 7.5-feet and has an excellent heating power of 38,000 BTU. This pyramid patio heater has a unique design with the flames inside that are dancing. Your patio will look amazing with this device with no doubts. To use it, make sure you have a 20lb propane tank. It will be enough for 10 hours of constant work. Besides, Thermo Tiki Deluxe has a waterproof roof and is user-friendly.

Q: I've heard that these style heaters don't really generate much heat. Are they as good as the heaters with the dome in the top?

A: It is not an industrial-strength dome heater but it heats a space about 15' x 15' adequately and looks very attractive and modern.

Q: Can you regulate the heat? Low to high?

A: Yes. The heat level and flame can be adjusted from low to high.

Q: How long does a 20lbs Propane canister last? Just trying to figure operating cost.

A: 20 lbs = 10 hrs approximately.

pros +

Excellent for a small patio Modern design Easy-portable Easy in use Waterproof and safe

cons -

Overpriced Won’t be ideal for medium and large patios

2 place :

Best Propane Patio Heater: Fire Sense Hammer

Best Propane Patio Heater: Fire Sense Hammer

Fire Sense gas device is among the outdoor heaters designed for local heating of various open areas. Street devices of this type are mainly used to organize banquets in the open air, camping sites, decoration of country terraces. The design of this bronze heater resembles a cylindrical platform, with a gas cylinder, reflector (a large reflecting disk) and a burner inside. On the lower platform, there are wheels, which are responsible for the device movement. The heating power is 46,000 BTU, and it runs using a 20lb tank.

Q: Is it okay to use in an enclosed patio?

A: This is a propane gas product and needs to be used in a ventilated area, it is not to be used indoors. This will need at least two open sides for airflow due to the carbon monoxide.

Q: I gather this is a new product. Now that it's September, have you used it and are you still pleased? Does wicker really hold up?

A: According to users reviews, the wicker is very sturdy and will stand the test of time.

Q: It seems top heavy, how do you keep it from swaying so much?

A: Filling the base with sand as the instructions call for will greatly improve the stability of the heater.

pros +

Elegant design Reliable quality of the materials Thermoelectric ignition safety automatics Smooth power adjustment Auto-shutoff tilt valve

cons -

High price

3 place :

Best Electric Patio Heater: Infratech Electric

Best Electric Patio Heater: Infratech Electric

Infratech developed another compact device. The electric energy radiated of this patio warmer converts into thermal energy. After that, the heat is released into the air. It requires 4,000 Watts of energy in total. The advantage of this stainless steel model is the point zonal direction of heat. The device has high mobility and ease of installation. You can use it inside and outside. Because of the small size, it saves a lot of space around.

Q: Looking to mount outside, attached to the side of the house, approx. 10' off of the ground. Given height, I am concerned about heat amount and distance.

A: At 10 ft pointing down it is ill-advised. There are two heating elements. With one on maybe, with two it would be a little hot. If you were to point them straight out over everyone's head and not one closer than 10 ft it might be ok.

Q: Is it advisable to use an adapter that converts 120v power to 240v power for this heater?

A: You can convert from 240 volts to 120 volts but not from 240 to 120 volts.

Q: Does it come with all the parts needed to install in the celing? If not what is needed to have it installed in the celing?

A: It comes with the mounting brackets. You will need to prie screws to attach the mounting brackets to the ceiling. Depending on your ceiling composition, which screws would be appropriate will vary.

pros +

Small size and compact design Stainless steel body Energy-efficient Eco-friendly Dual element heater

cons -

High price

4 place :

Best Commercial Patio Heater: Amazonbasics Havana Commercial

Best Commercial Patio Heater: Amazonbasics Havana Commercial

The stainless steel outdoor heater by AmazonBasics is ideal for a large party in the patio and cases when you need to heat all the guests. This powerful propane bestseller will easily cope with these tasks because of its excellent thermal capacity of 46,000 BTU. The device comes equipped with an auto-shutoff function, a safe Piezo ignition, and a comfortable temperature control knob. You can fill the lower block of the device with water or sand for better stability. The whole construction is coated with a powder finish. For the convenience of transportation at the bottom of this warming product, there are small wheels.

Q: How many hours will one full tank run with this unit on medium setting?

A: It lasts a really long time. On a full tank, mine will last 12+ hours on a mixture of medium to low setting, about 8-10 on just medium

Q: Сan this be used on a covered porch or screen porch?

A: Yes, as long as the roof is high enough. We have 10 ft patio ceiling. We're very happy with the purchase. Works great!

Q: Can you use a 30 lb tank with this heater?

A: The compartment is sized for a 20 lb (5gallon) gas bottle.

pros +

Big outdoor heater Fully and easily adjustable Great modern design Perfect price Portable

cons -

Not perfect for large areas

5 place :

Best Flame Patio Heater: Endless Summer Review

Best Flame Patio Heater: Endless Summer Review

A product by Endless Summer looks like any other patio heat lamp. In reality, this is a portable device that works just after you put it into the socket. 1200 Watts of power will provide heat to 10 square meters of space. You can use it both at home and outside. Heating power is 10,000 BTU – enough for a small area. If you are fond of stylish things, pay attention to this variant. Be sure that such an elegant device won’t leave people indifferent. Based on the reviews, the only thing you need to keep in mind is that the place for this lamp should be chosen carefully as it may get broken.

Q: Does the fire pit come with a cover?

A: Yes, it comes with a cover. Haven’t used it but assume it works! Love the fire pit.

Q: What are the Dimensions of the fire pit

A: Corner to corner is 17.5".

Q: How many BTU’s?

A: The manual doesn't specify the BTUs. Other, similar products are 30,000 to 50,000, but that's no guarantee that this one puts out a similar heat level.

pros +

Design resembles a fireplace Electronic ignition Ideal for small patio Functional Easy in use

cons -

Is not stable enough

6 place :

Budget Option: Mr. Heater Review

Budget Option: Mr. Heater Review

Mr. Heater Outdoor device is the leader among cheap patio heaters. This product is ideal not only for small outside areas but for touristic trips. This is a mini outdoor heater with a single tank. Put on the table to provide more heat. BTU is limited to 8000 – 15000. Despite its size and low price, the device is safe and easy to use. You need to mount it at the top of the propane tank in a stable position.

pros +

Pleasant price Quiet Lightweight Nice compact design Ideal for tourist trips

cons -

Won’t be enough for medium areas

7 place :

Best Small Outdoor Heater: Bromic Smart-Heat Electric

Best Small Outdoor Heater: Bromic Smart-Heat Electric

Infrared products by the Bromic Tungsten combine the high aesthetics of design and excellent functionality. Tungsten 4000 watt is powerful and allows heating not the ambient air, but the objects in the heat radiation zone. Here, heating is carried out, even in outdoor conditions, at a low temperature. This unit is easy to install and fits any interior. Various brackets, fasteners, and other accessories allow mounting it to the wall and to the ceiling. You can control it with a simple push of a button.

pros +

Perfect for small areas Compact design Ceiling and wall mounted Good for outdoor and indoor use Wireless remote

cons -

Won’t fit for large areas

8 place :

Best Stand-Up Outdoor Heater: Lava Heat Italia Heritage

Best Stand-Up Outdoor Heater: Lava Heat Italia Heritage

Lava Heat Italia natural gas patio heater developed specially for people, who prefer natural gas to propane. The heating power of this amazing stand up device is 58,000 BTU. It can warm the area of 20 feet with 360 degrees distribution of heat in the radius of 5ft. A big outdoor heater has an amazing design with a bronze finish, so it will definitely fit the overall design of your patio. The 304 grade stainless steel makes it durable. Don’t be afraid of using it in bad weather, as this top patio heater is waterproof and safe. Built-in tilt switch guarantees your safety.

pros +

Top-notch design Big size Covers a medium-sized areas with warmth High heating power Auto-shutoff feature

cons -

High price

9 place :

Best Hanging Patio Heater: Firesense Hanging

Best Hanging Patio Heater: Firesense Hanging

Firesense hanging patio heater is a waterproof heating lamp with a power of 1500 watts developed of stainless steel with an exquisite copper finish. The design resembles an ancient lamp and will fit any patio or inside areas of the house. If you want to gather at the patio table, don’t be afraid to hang this Fire Sense patio heater over it. The life of the lamp is about 5000 hours, so you will not remember about its replacement soon. It will be the most profitable investment for heating any area inside or outside of your house. The unit is safe and eco-friendly and emits none harmful or toxic components. It comes with an 8-foot non-retractable electrical cord that suits any standard outlet.

pros +

Great lamp design Perfect heating power for a small space Versatile Equipped with a long cord Easy in use

cons -

Won’t fit even medium-sized areas

10 place :

Best Tabletop Patio Heater: Az Portable

Best Tabletop Patio Heater: Az Portable

This stainless steel device resembles large commercial patio heaters but in a reduced version. In fact, this baby works on a small balloon with propane. A thermal output of heat is limited to 11,000 BTU, so you will spend about 2 hours in a warm atmosphere outside before you must replace a tank. You will need a 1lb or 20 lb propane with an adapter hose. What is also important, the AZ patio heaters come with a heavy stand for stability and protection against spontaneous combustion and tilt. In addition, it is easy it use, safe and approved by CSA.

pros +

Tabletop outdoor heater Small patio heater Nice design Perfect stability Available in various colors

cons -

Won’t fit large areas


Today, best-rated patio heaters are most often used for warming up patios, and there are reasons for that. The heat of infrared rays is very similar to solar one. The only difference is that the IR device does not emit UV rays when working. Such devices can be considered completely safe. At the moment, manufacturers offer a choice of two types of patio warming products – gas and electric.

Gas Infrared

This type generates infrared rays from the heat of the gas burned inside. Located in the lower part of the heating device, the gas cylinder feeds gas to the burner. The gas is ignited by a special piezoelectric element from the button and then burns and heats the burner grid to high temperatures. Because of this, high-temperature rays are radiated, mirrored from the reflector in the upper part and are directed downwards. In a certain radius from the base of the device, a thermal cone is formed – a space heated by infrared rays. On sale, it is possible to meet floor lamps, for example, street heaters by Enders. They resemble luminaries on a pedestal with a gas cylinder installed in the base.

Electric Infrared

These outdoor patio heaters use electricity and not gas. According to experts, such equipment produces softer heat than devices on gas. The heat is radiated by a special filament coil that can heat up to 900 degrees. Infrared rays got from this coil go to the reflector located behind, which dissipates the heat evenly to the place where you direct the warming device.

Umbrella Heater Buying Guide – What to Look At?

Choosing the best outdoor space heaters you need to pay attention to some aspects, inattention to which can significantly overshadow the joy of the long-awaited purchase.


Best Patio Heaters

Decide as for the type you’d like to purchase. Keep in mind that gas devices can work on propane or natural gas. Some of them work on one kind of liquefied fuel, but this is not always convenient. Electric patio heaters are also great and well designed, but they need a socket closer or a long cord. One advantage of gas models in their fullest autonomy – the operation of the device does not depend on the presence of electrical outlets and cord. Some of them have wheels for easy transportation.


This is one of the most important characteristics of the best patio heater that is shown on the product label in kW. Usually, to heat an open area with a diameter of up to 6 m, it is enough to use a heater with a power of 12 kW.

Power Control Method

Modern portable outdoor heaters have the power regulating feature. Because of this, it is possible to change the intensity of IR radiation depending on the ambient temperature. In some models, the adjustment method is limited to two positions corresponding to a high and low power value. And in the more advanced devices, you can change the power, setting any value between low and high.

Material of the Body

The body of many heaters is made of steel covered with the special powder paint. Its color can be various: white, blue, green, cream, etc. Despite anticorrosive protection, it is desirable to coat such models with special covers in case of bad weather or long storage. This will prevent the paint from burning out in the sun, scratches, and cracks, and will allow you to save the appearance of the device.


Review of Best Patio Heaters

It is important that the design of the device does not violate the aesthetics of space, but, conversely, decorates it. Give preference to stylish heaters. There are models, the rack of which can be installed in the center of the garden table. This allows you to concentrate the heat where it is especially important – around the table, directly next to the people sitting behind it. The size and design features are also important. Do not buy a reflector whose diameter is less than 0.8 m, as this will affect a small range of useful radiation.

Best Patio Heater 2019. Final Advice

Based on our thorough and effective review, Thermo Tiki Deluxe deserves the name of the best heater. This is a nice-looking and efficient design that will look great in your terrace. It is tall enough and is built of stainless steel. If you take a 20lb propane tank, the device will keep you warm for hours. Why else it is the best patio heater? Mostly because it is easy in use. The flame inside the tall column creates a special atmosphere and lightens the surrounding area. Although it is tall, manufacturers allow using this umbrella heater inside the pavilion with a roof. The construction is weather-resistant and can stay outside even in winter. If you choose this variant among all the other best outdoor heaters, you will be the winner and owner of a top-quality product.

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Lloyd D. Mason

5 April, 2019

Of all the top-rated patio heaters, I considered the Thermo Tiki Deluxe Outdoor Patio Heater. The size is small which is why I love it, and adding to the fact that it has an extraordinary heating power. Other reasons why it is an ideal choice for anyone is that it is waterproof and user-friendly. The other types of patio heaters are also quite good.


3 April, 2019

Based on what I read on lava heat italia heater review, I believe it is one of the most suitable standing heaters out there which is small in size. Although, it makes use of natural gas propane, it produces an excellent heating power. The durable body design made of stainless steel is a feature worthy of commendation; hence, it is a great choice for anyone.


22 March, 2019

While there are different types of patio heaters, an electric patio heater was a good choice. My community got the best electric patio heater, and nothing has been the same since then. We don’t have to do much in powering it up because it is activated by electricity. Now, good amount of heat can be dispatched at intervals during winter.