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5 Best Oyster Knives In 2019 To Keep Your Hands Safe

Last Updated: 20 November 2019

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Today’s Home Expert Reviews stuff writer Sindy Blare, which is professional in housekeeping and cooking, tell you about the best oyster knives. She has all of the necessary test (for about 45 hours) equipment and spoke to David Bower, Line Cook at the NoMad NYC, to provide objective measurements to back up her subjective (but unbiased) opinions.

Mollusks’ lovers know that you can eat an oyster in a matter of seconds, but it may take much longer to open its shell. Only a special best oyster knife can open the shell quickly. This is a unique tool. The main purpose of any knife is to cut. And the main function of the best oyster knife is to open the shell. That’s why we will try to help you with a choice of the oyster shucking knife with our reviews and a buying guide.

For newbies, it might be very difficult to find the best oyster shucking knives, but today you will learn how to do this without spending extra time on research and market review. We managed to compile a top-selling knives’ rating that will help you. Detailed oyster knife reviews with pros and cons will answer all possible questions.


What Is The Best Oyster Knife?

What Is The Best Oyster Knife?

This is a special device for opening tightly compressed shell valves, without using which it is not easy to try a traditional French dish. Durability is the main indicator of such a tool since only a high-quality model will cope with this task. Blade’s flexibility and reliability are due to steel alloys added to molybdenum and vanadium composition to increase strength characteristics.

Best oyster knives serve as kitchen devices that allow you to facilitate separating clamshell process. Thanks to their handles, usually made of polymers, you can conveniently hold them when pressing hard on a sink. Shucking knife’s coating is usually made of non-slip material, specially designed to ensure safety during use.

But this is not everything what this device can do, because it does not only open the shells but also protects from cuts that can be obtained on sharp shell cover. Of course, usually, people get such combat wounds not from the shell itself, but from the oyster shucker for sale with which they are trying to open it. After all, if it is a kitchen knife, it constantly slides off hitting you on the finger.

Why Do You Need This Product?

If you are not new to the business, as far as ostraceans are concerned, then such a thing as an ostracean knife has long been native and irreplaceable for you. Of course, it is sometimes hard enough for beginners to understand why they should buy some special tool if there are at least three ordinary kitchen knives. You know, professionals can open this mollusk with a blunt bread knife, but often we are not professionals, and therefore, we can hurt ourselves using a regular kitchen utensil.

We cannot say that an ostracean knife is big. It is compact. It consists of two parts: the first is the handle, which can be both plastic and wooden; the second is the blade, which is quite small and has an unusual shape. It is sharper and thinner at the end. This very feature allows you to insert the knife between the shells easily and carefully. Yes, not everyone can do this for the first time, but you need to try and gain experience that comes only with time, but if you constantly do everything right, you will learn much faster. It is clear that with the help of such a knife we ​​can open the shell without making special efforts.

How To Open A Mollusk With An Oyster Knife?

You need to hold the shell with one hand, insert a tip of the knife into a small hole between its doors. After that, make several rotational movements so that they slightly diverge. Continue holding the shell and hold a knife along entire upper flap, cutting muscle that keeps the shell closed. After that, pinch a lower flap between fingers and draw the knife along the shell towards yourself. Do this under the ostracean, in order to cut the muscle with which it is attached to the shell.

After opening the shell, meat is scraped from the upper flap – you shouldn’t eat it. But the body in the lower flap is quite ready for use. To prevent injury in a working process with slippery shells, use protective gloves.

What Are The Peculiarities Of The Oyster Knife?

Oyster Knives Buying Guide

Traditional chef cutting tool is used for cutting not every type of seafood. You shouldn’t use it for opening ostraceans since one careless movement can lead to splitting the shell into small fragments, damage of blade and a part of delicacy. The complexity of this process lies in the fact that a live mollusk, which has powerful muscles, holds shell flaps firmly and therefore it is not easy to remove it outside.

To work with such seafood you need a shucker knife. It usually has a short blade, sharpened on both sides. A symmetric blade has a thickening in a central part, smoothly passing to mutual tip. Its handle is protected to ensure safety during operation, to prevent injury from sharp shell’s edges. Before you buy such an oyster knife set make sure that the alloy quality of blade is high.

How Sharp Should An Oyster Knife Be?

Such a device is usually 2.5 or 4-inch long and its blade is symmetric. Concerning the sharpness, it varies from one type to another. There are best oyster shucking knives with sharp blades, but they may be dangerous for inexperienced users. That’s why it is recommended to look for the knives that are less sharp but still very sturdy. Moreover, you can always sharpen this tool with the help of a common sharpener you have at home.

Clam Knife Vs Oyster Knife

The difference between opening clams and ostraceans’ ones lies in the operation process. For example, to open a clam you need to put the knife between two shell parts. And in order to shuck an ostracean, it is required to push a special knife through the back shell side. So, both knives differ in shape and can’t be replaced by each other. Clam knife comes with a rounded tip and it is a bit longer than the other one.

ModelKITCHEN APPLIANCESItem DimensionsMaterialPriceBlade lengthNumber of knives
MELOCEAN-2MELOCEAN 26,3 Ń… 0,6 Ń… 0,8 inchesStainless steel;solid wood handle$$the 2.5" blade Set of 2
RAKUENRAKUEN NEW HAVEN8 x 3.5 x 1 inchesStainless steel;polypropylene handle 2-3/4 inch long blade
VICTORINOX-OYSTER-KNIFEVICTORINOX6.8 x 1.5 x 0.8 inchesHigh carbon steel blade$ 3-Inch
DEXTER-RUSSELL-CLAM-SHUCKING-KNIFEDEXTER RUSSELL CLAM SHUCKING KNIFE11.8 x 0.5 x 5 inches Carbon blade;Beechwood handle $ 3-Inch
OYSTER-KNIFE-BY-ARCHER-KITCHENWAREARCHER KITCHENWARE6.5 x 2.5 x 0.6 inchesStainless steel;wood handle$$$ 2 and 1/2 inch

Top 5 Best Oyster Knives Compared And Reviewed

1 place :

Best Overall: Melocean Professional Oyster Shucking Knife Set of 2

Best Overall: Melocean Professional Oyster Shucking Knife Set of 2

If you are looking for professional oyster knives, you will be impressed with a fantastic set from Melocean. It contains two knives with strong and sturdy stainless steel blades. Be sure that both of them will open the shells as they are sharp enough. Moreover, you won’t need a lot of efforts because high-quality ergonomic wooden handles won’t slip and will help to deliver the top result. As a bonus for your purchase, you will get a special guide on how to open the ostraceans. This is the best oyster knife kit which will serve as a perfect present for mollusk’s appreciators.

Q: What type of steel are your knives made of? How durable are they?

A: Melocean oyster shucking knives are made of the finest quality 3cr13 stainless steel. The thick blade is sturdy enough that it will not bend or break. It has a strong reinforced tip that allows for easy penetration of the oyster.

Q: Has the edge of the blade been sharpened or is it dull?

A: Sharpened, of course! The knife’s strong tip and sharp edge allow for easy penetration of an oyster.

Q: Can this knife also be used on clams?

A: Yes. You can confidently use your Melocean oyster knife for shucking clams as well.

pros +

Two openers in one set Comes in a gift box Strong and durable blades Top-quality ergonomic handles Lifetime warranty

cons -

Not observed

2 place :

Best New Haven: Rakuen New Haven Curved Tip Oyster Knife

Best New Haven: Rakuen New Haven Curved Tip Oyster Knife

This device is used to open raw and cooked mollusks thanks to a specially curved tip. It means that you can open even those mollusks that are extremely hard to shuck. The tip is thin enough to get between the shells to open easily. The blade is made of carbon steel and is safe from corrosion. Another advantage of is its handle. It won’t slip in hands and provides appropriate protection level for beginners. So, if you are looking for something durable and effective, this should be a good choice.

pros +

Comes with a curved tip High-quality carbon steel blade Non-slip wooden handle Easy in use Comes with a factory warranty

cons -

Blade is longer than expected

3 place :

Best Oyster Shucker: Victorinox Oyster Knife

Best Oyster Shucker: Victorinox Oyster Knife

Swiss company Victorinox is famous for its quality standard in knives’ production. Current product in the review is also great. Opening the shell becomes easy even to those who do it for the first time. The Victorinox knife’ blade has a slightly curved tip, made of stainless past hardened steel. A convenient ergonomic handle has a length greater than the blade itself since a long blade prevents quick shell opening. In addition, you may not worry about strong pressure and it is shockproof, because of the polypropylene handle.

Q: Which is best for opening raw oysters?

A: The thinner blade is better at penetrating the hinge. The straight blade does a good job of separating the flesh from the flat side of the shell. The New Haven blade has a ~30° bend ~5/8"" from the tip. This knife is preferable for cherrystone size clams.

Q: Which would work best for littleneck clams?

A: This knife is well made, but it needs fine-tuning. File the tip to fit your needs.

Q: Is the handle plastic or rubberized?

A: Handles are made of Fibrox, a resin-based, microbe-resistant material.

pros +

Stylish design Good steel 3-inch blade Fibrox handle Affordable price NSF-approved

cons -

o hand protection

4 place :

Best Budget: Dexter Russell Clam Shucking Knife

Best Budget: Dexter Russell Clam Shucking Knife

Are you looking for budget-friendly oyster shuckers for sale? Then, this fantastic model invented by a famous cutlery manufacturer will interest you. Dexter Russell knife comes with a practical 3-inch blade made of carbon steel. It is not super-sharp and able to protect hands well. A special beechwood handle is ergonomic, doesn’t slip in hands and helps to deal with mollusks quicker and easier. Despite its classic design, this tool looks very elegant.

Q: Would this be a good knife to remove coconut flesh from hard shell?

A: No. you need a way thiner and way sharper knife to do that without too much trouble. This one is thin, but is not as flexible as the one you need.

Q: Where was this item made?

A: Made in the USA.

Q: How sharp is this knife?

A: I found the blade on this knife perfect for it's intended purpose of opening clams; sharp enough to pry the shells apart, but no so sharp as to be a cutting hazard.

pros +

Excellent price Developed by trusted manufacturer Elegant design Non-slip handle 3-inch blade of carbon steel

cons -

Handle is not pleasant to keep in hand

5 place :

Best Secure: Oyster Knife by Archer Kitchenware

Best Secure: Oyster Knife by Archer Kitchenware

This is another top-quality shucking knife that deserves your attention. It comes with a stainless steel blade, so maximum durability is guaranteed together with corrosion resistance. It is better not to sharpen the unit for safety purposes. The hand protection will take care of your hands and fingers if you are dealing with extremely strong mollusks. The handle is rather strong and elegant covered with a wooden finish. In addition, this product has a stylish design and comes in a gift box.

Q: Is this point of the knife curved upwards?

A: The blade is flat.

Q: Where is the knife made?

A: It is made in China. It is of the highest quality and it fits the hand better than any I have ever used. It is beautiful and I highly recommend it.

pros +

Stylish design Protects hands and fingers Top-quality stainless steel blade Elegant design Provides a proper security level Money-back guarantee

cons -

May be inconvenient for those who are not used for protection

Types Of Oyster Knives

Types Of Oyster Knives

Eating ostraceans is a seconds’ matter, but the whole opening process may take up to several hours. Mollusk’s mussels hold shell flaps firmly an, to convince them to open up, you need weighty arguments. For example, specially selected knives. As it turned out, such devices are classified according to the mollusk type. Let’s see what they are.


It is a large and heavy shucking knife, designed for very large mollusks.

New Heaven Oyster Knife

This one is a popular tool for medium size ostraceans. With such a blade the world record for ostracean discovery was set: 33 oysters in 60 seconds.

Boston and French

A Boston hucker tool, like previous two oyster knives, is named for oyster’s deposit. It comes with a pear-shaped or wedge-shaped blade. Its thin, but durable blade is especially convenient to open oysters from Massachusetts.

According to oyster knife reviews, Frenchman is made specifically for small mollusks. It has a short wide blade and a large, comfortable grip. With all differences in form, using principle is the same. With a sharp tip, you need to separate valves, turn the blade and voila! Your oyster is open. Carefully separate oyster meat from the upper flap with a knife, then eat from the lower flap.

Oyster Knives Buying Guide - What To Look At?

Now, when you know what the main types of oyster knives are, it is necessary to understand the main criteria for choosing such devices by reading oyster knife reviews.


The handle should be ergonomic especially if you are planning to shuck more than 10 mollusks. You should avoid models with an incorrect design. As a rule, the handle is thick and short. In this case, it will comfortably lie in your hand and won’t cause discomfort. Give preference to models with rubber or plastic handles as they easily withstand intense pressure. If the grip is sticky, you can damage yourself and won’t be able to shuck mollusks quickly. There are pretty good wooden options as well.


Remember that the blade shouldn’t be very sharp because it is used only for cutting the only muscle the mollusk has to close the shell. At the same time, an ideal blade should be durable if oysters are your favorite dish and you are planning to open them often.

One more thing to consider is the blade’s length. it should be at least 2.5-inch long. Moreover, the material also matters. For example, ferritic stainless steel models are the best as they are corrosion-resistant. The only disadvantage is their high price. Another recommended material is carbon steel. It turns to be much harder and provides exceptional resistance to corrosion.

Still, when we are talking about oyster knives, pay attention to models from well-known manufacturers.


Guard is another important detail, especially for beginners. This guarantees additional protection to hands but adds extra weight to the knife. If you are not a novice and want to save your time, then it would be better to choose models without the guard.

Best Oyster Knife In 2019. Final Advice

As you understand, in order to choose the best oyster knives, you need to take various factors into account. As we’ve reviewed different types of the best oyster knife, it is possible to state for sure that Melocean Oyster Shucking Knife Set of 2 is the best offer in our list. It comes with top-quality sharp blades to open any oyster quicker than ever before. They are made of German stainless steel and are 2.5-inch long. Wooden handles are ergonomic and comfortable to keep as they do not slip. The set comes in a stylish gift box and would serve as a great present for those who enjoy mollusks. If you also choose this model, you will understand at once that this choice is well-grounded.

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