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9 Best Neck Massagers to Ease Your Pain In 2019

Last Updated: 19 September 2019

Why you should trust us?

This article was created by Sindy Blare, our staff writer. To learn more about neck massagers, she spent roughly 70 hours researching dozens of massagers, and spoke to Helger Oomkes, CMT at the Heal Thyself & Company, to give Home Expert Reviews readers the best of the best list of the neck massagers.

When the neck is in a wrong position either while sleeping or staying awake, it affects the shoulders too, and you may experience discomfort in the back and body. To avoid this use a neck massager. However, such a device isn’t always easy to come by. And that is why we have reviewed and selected excellent neck back massagers to choose from.

Why Do You Need It?

Because of the unique qualities they possess that other types don’t while being offered at a good price. In this review, you will see the description to each model, their outstanding features, alongside their respective pros and cons in details.

What makes those the best neck massagers
Last, we will select the overall winner from the top 9 neck massagers; and you can enjoy pain relief and live a healthier life.

From the introduction above, one point to note is that such devices help to ease pain caused by mispositioning of the neck, back, shoulders, and body. Mispositioning of body parts is common with older people, and they need this the most. It is healthier to use than prescribed drugs for pain relief. Now, you know why you need a neck and shoulder massager, and below, we will compare the top rated products with the other neck massager reviews.

Find the right best neck and shoulder massager for you, below are the top 9 available on the market. Let’s delve into details now.

TOP 9 Best Neck Massagers Compared & Reviewed

1 place :

Best Overall: T-Lax Chiropractic Massage Tool Review

Best Overall: T-Lax Chiropractic Massage Tool Review

This is an advanced device that doesn’t require too much work; and within a few minutes, it has done its work in the body. Unlike other types, all you have to do is lie down and place it under the neck for 5 minutes. This is an alternative for massaging exercise that takes a longer time, and it is highly durable and effective; hence the best overall neck massager.

pros +

Short session time and fast speed Highly durable and effective Portable Solution to problems like insomnia and migraines 6 nodes 24-month-warranty

cons -

A bit pricey and requires proper maintenance Only 5 minutes of running time

2 place :

Best Nodes: Naipo Shiastu Review

Best Nodes: Naipo Shiastu Review

This is a Shiatsu unit with a U-shape that fits everyone’s body shape. It has one of the highest nodes number – 8 nodes for maximum performance against stress and fatigue. These nodes function just like a masseur or masseuse. And there is always an improvement in a user’s health after running time of 20 minutes. It also has flexible straps adjustable for pressure, and the model produces heat to ease the pain. The material is PU leather with 3D protective and breathable mesh. Dust-free cloth offers a better experience and keeps the dust away. It needs to be plugged in, so you have this cord of a decent length. If you need more length, you could always get an extension cord.

Q: Does this need to be plugged in to use or cordless use?

A: It needs to be plugged into a wall outlet or power outlet in your vehicle.

Q: What is the estimated lifetime of the battery and is the battery replaceable?

A: There is no battery. It needs to be plugged into an outlet.

Q: Is the heat adjustable? Or is it just On and Off.

A: Yes, it's just on and off.

pros +

Improves blood circulation 8 effective nodes Adjustable flexible straps Can be used for legs 12-months-warranty 20 minutes of running time

cons -

Highly robust in action Limited portability

3 place :

Portable: Zyllion Shiatsu Pillow

Portable: Zyllion Shiatsu Pillow

On Zyllion Shiatsu Massage pillow review, many customers testified to its portability, effectiveness and outstanding nodes – 4 deep-kneading rotatable nodes which are exactly what you need against sore muscles. It has a bi-directional action system producing an adequate amount of heat to affected areas. This makes it a good neck massage pillow. This best neck and shoulder massager runs for 20 minutes. There is an automatic shut-off mechanism, so when time elapses, it shuts off. You will experience pain relief and feel relaxed right away after the session.

Q: Can the massager be used without the heat?

A: Yes, heat can be turned on and off.

Q: Is this pretty much only for the neck, or can it be used for the lumbar back as well?

A: It can be used for the lumbar back as well.

Q: How often should I use the massager for my lower back every day?

A: 20-30 minutes should be enough.

pros +

4 outstanding nodes against sore muscles Portable and comfortable Bi-directional movement Automatic shut-off mechanism 20 minutes running time 24-month-warranty

cons -

Rigid and unsuitable around body curves 4 nodes

4 place :

Most Versatile: Nursal Shiatsu Review

Most Versatile: Nursal Shiatsu Review

Also, on Shiatsu Neck Massager reviews, Nursal is one that can be adjusted to any mode that will heal affected areas efficiently without side effects. Versatility is top-notch with 3 incredible speed modes, 8 action balls (4 large ones and 4 small ones) for applying pressure on the body. It has an automatic shut-off system after running for 15 minutes in a bi-directional and a hands-free mode without connecting to a power source.

pros +

Automatic shut-off system Portable and versatile 3 different speed modes Longest warranty period (24 months) Bi-directional 15 minutes of running time 8 nodes

cons -

May overheat

5 place :

Cool Design: Medcursor Shiatsu Kneading Review

Cool Design: Medcursor Shiatsu Kneading Review

Medcursor is the best Shiatsu Neck Massager because of its low price, light design, and efficacy on the body. It has 3 distinct speed modes, operates in a bi-directional way with considerations to 3 positions (high, mid and low) to remove all forms of discomfort from the body. Some discomforts it works on include a headache, back pain, tight muscles, and migraines. And there has been great feedback from customers who have tested and affirmed its efficiency. It can be the best Christmas gift for your loved ones.

pros +

Affordable and effective 8 different rollers/nodes Reduces pain and headaches Bi-directional 6 nodes

cons -

No warranty

6 place :

Best Budget: Viktor Jurgen Deep Tissue Handheld Review

Best Budget: Viktor Jurgen Deep Tissue Handheld Review

Handheld electric massagers are efficient because the user directs the tool to affected areas without compromising its quality. Viktor Jurgen is a hand-held tool that fits into this category with great performance when applied to muscles and tissues to relieve stress and tension. This pick deserves your attention. It offers infrared physiotherapy. The motor is powerful and provides up to 3,350 pulses per minute for deep relaxation. The product is FDA approved so Viktor Jurgen guarantees quality and safety. The long anti-slip handle and power cord (9.84ft) with streamline design add the comfort of use.

pros +

Very affordable price Reduces tension on tissues Can be directed easily to parts of the body Maximum performance overtime with speed control 15 minutes running time

cons -

Can’t be used on the go, as it needs to be plugged in

7 place :

Professional: Pure-Wave cm7 Extreme Cordless Percussion Review

Professional: Pure-Wave cm7 Extreme Cordless Percussion Review

With this lightest tool, you will get the Pure-Wave CM7 Extreme Cordless Percussion manipulator. It is a battery-powered hand-held device with the high-speed motor. It utilizes a micro-vibration therapy for effectiveness. With this electric device low blood circulation, pain, and muscle tension are corrected.

pros +

Utilizes a micro-vibration therapy Lightweight and easy to carry around Reduces muscle tension and alleviates pain Affordable 6 nodes 24-month-warranty

cons -

The battery will eventually run out Only 5-10 minutes of running time

8 place :

Excellent Mechanism: Homedics Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat

Excellent Mechanism: Homedics Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat

Many HoMedics Shiatsu Neck reviews show customers appreciate the product and its outstanding quality. The best neck and shoulder massager is one of a kind, and it is an ideal choice for several issues. This heated device is lightweight and portable. It comprises a 15-minute auto shut-off mechanism. Its Thera-P vibrator relieves tension in the neck and back, and you can use it in the airplane. It has a plush, soft cushion that covers the frame to ensure high comfort. Two convenient handles allow you to rest your hands. You can pull the device a bit to press the nodes to your neck. On top of that, there is a reverse feature that allows directing working nodes backwards with the touch of a button. There is an AC adaptor in the kit. This is the Best Neck Massager machine on the market regarding its affordable price and great features.

pros +

Outstanding quality The set includes other accessories Good running time Portable with cushioning 20 minutes running time Bi-directional 48-month-warranty

cons -

HoMedics neck massager requires high maintenance Only 4 nodes

9 place :

Top Value for Money: Gideon™ Neck and Shoulder Therapeutic Tool

Top Value for Money: Gideon™ Neck and Shoulder Therapeutic Tool

With this tool, there is a solution to fatigue, pain, and stress with the aid of its 2 silicone balls that reduces tension in affected areas. The simplicity and style are 2 features that make it a top choice alongside a waterproof body which totally makes it a good value for money. You can control the direction, pace, and intensity.

pros +

Waterproof body Reduces tension faster 2 silicone quality balls Simple and stylish

cons -

Requires a guide on how to use which is not available Only 2 nodes included

Types of Neck Massagers

Types of Neck Massagers

Classification Based on Positioning

From the neck massager reviews above, there are different devices regarding their speed modes, nodes or rollers, action type and running time. However, they classify based on positioning into two main types. These are hand-held and fixed massagers.

#1 Hand-Held

This is a tool that requires moving it around the body to places that need to be treated. Usually, the neck is the major problem zone. This machine eases pain and makes the user comfortable in little or no time. A good example of a hand-held device is Viktor Jurgen Hand-held Neck and Back Massager which is relatively cheap and great in performance. Here, you can control the duration of the session and pick the needed mode. These devices are corded or battery-operated.

#2 Fixed

This is the common type seen around with Shiatsu Neck Massager. Fix it across the neck and let it do its job. Within few minutes you will feel comfortable. They have different speed modes and the number of nodes. More nodes provide a deep relation and influence more pressure points on the body. Speeds vary from high to low and depend on the user’s preference.

Classification Based on Operation Mode

Another way of classifying is by their mode of operation: Electric Pulse devices, Percussion Neck tools, and Shiatsu Neck Massagers.

  • Electric pulse massager sends impulses to the body and so relieves the tension in muscles. Usually, such models are lightweight.
  • Percussion and Shiatsu devices use vibration and heat.

Neck Massager Buying Guide: What to Look At?

Neck Massager Buying Guide

In fact, many people would rather ask for recommendations from close friends before they choose. However, there is a new way to overcome such problems with selection. Before buying neck massager best to consider the following points:

#1 Massage Mode

If there is definitely one thing you should check, it is the massage mode which involves designated techniques to ease the pain. There are 3 basic modes known: Shiatsu, Kneading action and Vibration Therapy, which are effective and highly recommended by therapists. For instance, Shiatsu model works for strained muscles by rubbing against a pressure point, Kneading works for low blood circulation and tight muscles, and Vibration Therapy relaxes underlying muscles.

#2 Heat Therapy

Several people would love this therapy since all it does is producing heat which will warm up and relax muscles. There is a certain amount of heat produced per time, and it is usually effective because it enhances flexibility after consistent use.

Power Source

#3 Power Source

While people would prefer DC voltage, others will prefer batteries and both of them are good as long as the quality is in place. Although a device that uses DC voltage helps to save money, sometimes it cannot be used while battery-powered models can be used anytime but require spending some money on batteries. If you would go for a battery-powered unit, ensure it is definitely one that can last for a maximum of 3 hours and a minimum of 2 hours.

#4 Nodes

One quality of such a device is the number of nodes it has which ensures maximum performance when put to use. Mostly, these nodes range between 4 and 8 in number and can work on several parts of the body such as back, leg, shoulder, neck, etc.

#5 Convenience

You may have to use the device anytime and anywhere; hence, it must be convenient to carry around. However, there are 3 classes in which these neck and shoulder massagers from above fall into – non-convenient, less-convenient and most convenient.

#6 Versatility

There are neck and shoulder massagers that are good body massagers designed for all parts of the body. An example of a versatile massager is HoMedics, and it has the following options: Foot massage, Sports Therapy, Cushions, and Handhelds for all parts of the body.

#7 Size

There are large, medium and small-sized massagers, and the choice is left for customers to pick from; however, it must be effective.

Other additional things to consider when buying are the best neck and shoulder massager weight, hand pockets, battery life, and other parameters.

The Best Neck Massager in 2019. Final Advice

The Best Neck Massager in 2019

In the best neck and shoulder massager review, it is pertinent for us to pick out for customers a device with exceptional qualities, features, performance, and value for money. The overall best neck massager is T-LAX Chiropractic Massage tool because it operates in a different way from other choices with great speed and running time of 5 minutes. You can use it for various parts of the body. It requires slight movements before being put to use, and it is the best neck massager in 2019.

There is a manual guide with instructions on what to do and how to use this product. If you follow the manual properly, you will get the maximum effect from using massager best features. While going through customer reviews on the product, many people have used it in several ways, and it works for a long time without loss in quality. Other choices are also good regarding what they do, but we have selected T-Lax as the most superior tool.

Below are buying considerations when shopping online:

  • Massager with an effective but short running time?
  • Suitable for multi-purpose use?
  • Improvement in health over time?

After you must have bought the massaging tool, some benefits you will enjoy as a user include:

  • Health improvement
  • Strengthened muscles

Neck massagers are always easy to get but finding the best neck massager takes a while because we must consider all the factors above. To avoid stress, we created this review with important points and features to consider.

In conclusion, as people grow older, the massager is recommended to keep the balance and promote a healthy life. Also, ensure you go for the best model to avoid spending extra on body massaging tools with poor quality. Plus, we really hope the neck massager reviews were of real help to you!

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