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5 Best Leaf Vacuum Mulchers in 2019

Last Updated: 15 March 2019

A leaf vacuum mulcher is a much-needed device for a homeowner that lives in an area filled with trees that lose their leaves during autumn. This device vacuums the leaves and uses the internal blades to slice the leaves into smaller bits and pieces. If it already sounds like a device you absolutely need in your life, we’ve got you covered with the best leaf vacuum mulchers. Make sure not to confuse the best leaf vacuum mulchers with leaf blowers that have quite the opposite effect, blowing the leaves away to a different location.

Using the best leaf vacuum mulcher has several advantages over a leaf blower, it will take care of the leaves once and for all instead of just moving them for the wind to bring them on your lawn again. Also, the mulch that is produced after you use the best leaf vacuum mulcher can be used as fertilizer in your garden.

Top 5 Leaf Vacuum Mulchers Compared and Reviewed

1 place :


An electric leaf vacuum propelled by a motor (12-amp) that can take care of the fallen leaves on your lawn or driveway in no time. It is considered to be a commercial leaf mulcher and leaf blower, all in one with the possibility to switch between the functions. Considered by many to be the best leaf vacuum mulcher, it can easily collect leaves, twigs, pine needles and leave a clean lawn. The reduction ratio stands at 16:1 and is achieved through an impeller made out of metal that won’t ever clog. This is a mulcher that requires to be plugged in all the time but that’s not an inconvenience since it has a long power cord that will allow you to move freely. The total weight is 10.8 pounds and there is a speed adjustment in case you need to go slower in some portion in order not to damage the flowers or anything like that.

pros +

Strong impeller made out of metal that doesn’t clog Solid 12 AMP motor Top speed of up to 250 mph Dual speed adjustment Easily switch between vacuum or blower

cons -

It must be constantly plugged in to function, however, the long power cord and an extra extender can fix that in no time.

2 place :


The features on this leaf blower make it very appealing, however, does it have what it takes to be the best leaf vacuum mulcher? A lightweight electric leaf blower operated by a 7-AMP motor that offers two different speed settings, the Greenworks 24012 is quite a powerful blower for its size. It also comes with a Safety Cord Lock to avoid any disconnection of the cord and thanks to its ergonomic design, taking care of the leaves on your lawn is a piece of cake. It is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for its emission-free and eco-friendly features and it also comes with an EnergyStar approval.

Offering an air volume of 150 cfm, it is perfect for removing grass clippings or leaves from your lawn and driveway. Being light, you can spend hours cleaning your lawn without your hands getting tired which is an excellent feature as well.

pros +

Lightweight for easy transportation Comes with a 4-year warranty 2 speed settings

cons -

Some users reported overheating, however, that is natural when the motor runs for several hours in a row

3 place :


Built with a 12-amp engine that offers speed up to 250 mph, this is another good candidate for the best leaf vacuum mulcher. It can also switch to a leaf blower with the press of a button so versatility is guaranteed. Fitted with metal impellers, it will turn leaves into the fine mulch that you can use as fertilizer in your garden.

Another interesting feature offered by the leaf vacuum is the Shredz-All Shred ring, which is basically a device that works together with the impeller to minimize the leaves amount that are admitted into the mulcher. The collection bag is fitted with a zipper that makes it easy to remove the mulch and it comes with different tubes for hard-to-reach areas.

With a total weight of 8.9 pounds, it is light enough for an extensive leaf mulching operation without any shoulder or arm aches. This best leaf vacuum mulcher needs to be plugged in all the time but that can easily be solved with an additional cord.

pros +

Easy to empty collection bag Different tube attachments to make leaf collecting even easier 3 different actions – blower, mulcher, and vacuum Strong and sturdy 12-amp motor with speeds of up to 250 mph

cons -

The need for continuous electrical supply might be a bit annoying but it can be fixed with an extender

4 place :


The Tanaka leaf blower vacuum is a great model with an outstanding volume of 393 cfm. This feature alone makes it a good candidate for the best leaf vacuum mulcher and there’s much more to be said about it. You can decide to put it in cruise control and the soft elastomer handle makes it extremely easy to handle. If you are looking for the best leaf vacuum, then the Tanaka will amaze you with the electronic cruise control that allows you to just switch it on and keep a constant air intensity. The shredder blade is an additional feature, however, if you want an all-in-one powerful tool to take care of the leaves in your garden or driveway, you should opt for it.

pros +

A reliable, effective and solid device Versatility for smaller and larger yards The fan nozzle for extreme efficiency

cons -

A bit expensive, however, you’re paying for top quality and a multi-functional tool.

5 place :


An exceptional leaf blower vacuum mulcher developed by GreenWorks is an example of quality and durability while also being eco-friendly. It comes with a quiet motor that can be started with just a press of a button. A clear candidate for the best leaf vacuum mulcher title, the GreenWorks uses a brushless DigiPro motor that makes it a commercial grade vacuum mulcher. It can go up to 125 miles per hour which is not that much but considering that it’s a battery-run motor, you exclude the inconvenience of always having it plugged in so it’s a great device. The total air volume is 500 cfm and you can rely on the autonomy of 70 minutes with a full battery

pros +

Cordless leaf vacuum and mulcher It is extremely quiet High autonomy

cons -

The battery pack makes it quite heavy, however, for not having to keep it plugged in and trip on the cord all the time, it is worth an extra weight.

Types of Leaf Vacuum Mulchers

Gas Leaf Vacuum Mulcher

This type of the best leaf vacuum mulcher was the first type of leaf mulching vacuum and it provides a lot of power with the downside of being quite heavy. It is exceptional for large areas and it provides a lot of power that can’t be achieved with any electric mulcher. On the downside, the engine is quite difficult to start on cold days and it’s also quite nosy and emits CO2.

Electric Leaf Vacuum Mulcher

Best Leaf Vacuum Mulcher
If you opt for the electric version, you get a lot of noise reduction and no air pollution whatsoever. Also, most of the electric mulchers are extremely light, the wireless ones being the only ones that are a bit heavier because of the battery. The downside of a corded electric leaf vacuum mulcher comes from the fact that you need to have it plugged in all the time. This can mean a lot of effort making sure you have a cord extender around and making sure you’re not tripping on the wire. The battery-powered pull behind leaf vacuum types are extremely convenient in terms of mobility, however, you have the downside of a limited autonomy. If you have a relatively small yard, you won’t have any issues with battery time though.

The Best Leaf Vacuum Mulcher Features

Motor Specifications

One of the most important features of a leaf vacuum mulcher is the amount of power you get from the device. It can either be measured in amps for an electrical motor or in horsepower for a gas-powered vacuum. You need to opt for at least ten amps or 2 horsepower to make sure you get the job done.


When shopping for the best leaf vacuum mulcher, besides going through all the leaf blower vacuum mulcher reviews, make sure to check their speed as well. A certain speed can’t be really estimated; however, you want to make sure there are different speed settings you can opt for.

Reduction Ratio

The reduction ratio is also important because with a high reduction ratio, you will find it a lot easier to get rid of the leaves. The recommended reduction ratio you are looking for should be around 16:1.


In order to make sure the capacity of your leaf vacuum mulcher is okay, you need to know the size of your yard. If you have a big yard and a big amount of leaves, you need to make sure that you get a high-capacity vacuum.

Blade Quality

Another important feature, the blade quality can make a world of a difference in the best leaf vacuum mulcher. Even though you might pay a bit more for the highest blade quality, it will be worth it as it makes mulching a lot faster and it avoids clogging. Also, in the period when the vacuum is not used, a lower-quality blade has serious chances of getting damaged.


The best leaf vacuum mulchers are supposed to be light enough to be handheld without making you tired. The lightest mulchers are the electrical ones, however, if you want a lot of power, you can balance things and get a gas-powered mulcher with a shoulder strap to make operating a lot easier.


While most leaf vacuum mulchers can do a singular job, you may be interested in a tool that can perform multiple tasks at once. Other possible functions for the best leaf vacuum mulcher could be blowing or shredding.

Noise and Vibration

Review of Best Leaf Vacuum Mulcher
Obviously, nobody wants a vacuum mulcher that makes a lot of noise and vibrates in their hand so that it makes it impossible to take care of your lawn for longer periods of time. Even though the modern gas mulchers are a lot quieter compared to the first models, a battery-powered mulcher is still the way to go if you want things to be smooth and quiet. Vibrations are usually influenced by the amount of power a leaf vacuum mulcher has and even though modern systems try to limit vibrations as much as possible, it’s still very difficult to provide a lot of power and keep vibrations low.

Choosing the Best Leaf Vacuum Mulcher – Complete Buying Guide

Before jumping into the actual buying guide for the best leaf vacuum mulcher, let’s sum up the advantages of owning such a device. The leaves and other debris that fall from the trees in autumn can make your lawn look horrible and also kill your grass in the process. A leaf blower or vacuum mulcher helps you get rid of all that and even turn them into something positive. The shredded leaves can be turned into compost to fertilize the flower beds and the rest of the yard. Also, a gas powered leaf vacuum mulcher or an electric one saves you a lot of money instead of paying for the cleaning services every season that can be quite expensive.


All in all, we have considered everything that is of importance when buying a mulcher for leaves. The leaf blower vacuum mulcher reviews provide all the info you need to make the best decision. Of course, it’s not enough and you should also consult a buying guide that offers an explanation of the most crucial characteristics you need to look for in a mulcher. They include such things as speed, motor specifications, reduction ratio, weight, versatility, etc. Do not forget to measure your lawn or yard before making a choice as well. If you’re still not sure, the universal recommendation based on our reviews is WORX WG518 Electric Blower/Mulcher/Vac, a universal easy to use device with multiple operation modes and a sturdy construction that will last for years. Do not hesitate and get the best leaf vacuum mulcher for your yard today. You will have the best looking lawn at all times, guaranteed!

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