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10 Innerspring Mattresses For The Best Sleep in 2019

Last Updated: 18 September 2019

With advances in recent technology, the best innerspring mattress game has been forever changed because of upgrades in types of synthetic materials. But what use to be popular? Back before the shift into the new century, innerspring mattresses were the norm. You’d see them in almost any house, and even though they may not be as popular now, they still are a solid choice when it comes to purchasing a comfortable bedding for your home.

What Is An Innerspring Mattress?

What Is An Innerspring Mattress?

A big pad of rectangular shape that supports the body is known as mattress. You can use it as as a bed or on a bed frame. Mattresses may comprise a case from a heavy cloth and contain cotton, hair, rubber, straw, foam, and a steel springs frame. The case can be quilted. There are mattresses may be filled with water or air.

Modern spring mattress base is often called “innerspring”. Cores are made up of steel coil springs. Modern innerspring mattresses commonly comprise the top and bottom upholstery layers and the spring core. The core of the mattress supports the person’s body.

All products are covered with one or several upholstery layers that provide cushioning and comfort. Sometimes the core is known as support layer, and the upholstery – as the comfort layer. The upholstery layer comprises three parts: the quilt, the middle upholstery, and the insulator.

Today there are also so-called foam mattresses that use different petrochemical-based flexible polyurethane foams, latex rubber foams and memory foam of various density and weight. Manufacturers use polyurethane and visco-elastic foams. Some natural components are also added inside such models. Products that combine features of both kinds are called hybrid mattresses.

Why Do You Need Innerspring Mattress?

If you’re already sleeping on a bed that gives out over time, you may want to make the switch to an innerspring mattress. These products also provide your body with more support, which can be better for older folk or those who need comfortable sleep. Also, these units excel when it comes to durability. They are less likely to sink over time and hold their shape even if supporting a heavyweight.

TOP 10 Products Compared & Reviewed

1 place :

Best Rated Innerspring Mattress: Sunrising Bedding

Best Rated Innerspring Mattress: Sunrising Bedding

The first on our list is the Sunrising Bedding Innerspring Mattress. It is a 100% Natural Latex Mattress which prevents dust, mold, and mites. It copes well with temperature regulation. Made of Thailand’s rubber tree foam, it contains no toxins, bad odor or formaldehyde in its composition, and that is proved by the 633 federal fire test requirement. This model features a 2 mm hybrid separate coils which are much more supportive than others on the market, don’t sink or deformate. It has an 8-inch thickness, which means it’s firm. 496 coils are put in independent individual pockets to provide a localized bounce in separate zones.

The size of the mattress is a Twin, but there are also five other sizes available. Last, if you’re unsatisfied with the bed, there’s a 120 return trial and a 20-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Q: How much edge support is there?

A: It doesn't cave like foam but it's not rigid either.

Q: What kind of latex is it? Talalay or Dunlop?

A: We use Talalay latex in this hybrid mattress for more contouring feel and bounce.

Q: Does this mattress need to be flipped-rotated once in a while or no?

A: This mattress is single-sided. It can't and needn't be flipped. Usually, it only needs to be rotated every 3 months in its first year.

pros +

Simplistic design Very comfortable Advanced foam technology Hygienic materials repel mites, dust and mold 120-day money back guarantee

cons -

Easily stains

2 place :

Best Gel Infused Innerspring Mattress: Olee Sleep Hybrid

Best Gel Infused Innerspring Mattress: Olee Sleep Hybrid

The second Olee Sleep Hybrid includes the 10-inch version. This model features four different sizes, but the one we’re reviewing is the full sized. It comes with poly jacquard and hollow fiber which helps regulate the temperature of the bed and keep it ventilated. For appearance and comfort, it features a quilted top which blends in well and prevents the covers from slipping off. Its 7.5 inch Dura Spring Base promotes proper undisturbed sleep and back support. Every coil is pocketed to extra back comfort.

It features 1.5 inches memory foam that absorbs any joint pressure and distributes the body weight evenly. However, there is a 1-inch gel layer, which helps prevent heat build-up and is less sensitive than other foam. You get 10 years warranty on this item.

Q: How thick is the mattress top minus the coils?

A: About 10 to 12 inches.

Q: What's the difference between hybrid and memory foam?

A: Hybrid has memory foam and springs.

Q: Could this mattress flex well enough for an adjustable base?

A: It is pretty flexible, but with the inner coils it would bend the way you are hoping.

pros +

Gel-infused Good heat distribution Medium firm Non-slip texture

cons -

Only if you like memory foam, not as firm

3 place :

Best Medium Firmness: Olee Sleep Memory Foam

Best Medium Firmness: Olee Sleep Memory Foam

The third pick is the Olee Sleep Memory Foam. This model differs from others because it features a 13-inch thickness, which makes the bed less firm. However, this is perfect for those who don’t like ultra-firm options, as sometimes it can be too stiff and cause people to wake up during the night.

You can pick from 3 sizes – King, Queen, and Full. There are five different layers included in the product and the memory foam cover shapes to your body. The soft and durable Polyester Jacquard Fabric is machine washable. A benefit is that there is temperature control, which is useful for those who overeat. There is also gel infused memory foam which helps ease the pressure points and joints on your body. Last, it comes compressed and rolled in a tight seal for easy transportation and installation.

Q: Can the cover be washed?

A: It can be spot washed but the cover is not removable.

Q: Does this mattress work on a metal adjustable frame?

A: It needs to have support in the middle.

Q: Can I use a mattress heating pad with the gel? For the winter when it's cold.

A: Yes, you can use a heated mattress pad.

pros +

Very comfortable Polyester Jacquard is machine washable Affordable Temperature control Five layers

cons -

Medium firmness

4 place :

Best Innerspring Mattress for Back Pain: Zinus Performance Plus Mattress

Best Innerspring Mattress for Back Pain: Zinus Performance Plus Mattress

The next on our list is the Zinus Performance Plus. This features extra support for those who want to be comfortable during the night. The Zinus has a 1.5 inch top foam layer which helps the bed stay in shape and keep your body supported while you’re sleeping. The high-density foam ensures it will spring back to life. It features a 7.5-inch base which can keep the coils steady.

To help the credibility of the product, the foam is the highest quality CertiPUR-US which is known for providing high durability and high-performance foam. If there are any issues with the bed, the company provides a 10-year limited warranty, which is more than enough to cover any issues with the bed. The only concern we’ve discovered is that the foam may not be as firm as some want.

pros +

Supreme quality Durable Comfortable Breathable design Non-slip top pattern

cons -


5 place :

Best Firm: Classic Brands Advantage Hybrid

Best Firm: Classic Brands Advantage Hybrid

The next option on our list is the Classic Brands Advantage. It features an 8-inch thick innerspring mattress that is firm and is better for those looking for more support. This mattress comes in the size of a full, but there are other sizes available to you. As for the fabric, it’s a quilted knit optimized for keeping the covers on and edge support.

However, for the top layer, there is a top layer of foam which helps keep the mattress firm and provides extra support. The coils are much different and feature wrapped coils which move independently than others, so they give contours to your body. Last, the cushion is firm and features reinforced edges, which helps keep the shape and prevent any sinking.

pros +

Durable Extra support Edge support Multiple sizes available Quilted knit design

cons -

Too firm

6 place :

Without Memory Foam: Signature Sleep Contour Mattress

Without Memory Foam: Signature Sleep Contour Mattress

The next model on our list is the Signature Sleep Contour product. This bed comes in the size of a twin innerspring mattress, but there are also full, queen, and king sizes available. The price range isn’t too steep, which means it’s a good investment. However, the Contour model features only 8 inches of thickness, which may be too firm for some.

Another point that provides you with longer durability is that you can reverse the mattress which allows you to use it for years. A soft knit material is covering the springs, which is comfortable and allows air to flow. The coating made from CertiPUR-US certified foam includes none chemicals. Last, for the Signature Sleep Mattress reviews, the bed comes rolled and compressed, which means you must wait for it to puff up.

pros +

Fire retardant barrier Affordable Comes vacuum sealed 1 year limited warranty

cons -

Some coils lose their spring with time

7 place :

Anti-Bed Bug Innerspring Mattress: Rucas Queen

Anti-Bed Bug Innerspring Mattress: Rucas Queen

The Rucas comes in a Queen size, but you may find it in other sizes. The quality is amazing and features a 15-year guarantee, which is excellent for the price. As for the foam, it has CertiPUR-US and Oeko-Tex standard 100 certificates of quality and safety. The padding features a premium memory foam which helps keep your body supported and is durable. A foam layer is quilted in the soft, knit fabric mattress cover. The pocketed coil spring isn’t noisy like other models and allows you to sleep comfortably. As for the fabric, the Air-cool wave of the cover allows it to breathe. This prevents you from overheating during the night.

pros +

Beautiful wave design Anti-bug mattress Cool technology Long lasting 15-year warranty

cons -

Too heavy, so you need 2 people to unpack and install it

8 place :

Best Cheap Innerspring Mattress: Sleep Master Ultima® Comfort Mattress

Best Cheap Innerspring Mattress: Sleep Master Ultima® Comfort Mattress

Now we’ve come to the Sleep Master Ultima. This product comes in a Queen-size but includes the option for all other sizes. The thickness of the product is 8 inches. It has firm support and uses special pressurized comfort foam in combination with iCoil Pocketed Spring.

The foam is also CertiPUR-US certified which means you get a non-toxic and durable model. Last, the bed comes in a compressed roll shipped directly to your door, which is much easier than managing a full bed. If you’re unsure if you’ll like the product or there are any issues, there is a worry free 10 years warranty that covers everything.

pros +

Affordable 10-year warranty Comfortable Smart shipping

cons -

Molds in wet bedrooms if not reversed and ventilated regularly

9 place :

Best Twin Xl: Englander Finale

Best Twin Xl: Englander Finale

The Englander Finale is our next unique innerspring mattress. This one comes in the size of a twin XL but also includes the options for a full and a queen. The thickness of this bed is 10 inches, which is much more comfortable than other models. There’s a plush quilted cover which includes a three zone support which helps anyone who suffers from joint pain, motion disturbance, or pain during the night.

As for durability, the twin XL is very strong and can be used in a kids bedroom and will keep up with the wear and tear. However, what makes this stand out is that it doesn’t include any toxic chemicals and is fire resistant. The bed comes in a compressed box and is easy to ship. The only downside is that the mattress will need to wait up to 72 hours or more for the mattress to fully inflate.

pros +

High durability 1-year warranty Unique spring feature Two colors

cons -

Takes a while to inflate

10 place :

Best Quality: Simmons Beautysleep

Best Quality: Simmons Beautysleep

The Simmons BeautySleep is the last on our list and comes in the size of a queen innerspring mattress. If you need other sizes, not to fret as there are six sizing options. The mattress comes in 14 inches in thickness, which means it’s very comfortable and plush. Those who want more padding and comfort will enjoy this. However, the outside material is only made from fabric which isn’t that durable, which means it isn’t as durable as other materials.

The comfort factor is insane on this model because it features a foam coating which gives the surface a cold surface and allows you to sleep comfortably. Because of the cool technology, the bed does not heat and keeps the mattress from keeping body heat. Last, the durability of this bed is long and lasts for over five years. They offer five-year coverage, so if there are any issues, you can contact the company

pros +

Foam technology Stays cool during the night CertiPUR-US foam Five-year coverage

cons -

High price


Innerspring Mattresses For A Quality Sleep

There are different innerspring mattresses, and each provides various types of experiences. However, when you’re trying to find one that suits your needs, it can be a little tricky. The inner layer of the bedding provides you with support to your back and relieves the pressure on joints. In this section of the article, we will list the different coils types for the innerspring mattress reviews available on the market.

There are four main types of coils you will find in today’s market. They’re different in terms of firmness, durability, support, etc. In this section, we will describe several reviews and give you a better understanding of these products.

#Bonnell Coil

The first is the traditional coil used back the day. It’s usually cheaper and is the most common in terms of coils. The coils are crafted from tempered steel and form an hourglass shape which is thick, wired, and can withstand sinking or falling apart.

#Offset Coils

These products are crafted from tempered steel and also feature an hourglass shape. These types are also common, but they have better support for top and bottom coils. They, however, are not joined together, so while they have high durability, they may not be the best to be comfortable.

#Continuous Wire Coils

Another type is continuous that features a few different rows of longer wires of the standard round shape joined on both sides. These types of coils are very bouncy, but they cause noise. The stability is excellent, but you’ll find that the best benefit for these is the lifespan. Although, we recommend this coil for those who suffer from back pain or have spinal injuries.

#Pocket Coils

These coils are surrounded by cloth. These types are like other coils, but they aren’t that good at distributing weight. They may be affordable, but they also have a shorter lifespan.

Buying Guide – What to Look At?

Innerspring Mattresses Buying Guide

Now we’ve come to the most important part of the article, the buying guide. Before you head out to purchase your new mattress, it’s important to get the facts straight. A bad investment in a mattress means you’re stuck with it for years to come, which is why you want to know what features to look out for. Here’s a quick guide on what to consider.

Here are the following important factors you should pay attention to before you purchase the best innerspring mattress:

#Warranty & Lifespan

The most important factor you need to consider is the lifespan of the mattress and the warranty. The lifespan can help gauge how long the mattress will last while the warranty can cover any damage or issues. Always look for warranties that are longer than five years and lifespans too.


Next, the firmness is also a big consideration because it’s highly variable from person to person. Best innerspring mattresses come with firm coils which can be uncomfortable to sleep on. You’ll want to find mattresses that suit your sleeping needs. Check product descriptions to see how comfortable the mattress is. The thicker mattresses are less firm.

#Number of Coils

The last important factor is how many coils there are in the innerspring mattress. The average is usually 500-1,000, but you can also find ones that have more than 2,000 coils. The issue is, it doesn’t really improve the quality after it hits 2,000. However, staying in a range of 1,000 will keep the support and comfort level at a high.

Final Advice

As you can see, there are various innerspring mattresses available on the market. It’s important to find the best innerspring mattress because you’re stuck with the bed for the next ten years. Beds aren’t cheap either, so find a model that fits into your budget. Switching to innerspring mattresses best saves money in the long run. Innerspring mattresses include enhanced durability and stability, along with other factors. If you’re looking for the best support, they will help compared to other mattress types.

10 Innerspring Mattresses For The Best Sleep in 2019

However, carefully consider what type of mattress you get because you can’t go back on your purchase if it doesn’t work out a few months down the line. First off, a warranty is the most important factor because if the bed malfunctions or spring breaks loose, you’ll be able to get a replacement. Second, the lifespan is very important. If you want to have a bed that lasts, make sure the lifespan is listed on the product description. Next, consider factors such as how firm the product is, how comfortable it is, and then how many coils are included in the total. The best bedding will have a combination of all those features we’ve listed in our buying guide. Always remember that the best innerspring mattress for you may be different for another person. Sleep is highly personalized, so while one mattress may be good for one person, another may seem too stiff or not too firm. However, we can still recommend one as the best innerspring mattress. It is SunRising Bedding Innerspring Mattress that features an affordable price, hygienic materials, and a 120-day trial. These combined with the simplistic design, advanced foam, and suitable thickness will make it the best buying decision.

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