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Enjoy Hot Summer with 10 Best Ice Tea Makers In 2019

Last Updated: 18 September 2019

It is not a secret that tea is known to everyone and obtains great popularity worldwide. Useful, tasty, satisfying thirst in the heat and warming in the cold, wonderfully fragrant beverage is a truly magical drink! There are many varieties of this drink and hundreds of ways to prepare it. In any case, the taste's fullness and its aroma depend on the dish used for brewing. Only the best ice tea maker can make an excellent unique drink.

A teapot always feels hot with joy, but some like it cooler. For them, an iced teapot was invented: after brewing, it is put on a special container with ice or just in the fridge, and the fragrant drink cools almost instantly.

Recently, cold brew started to gain popularity rapidly. And all thanks to the fact that it saturates the body with a perfect taste of a refreshing drink. It helps to cope with heat and almost does not get bitter.

Ice Tea Maker FAQs

Ice Tea Maker

Although you may think that making tea is a rather simple process that does not require any knowledge, there are still some questions that would be of great interest to everyone.

How To Make Iced Tea?

You can get the best refreshing beverage only with aromatic leaves and fruit. To make it, you’ll need a tea iced maker, tea, fruit, and water. It would be nice to put several cubes of ice into the drink or to hide it in the fridge till morning. That is the main advice on how to make the best ice tea.

Is It Healthy To Drink Iced Tea?

Not sweet iced tea won’t cause health problems, but too much of it may cause kidney failure. This beverage is always great for perfect health as it lowers cancer risk, is perfect for a weight loss. Still, it is undesirable to abuse.

10 Best Ice Tea Makers Reviewed And Compared

1 place :

Our Pick: Takeya Flash Chill Review

Our Pick: Takeya Flash Chill Review

With Takeya Flash Chill ice maker you can cook a fantastic beverage at home. It is enough to pour fragrant leaves into the central flask, pour the entire container with water, wait a bit, then remove the flask and put the pot to cool. What is important, this brewer is reliably protected from leaks and preserves the aroma for a long time. The volume allows to make up to 4 cups.

Q: Does this hold 64 ounces WITH the infuser in it? Does it truly hold 64 ounces of tea? It seems the infuser takes up about 1/2 the volume.

A: The infuser does take some space but once you fill with ice you'll get full 2 liters.

Q: Will this also work with tea bags? I like the Pure Leaf iced tea bags.

A: Yes, it will work with tea bags.

Q: Does the pitcher absorb smells permanently from its contents--eg, fruity blends?

A: No, it doesn't absorb any smells!

pros +

Strong BPA-free plastic Flash Chill technology Excellent design For 4 cups Top-quality filter Easy to clean

cons -

Can leak in some cases

2 place :

Scratch-Resistant: The Republic Of Tea Double Infusion Pitcher

Scratch-Resistant: The Republic Of Tea Double Infusion Pitcher

The model from Republic of Tea allows enjoying a fantastic flavor of the iced drink. It serves as a real helper in the kitchen. Thanks to this unit, you can make several gourmet drinks. It is among the top-rated iced tea makers and will also serve as an excellent present. The pot is developed of Tritan BPA-free plastic and you can use it outside the house thanks to its scratch resistance.

The product has 3 specific pitcher inserts. They are good enough to store tea bags, leaves or even herbs and fruit to make a unique and tasty drink. Additionally, this brewer is easy in use and dishwasher friendly.

Q: There's only one image, does the pitcher come with the 3 inserts, 1 for steeping loose leaf teas and herbs, 1 for infusing and 1 for chilling the tea?

A: Yes, this pitcher comes with 3 inserts. One to chill, one to steep, and one to fruit infuse.

Q: Does the lid actually come apart from the body for cleaning? Or is it all 1 piece? Is anyone actually able to put this in the dishwasher?

A: Yes, it comes apart. The black handle and spout screw off for cleaning. As for the dishwasher, the top rack could work for the top but the pitcher is too tall for some of them.

Q: How many ounces of tea or water does this hold?

A: A bit over two quarts.

pros +

Scratch-resistant BPA-free plastic Dishwasher safe 3 various pitcher inserts For multiple drinks Affordable price

cons -

Can’t stand boiling water

3 place :

Affordable Price: Cawabon Cold Brew Review

Affordable Price: Cawabon Cold Brew Review

Cawabon Cold Brew Iced Tea and Coffee Maker is an ideal solution for people who like a smooth and strong refreshing drink. It allows making a drink without fatty acids. Thanks to its affordable price, it becomes possible to drink cold tea at home even on a daily basis. It serves as an alternative to the expensive models. The flask quality is great. This device is made from BPA-free plastic. It also contains a fruit infuser and a special filter for coffee. In addition, it is sold together with 2 silicone coasters and can serve as the best idea for a present.

Q: What are the product dimensions (height including lid, and diameter at base)? Trying to figure out if this will fit in my fridge...

A: 7 7/8ths inches tall (with the lid), and 4 5/8ths inches in diameter at the base.

Q: Are all components dishwasher safe?

A: All of the components are dishwasher safe. For the filter, we recommend rinsing it thoroughly before putting it on the top shelf of the dishwasher.

Q: Does this work with coffee grounds that are not coarse?

A: Yes, but you may want to run the finished product through a coffee filter as there will be sediment present. Or just let it settle and don't drink the last few sips of your brew!

pros +

Perfect size of 37 oz Excellent design and materials Non-slip grip Perfect for iced coffee and tea Great versatility Good price

cons -

Silicon top doesn’t seal very tightly

4 place :

Stylish Design: Airtight Cold Brew Review

Stylish Design: Airtight Cold Brew Review

Airtight Cold Brew Iced Tea and Coffee Maker has one of the most stylish designs that will add a specific highlight to your kitchen. It allows making a refreshing or calming drink with herbs or even tea bags that should be put inside the infuser. It serves not only as a tea maker but also as an iced coffee maker. The flask is developed of thick BPA-free borosilicate glass. It is able to keep all the flavor up to 2 weeks and won’t catch any odors from the fridge. This pot will fit a small company of 4 people.

pros +

Fantastic stylish design Easy in use Leak-proof lid Good for coffee, tea, and lemonade Dishwasher-safe

cons -


5 place :

For Large Companies: Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker Review

For Large Companies: Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker Review

Mr. Coffee Iced Tea and Coffee Maker is the best model for cold tea with a simple slick design. It has a large 3-quarter capacity, so it is an ideal variant for the family or even for a company. This device is dishwasher-safe, so it is easy to clean. Automatic shut-off feature is another plus of this amazing iced pot. It is an electric appliance that will prepare a true cold drink in 10 minutes. This brewing machine also allows setting up the drink's strength.

pros +

Perfect for tea in leaves and in bags Excellent large capacity Dishwasher-safe Automatic shut-off feature Excellent price

cons -

Is not a compatible variant

6 place :

Excellent Price/Quality Ratio: Mr. Coffee Tm1 Review

Excellent Price/Quality Ratio: Mr. Coffee Tm1 Review

Based on Mr Coffee iced tea maker reviews, these devices are a perfect choice for home. All that you need to do is to choose a drink you are going to make, add the ingredients and water. Mr. Coffee TM1 2-Quart Iced Maker has the same features as the previous one but is 00.5-quarter smaller and cheaper in price. It occupies less space in the kitchen, and the jug can easily find its place in the fridge. This best buy iced tea maker shuts up automatically after the drink is ready. You can add large ice cubes to the pitcher. In addition, a recipe book comes with this model.

pros +

Nice 2-quarter capacity A removable brew basket Auto shut-off feature Includes recipes Is a dishwasher-safe

cons -

Can’t make a strong brew

7 place :

Best Electric: Hamilton Beach 40911 Review

Best Electric: Hamilton Beach 40911 Review

Hamilton Beach 40911 Electric Iced Tea Maker will be a perfect choice for families who enjoy summer picnics. It makes a nice-smelling and tasty beverage within less than 10 minutes. You just need to fill the pitcher with ice cubes, put the leaves or bags into a special filter and make the adjustments as for the drink's strength. It can be mild, medium or strong. Add water to the heated unit, and press the power button. When brewing is complete, the product will shut off automatically. That is it! Thanks to its slim design, it will not crowd your countertop or fridge.

pros +

Nice 2-oz capacity 3 variants for the drink's strength Comfortable handle Top-quality design Automatic shut-off Easily fits the fridge

cons -

Can’t be used in a dishwasher

8 place :

Compact Design: West Bend 68305t Review

Compact Design: West Bend 68305t Review

West Bend 68305T Iced Tea Maker is another excellent product to make a great cold drink on the hot summer days. You can easily start your morning with a fresh beverage of a perfect strength. Among the unique features, there is a light indicator for the “On” button, timed brewing and steeping settings. The chamber is easy-removable and can be stored in the fridge. Bright light green color will add more freshness in the morning. The design is thin and tall; it means that this device won’t need a lot of space on the counter. It handles all brew sorts, so you will definitely have a chance to get what you want. It is simple and very durable.

pros +

Removable sweetener Dishwasher-safe Nice 2.75-oz capacity Automatic shut-off feature Top-notch design Durable and versatile

cons -

Lid is mediocre

9 place :

Best 2-In-1: Mr. Coffee Brewing System Review

Best 2-In-1: Mr. Coffee Brewing System Review

Mr. Coffee 2-in-1 is another best electric iced tea maker that deserves special attention. This gadget has a stylish black design and perfect functionality. This machine always informs you when it is ready to start working and automatically shuts-off when your drink is ready. The filter basket is rather simple in use and cleaning. It allows setting up the strength of your beverage up to your personal taste. In addition, it is designed of top-quality durable BPA-free plastic, so won’t cause any harm to your health. You can buy it with 20 delicious recipes.

pros +

Can be used for coffee as well Large 2.5-oz capacity Top-quality plastic Dishwasher-safe Includes 20 recipes

cons -

A thin glass of the pitcher requires special attention and care

10 place :

Jug With Filter: Bodum Ceylon Ice Tea Review

Jug With Filter: Bodum Ceylon Ice Tea Review

Bodum Ceylon Ice Tea Jug offers you brew and drink in one container. With it, you can brew up to 1.5 liters of cool and relaxing iced drink. The device comes with a removable strainer, an ice catcher and a well-balanced handle. You can use it for preparing delicious sangria. To prepare an excellent cold drink, you will need the tea leaves for the filter and hot water to pour over them. Add a cold liquid. The device is dishwasher safe.

pros +

Excellent design Large 3-oz capacity User-friendly and easy to use Allows adding fresh fruit inside the jug Dishwasher-safe

cons -

Is not good for loose leaves

Types Of Ice Tea Maker

Best iced teapots are made from different materials. Capacity, durability, service life, the taste of drink depends on this. Each person decides which product to choose. There are 2 main types available at the market.


Glass teapots have become popular. The main condition is that the glass must be heat resistant. The advantages of this type are:

  • neutral design of products, the devices look good in any kitchen interior;
  • environmental safety material;
  • glass does not emit toxic substances when heated;
  • you can see the color of your drink.

Nevertheless, users note that it is difficult to wash this material.


Plastic is a practical and inexpensive material. Among the advantages worth noting is the affordability, ease of care and low cost. The cons are much more numerous:

  • tea can get some taste and odor;
  • a plastic vessel cannot be set on fire;
  • material cannot be called durable;
  • There are scratches, notches on the dishes.

Ice Tea Maker Buying Guide – What To Look At?

Review of Best Ice Tea Maker

Before you buy the best ice tea maker, it is necessary to understand how to make the right choice. For this, you’ll need to pay attention to the following criteria:


First of all, you need to check how much spare space you have in the kitchen. It is the appliance that should be on the counter, so it shouldn’t take a lot of space and should be easily portable to the fridge when needed.

Also, if you need an iced tea maker for the whole family, think over the products of 3-ounce capacity. They will allow preparing 4 cups at once.


It should be easy in use, but still, it should have all the functions you need. It is possible to find products that take a lot of time to set up, but they cost a lot of money. Choose the device that will allow you to make the drinks you like.

Specifics Of Cleaning

It would be nice to choose the units that are dishwasher safe. So, it will save you a lot of time. If it can’t be used in a dishwasher, make sure you will easily clean it by hand.


The price is also the thing that matters. Usually, top-quality products cost a lot of money. If your budget is not limited, and you can afford such a purchase – no problem. But when you are not planning to spend more, choose a variant that is less expensive.

The Best Ice Tea Maker in 2019.Final Advice

Now, when you know all the basic characteristics of this product, it is possible to make the right choice. Based on our research, Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker is the winner among nine other products. Takeya flash chill iced tea maker reviews proved that it uses a patented Flash Chill technology and is made of top-quality plastic that is not harmful to health. It can be used to prepare 4 cups at once. Among the other benefits are the ability to clean it easily and nice design. Product owners report that they are happy with the device and its features. It is cheap and really is the best ice tea maker in 2019.

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