7 Best Hygrometers in 2019

Last Updated: 15 March 2019

Few people are aware of the existence of such a device as the best hygrometer. And, of course, not everyone knows the benefits that can be gained in its application. First of all, it is health, which depends on living conditions and a comfortable microclimate. These are not only indicators of temperature and air pollution, but also humidity parameters. Deviations from the optimal values ​​can contribute to the occurrence of serious diseases. This is the main reason why every house or apartment should have the best hygrometer, which will create ideal conditions for living of all family members.

Manufacturers have released a variety of hygrometer for sale models on the market, both in function and cost. You can buy a completely budget analog hygrometer, or choose a digital thermo hygrometer with additional features. We offer 7 hygrometer reviews of the most popular models.

Best Hygrometers FAQ

What is Best Hygrometer?

The term best hygrometer can be applied to devices of various designs, measuring the humidity in a room or outdoors. Today, best hygrometer, which can measure the temperature outside the window (using a remote sensor), inside the room, as well as the humidity in the apartment, is popular in houses and apartments. The price of an indoor hygrometer is low, which makes it accessible to all segments of the population.

Modern thermo hygrometer is additionally equipped with:

  • a thermometer;
  • an indicator of change of parameters;
  • a display with date, time and atmospheric pressure.

Why do you Desperately Need the best hygrometer?

Air drying can be determined by its physical state, and waterlogging - by tactile sensations. With excessive humidity in the house, there will be discomfort when the sheets and blankets touch the body. If the humidity is insufficient, dryness in the nose and throat, frequent headaches, fatigue and a feeling of “sand” in the eyes are felt. A direct indicator for the necessity of buying the best hygrometer for home is the presence of children - for a fragile children's organism, the lack of moisture is more sensitive than for adults. Frequent outbreaks of viral diseases in the family are also a reason to think about buying a digital hygrometer.

TOP 7 Best Hygrometers Compared and Reviewed

1 place :
Best Overall: Temp Stick WiFi Termo-Hygrometer

Best Overall: Temp Stick WiFi Termo-Hygrometer

The Temp Stick Wireless thermo-hygrometer is a smart device to help you keep track of the sensitive weather conditions like humidity and the current temperature. One of the coolest thing you get from the Temp Stick is the remote control that will warn you when the temperatures skip a predetermined value. This hygrometer will supervise the weather conditions day and week, and inform you when its power is low. It sends data obtained and is compatible with PCs, Android and iOS. Overall, the Temp Stick Wireless

pros +

Monitor temperature and humidity remotely; Sends text and email alerts; Connects directly to Wi-Fi network; Accurately monitors conditions 24/7; Data logging with unlimited history.

cons -

No temperature or humidity display on the sensor.

2 place :
Best with a Specially Designed App: SensorPush Wireless Termo-Hygrometer

Best with a Specially Designed App: SensorPush Wireless Termo-Hygrometer

The SensorPush Wireless Thermometer/Hygrometer is a smart device to easily monitor your temperature and humidity levels via your smartphone and the small and attractive sensor. This device offers you an extremely high-end experience, allowing you to use an app that has been specially designed to be straightforward and easy to use, while maintaining high aesthetic appeal. With it, you will experience a streamlined and effective way to monitor your space's climate.

pros +

Pairs with your iOS or Android device; Sensors are compact and easy to set up; Easily keep track of the climate in your home or office; 325 foot range.

cons -


3 place :
Best Selling: Cigar Oasis Caliber IV Hygrometer

Best Selling: Cigar Oasis Caliber IV Hygrometer

Caliber IV Digital Hygrometer has a large screen to display the humidity and temperature. Thanks to its ZX circuit technology, you will not have any problems with reading and you will be able to find in the device’s memory the records as to high and low humidity occurred. The design of the device is slim and you can choose whether to use Fahrenheit or Celsius.

pros +

User Calibratable with an easy procedure; 10 seconds of updating time; Measures humidity and temperature; additional protection against fluctuations in humidity or temperature.

cons -

No remote control

4 place :
Best Indoor: AcuRite Indoor Termo-Hygrometer

Best Indoor: AcuRite Indoor Termo-Hygrometer

The AcuRite hygrometer will let you know your inside atmosphere whether it’s your home, office, baby’s room, warehouse, spa, or greenhouse. It is wireless using 2 AAA alkaline batteries. Information on the digital screen is accurate measuring the humidity and temperature of indoor air. You can count on the professional accuracy with its manual calibration option that people like to have. The display shows you the lows and highs for the last 24 hours and for all time. The conditions are monitored every 10 seconds and you can sit the unit on top of a table, mount to the wall, or attach to metal using its magnet on the back.

pros +

Manual calibration option; Low battery indicator; Tabletop, wall or magnet-mountable design; Limited one year warranty.

cons -

Less functionality for the price.

5 place :
Best Compact: Ambient Wireless Thermo-Hygrometer

Best Compact: Ambient Wireless Thermo-Hygrometer

Ambient Weather WS-04 has one external sensor for measuring the temperature outside and in the room. These compact gizmos can be hung in different places of the house: they will display on the miniature display data on the temperature level inside and outside. This way, all family members will be able to find out about the weather, each in their own room. Developers write that the external sensor is protected from moisture. All elements of the device are powered by two AAA batteries. The average signal transmission distance is 120 feet. If you have a large house or object, you can purchase several units of the goods. One remote control will “read data” from one transmitter on one side of the house, and the second remote will be able to “read” from the second transmitter. This gadget was especially appreciated by motorists.

pros +

Can measure multiple temperature and humidity levels indoors and outdoors; An excellent choice for large homes with many rooms; Audio and visual alarms to indicate when a temperature/humidity level has been reached. Compact design.

cons -

Signal does not pass through the ground and solid metal; Cheap plastic and a display can easily be scratched

6 place :
Best Modern Digital Technology: Cigar Oasis Caliber 4R Gold Hygrometer

Best Modern Digital Technology: Cigar Oasis Caliber 4R Gold Hygrometer

This is a very accurate hygrometer for cigar humidors with a low deviance between units. The gauge reacts quickly to change humidity values. Cigar Oasis Caliber 4R Hygrometer Gold is the true digital hygrometer with all the features of the Caliber line including user calibration in a sleek round design. The hygrometer includes humidity and temperature reading, Fahrenheit/Celsius readings, three day high/low and averages for humidity & temperature, all in a sleek gold trimming. According to the cigar hygrometer reviews, this device measures every 10 seconds.

pros +

Secure magnet mount; Color LCD display; Fahrenheit/ Celsius display; Maximum and minimum recordings; Brass finish.

cons -

No remote control.

7 place :
Best Calibrated: Extech Humidity Meter

Best Calibrated: Extech Humidity Meter

Extech humidity alert meter can be used for temperature, humidity and dew point displaying. There is a pre-set alarm that will warn you if the humidity level is out of the norm. The meter can record the minimum and maximum levels of humidity and dew point. The device is also equipped with a sensor probe that can be used for measuring temperature and humidity in air-condition vents or other remote areas. This meter can be perfect for any use if you need to monitor humidity level.

pros +

Able to measure readings in remote areas; Simple to read and use; High accuracy hygrometer ISO and national standards for product accuracy; Very accurate; With a sensor probe.

cons -

No wireless sensors; Price.

Types of Best Hygrometer

Mankind has been able to measure humidity for more than two centuries. With the development of science and technology, new versions of best hygrometer devices appeared. Today, all hygrometers can be divided into the following types.

  1. Electrical Hygrometers
  2. Indoor hygrometer quickly measures the humidity in the room. The basis of such a device is the measurement of the constantly changing resistance of the ambient air. The layer of chloride-lithium electrolyte deposited on the plate is supplied with a low voltage from the batteries. The electrical characteristics of this sensor built into the console are constantly changing under the influence of moisture vapor in the air and fixed.

  3. Psychrometers
  4. The psychrometer in Greek means “cold measurement”. This is the main answer to the question of what measures the hygrometer. In other words, it can be used to measure the temperature and humidity of the air. Its principle of operation is based on changing the physical properties of a fluid. During this process, water evaporates. It loses energy, therefore, the temperature drops. Such a decrease is recorded with a wetted thermometer. Before using a psychrometer, you need to know that the evaporated liquid is near the psychrometer, therefore, this affects its indications.

    Its main difference from a hygrometer is in principle of operation, whose work is based on changes in the physical and chemical properties of substances when air humidity fluctuates.

  5. Dew Point Hygrometers
  6. Inside the device there is a metal mirror, which condenses moisture from the injected air under pressure. The device measures its weight and determines the level of humidity.

  7. Mechanical Hygrometers

To measure the humidity in a room, many opt for a mechanical model. It is easy to operate, its price is less than that of a digital one. However, its data may have an error. The simplest devices are not certified and do not pass verification in meteorological services. Therefore, in this case it is impossible to talk about the accuracy of the measurement. The place of their location is important for mechanical hygrometers. Most often, wall models are offered, which does not always fit into the interior.

#Electrolytic Hygrometers

These devices belong to the level of laboratory equipment. The have high measurement accuracy. The principle of operation is to change the concentration of the electrolyte deposited on the control plate.

#Capacitive Hygrometers

Sensitive sensor is a capacitor of several layers of ceramics and polymers. Typically, such devices are used to measure moisture in bulk building materials and substances. But some devices have the additional function of measuring relative humidity.

#Hair Hygrometers

With such a device, relative humidity is determined within 30% … 100%. The principle of operation is based on the properties of a non-fat human hair to change length, depending on the humidity of the air in the room. Modern devices often use polymer threads with the same properties.

#Weight (Absolute) Hygrometers

This is one of the most accurate analog devices that determines the amount of water vapor in the air in g / m3. The design consists of several U-shaped tubes filled with hygroscopic chemicals that absorb moisture from the air .

Best Hygrometer Buying Guide — What to Look at?

Today a large range of best hygrometer 2019 models is on the market of measuring instruments. They all differ in appearance, function, purpose and, of course, in price. The cost of hygrometer for sale devices that are similar at first glance may vary significantly. To buy too expensive and multifunctional unit for home use is also not efficient, as well as saving on the best hygrometer for the laboratory. So what are the parameters to choose best hygrometer 2019, and what to take into account?

There is a number of initial parameters that must be determined before buying the best hygrometer.


Before acquiring the most accurate hygrometer, it is necessary to determine the conditions under which it will be used – its basic parameters depend on it. With the wrong choice, you can quickly bring the device into disrepair or steadily get erroneous indicators that do not allow you to create the desired level of comfort of the dwelling.

When choosing hygrometers to measure the humidity of the air, look for models with a temperature meter – this will allow you to find the dew point easily. If the hygrometer is designed for home or office, it is desirable to place it on a stand from a kit or on a wall so that it is always visible.

#Home Use

It is unlikely that the utilitarian look of a psychrometric meter will decorate the interior of a luxurious living room. Digital devices are offered in a wide range, so choosing the best option will not cause difficulties. Even relatively inexpensive products of this category are capable of performing several useful functions. The room hygrometer displays the temperature besides the humidity level. Consideration should be given to the advantages of equipping with additional outdoor sensors. In practice, it may be useful to store measurement results in memory, or other additional features.

#Cigar Humidors

If you are a cigar lover, you need a humidor hygrometer to make sure you keep your cigars at the correct humidity. A cigar humidor is a storage box for smoking products. Its main task is to maintain an ideal microclimate, which is based on the optimal humidity of 68%-72%. They are made of wood, mainly Spanish cedar or walnut. It is these varieties that are famous for their ability to absorb and release moisture, and also have no sharp smell, interrupting the aroma of tobacco. But not all cigar humidors are equipped with the digital cigar hygrometer, only the more expensive have a cigar hygrometer. That’s why you need to worry of buying an independent digital hygrometer for humidor. Be sure to choose the best hygrometer for humidor that fits its size.

#Instrument Cases

If you are the owner of some musical instruments, it is very important to protect it from damaging. That’s why it’s recommended to keep them in special instrument cases. But to store them properly, you need to care about the proper humidity of the case they are stored in. So you need to place a humidity monitor inside the case.


Hygrometers are also used to measure the level of humidity in a terrarium. The hygrometer is glued to the wall of the terrarium from the inside. It can track the change in humidity. If the humidity level is lower than necessary for this type of reptile, put a bathing unit in the terrarium and / or spray the ground with water.

Terrarium hygrometers can be conventional round or electronic with sensors. Also, there are thermo-hygrometers for sale models that measure temperature and humidity.


Not only people, but also plants want to breathe easily. Place a hygrometer into a greenhouse and the seedlings will not be frostbitten, and mold fungi will not deprive the long-awaited harvest. For plants growing in a greenhouse, it is very important to create the right conditions. Humidity, like soil, affects the yield of plants. The ideal level of air humidity is 50-60%, of the soil – 65-85% (depending on the plants).


Budget devices and devices of the middle class can make mistakes in the performance of up to 5-10%. For more accurate devices, the permissible error is 1-3%. At the same time, the measurement accuracy drops significantly when approaching the boundary values ​​of 10% and 95%. Furthermore, the accuracy of the hygrometer depends on the following characteristics:

Range of measurements. For most models of household hygrometers it is 20% … 80%, despite the fact that the scale indicates from 0 to 100%. If the real value of room humidity falls outside this range, then the measurement accuracy deteriorates significantly. More accurate electronic devices measure indicators in the lower limit of 6-15%, for industrial devices this indicator is 2-5%, the upper limit in both cases is 95-100%.

Measurement frequency (relevant for electronic devices). For household hygrometers the value of 10-30 seconds is quite valid. The price of room hygrometers performing measurements at the level of industrial models of 0.5-1 sec. is unreasonably high, since for everyday use such frequency and accuracy is unnecessary.

Additional functionality. Most devices for domestic use are designed as multifunctional devices that can provide data on temperature, time pressure. Some models receive information from external sources. In this case, remote sensors can be installed both in other rooms and outdoors. The most advanced wifi hygrometer models are synchronized with a PC or smartphones and transmit the collected data to them for statistics or control of heating and humidifying devices.

#Power Source and Battery Life

An important factor to consider is whether the hygrometer works from a power source or from a batter. In the latter case, pay attention to the time of its operation.

#Remote Monitoring and Alerts

This is one of the beneficial features, as it gives you a possibility to monitor the device via some app and get information in time. You only need to enter some pre-set limits of the humidity in the house.

#Additional Sensor Support

In case you would like to control humidity not only in one room, you should find out whether the device has a possibility of connecting additional sensors to one system for this aim.

#User Interface

This is a pure user factor. It takes into account additional functions such as memorizing values, as well as the presence of light for working in a dark room.

#Data Logging

Think if you need to store the history of the measurements. If you like to check the figures of the past dates, then this criterion is important for you. Some hygrometers store only limited amount of data, others do not.

#NIST Certification

If you require a hygrometer with precise measurement to satisfy ISO and other regulatory body requirements, you need the one with a NIST certification. This is mainly important for industrial devices.


Remember, well-known manufacturers include mark-up for the brand in the price, although there are models of little-known companies that are not inferior in quality to brand hygrometers. Also, consider the number of features the device is equipped with. The more of them it has, the higher the price will be.

The Best Hygrometer. Final Advice

In order to get the maximum benefit from the best hygrometer, it is necessary to know how the hygrometer works, what measurements will be made with its help, and decide on the conditions of its operation before choosing the best hygrometer. In addition, the external data of the best hygrometer play an important role. In this regard, the best hygrometer in our list is Temp Stick WiFi Termo-Hygrometer with Alarm and Remote Probe, as it possesses all the necessary features and it is ideal for any application where humidity levels need to be monitored.

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