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8 Best Heated Socks for Winter Activities in 2019

Last Updated: 01 November 2019

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This article prepared by Home Expert Reviews stuff writer Kate Olmenson. For this article, she revised our picks and dismissals, expanded our search for best heated socks, and spent more than 23 hours testing the stuff. Additionally, she interviewed Phillip Stinis, professional hiker, and asked for an evaluation of our top-picks.

Best Heated Socks for Winter Activities

Being cold is normal, especially when the temperature drops, and we head into either rainy or snowy seasons. You may just be going on a camping trip, attending an outdoor event, or feel cold in winter. No matter what the case is, the best heated socks can help you feel warmer in no time. These products are upgraded versions of regular socks. They can warm your feet up in less time. Best heated socks keep you warm and cozy the whole time you’re wearing them.

To help you find the best electric socks on the market, we’ve created a list of the top products we could find along with a buying guide. You’ll be able to discover a pair for yourself. If you’re interested in learning more about it, continue reading, and we’ll introduce socks best to you.

TOP 8 Best Heated Socks Compared and Reviewed

1 place :

Our Pick: Flambeau Review

Our Pick: Flambeau Review

One of the best USB heated socks is the Flambeau models. They’re made from a cotton blend which includes both wool and polyester. The mixture of these fabrics helps to pull any sweat or moisture away from your feet, keeping you dry and comfortable. You’ll find that these aren’t bulky and have the perfect thickness for wearing shoes over. This means you can comfortably fit these into sneakers, hunting boots, or workout shoes.

This pair uses a carbon fiber heating element sewn into the material and helps keep your toes and feet warm and toasty. For added comfort, the battery powered heated socks pack is below the calf, which gives you enough space for boots or other shoes. The whole set includes 2 lithium-ion batteries, an AC charger, and a dual mini USB. The only downside we’ve found is that the battery life is only long enough to last 2-3 hours. So if you’re expecting to use them all day without charging them, then you may be out of luck. They work for short trips or workouts, plus you can recharge them when you’re home.

Q: How long would you say the battery lasts?

A: Around 6-8 hrs depending on whether they are on a high or low setting.

Q: Washing Instructions for these socks?

A: Remove the battery and tuck the wires into the pockets. Hang dry.

Q: Can they be charged using usb?

A: No, it takes a higher voltage but they charge up in about 45 min.

pros +

Battery rechargeable Size options S-XL Men & Women

cons -

Short battery life

2 place :

Best for Padding: Global Vasion Review

Best for Padding: Global Vasion Review

This pair is perfect for hunting. The Global Vasion electric socks can keep your feet warm when you’re outdoors and also keep them dry. They’re powered by an electric current from the rechargeable battery. The heating element located at the tip of the sock provides a bigger concentration of heat around your toes. As a bonus, there is an extra padded reinforced heel which keeps your toes safe from any objects you bump into.

You’ll find that this model can absorb moisture from your feet but will dry quickly. This is because the temperature is just right and drains out the excess moisture the fabric absorbs. There’s also a pocket at the top where you can place the battery. There are three different power settings which range from 6.5 hours of heat or 3.5 hours of heat with the other battery. The only downside we’ve found is that they only come in one size. Thus you may find they don’t fit perfectly.

Q: Where do the batteries attach on the socks?

A: The batteries go in a small pocket on the outside of the sock - essentially under the little orange/red logo in the photo.

Q: How many watts and mAH (milliampere-hours) are the batteries?

A: 3.7V, 2200mAh.

Q: Can these be worn with ski boots - meaning is the battery high enough to be above the top of the skit boot?

A: The batteries are in the sole, no wires except charging.

pros +

Battery rechargeable Three colors Unisex

cons -

One size

3 place :

Great Quality: Hothands Review

Great Quality: Hothands Review

HotHands pair works differently than others because it uses HotHands pads to keep your feet warm. The heat from these thermal pads is the same the HotHands brand uses for hand warmers. This pair crafted from an acrylic poly material holds heat in to keep your feet comfortable and insulated. Each pair will come with one pair of Hot Hand warmers. These pads will activate as soon as they touch oxygen, so only open them when you need them. The only downside we’ve found is that the sizes run large, so go one size down.

Q: The picture shows the pocket to be on top of the foot, where exactly is the pocket? Is it over the toes or further up the foot?

A: Over the toes.

Q: Will the hothands hand warmers fit in these socks? Does the 9-11 size mean sock size or shoe size?

A: Yes, the warmers fit on the socks. And it goes by shoe size.

pros +

Thermal product Sizes 9-13 Fits men and women

cons -

Runs larger size

4 place :

Customizable: Turtle Fur Lectra Review

Customizable: Turtle Fur Lectra Review

The Turtle Fur heated socks are one of the best heated socks on the market that provide you with comfort and warmth. The kit has included detachable battery pouch which can be placed on your belt or in a pocket. You’ll be able to adjust the heat, and the battery can last up to 8 hours of provided warmth. There is also extra padding in the heel and toe which equips you with extra protection. This makes this model excellent for hunting, hiking, and winter events. The heat is warm and does not cause overheating. You’ll be able to make the battery last the longest by turning it on and off. The only downside we’ve found is that it doesn’t get super hot, only warm, but this means that the battery will last much longer.

Q: Can the battery socks be washed ?

A: These need to be hand washed in warm water with mild detergent and hang dried.

Q: What's the difference between these socks and a insoles? Taking about the way or quantity of heating the feet.

A: The Lectra Sox are meant to emit low heat only in the toe area.

Q: Is the material soft? I sometimes have trouble with wool socks if they're itchy.

A: The material is very soft, nothing Iike regular wool socks. Its worth the money if you need to keep your feet warm, due to diabetes or other circulation problems.

pros +

Multiple sizes Detachable battery 8 hours of heat

cons -

Don’t get super hot

5 place :

Prevents Moisture: Mobile Warming Review

Prevents Moisture: Mobile Warming Review

The Mobile pair is another great option for the best electric warming socks. This model features a combination of battery warmth while also including excellent insulation. This helps lock the warmth in, allowing you to be comfortable and warm when you need heat. These pair comes with a wireless controller which you can use to adjust the heat settings.

The remote has four different buttons on it: on, off, and three heat levels. Instead of digging into you sock to try to change the heat you can conveniently pull out the wireless controller and adjust it from there. If you use the lowest setting, you’ll be able to get around 11 hours of use out of the battery before it dies. The model made from a unique Tri-blend of materials reduce moisture and prevent odors.

Q: Is there a portable charger that can charge these? My husband is very forgetful and I’m making sure I cover all of it to make sure it’s worth it.

A: It comes with a wall charger. These batteries cannot be charged in your car or by USB.

Q: How do you wash the socks?

A: They are machine washable, but cannot be put in the drier. Make sure they are 100% dry before plugging in the battery for next use. The directions say you can put them in a washing machine, however I would recommend hand washing and hang drying.

Q: Where is the heating element?

A: The heating elements are located in the toe area.

pros +

Battery rechargeable Sizes 4-14

cons -

Bulky battery

6 place :

Long Lasting Warmth: Lenz Review

Long Lasting Warmth: Lenz Review

The next pick is Lenz. This pair is comfortable and made of cotton material. Because of the knitting, the model doesn’t slip and goes up to your knee. There is a rechargeable battery which attaches via snaps from a leg band. There is also a USB charger plug you can use to charge the device. Last, the sock has three different heat settings which can be adjusted with your smartphone. No need to carry around any bulky controls or wires. The battery works by via connecting to your Bluetooth. Also, the battery can last up to 14 hours if you have it on the lowest setting, meaning its the best rechargeable heated socks you’ll be able to find.

pros +

Battery rechargeable Sizes 8.5-10.5 Unisex

cons -

Not waterproof

7 place :

Best Lightweight Socks: Volt Review

Best Lightweight Socks: Volt Review

The Volt heated socks are another one of our top picks for the best battery heated socks. These feature a polyester and spandex blend that is lightweight and made to be thin. This can allow you to wear almost any shoes over the sock with no complications. The battery pack is located near the top of the sock, which is just below your knee. This makes it the best battery powered socks on the market. You’ll be able to have ten consistent hours of heat on the lowest setting. For settings, there are four different heat levels which you can switch.

pros +

Battery rechargeable Polyester & Spandex 10 hours of heat

cons -

Easy to get wet Not waterproof

8 place :

Extra Breathability: Autocastle Review

Extra Breathability: Autocastle Review

The Autocastle is our pick for the best heated ski socks. These are designed to absorb sweat and allow your feet to breathe and quickly dry. This can help ease any discomfort from wearing these on the highest heating mode. There are three different modes, and they come in one size fits all. The lowest mode is the green one. The model can function for up to 6.5 hours. The orange is the middle temperature. Battery last for up to 5 hours. The last one is the hottest mode. Your socks can warm you up to 3.5 hours. This makes the product the best heated socks for skiing.

pros +

Multiple colors Battery rechargeable Will fit men and women

cons -

One size only

Heated Socks Buying Guide – What to Look At?

Heated Socks Buying Guide

Purchasing your first pair of heated socks requires research, and if you haven’t found a pair you like so far, you’ll want to know what elements create this model. In this buying guide, we will introduce you to key features that you should consider before purchasing your next pair of best heating socks. We’ll go over the main key features and then tell you about the extra features which you should keep an eye out for.

Most Common Types

There are two different types you’ll find on the market; each of them has pros and cons. To make a choice on which one is best for you, look over our quick overview of the two different types. You can then use the information to choose one to your liking.


The first type is the thermal heated socks praised in battery heated socks reviews. They are made from a blend of super warm materials which can help insulate your feet when you’re wearing them. By trapping the heat inside the sock, it circulates the heat released from your body and keeps it inside. Some models also include padding or heated elements such as the HotHands brand. While these can be useful, they rarely keep you warm in freezing weather.


The next type – the best electric heated socks. These have a heating element powered by an electric battery pack. They often have different temperature settings which you can adjust to your liking. You’ll be able to find products made from multiple original materials. It doesn’t matter what material the sock is made out of most of the time, as the heat comes from the wires and battery pack. The only downside is that the battery pack only lasts a few hours.


Depending on what type you get, the battery pack will have a certain amount of time it can heat your feet. This time can range anywhere from 3 to 12 hours, and some models come with multiple batteries that can be switched out when one dies. You’ll find that most of the chargers will be mini USB. However, you’ll also find different chargers. While the best electric socks may be warmer than thermal, know that most battery packs need to be kept away from snow or water, or else they can malfunction.


Heated socks are just like regular ones, and they come in the same sizes. You’ll find models that are small, medium, and large. You may also find extra small or extra large sizes, but these sizes are rare. You may find items that list what shoe size they fit, and other times you’ll find ones that are only one size fits all. Just remember, no matter what type of sock it is, you’ll want to find one that fits you correctly.

Extra Features

Best Heated Socks in 2019
  • Color Options/Styles

    Many models have different colors and styles. You’ll find a large range of different colors which can range from white all the way to red and black. You’ll also find products in different styles, which are short or go knee high. These factors don’t really matter when you’re picking out a heated sock, but sometimes it’s nice to match your pair with your outfit.

  • Pairs

    If you’re purchasing electric or battery heated socks, then you’ll likely only be purchasing one pair. This means you will need to buy more if you use them often. For thermal models, you can often find them in multiple packs of either 2-3 pairs. Just remember that electric socks are more expensive than thermal ones, but they keep your feet warmer.

  • Gender

    Most products are designed to be used by men or come in men’s sizes, but women can still wear them. Just convert the best women’s heated socks sizes into the men’s size, and you’ll find your match. Double check if the socks run either small or large. You’ll also find unisex options on the market, and you’ll have just to pay attention to their sizing guidelines.

Best Heated Socks in 2019: Final Advice

types of heated socks

No matter what type you choose, you will feel warm when you need it. Such products help eliminate odors, absorb moisture, and keep your toes and feet toasty and warm. They are best used for camping, daily runs, or even use inside your home. Just remember that once your battery runs out, you must recharge it.

We hope these heated socks reviews and buying guide have helped you find the right product. When going out to purchase your next heated pair keep our best heated sock reviews in mind. Shop for ones that fit your needs. Once you’ve determined either a thermal or cheap electric socks, you can then choose other factors. You should always check if the model is waterproof, how long the charge will last, and how hot it gets. These three elements are the most important, as it will affect how comfortable you will feel while using them. If your trip or job requires you to have a long shift, purchase a model with a long battery time.

There are various types of heated socks, but the best heated socks in our list are the Flambeau Men’s. This pair features a convenient mini USB cord for charging. When compared to other socks on this market, these are winning option because they have medium thickness and can be worn in any shoe. This means you won’t have issues with wearing it with sneakers, boots, or athletic shoes. If you’re looking for well rounded best electric socks, then these are definitely your best choice.

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