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Keep Your Hands Warm In Any Weather With 10 Best Hand Warmers In 2019

Last Updated: 01 November 2019

Hand warmers are one of the best things you can own right now. As the name suggests, the best hand warmers are important for keeping your hands warm. This is a great device especially during the cold season. The best hand warmer can vary from one brand to another. As a result, you might want to do a bit of research if you want to end up with the best device in 2019. We will try to help you find the model that works great with our buying guide. We tested all the best hot hands devices on the market so that you can end up with the best one. As a result, you can trust us, when we are saying that this is the right thing to buy. Let us see at the options on offer.

What Is It?

Hand warmers are one of the best things

Gloves are a necessary accessory for winter. But on some days it is so cold that even the warmest mittens do not save your hands from cold. That is why such a device as a hand warmer was created. Their variety is great, the same as their operational principles. You can buy a one-time option that is perfect for emergencies, but every time buying such a heater is expensive, this is real wastefulness. You can also purchase rechargeable hand warmers that need to be charged, or an option that runs on lighter fluid (it will heat you until the butane that supports heat is running out). There are also reusable hand warmers that offer a small amount of heat through chemical reactions.

Why Do You Need This Product?

It is very important to keep the limbs warm, but, unfortunately, mitten cannot always solve this problem. Therefore, for people who are particularly sensitive to cold, hand warmers will not be superfluous. And moreover, they are very uplifting. It's nice to know that such a thing can ease cold days and you can fully enjoy the snow beauty.

It is believed that having frost the limbs once, the tingling feeling and fast freezing will remain forever. This is important to consider, as it relates directly to health. A hand warmer is a great opportunity to pamper your hands.

Hand Warmers FAQs

There are many types and models on the market. See which ones are best for you. Let’s take a look at the most frequently asked questions now. We are sure, the answers will provide you with some extra information on this matter.

How Long Can The Warmer Work?

Up to 18 hours depending on the model and type. Quite decent, isn’t it?

Is It Safe For Children?

The hand warmer is completely harmless, so it is suitable for children. You can put such a heater in the stroller without any problems and it warms the baby quickly and reliably.

How Often Can I Use It?

It is worth noting that such heaters should not be used too often, since this is still artificial heat, and our body should be able to produce it on its own. Otherwise, dependence on heaters will become part of our life and the body will not try to warm itself.

Top 10 Best Hand Warmers Compared And Reviewed

1 place :

Our Pick: EnergyFlux Ellipse Review

Our Pick: EnergyFlux Ellipse Review

This is one of the best-rated hand warmers that you can buy on the market right now. This is because it offers good performance to give you hot hands. Being among the best models, you should find it also coming with top performance features. This is where you get it having multiple heat settings. You can now choose which settings will be the best for you personally. This electric hand warmer also features a rechargeable 5200mAh battery. It is able to last for long so that you can have the best warmth all the time.

Q: How long does it take to get hot?

A: No more than 45 seconds.

Q: What does it mean when it has a blinking light then it goes back to a steady light?

A: A flashing light, either green or red both indicate that the unit is running low on battery.

Q: CAN I use regular everyday batteries?

A: No, it has rechargeable lithium ion. Stays hot for hours. Charges like a phone on input and can charge your phone on the output.

pros +

Good in performance Ease of use Strong construction

cons -

Needs recharging to keep using

2 place :

Ease of Use: Zippo Hand Warmer Review

Ease of Use: Zippo Hand Warmer Review

Zippo Hand Warmer is a catalytic heating pad, a device designed for individual hands’ warming. It is very convenient in a hiking trip, on fishing, hunting, in winter sports, etc. It uses special Zippo refined fuel and provides continuous heat generation within 12 hours. It is thin, with a compact design, so you can just place it in a pocket, glove, or other place you want to warm up. Fiberglass coated with a layer of platinum catalyst provides catalytic combustion with heat without flame. It is the most effective of all available handheld devices for heating. The device is reusable.

Q: Does it leak?

A: It does not leak.

Q: I lost the refill cup. How much fluid should I add for 6 and 12 hrs?

A: For a 12HR it is .7 FL. OZ. and for a 6HR it is .35.

Q: Does this come with lighter fluid?

A: No. You can buy zippo fuel separately. Or you can use plain old lighter fluid.

pros +

It offers easy fill technology It has reduced spills Ease of use Environmentally friendly Perfect size

cons -

Needs regular refilling

3 place :

Best for Single Use: HotHands Review

Best for Single Use: HotHands Review

Portable chemical heaters Hothands are an indispensable solution for use at the lowest temperatures. Chemical heaters are widely used by travelers, climbers, athletes, hunters, and the military worldwide. One such package with a size of 10.1 cm by 12.7 cm will provide comfortable warmth for 18 hours (!) Even in the most terrible cold. The heating pad can be placed in a pocket, between layers of clothing, or in any other place where it is needed.

Hothands heaters are odorless, non-toxic and absolutely fireproof. The active ingredient consists of natural materials - iron powder, salt, water, activated carbon and others. When exposed to air, this composition begins to emit heat, so to activate such a chemical heating pad, it is enough to tear off the plastic bag in which it is sealed and shake slightly. The maximum heating temperature is 72 degrees Celsius, the average temperature is 60 degrees Celsius.

Q: Can you only use them once?

A: Yes, 1-time use only.

Q: How long does it take for these to reach full temperature?

A: Only a couple of minutes when exposed to the air.

Q: What is the size of individual handwarmer? That is, inches long by inches wide by inches thick, or metric equivalents?

A: 2x3x1/8 inches.

pros +

Ease of use Safe Long lasting heat

cons -

Single use only

4 place :

Good Battery Capacity: Fourheart Rechargeable Review

Good Battery Capacity: Fourheart Rechargeable Review

If you are in the market for the best rechargeable hand warmers, then this should be among your considerations. First of all, it is highly portable. The pebble shape makes it possible to take it anywhere with ease. You also find it having a power bank feature making it good for various applications. It also has 3 heating warm settings that should make it one of the best. Having a large battery capacity makes it even better for long use.

Q: How long will it warm on a full charge?

A: About 5 hours, thanks.

Q: Do you use the warmer in the pouch or is this just a carrying case?

A: I have used it both ways but typically just use the pouch to hold the power cord.

Q: How do I turn off the heating function?

A: First, long press the middle button for 5 seconds, the heating funtion will turn on, if you want to turn off the heating function, just long press the middle button for 5 seconds again.

pros +

Good battery Great performance Portable

cons -

Needs regular recharging

5 place :

Top Reusable Heating Packs: HotSnapZ Reusable Review

Top Reusable Heating Packs: HotSnapZ Reusable Review

Gel warmers attract most people. All you need is to click on a small metal disk inside the gelatinous cover and all that chemicals start to generate heat right away. So, it can raise the temperature to 50 degrees, but you can also adjust it in such a way as to slow down chemical reactions. The temperature will be lower and last longer. The problem with gel heaters is that they are not designed to work for a long period of time, but are only suitable for quick preheating (they can work for 60-90 minutes). Due to their special design, they are often placed in emergency kits to increase the body temperature in extreme situations or to warm a sleeping bag before you fit into it. Athletes often use them for muscle pain during exercise or to improve circulation in the limbs during exercise.

Q: Sizes?

A: This set includes 4 HotSnapZ round hand warmers (4" diameter) and 4 of our pocket sized HotSnapZ hand warmers. (3" x 5").

Q: Once activated how quickly do these take to get hot?

A: They get hot within ~1-2 minutes; if you knead the pack it heats up faster and if you keep kneading it the heat lasts longer.

Q: How long does the heat last?

A: About 40-45 min.

pros +

Instant heat Impressive quality Reusable

cons -

Some feel it takes time to heat up

6 place :

For Extreme Cold Conditions: MILWAUKEE M12 Cordless Review

For Extreme Cold Conditions: MILWAUKEE M12 Cordless Review

This heater resembles a clutch that women wore in the 1920s, but this one can boast of a camouflage design, which gives it a more aggressive look. This would be an ideal option for a hunter who plans to spend a lot of time waiting for an elk. This heater has a rechargeable built-in battery that will operate for a maximum of six hours. Inside the cuffs, there is a pair of carbon fiber heating elements, which will not let you freeze, and will give you the necessary freedom when you need to shoot. On top, there is thermal fleece, which retains heat and does not allow it to evaporate. The “entrance” is made in the form of pockets that block the air flow so that the hot one stays inside longer and the cold cannot penetrate. The heater has three settings that affect the length of time the device runs.

pros +

Comfortable Good for extreme cold conditions Ease of use

cons -


7 place :

USB Hand Warmer: SMOKO Toast Review

USB Hand Warmer: SMOKO Toast Review

Smoko Toast are cute little pads looking like toasts that you can put on the keyboard. Just plug them into the USB port, and pleasant warmth will begin to flow. In this case, the fingers remain free, and you can easily print further. Based on rechargeable hand warmer reviews, these USB heated gloves are among the best products on the market. They come with multiple heat levels. This makes it possible to choose just how much heating you want. Another thing is that they have a customized fit. This is because it has an adjustable fabric fastener wrist strap. This should deliver a snug fit always.

pros +

Offers a snug fit Convenient design Multiple heat levels

cons -

Needs constant connection to the power source

8 place :

Top Fluid: Jon-e Warmer Review

Top Fluid: Jon-e Warmer Review

If you are in an area with cold temperatures, then you need the Jon e hand warmer. It will be able to deliver some good performance features that is worth the price. The best part is that the fluid is flameless. This definitely means that this device is safe to use generally. Just take a note that you do not have to swallow the fluid, as it can be fatal. Well, other than that, you will find these finger warmers being quite good to use in various weather conditions.

pros +

Ease of use Good quality Reusable

cons -

The fluid can be fatal when swallowed

9 place :

Budget Friendly: Grabber Warmers Review

Budget Friendly: Grabber Warmers Review

Grabber hand warmers are among the most affordable option and also deliver great performance. These chemical heaters from the American company are closed porous bags filled with a special compound, non-toxic to humans, odorless and absolutely fireproof. To activate the heater, you need to break the sealed package, in which the bag with the heat-releasing substance is sealed (a mixture of iron, cellulose, vermiculite, activated carbon, salt, etc.). Then the air begins to flow inside and react with chemical. Composition of the package begins to produce heat. The action can be suspended by blocking the air access to the package. The Grabber Mega Warmer chemical hand warmer releases heat for more than 7 hours after activation and warms up to 50-70 degrees Celsius, thereby warming the hands, restoring blood circulation and preventing frostbite. Just tear off the wrapper, take out the heating pad, and you will feel the pleasant warmth in a minute.

pros +

Good quality 7+ hours Amazing performance

cons -

Not reusable

10 place :

Top Durable Construction: Celestron Hand Heater Review

Top Durable Construction: Celestron Hand Heater Review

Celestron hand heater comes with a durable aluminum housing. This makes it good for using it for long without worrying that it might break. Another thing you will like about the model is that it has an ergonomic design. It is able to fit easily in the pocket and deliver better portability. You will never find these hand warmers bulk though. The Celestron hand warmer comes with a 4400mAh lithium battery, and this is praised in any hot hands review. This should give you some impressive performance of up to 6 hours of continuous heat. It is one of the best reusable hand warmers.

pros +

Durable Good battery power Reusable

cons -

Some feel it could be warmer

Type Of Hand Warmers

Type Of Hand Warmers

The first thing you have to consider should be the warmer type you need. Depending on the model, some can be reusable, non-reusable, electrical and much more. There might be other types but these are the most common you will find on the market right now.


These are hand warmers that rely on chemical reactions to produce heat. Depending on the model, you can get up to several hours of warmth with just shaking it.


Other models use lighter fluids that will work great for you. These fluids are good in terms of overall performance as they also react to generate heat. The best about these hand warmers is that you do not need to recharge them. All you have to do is refill with lighter fluid and you get your heater. Lighter fluid hand warmers are extremely easy to use.

Battery Operated

Such hand warmers are now common. Here we have a conversion of electrical energy into thermal one. Depending on the model you pick, the battery can even last up to six hours of continuous heating. People love them for being efficient and delivering multiple heat settings as compared to the other types.

Hand Warmers Buying Guide. What To Look For?

Review of Hand Warmers

A pair of winter gloves and a down jacket are excellent means to fight with overcooling, but often with very strong frosts, they are not enough. You need reliable means of heating for the hands, which will not let your fingers freeze and some hand warmers will suit. But how to choose the best option? Look at the following:


Of course, when choosing the best option, you have to consider its effectiveness. It should be able to keep your hands warm just as you would want. Based on the various methods used to generate heat, you can always find an item that is good for extreme cold and for normal cold.


Another thing you have to look at is the timeframe. You need to get a model that can deliver good warmth as long as possible. There is no doubt you would enjoy owning a model that gives you hours of warmth. It is common to find models having anywhere between 2 hours to 12 hours.


If you are going to spend money on reusable hand warmers, then you also need to look at the durability. You will definitely feel comfortable owning a product that delivers quality performance and overall durability. There is no doubt you would not want to keep spending more money buying more heaters every season.

The Best Hand Warmer in 2019. Final Advice

As you can see, getting the best hand warmer is not a problem. There is no doubt you would enjoy owning one. The best hand warmer should definitely be able to give you the best warmth always. From the buying guide, we get to see that you always have to keep in mind the product’s type. With the correct type, you may not worry about freezing. Our pick in this regard is EnergyFlux hand warmer. It boasts a strong construction compared to other models on the market. It also comes with good features that make it worth owning. With many positive reviews about it, you can buy this device knowing that it will offer exactly what you are looking for – hot hands.

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