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5 Tile And Grout Sealers Reviews in 2019

Last Updated: 31 October 2019

Why you should trust us?

This article was created by Corey Blare, our staff writer. To learn more about grout sealers, he spent roughly 18 hours researching dozens of grout sealers, and spoke to Michael Ekdickerson from Grout Shield, to give Home Expert Reviews readers the best of the best list of the grout sealers.

Even perfect tile-laying will not look accomplished if you do not pay enough attention to tile joints at the final stage. The voids between the joints should not remain in their original form, so they are filled with a special material called grout. It doesn't allow moisture, debris, and dust to fall under the tile. Hence, the durability of the coated surface explodes. Nevertheless, this is not enough, because you should think about how to get tile coating.

You may ask: how to seal grout properly? How to choose the grout sealer for taking care of tile at home? Obviously, you need to buy the best grout sealer only. Why? Because it is the solution applied to the surface that does not let dirt and water seep through the mortar onto the tile surface. Otherwise, your tile cover will wear out much faster and you will have to change it.

Grout Sealer FAQ

Can I Use Grout Sealers on Stone?

Can I Use Grout Sealers on Stone?

Yes, you can. The porous surface of the stone can absorb wetness, which can be to the cause of mold and destruction process of the rock. To extend the service life of natural stone (without harmful affecting on its natural beauty), use sealers for stone and marble.

Which Grout Sealer Is the Best?

First of all, the best one should be resistant to temperature changes. Next, it should be without harmful impurities and fillers. Also, the best grout sealers includes antibacterial and antifungal additives that inhibits the growth of potentially harmful bacteria, mold and mildew. At last, such a sealer must have a neutral smell.

When to Apply the Grout Sealer to Floor Tile?

You should apply this product at the final stage of laying tile. You need to process the seams between adjacent fragments. Don’t forget that you have to care and clean the tile and seams between it. Make general cleaning of seams at least once within one to two months. For these purposes, you can use a soap solution, vinegar, and citric acid or disinfectant detergents.

In this article, we compiled a definitive list of top products based on reviews from real users. It will help you choose the option suitable for your case.

5 Top-Rated Products Compared and Reviewed

1 place :

Best Overall: Stonetech Heavy Duty

Best Overall: Stonetech Heavy Duty

The leader of our rating is a grout sealer, which comprises water base fluorochemicals. Its reinforced structure with a special impregnation has protective properties for your tile not to get stained and damaged. This is what owners of large houses need because with the help of one package of such best tile grout sealer they can cover a large area. Among the advantages, this option is very unpretentious, so it will be easy for you to wash and clean it. One canister will be enough for 150-250 sq. ft of exterior or interior works.

Q: Would this be a good sealer for a concrete bathroom sink\countertop?

A: Yes, this product is intended for natural stone, masonry, and cement-based grouts.

Q: Can you mix this with the grout?

A: No, you cannot. This product intended for application after grouting.

Q: Is this product intended for kitchen counters where food is prepared?

A: Yes, it is intended for kitchen counters.

pros +

Easy to apply Do not discolor the grout and tile Does not stain You have the opportunity to use this product for a variety of surfaces

cons -

You will have to apply several layers

2 place :

Versatile: Miracle Sealers 511 Qt Sg 511

Versatile: Miracle Sealers 511 Qt Sg 511

The main advantage of Miracle grout sealer is that you can use it on different surfaces including ceramic tile, sanded grout, porcelain tile, stucco, glazed tile, travertine, slate, granite, marble, terrazzo and more to protect against water, stains and slippage. You can apply this grout sealer not only for the tiles laid inside your house but also in the courtyard, garage or other places outside. This product will protect the surface from debris and dirt.

Its formula is water and oil resistant and creates an invisible protective barrier on the surface. It is UV transparent and has great resistance to weather. One quart can cover up to 1,000 square feet. The best thing, it is safe for use in food reparation areas. The effect of this product will not go yellow and will last for a long time.

Q: Is this oil based product or water based?

A: It is oil-based from petroleum distillate.

Q: Are there any temperature applications for outdoor application?

A: The recommended temperature to apply the 511 Impregnator exterior is 32 degrees to 80 degrees.

Q: Does this work to seal concrete counters and prevent stains and grease marks?

A: Only used on bathroom shower tile.

pros +

It can be used both indoors and outdoors Does not cause discoloration of the surface Vapors come out from under the product Leaves smooth surface Can be used on various surfaces

cons -


3 place :

Double Effect: Tuff Duck Granite Sealer

Double Effect: Tuff Duck Granite Sealer

This product is also very versatile and works well with granite, travertine, limestone, cement, mortar and many other surfaces. One of the main advantages is that this product works like a marble sealer and ordinary sealer. However, know you should be careful when you apply this option on the dark surfaces because it may leave traces. The non-acidic formula will protect the surface inside for 5 years, and outside - for 3 years. One bottle covers up to 200 square feet.

Q: Can this be used to seal glazed ceramic tile?

A: You can use it on ceramic tile but it would only seal the grout between the tile. Ceramic Tile is impregnable to liquids so no sealer could be absorbed by the tile.

Q: Can I use this on glass tiles? Will it peel over time since the glass surface is polished?

A: This is a sealer for stone. It is not meant for glass. Do not use it. Seal your grout with a grout sealer if you need it.

Q: Is this good for sanded concrete?

A: Yes, this product will work just fine to seal concrete floors. Just remember concrete is very porous and may need a second application.

pros +

Double effect Easy to use No fumes Inside the building works for to 5 years Exterior surfaces work up to 3 years

cons -

May discolor or leave traces on the surface

4 place :

Great for the Kitchen: Aqua Mix Sealers Choice Gold

Great for the Kitchen: Aqua Mix Sealers Choice Gold

The next item on this list differs by a water-based formula. With this option you can work with different surfaces such as limestone, marble, travertine, porcelain, granite, cement, masonry, slate and many others. Buying Aqua Mix grout sealer, you get a great look of your surfaces that will be as natural as possible and will not shine too unnaturally. Also, such an option is perfect to use in the kitchen where the floor is most often contaminated and often washed. In addition, it works great as a sealer before pouring.

The only disadvantage of this product is higher cost than other products on the market. However, you pay such a price for a high-quality option which keeps your tile in excellent condition for a long time.

Q: Can you apply this over a floor that has been treated with another water based penetrating sealer ?

A: No problem.....I highly recommend this product...doesn't stink...won't make you dizzy....easy clean up and really works...great for reapplication.

Q: Is this safe to use on counters or dining tables?

A: The water based formula is designed to be used in food prep and serving areas.

Q: Will this product work over ceramic tile including grout lines?

A: Yes, but it will soak into the grout. You may need to do several applications over the grout. Also, be aware, it will make the tiles more slippery, especially when wet.

pros +

Preserves the natural look of the surface Leaks moisture and evaporation Waterproof grout sealer Repels stains Long work time The best option for use in the kitchen

cons -

The price is higher than the rank of products of other brands

5 place :

Best Aerosol Grout Sealer: Black Diamond Stoneworks Granite

Best Aerosol Grout Sealer: Black Diamond Stoneworks Granite

The next product on the list is one of the best aerosol protectors. It can also be used on various surfaces of granite and others. The advantage is that the option emits none unpleasant odors; it is non-toxic, and it has passed all the safety and standards tests. This coating is easy and simple to use. You need to put it in the right place and remove excess. You get premium quality for a reasonable price that will please many buyers.

Q: My granite has darkened over the years ... will this help lighten it?

A: This is a pH neutral maintenance cleaner for your stone. It will not lighten your granite.

Q: I have a marble vanity top. This product will clean it before I use the sealer?

A: Yes! It will be a great maintenance cleaner after you seal as well.

Q: We just purchased a bluestone topped kitchen table...does this work on bluestone? Thanks!

A: This is perfect for all types of natural stone and tile. It's pH neutral and provides a streak free clean!!

pros +

Aerosol form Simple use Generally, does not emit an unpleasant smell Can be used on various surfaces

cons -

Dries up to 5 hours, which can be inconvenient for some users

Types Of Grout Sealers

All the products are divided into two main types: penetrating and coating.

Types Of Grout Sealers


Penetrating products are used to fill the space between the puffs, which prevents debris from the mass of dirt and water from entering this space. This type divides into two subspecies:

  • The first is called hydrophobic. This sealer can block water and all water-based liquids including coffee, tea, drinks, and others.
  • The second is called Oleophobic. This one can repel all kinds of water-based fats. It also blocks water.


The second main type called a coating you apply directly to the solution. It acts as a barrier to various debris of dirt and water. This coating divides into two subtypes, the one of which can be stripped and easyily removed; and the second, which is difficult to remove – permanent.

Grout Sealers Buying Guide — What to Look At?

When buying the best grout sealer, you must be guided by three main criteria.


First, the tile grout sealer must perform the function of a product. However, pay attention to which surfaces you can use this option. For example, can you use it on marble, stone, or cement or other surfaces? This is a major advantage. If you choose a universal product, that is an outdoor grout sealer as well, it means that you can apply it on various surfaces. Look for solutions that work both inside and outside the house.


The second main criteria is the efficiency of the colored grout sealer. Here, we are talking about how the product may impact the surface. We’re highly recommend you to pick the products which are penetrates deeply during the drying process so that they can offer an effective layer of protection to the grout

#Duration of the Work

How long the best grout sealer for shower floor can last in your conditions? An indisputable advantage will be if your sealer can work from 3 to 5 years. And only after that, you will need to re-apply it again. If the best floor tile grout sealer works less, there is no point to spend a lot on it.

Grout Sealers Buying Guide


The additional criteria worth paying attention to is the cost. You can realize a cheap white grout sealer, for example, cannot be so effective and durable. As mentioned above, choosing a particular silicone grout sealer be sure to read the grout sealer reviews. This will give you the opportunity to understand the advantages of the particular shower tile grout sealer has and whether it is possible to apply it in your case. Here, every user estimates the cost for himself.

The Best Grout Sealer: Final Advice

The floor laid out of the tile has a presentable appearance and is very convenient to take care. Most often we can find tiled surfaces in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Many people who use tiles on different surfaces know that the seams between the tiles need to be sealed. Few people remember that applying different protective coatings you can seal the seams between the tiles and protect it from premature wear. There are a lot of various kinds of such products. Choose based on the duration of the effect, performance, and functionality.

The best grout sealer in 2019 from our definitive list is StoneTech Heavy Duty solution. This option is water based, it does not emit harmful odors, does not violate the structure of the tile and is easy to wash it. All these characteristics make this product one of the best on the market. It has the greatest grout sealer reviews too. You can also choose among other products in the ranking. They are also highly effective and durable. In addition, they have the best reviews of real users.

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