5 Best Greenhouse Choices for Real Gardeners in 2019

Last Updated: 21 November 2019

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25 hours, 30 products and 20 reviews - that are the numbers behind this article, and that’s how today’s Home Expert Reviews stuff writer Sindy Blare, which is also professional in outdoor and gardening, tell you about the best greenhouse. She has all of the necessary test equipment and software to provide objective measurements to back up her subjective (but unbiased) opinions.

The greenhouse is a special type of construction for creating a microclimate. Due to this microclimate, it's simple to grow vegetables, fruits, berries, and flowers. With it, you can grow crops in unfavorable periods – in winter, in autumn and early spring.

Having a piece of land and a desire, everyone can create greenery for themselves. And no matter, whether you want to supply fresh vegetables to your family or have profits from the products' sale.

Do you want to understand the intricacies of this? Or maybe you're doing your first steps? Read our rating of the top ten greenhouses and get the tips.

So, the main task of the best greenhouse is the year-round cultivation of crops. It is necessary to create optimal climate conditions for the ripening of fruits, bringing them closer to natural ones. Plants must be protected against all kinds of aggressive influences that prevent aging: cold air, hail or snow.

If the hothouse is correct, it is easy to change inside conditions depending on the weather outside. In the spring and late autumn, when it is cold, it warms. In the summer, in the heat, it is not difficult to give its inhabitants cooler temperatures. When there is dry outside, inside it is moistened.

Of course, you can’t control weather conditions in a large area under the open sky. But in one small space under the film, climate change is real. So, what are the options available on the market today? Let’s take a closer look at the 10 top rated greenhouses you can buy online nowadays.

KITCHEN APPLIANCESItem DimensionsItem WeightPriceFeatures
FLOWER HOUSE POP-UP1 x 1 x 1 inches4.45 pounds$
PALRAM HYBRID HOBBY(6' x 4' x 7')49.6 x 72.8 x 81.9 inches69.5 pounds$$
PALRAM MYTHOS(6' x 4' x 7')49.6 x 72.8 x 81.9 inches62 pounds$$$10 plant hangers included
GEODESIC DOME60 x 6 x 6 inches229 pounds
QUICTENT MINI (56"x29"x77" 6 Shelves)56.3 x 78.7 x 29.1 inches8.6 pounds$

Top 5 Planthouse Kits Compared And Reviewed

1 place :

Best Choice: Flower House Pop-up

Best Choice: Flower House Pop-up

The pop-up greenhouse for winter by Flower House is an ideal variant. It'll be really useful for those who want to extend the growing season of the plants. This fantastic kit protects plants and flowers from the wind, snow, and parasites. It weighs only 15 pounds and has a very compact design with dimensions of 48 x 48 x 56 inches. What is also exciting about this product – it gets ready in a few seconds, without building the frame. This unit has got 2 zippered doors to ensure good ventilation.

Q: Waterproof?

A: Yes, but remember this plant house does not have a floor so the ground can get wet.

Q: Does this stay warm enough inside to keep plants safe from frost or do I also need a heat source? We live in TX where it is rarely below 32 for extended time.

A: It can keep plants safe in the winter months with no heat source, even when the temperatures are in the 20's for a day or two.

Q: What size is the Flower House FHPH155CL PlantHouse 5 Pop-Up, Clear.

A: 60" wide by 60" deep by 78" tall in the center.

pros +

Lightweight Compact construction Excellent ventilation Easy to install Best indoor greenhouse Offers excellent protection against bad weather and insects

cons -

Small size

2 place :

Best Backyard Greenhouse: Palram Hybrid Hobby

Best Backyard Greenhouse: Palram Hybrid Hobby

Hybrid Hobby combines the latest technologies and preferences in horticulture. It's made by Israeli company Palram. The cast polycarbonate provides the crystal transparency of the windows. Thus, it achieves the optimal light transmission required by plants. What contributes to the stability and solidity of this garden tool you may ask? A sturdy frame made of galvanized metal with aluminum rails does. The complete set consists of two shelves made of durable polypropylene and supports made of galvanized steel. You can place them either in a row or on each other. By the way, with a change of seasons their re-installation to another place isn't difficult as well.

Q: What is the thickness of the walls?

A: About 4 mm thick.

Q: Can this frame be bolted directly to treated wood without causing corrosion?

A: No, it comes with numerous metal flats, one side with a lip and a pre-drilled hole in the middle. These clip into the aluminum base rail of the greenhouse frame which can be placed on a treated 4x4 base and are then securely screwed into the base.

Q: What are the inside dimensions of the 8 by 8 Greenhouse? I have shelving that is 8 feet long but I assume the dimensions are for outside of the building.

A: Interior is 96” but there is a support beam, the length of the walls is at 48” So you could use the shelf at the back end of the unit but only on one wall if it is no taller than 5’.

pros +

Equipped with UV filter High impact resistance Contains the door with a magnetic lock Easy to install Can be used all year round

cons -

High price

3 place :

Great Polycarbonate Unit: Palram Mythos

Great Polycarbonate Unit: Palram Mythos

Palram Mythos is a portable greenhouse for winter that deserves special attention. It has got a lot of positive reviews from happy owners. Of course, it is not the largest one on the market, but 24 sq. feet of growing space is quite enough. This unit has unbreakable panels and aluminum frame resistant to rust. An adjustable roof vent, door handle with magnetic door catch, rain gutters are only a few of its components. Palram provides 5 years warranty term and after sale service.

Q: How does this greenhouse hold up in high wind environments?

A: When properly assembled and the optional anchoring kit is installed, the greenhouse is rated for winds of 55 mph.

Q: How tall is the greenhouse where the roofline goes up? I have some shelves but they may be too tall.

A: Sidewall height: 48.8 in.

Q: Can this be assembled without the flooring to plant directly in the ground?

A: If you put down a well-anchored 4x4 base using trailer home type screw anchors secured to the wood and screwed into the ground, then yes! Make sure you level out all 4 corners of the 4x4s and clear the area around it.

pros +

Equipped with a stable aluminum frame Durable sides made of polycarbonate Perfect air circulation Affordable price

cons -

Assembly is a bit complicated

4 place :

Best Design: Geodesic Dome

Best Design: Geodesic Dome

Geodesic dome greenhouse will create a magic atmosphere in your yard. It has a very unusual design and is able to withstand very cold and frosty temperatures in winter. Unique dome form is good for windy and even hurricane-like weather. The planthouse dimensions are 60 x 6 x 6 inches, so you can locate many shelves inside. Note: the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty for this model. Also, if you want to upgrade this product, you can do this with special money-saving conditions

Q: Will this hold up under Northern New Hampshire snow?

A: Yes! Geodesic Domes are on of the strongest structures ever invented! You can use a poly plastic cover or optional Polycarbonate double wall cover!

Q: Two questions: (1) what foundation, frame, or substrate is required for a permanent installation? (2) what's involved with installing the cover?

A: "Recommended Frame Foundation- landscape timber base 4” x 6 “ rebarred to the ground. This will lift the frame off the ground for easier maintenance of the poly cover and drainage around dome in the winter. Installing The optional Polycarbonate Cover: the cover is mounted to the outside of the frame with stainless hardware we provide. Once the cover is in place you will weather proof the dome with our aluminum seam tape. Very easy to do!"

Q: How would the polycarbonate panels attatch to the frame? screws? glue?

A: The polycarbonate panels are attached to the outside of the dome frame. The hardware you use is stainless Steel screws and neoprene backed grommets that hold the polycarbonate tight to the frame.

pros +

Unique, eye-catching design Stable against the wind and withstands the snowy weather Perfectly absorbs light Has enough growing space

cons -

Appears to be tricky to arrange

5 place :

Good Pvc Option: Quictent Mini

Good Pvc Option: Quictent Mini

Quictent is a certified manufacturer of mini greenhouses for outdoors. The model is very functional and easy to use. In case you don't have enough space, choose this variant, and this will be the best choice. The steel poles form the frame of this model. The cover is waterproof and protects from ultraviolet. Zippered front sides serve as doors and ventilation at the same time. Also, this compact greenhouse comes with 6 shelves that can hold up to 17lbs of weight. Top shelf is for bigger plants, so it is very thought-out. The company offers a free of charge replacement even after the sale.

Q: Does enought light get inside for plants in veg and flowering modes?

A: Yes. I have this setup now hoping to save some of my summer flowers (with heater of course), flowers continue to bloom throughout the winter.

Q: What size is the entrance opening

A: Hello, front door size 198cm(H)x108cm(W),back door size 198cm(H)x80cm(W)

Q: Is this house waterproof?

A: Yes. I use it to make a nice environment for over my chicken coop. I am in the northeast and winter is rough for chickens

pros +

Small compact design Stable construction Excellent ventilation Waterproof Affordable price

cons -

Very lightweight

6 place :

Best Portable Greenhouse: Giantex Portable Wooden

Best Portable Greenhouse: Giantex Portable Wooden

It is not a secret that Giantex is famous for its wooden greenhouses. Giantex Portable is very strong and durable. It offers better protection than the models developed of plastic. If you need to sow a small number of seeds, this planthouse will be an excellent choice. Besides, it has a stylish design, is mobile and very simple to assemble. The distinguishing feature is its foldable top. Open and close side parts and fix them with two bolts installed. The product also offers plenty of storage place inside. Finally, there is an after-sale satisfaction guaranteed by Giantex

pros +

Durable wooden construction. Easy in use. Easy to set up. Safe for plants. Nice-looking design.

cons -

Side panels are developed of plastic

7 place :

Best Budget Greenhouse: Gardman Mini R687

Best Budget Greenhouse: Gardman Mini R687

Small greenhouse kits are very popular today, and Grandman Mini is not an exception. With this amazing tool, you will be able to grow the vegetables and flowers from seeds. Comparing to static construction, this is a cost-effective method. We can also place it indoors, on a balcony or patio. A mini greenhouse under review is 27’ long x 18' wide x 63' high and provides enough space for all your ideas. Through the polyethylene cover, you can track the process of growing. Also, the construction of this compact greenery protects from the wind.

pros +

Compact design. Best price greenhouse. Equipped with a roll-up zipper. High-quality plastic cover. Stable frame

cons -

Is small for large plants

8 place :

For Winter: Rion Ecogrow Twin Wall

For Winter: Rion Ecogrow Twin Wall

The design of the Rion EcoGrow winter greenhouse is simple and ingenious. It consists of a set of cut out corrugated polycarbonate panels. Polycarbonate does not break, and the resin frame is shock-proof. It perfectly keeps tightness in all window joints. Assemble it using pin and lock connectors, no need to get your tools out. UV rays do not go through the 6mm side panels, so plants get only diffuse light. The design offers enough headroom for comfortable work inside.

pros +

Nice design. High-quality roof ventilation. Durable construction. Easy to assemble

cons -

Is a bit overpriced.

9 place :

Best Garden Greenhouse: Abba Patio Garden

Best Garden Greenhouse: Abba Patio Garden

Abba Patio is an ideal solution if you have a big territory in the garden. This is a large greenhouse with top-quality materials. The coated heavy duty steel frame is well-protected from chipping, peeling, rust and corrosion. Anti-insect net covers each of its 6 windows to ensure good ventilation. Big foot plates and pegs guarantee that the whole construction is stable. It means that you will be able to grow as many vegetables, fruits, and flowers as you may need. It has a special door on two zippers for easy access inside. Yet, this product does not look like as good as a glasshouse as some users explain in their greenhouse reviews.

pros +

Top-quality backyard greenhouse kit. Durable and sturdy construction. Very large size. Excellent ventilation

cons -

Is a bit overpriced

10 place :

Good Design: Palram Four Season Hobby

Good Design: Palram Four Season Hobby

This is one of the most beautiful planting tools available on the market. It has an excellent design and offers 95 sq feet of space inside. Palram Four Season Hobby is a year-round greenhouse. It's all-weather resistant and would be a perfect fit even in the coldest regions.

Solid panels and rust-resistant aluminum frame create a reliable construction. 4mm roof panels guarantee 90% of UV protection. There are threshold ramp and two roof vents, as well as wide doors so you can lock it up.

The greenhouse will serve you for a long time, helping to grow fruits and vegetables for your family. Looking for a rest with a family in winter? You can put a table and chairs inside and make it look like one of the residential greenhouse kits.

pros +

The best design. Best greenhouse for winter. Sturdy construction. Excellent ventilation system. Large area for planting.

cons -

Very expensive

Planthouse Types

Planthouse Types
There are many kinds of such kits. They depend on different climatic conditions and requirements for growing crops. To make the right choice, it is important to understand 2 things:
  • The purpose of the greenhouse.
  • The goals for its future owner.
This directly determines the level of costs you need for the investment. A tool for growing fresh greens for the family is one thing. But a hothouse for making profit from the sale of fruits is completely different. Let’s consider all the main types of similar products available for sale today. In any case, the choice of a greenhouse depends on two main parameters – frame and covering material.

#Greenhouses By Frame

By the frame we can divide the greenhouses into the following:
  • with vertical walls; with inclined walls;
  • arched;
  • one-stage;
  • gable;
  • with a roof of a mansard type.
Before you buy a greenhouse, you should know that the choice is pretty wide. You can find the best backyard greenhouse option that will suit in all respects. One of the most important criteria is the convenience of the greenhouse. And here the gardener can choose from a wide range of options. This allows minimizing labor costs for growing the crop. Smart tool will perform most tasks for ventilation, irrigation, heating. You can choose a model with a set of functions that you need for a specific climate and area.

#Greenhouses By Covering Material

There are only three types of covering materials for the Best Greenhouse kits. All of them are capable of fulfilling the main task – protecting plants from the detrimental effects of the environment. Coverings materials include:
  • polycarbonate;
  • glass;
  • polyethylene film.
The most reliable material for greenhouses is polycarbonate. This is a light multilayered material. Its structure resembles a honeycomb in the cut. There is air in the space between the honeycombs. This air works as a perfect heat accumulator. Thanks to its hollow structure, it is able to keep heat well. As for the glass covering, it is an inflexible material. So, it is suitable only for single-deck and double-girder structures. These budget greenhouses have 2 advantages: the simplicity of assembling and the price. The most popular material for covering the best greenhouse kits is polyethylene. Earlier the choice was unambiguous. Today you can pick from several types of this material. We can use each to design a greenhouse. For regions with snowy winters, the best choice is a pop-up greenhouse for winter. It’s made of reinforced film. We can also distinguish outdoor, indoor and even tabletop greenhouses. Moreover, there are also static and portable greenhouse kits. As we mentioned before, it all depends on your goals and requirements.

Buying Guide – What To Look At?

5 basic criteria for selecting the best greenhouse
There are 5 basic criteria for selecting the best greenhouse. Let’s examine each of them in detail.

#Material Of The Construction

Materials for the greenhouses can be different: polycarbonate, film, glass. The structures of cellular polycarbonate have high efficiency. But today other materials like glass and polyethylene film are still popular.


We should pay attention to the choice of frame for the best small greenhouse. As a rule, manufacturers make the metal frame – from steel or aluminum. It’s important to protect the steel frame against corrosion. Otherwise, after a few years, the structure can become rusty. The aluminum frame does not rust. But this metal is expensive. Moreover, it is of interest to collectors of non-ferrous metal.


We should select the size of the top rated greenhouses according to individual needs. Also, according to the volume of the crop, it is better to take a greenhouse with a margin. As over the years, the need for the vegetables and flowers in your family can increase. Considering the size of the plot is essential too. The tool should not take up much space on it; you should leave a useful area for other plantings.


Good ventilation will create favorable conditions for plants inside the hothouse in winter. To ventilate these structures, gardeners usually use transoms or windowpanes. In hothouses without normal ventilation, the risk of fungal and viral infections increases.


Energy efficient greenhouse uses the energy of the sun with maximum productivity. Choose a place protected from wind and draft. The ideal place for the hothouse is the one which the sun illuminates. It is desirable to install it from north to south in length.

Final Advice

Now it’s high time to focus on the best greenhouse 2019. Based on our detailed research, and lots of greenhouse reviews analyzed the Flower House Pop-Up Greenhouse is the star for this year. This model will be a real finding for you as it may serve as the indoor greenhouse. So, it’s a good choice if you want to grow some plants from seeds in winter. Also, if you don’t have enough space in your garden, this greenery will save you. This cheap greenhouse has a small size, but the construction is pretty stable. It’s also easy-portable and has got all the necessary features. It is easy to assemble and comfortable in tracking the process of plants growth. So, if you are looking for a small and cheap best greenhouse, choose this one, and you won’t be wrong.
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Todd B. Dyer

10 April, 2019

I have seen quite a number of greenhouses, and never have I seen Rion ecogrow greenhouses before. It has an outstanding quality and the design is something to reckon with. It comes with a lot of creativity. I have been using it for months now, and I am impressed at its performance and durability.

Donna Covington

8 April, 2019

The lives of young plants matter a lot to me, and that is why I have decided to give them the best greenhouse. While this greenhouse provides a pretty much standard and optimal condition for the growth of young plants, it is an ideal choice for every farmer, agriculturist, botanist. I chose this and I am thrilled.

Jennifer Bauman

25 March, 2019

Of all the best greenhouse kits in the world, these ten are the most valuable and fantastic types I have ever seen if I would be judging by their reviews. Not many greenhouse kits can do half of what they do, that I guarantee. Personally, I should pick one out of these many options that will be suitable in my small farm.