5 Best Flea Foggers in 2019

Last Updated: 15 March 2019

Insects can be a major problem in every household. These creatures are much more common in our house especially when there are pets. It only takes a couple of parasites to start an infestation. This leads to a major problem so much so that it is almost impossible to sit even on the couch without being bitten by one of them. One of the best ways to eliminate these creatures is by using the best flea bomb.

Best Flea Bomb: FAQs

What Is a Flea Bomb?

The best bomb for fleas is meant to clear the house off insects, which can be a serious threat to the comfort of the home and the health of the occupants.

Why Do You Need Such Thing As The “Best Flea Bomb”?

Parasites can be a big problem – especially when there are pets – as they act as small vampires to suck the blood throughout the day. They can become a hindrance to a happy home.

Are Flea Bombs That Effective?

The flea bombs reviews are a great way to learn about the effectiveness of these products, which use a range of chemicals to kill the insects or their eggs.

Do Flea Bombs Really Work?

Yes, but the product should be the right one. It is important to purchase a fogger that is offered by a top brand. The best flea bombs have chemicals that exterminate the insects while some focus on the eggs. The latter could be preferred as they are capable of clearing up an infestation straightaway.

Do Foggers Actually Kill Fleas Instantly?

Foggers are capable of killing parasites instantly. They are likely to use pyrethroid, pyrethrin, or a combination of both to be effective.

How Long Do You Have To Be Out Of The House After A Flea Bomb?

The best flea bombs process chemicals that can be harmful to pets and people alike. Hence, it is better to stay out of the house for a certain period of time after the application of the product. Each product will come with a recommendation of time the house has to be cleared off occupants.

TOP 5 Best Flea Bombs Compared & Reviewed Below

1 place :
Best Overall: Durvet Multi Pest Indoor Fogger Review

Best Overall: Durvet Multi Pest Indoor Fogger Review

This is one of the best bombs for fleas and other insects. It will be able to act on a range of pests due to the combination of three insecticides. A fogger with a 6-ounce capacity is capable of treating up to 6000 ft.³ or a room with dimensions of 30 x 35. Unlike certain products that tend to act over a period of time, this best flea bomb kills instantly. Since the product only uses a water-based formula, there is no unpleasant odor. The formula also does not leave any oily residue. An important element to look out for in such products is the ability to act on larvae along with adults, and this product certainly fulfills this requirement.

pros +

Water-based formula No oily residue Free from CFCs and other chemicals Acts on every stage of the life cycle

cons -

Maximum effectiveness is only in certain situations

2 place :
Best Long-Term: Precor Plus Fogger Review

Best Long-Term: Precor Plus Fogger Review

This best flea bomb for house comes with a single ingredient to exterminate the adult bugs while also focusing on the younger insects. Each canister will be able to treat an area of up to 750 ft.² and the product will be able to last for as much as seven months by preventing the reoccurrence. It is important to vacuum the place on alternate days for up to 14 days just after the application of this best flea fogger.

pros +

Lasts for close to 7 months Exterminates pests of various stages No odor Easy to apply

cons -

Insects can build resistance to the insecticide

3 place :
Best Quick: Adam's Flea and Tick Indoor Fogger Review

Best Quick: Adam's Flea and Tick Indoor Fogger Review

This is one of the best flea bombs which tries to curtail the insects using a mixture of Tetramethrin, N-octyl Bicycloheptene Dicarboximide, and Etofenprox. As a result, it will be able to act in the best possible way even on adult species. There is also a unique ingredient – S-Methoprene – to take out the larvae, eggs, and pupae. This can be a quick remedy since this best bug bomb for fleas can be applied within four hours, and it will be able to last for up to 7 months. Apart from taking out fleas, it can also kill spiders, bedbugs, and ants.

pros +

No stains 7-month action Requires only 4 hours to apply

cons -

The chemicals can be quite harsh

4 place :
Best Effective: Raid Flea Killer Plus Fogger Review

Best Effective: Raid Flea Killer Plus Fogger Review

This is one of the top flea bombs for house use as it comes with a special formula that can act on adult insects as well as the eggs and larvae. It comes with an insect growth regulator (IGR) which has been proved extremely effective in a short time. It takes only a couple of hours to apply the treatment, and this will ensure around six months of protection. A major hindrance with regards to the usage of this product is the presence of a chemical smell that can take up to a day or two to clear. It is also essential to switch off all the pilot lights to ensure safety during the application of this best flea fogger.

pros +

Four insecticide ingredients are used for greater effectiveness Requires only two hours to apply Last for around six months

cons -

Need to switch off pilot lights The chemical smell may take a day to clear

5 place :
Best for Adult Pests: FMC Residual Fogger Review

Best for Adult Pests: FMC Residual Fogger Review

Flea bombs reviews often rate this product quite high due to its ability to kill cockroaches, mosquitoes, ticks, ants, and other pests. It is possible for one canister to treat an area of up to 5000 ft.². It can even be used in the dining or kitchen provided that the food and other contact surfaces are covered. It is not recommended to use the product in rooms that are smaller than 25 ft.² in size. However, if there is a necessity to use in a smaller room, the doors can be left open to spread the effectiveness of the best flea fogger to other rooms.

pros +

Takes only two hours to apply the treatment Can work for up to 30 days No powder residue

cons -

Only kills adult pests

Types of Best Flea Bomb


These are the best flea bomb for instant action since they can kill the insects almost instantly. To do so, these products are likely to contain extremely powerful chemicals. Usually, there would be three or more insecticides that are used in combination in these best flea bombs 2019.

#Adult Pests Control

The adult pests can be a menace if they are in large numbers. The biting can no longer be a nocturnal event. In such cases, it is important to immediately control the adult insect population with a quick application that does not take more than a couple of hours. The flea bombs reviews, in this case, would focus on the best flea bomb that can be applied within a couple of hours not to provide instant relief. Most often, these products may not be able to act on the eggs and larvae, and there is a strong likelihood of the infestation return.


The best flea bomb should not be able to act only on fleas. It should also be effective on cockroaches, bedbugs, and more. The best flea bombs 2019 witnesses often happen to possess this quality in abundance.

Best Flea Fogger Buying Guide — Here’s What to Look At?

At this juncture, it is possible to make a decision about the best flea bombs to use for the home. There is a wide variety of choices in the market, but still, certain factors need to be considered before picking the best flea bombs.

#1 Power

Insects go through multiple phases of life cycles. The best flea fogger for house should be able to act upon species going through these different stages, and it is not sufficient if it merely acts upon the adults. If the egg and larvae are not cleared out, there is a great chance of the infestation re-occurring once again. It is important to identify the active ingredients of the product, as certain pesticides are designed to act only on the adults. An ideal best flea fogger should come with an insect growth regulator, which will have a greater impact on the insects in the early part of the life cycle.

#2 Protection from Future Outbreaks

The fleas are more resilient than you might expect, and they are capable of finding the way back into the home at some point or the other. Hence, it is important to pick top rated flea bombs based on the length of protection that they provide. Some of the best products in the market will be able to offer protection for around six or seven months. Even in the worst-case scenario, it is ideal to pick the best flea fogger that offers of around two months of protection.

#3 Size of the Room That Needs to Be Treated

The size of the room holds major importance in terms of picking the product featured in the flea bombs reviews. It is not ideal to use an excessive amount of spray in a small area, and care should also be taken so that a less quantity of product is applied to a large area. The former can end up causing issues for the occupants, while the latter may not be effective at treating the fleas. It is important to find common ground, and it can be done by checking the label of the product, as it often comes with information about the ideal coverage area. Most of the best flea bombs would cover a region of around 625 square feet.

#4 Mess

Even a featured in the Raid fogger reviews, it is common for such products to leave a lot of unpleasant smell and tough stains. It is important to pick products that do not come with oily residue. There are also products that offer an odor neutralizer so that the applied area becomes quickly habitable. This is especially important if the treatment is to be applied in a common area like a bedroom, living room, or kitchen. This aspect will also ensure that the best flea fogger does not leave any stains.

#5 Coverage

Parasites happen to be expert at finding small nocks and corners. As these are extremely hard to spot, the process of exterminating the pests can be quite difficult if fogger is not able to reach the difficult spots in a house. The crevices or cracks in wooden furniture, carpeting, and fabrics happen to be great spots to hide. The flea fogger reviews will feature products that come with powerful insecticides so that they are able to force the pests out of their hiding hole in order to exterminate them.

#6 Spectrum of action

Fleas are a menace in the home, but there are also several other insects that can be a hindrance to a quality life. The likes of cockroaches, bedbugs, ants, and other pests can be a major hindrance, but the flea bombs reviews will focus on a product that is capable of eliminating all pests in a single application. These would be the best flea bombs as merely dealing with one variety of pest is no longer sufficient. Apart from saving money, the use of one product to clear every pest can also save a lot of time.

The Best Flea Bomb. Final Advice

There are multiple stages before using the best flea bomb in the home. It has to fit into several categories like strength, longevity, coverage, and price. There are multiple products that can be considered by the top flea bombs reviews, but only a handful of those do make it to the list. Among the items that have been considered, the Durvet Multi Pest Indoor Fogger manages to come on top. This best flea bomb comes with a water-based formula, and it is quite long lasting. Since the product only uses a water-based formula, there is no unpleasant odor. The formula also does not leave any oily residue. Since there are no CFCs or other chemicals, it is safe for use in a home environment, and we declare it the best on our list! We really hope you found the best product for your needs.

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