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5 Best Electric Snow Blowers In 2019 To Keep Your Yard Clean

Last Updated: 29 October 2019

Why you should trust us?

After testing over 35 hours and considering a bunch of models of snow blowers, our staff writer Kate Olmenson finally examined the inventory at local stores, including Costco, Home Depot, and Walmart. To expand the personal experience, she also spoke to James Brewer, professional gardener, who have helped customers choose the best snow blower.

Moreover, she spent some time at the stores showrooms getting a feel for the design, ease of use, build, and sturdiness of some of the most popular models. Clearly, Kate doesn’t do any hands-on performance testing for this review, but she does draw on what she’d learned from the hours of testing experience and expert advice.

If you always use a shovel to clear snow, then you need a more efficient way of doing things. This is the point from where we take a look at the best electric snow blowers - it is vital to clean your frontyard from snow in the best possible way. With this in mind, you may want to consider which of these tools best meets your needs.

So, what are the best electric snowblowers on the market? If you have troubles deciding, let us help you with that. This guide comes with in-depth reviews of the various models with the pros, cons, and description of the main features.

What Is It?

A snow blower or thrower is a device for removing snow from a sidewalk, driveway, railroad track, roadway, ice rink, or runway. The snow is moved with an impeller or auger and not by air as you may think from the name. The gas blowers use gasoline or a diesel motor. There are also units that use electricity (battery-powered or line powered). The snow is thrown to one side or in a truck to be hauled away.

How to Use It?

Step 1. Get ready and pre-check your device

  • Check if the area you want to clean is free of foreign objects
  • Fuel your device and check the oil level
  • Wear appropriate ammunition – safety glasses, gloves, bright colored clothes that won’t stuck in the machine

Step 2. Start working

Make sure you blow the snow in a ventilated area. Be careful and don’t throw the snow on the passing cars or people.

Once your blower is working, keep both hands on the machine. This allows you to control it better. Clearing snow isn't a race. You may clog the blower going too fast in a heavy deep snow. Make slow turns and keep a slow pace.

5 Electric Powered Snow Blowers Compared and Reviewed

1 place :

Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 Review

Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 Review

If you were not sure where to start, this could be a nice choice. With its powerful 13.5-amp motor, you can move up to 650 lbs of /per minute. You do not have to go through many passes to clear the driveway. The device has a 4-blade steel auger to cut snow 10 inches deep and 18 inches wide. It works well on mid-sized areas, has got an ETL approval and comes with a 2 years warranty from a manufacturer. This is definitely the best electric snowblower.

pros +

Powerful model Comes with headlights Steel blades 13.5 amp motor is the most powerful

cons -

Leaves behind a thin layer of snow

2 place :

TORO 38381 Snow Blower Review

TORO 38381 Snow Blower Review

Toro is a famous American brand that produces electric snow throwers. The model is recommended for patios, walkways, decks, small driveways, and other residential areas. You will clean snow down to the pavement without clogging thanks to the inbuilt Power Curve technology. Control the operation with 160-degree adjustable chute.12 inches depth and 18 inches width clearance are almost the biggest available on the market. This electric powered model cleans up to 700lbs /per min.

Q: What's the auger made of? If it's plastic I'd guess it wouldn't be very durable with iced snow chunks...right?

A: It's plastic, fixed in one position.

Q: How do you charge this? Do I need to plug it into a special outlet?

A: It must remain plugged in while in operation. Note that you will need a 12 guage extension cord, 14 guage at least depending on the length. Otherwise, you won't get the full 15 amps (power) needed to move thick snow.

Q: I need a transformer to use it (from 220v to 110v). How much power does the machine need? (unit: watt).

A: The device needs 120v. The device can be used up to 150 ft with the proper extension cord.

pros +

Compact and lightweight Great power and Power Curve technology for cleaner area Easy to assemble Ergonomic full bail handle for easy grip paired with a lift handle 18 inches clearance

cons -

Small wheels

3 place :

Greenworks 2600502 Review

Greenworks 2600502 Review

This option is a good alternative to gas snow blowers. Its 13 amp motor delivers enough power to clear up to 20 feet wide. You can control the discharge easily with the 180-degree adjustable chute. The Greenworks comes equipped with a push start button and folding handles. It is corded, so you need to make sure the cord length is enough for your territory.

Q: How far does it throw the snow? Can the distance be adjusted?

A: It really depends on the type of snow. Heavy wet snow not that far, dry light snow farther. Adjusting the angle and direction will adjust the distance. The average is 8 feet.

Q: If I buy a 50ft 15 amp 12/3 cold weather cord, will that do?

A: A 12/3 extension cord is good even at 100ft. 13A with no cord give your blower a full 1560 watts, with a 50' - 12/3 cord it would be 1516 watts and with a 50' 16/3 cord it would be only a 1448 watt and only 111 of the 120 volts reaching the machine. Too small of an extension cord (16 - 18AWG) will have too much voltage lose and will burn out the motor.

Q: What components are metal, and what type?

A: The handle, axle, control arm and sides are metal. Everything else including the Auger is made of High Impact Plastic.

pros +

Great price for the quality Manageable and easy to maneuver Makes less noise 20 feet width clearance

cons -

Only works on 120 volts

4 place :

Power Smart DB5023 Blowet Review

Power Smart DB5023 Blowet Review

This is another top rated electric snow blower on the market. Since it comes with 18-inch clearance, you will enjoy the model that can clear more in a single pass. It throws flakes up to 30 feet thanks to its steel auger tipped with rubber. The motor is 13 amp is a regular solution for such devices. As it uses electricity and not oil or gas, you can start it in winter easily, and it requires less maintenance. The adjustable chute can discharge snow in any direction.

Q: Has anyone used it for longer than 30 minutes before letting it cool?

A: I have used this for hours on end. It tends to be pretty cold outside when I use it. Hence the snow. Anyways works great unless the snow is super heavy and wet.

Q: Is the electric motor for 220 volts as well as 120 volts?

A: No... 220 volts will burn out motor...do not try.

Q: What size are the wheels? I live in the wood and have a grass & dirt drive, will it work on that?

A: Wheels are 6 inches. Rotor will throw rocks but my father who I bought if for uses it on an uneven drive.

pros +

Powerful 13 amp motor 180-degree adjustable chute Ergonomic handles covered with foam Wide clearing path 1 year limited warranty

cons -

Some feel it is big and heavy

5 place :

Wen 5662 Blaster Review

Wen 5662 Blaster Review

If you need something super powerful, check this model. With it, you can discharge up to 490 pounds of snow in one minute. Thought the depth it offers is only 7.8 inches, so you can’t use it for heavy snow. The motor is 13.5 amp is enough to throw snow up to 20 feet away. Medium wheels of 6 inches width and the small weight add mobility to this unit for non-stop work.

Q: How deep of snow it cleaned or blow? Is it recommennle yo purchase.?

A: It blasted through 8 inch deep snow and most of it was down to the blacktop!!! I definitely recommend purchasing it.

Q: Does this have to be put together?

A: Very minimal work to put together, easy and attach handle.(just a tip: spray the wheels with pam so the snow doesn't't stick to them.)

Q: How difficult is this one to push?

A: This is as easy as pushing a vacuum cleaner, very easy!

pros +

Comes with 6-inches wheels Steel auger 13.5 amp engine Easy to move

cons -

Not recommended for the wet weather

Snow Blower Buying Guide – What to Look At?

There are many models and types of blowers on the market, so we will take you through what you need to look for when buying one. Check our blowers’ reviews, as we have looked at many of the top models so you can see which one is best for you.

The best blowers are designed to be easy to manage and are very versatile, and can shift a great area in a very short time.

You will find it is easier to clean with an electric snow blower than using a shovel. It is a great tool for effortless snow cleaning. Most electric models offer more power than gas-powered ones, do not pollute the air with gases and are quieter at work. The power is essential to make sure you never get stuck. Pick the model that delivers fast clearing in just a few passes.

Weight, Portability, Design

Electric Snow Blower

Lightweight design makes it possible to use it for long sessions without feeling it is too much to push around. Electric blowers are usually lighter than gas-powered ones.

Wheels make a model portable. Usually, such tools come with wheels or different width ranging from 6 to 8 inches. Wider wheels will make your device more stable and exclude turning over.

Control. The unit must listen to your commands when you want to make a turn, change speed or the direction of the throw. All levers have to be easy to set up even if you are wearing winter gloves or mittens.

Auger Width and the Intake Height

Review of Electric Snow Blower

When you are looking for the best electric blower, you want to always consider these two. It is crucial that you have a model with a wider clearing width and an impressive intake height.

Having a wide clearance influences the amount you can take off in a single pass. The same thing goes for the intake height. This means you spend less time clearing the sidewalk. The intake height determines the height or depth of the snow accumulation the model can handle. Both are measured in inches. The regular clearing width is 18-20 inches; the intake height ranges 7-12 inches.

Best Electric Snowblower. Final Advice

As you can see from the reviews above, the electric snow blowers are essential for you to own for a winter. They help clean the household area, deck, sidewalks from heavy snow without efforts, so you have time for winter entertainment with your friends or family. Depending on the size of the territory for cleaning, you can get a gas powered blower or an electrical one.

So, what is the best electric snow blower overall? For this list, we get that the Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 is the best that you can own right now.

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