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9 Best Electric Fillet Knives In 2019 To Simplify Your Kitchen Routine

Last Updated: 30 October 2019

In everyday life, we see a lot of different kitchen knives, each of which is sharpened for a specific purpose. A woman, cooking for a large family, has the arsenal of meat, bread, cutting and cheese knives, but secretly dreams about one device that will cope with all the difficulties. The ideal solution will be the best electric fillet knife!

Have you ever dreamed of cutting a large, wiry meat piece without great effort with one hand? Or how to cut soft bread quickly and smoothly without using a cumbersome bread cutter? With an electric knife, invention, this became possible. The first such prototype has appeared in 1939 and has been continuously improved and now we got the best electric fillet knife.

A knife is called the king in the kitchen. But, in spite of all its majesty, you must have complained that it does not cut anything, it is too big, and this one is so sharp that it is terrible to take it into your hands. So, we prepared detailed best electric knife reviews of the top rated products. Now you will easily choose the one, that will fit your kitchen most of all.

So What Is It?

Electric Fillet Knife

The electric knife is a small hand-held device with a saw blade and a motor that drives this blade into action. It resembles a jigsaw or a small circular saw, and its power makes it easy to cut frozen meat or other products. The knife blades are usually stainless steel and are about 20-22 cm long.

Why Do You Need This Product?

Unlike a slicer, best electric fish fillet knife is a useful device that can not only cut vegetables, ham or cheese but also crumble them. This knife makes sense to use either for hard work, such as cutting a large meat piece or for a large volume of products when you need a quick and effective result.

Electric Fillet Knife FAQs

Find the answers to the most popular questions concerning the electric fillet knife below.

How To Sharpen The Blades Of Electric Fillet Knife?

For sharpening, it is necessary to use the following devices: a steel mechanical fillet knife sharpener, an electric sharpener that has the same functions as mechanical ones. Diamond sharpening is most convenient for professional knives, as they do not thin the blade.

How Do I Clean My Electric Fillet Knife?

It is necessary to wash the blades by hand or in a dishwasher. Use a damp cloth for the power unit cleaning and dry everything before storing.

How To Fillet Fish With Electric Fillet Knife?

The electric fillet knife best is an excellent helper when you need to fillet the fish. Simply take the device, put it on easily get the bones out. Start with a backside and make sure your fingers are safe.

9 Best Electric Fillet Knives Compared And Reviewed

1 place :

Our Pick: Rapala Fillet Knife Review

Our Pick: Rapala  Fillet Knife Review

Rapala heavy-duty electric fillet knife is the corded device that is very popular. Its blade is developed of stainless steel and is 7.5-inch long. It means that the size won’t influence the results of cutting with this Rapala fillet knife. Moreover, there is a chance to buy additional blades that will fit the handle in this device. Thanks to ergonomic handle, it perfectly fits the hand, so you can use it within several hours non-stop.

pros +

Powerful, but quiet 7.5-inch long Dishwasher safe Ergonomic handle 1-Year warranty Motor: 110 V

cons -

The case is not included

2 place :

Top Power: Mister Twister Knife Review

Top Power: Mister Twister Knife Review

The Mister Twister first released this legendary corded device long ago in 1986. Still, it remains eye-catching for people who are looking to find the Best Electric Fillet Knife today. Of course, it was a bit modified based on the requirements of the epoch. So, the current version of Mister Twister electric fillet knife comes with 2 sharp blades of 7.5 and 9 inches. Unfortunately, both can’t be sharpened, so you’ll be able to use this device within 2 years or a bit longer.

Q: Is it good for cutting bony fish?

A: Yes, it's good for cutting bony fish.

Q: What happens when blades become worn? Can you sharpen them? Can you order replacements?

A: Sharpening a serrated blade is simple if you have the right tool. Touch your blades up any time they seem dull.

Q: How long are the blades that come with the electric knife?

A: The blades on Mister Twister are about 7 1/2 inches long.

pros +

Pretty powerful Extremely sharp blades Convenient handle 2-Year warranty Motor: 120 V

cons -

Doesn’t have a protective case

3 place :

Elegant Set: Cuisinart Electric Knife CEK-40 Review

Elegant Set: Cuisinart Electric Knife CEK-40 Review

Cuisinart electric knife is the best example of the top-quality electric knives. It contains a perfect power button that is easy to control. A convenient black ergonomic handle is ideal for left-handed people as well. This best rated electric knife is sold together with 2 blades and a nice-looking wood block that will look elegant in the kitchen. The blades are for different purposes: one is for bread and another one – for carving. Thanks to a safety button you will easily block the device. The release button is used when you need to clean the blades. In general, it is an excellent electric fillet knife.

Q: How much power does this knife have (so I can compare it with other electric knives)?

A: 130 watts would be for the charger, not the knife motor. At 130 watts and 3.9 volts (battery voltage), the knife would draw 33 amps!

Q: Length of the cord?

A: 67 inches.

Q: Do you have to keep the power button depressed while carving?

A: Yes, one must keep the trigger depressed while carving. There is no lock.

pros +

Compact and powerful 2 blades and elegant wood block Top-notch ergonomic handle Safety button 3-Year warranty Motor: 130 V

cons -

Contains plastic parts

4 place :

Best PRO Kit: American Angler PRO Review

Best PRO Kit: American Angler PRO Review

American Angler pro electric fillet knife is another best product in our review. It was designed for fish and can be easily used by fishermen and hunters. The kit includes 5 blades, protective glove and the case which makes this set easy-portable. The blades are very sharp and will be used for a long period of time. The kit is pretty expensive, though it is necessary to understand that you are paying for the best quality ever. All blades in this corded best electric knife are flexible, and you can cut even the hardest ingredients easily.

Q: How is this knife for slicing turkey, meats, and bread?

A: This is the best knife we have ever bought for slicing anything

Q: Does knife have steel gears?

A: The Pro Series has meat and resin gears.

Q: Is this made so you can plug into 110 wall outlet?

A: Plugs into standard 110volt outle.

pros +

Comes with gloves and a special bag 5 Blades in a set Flexible blades Durable and easy to work with 2-Year warranty Motor: 110 V

cons -

A bit costly

5 place :

Budget Friendly: Hamilton Beach 74250 Reveiw

Budget Friendly: Hamilton Beach 74250 Reveiw

Hamilton Beach 74250 is another best model that deserves attention. It is suitable for various food types. It is sold with a fork and an excellent case for storage. The blades’ size is medium, but still, they are easy in use and are versatile. A handle fits a hand perfectly. The blade quality is more than great as it is extremely sharp. Moreover, you can easily clean the handle and the blade.

Q: How long is the blade itself?

A: The actual blade itself is 7 1/2 inchs, the whole blade including the part that fits INTO the handle is 11 inchs.

Q: Can the knife be locked in the ON position for continuous carving?

A: No. For safety reason!

Q: Will this electric knife cut through styrofoam smoothly?

A: Yes it takes practice holding it,but it's the deal to cut styrofoam and seat cushion foam.

pros +

Includes a fork in a set For various food Stainless-steel blades Easy to use and to clean Perfect storage case Low price Motor: 100 V

cons -

Uncomfortable position of the cutting button

6 place :

Great Design: BLACK+DECKER Electric Carving Knife Review

Great Design: BLACK+DECKER Electric Carving Knife Review

This great electric carving device by BLACK+DECKER is an ideal solution for cutting the bread, fish and various meat types. Its 9-inch blade cuts evenly and quickly. Moreover, it is comfortable in use with a non-slip ergonomic handle. The blades can be washed by hand or in a dishwasher. It also goes with a safety button that prevents accidents. Comfortable release button allows removing the blades without efforts.

pros +

Versatile Ergonomic design Safety button Dishwasher-safe blades 2-Year warranty Motor: 100 V

cons -

A short cord

7 place :

Top All-Around Tool: Oster FPSTEK 2803B Review

Top All-Around Tool: Oster FPSTEK 2803B Review

The Oster Electric Knife is an excellent tool for filleting and slicing various meat and fish. It goes with a comfortable handle that is convenient to hold, as it doesn’t slip. Your wet hands will manage to take it in hand. On/Off button is placed on the right place, so it is easy to push it. Another important thing is that this cool blade is sharpened well and will be the best choice for people who are tired of spending a lot of time- fighting with usual kitchen knives.

pros +

Nice design Non-slip ergonomic handle Nice-looking storage case Comes with a fork 1-Year warranty Motor: 60 V

cons -

A short cord

8 place :

Perfect Shape: Toastmaster Electric Knife 6102 Review

Perfect Shape: Toastmaster Electric Knife 6102 Review

This knife comes in a white color and is pretty powerful. It can be easily used for very serious cooking experiments. Its 8-inch blade is made of stainless steel and is very sharp. It serves as the best solution for cutting turkey, harm, and as a fish fillet knife. An excellent ergonomic handle is easy to take in hand, so you will feel the difference between this electric kitchen knife and the other ones you’ve used before. Eject button works well, and the blade is easily removed from the handle.

pros +

Ergonomic handle Nice white color Good eject button For various products 1-Year warranty Motor: 120 V

cons -

Contains plastic parts

9 place :

Brand Manufacturer: Berkley Electric Fillet Knife Review

Brand Manufacturer: Berkley  Electric Fillet Knife Review

Berkley electric fillet knife is developed for those, who want to simplify the process of cutting meat, fish and other products. It has an intuitive design, ergonomic non-slip handle, and extremely sharp 8-inch blade. Be sure that you will have control over the fillet knife while cutting. Also, Berkley electric fillet knife possesses a trigger lock for better safety. It would be even better and more popular with a longer cord as this one is not ideal.

pros +

Extra sharp blade Nice design Comfortable ergonomic handle Trigger lock for safety 1-Year warranty Motor: 120 V

cons -

Short cord length

Types of Electric Fillet Knives

The electric knife can work from the usual mains, and from the battery, and even from the car “cigarette lighter”. But generally, there are two types – corded and cordless.

Best Electric Fillet Knives


It gives more power and better carving capability. But your movements will be limited by the cord. You need to look for a cord that is long enough to avoid problems with wall outlets.


This type provides you with freedom of operation anywhere in your house. You can even take it fishing or to a campsite. It has a rechargeable battery. But the power in such knives can be compromised.

Electric Fillet Knives Buying Guide – What To Look At?

While choosing the best electric fillet knives, it is necessary to pay attention to the following factors:

Convenience Of Use

An important point is convenience. The control buttons should not interfere with the work. Many manufacturers develop electric knives with a rounded handle, for which it is convenient to hang it on the hook above the work surface in the kitchen.

Knife Blade

The electric kitchen helpers are provided with certain blades. They can be designed for cutting hard and soft products or consist of universal and specialized blades. The optimal length for the universal blade is 7 – 8 inches. Based on electric fillet knives reviews, the devices with blades of stainless steel have the longest life of service and can be cleaned in a dishwasher. The knife should work smoothly and without vibration. It is worth paying attention to the safe control button, as it should be provided with a special lock that won’t allow the knife to turn on automatically.

Speed Control

A good functional addition is rotation speed control. This will allow you to cut solid and soft products at various speeds.

Cord’s Length Or A Battery Life

Review of Best Electric Fillet Knives

If you choose a corded device, make sure that the cord length is enough for you. In a case with a cordless fillet device, make sure you choose good A-batteries, and they will serve you for a long time.


The longer warranty means that the manufacturer guarantees the product’s quality released. So, choose the knife with the longest warranty period.

Ergonomic Handle

Knives with an ergonomic handle would be an excellent choice. It won’t vibrate in your hand and will reduce the risks of cutting the fingers.

Ease In Cleaning

Modern knives are dishwasher safe. In this way, the device will be clean, and you’ll have fewer chances of being hurt while washing it by hand. In this case you should definitely opt for safety.

What Is The Best Electric Fillet Knife in 2019? Final Advice

Now you know all the benefits of having an electric fish filleting knife. But this device is not only for fish, it also serves for bread and meat cutting. Based on our research and electric knife reviews you’ve just read, Rapala electric fillet knife is the winner in 2019. First of all, it possesses all the features that are necessary for these devices. It has an ergonomic non-slip handle, works quietly, can be used in a dishwasher, is powerful and has a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. If you really want the best electric fillet knife, this one is what you need.

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