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Looking For Best Cooler For The Money? Here Is Top 10 In 2019!

Last Updated: 18 September 2019

When going on a picnic or a long trip out of the city, everyone thinks that he will eat and drink on the road. Before leaving, we diligently pack our bags, prepare sandwiches, chop vegetables and cool soft drinks. But there is one quite important problem: how to preserve the original products’ condition? It’s high time to choose ice chests for picnics and not only. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on such a device, the best cooler for the money comes to help.

To facilitate the choice of the best cooler for the money 2019, we managed to rank the top rated models. We took into account the price level, design, customer reviews and information from reputable sources. Rating and cooler reviews contain all the information that is important and makes sense while choosing.

What Is It?

The cooler for the money is an isothermal container, which, unlike a real refrigerator, does not produce cold itself, but simply saves it for a certain time. This effect is achieved due to the inner dense insulation layer and the built-in cold accumulators. You can use it not only to keep food fresh and drinks cold, but also to keep hot food in it, because it works like a thermos.

Why Do You Need This Product?

You do not need to carry with you a huge technique from home. This compact container helps your products not to get spoiled in hot weather and preserve their original condition. Such an icey tek is an indispensable thing for any long trip or when you are in a place where there is no stationary fridge that can always keep your products fresh for a long time. With such an ice retention device, you will always have your products and drinks well-kept. Today you will learn how to choose the best chests for the money among all the top rated coolers that are present on the market.

Coolers FAQs

What Is The Best Cooler For Keeping Ice The Longest?

What Is The Best Cooler For Keeping Ice The Longest?

It’s the first question asked when you need to buy a chest cooler. Of course, buying a cooler, we all want our purchase to prove itself as efficiently as possible and serve us as long as possible. That is why, choosing this or that model, mind the insulating layer’s thickness, its ergonomics and the presence or absence of cold batteries, etc.

A cooler made of best dense material with a reliable fastener, a protective flap and a thick insulating layer, is able to maintain a temperature that is 15 ° lower than the environment. However, without cold accumulators, this effect will be short-lived – about 3 hours.

What Is The Best Brand Of Coolers?

If you are going to choose the best cooler, pay attention to its brand. The companies like Igloo, Coleman, Yeti, Pelican, and Cordova are the world's leading manufacturers of coolers. These brands value their reputation; therefore, they produce only high-quality and safe goods. If you choose the best cooler manufactured by one of these brands, your choice will be right.

What Is The Best Ice Cooler For The Money?

The outer layer of the best ice cooler must be wear-resistant and washable. The main task of the inner layer is to maintain temperature reliably. It is worth choosing a model with an inner layer of PVC with reflective properties rather than a plastic one. These options benefit in price but lose in efficiency, as even with batteries they can store products for no more than 2-3 hours. Also, there should be a special foam layer between the outer and inner sides. It provides proper thermal insulation and gives strength to the product.

Top 10 Best Coolers for the Money Compared And Reviewed

1 place :

Best Overall: Coleman 54-Quart Cooler Review

Best Overall: Coleman 54-Quart Cooler Review

Coleman 54-quart cooler is the best in our list. It is developed by a famous company that is well-known for its high-quality coolers worldwide. Based on cooler reviews, this model has the capacity to hold 85 cans. It offers 4-day ice retention even in hot weather. It comes with stainless steel handles and are very durable. Moreover, it is easy to carry. Stainless steel lid may serve you like a table on a picnic.

pros +

Large capacity 4-day ice retention Equipped with stainless steel handles Leak-proof Stylish design Excellent durability Good price

cons -

Contains only one compartment

2 place :

For Fishing: RTIC Ice Chest Review

For Fishing: RTIC Ice Chest Review

The RTIC ice chest is another great cooler to consider. It can serve you well if you need to store various things in low temperatures. Thanks to its light weight, this model is ideal for family picnics, fishing and even for hunting. It is similar to a portable freeze and can keep the products cool within 10 days. This best model comes with heavy handles made of a rope, so it is easy to carry. Moreover, it can serve you as a bench or as a comfortable table.

Q: What is the cooler's height?

A: The cooler is 15 7/8 inches tall. So say 16 inches.

Q: How long does this stay cold?

A: If you pre-cool with a 15 # bag of ice you can get at least 5 days.

Q: Is it ok to leave this cooler in a hot vehicle? We bought it to keep in our SUV for trips. So it will stay in the vehicle. That’s our plans anyway.

A: Yes, you can leave it in your vehicle.

pros +

Lightweight Versatile Holds ice for 10 days Is easy to carry Perfect for fishing and hunting

cons -

Rope handles are not strong enough

3 place :

Best Small: Cordova Coolers 35 Review

Best Small: Cordova Coolers 35 Review

Cordova 35 is a small cooler that is also worth buying . It is made of aluminum and is equipped with high-quality handles that make it easy to carry. This one is among the best coolers that can retain the cold for 5 days. The patented lid system can keep the products inside safe and protects fingers from being broken while opening the lid. The feet won’t be slipping on any surface. In addition, it has a stylish design.

Q: How tall is the 35 quart?

A: 35qt is 16.2 inches tall. Outer dimension: 22.4*16.2*16.2 inch. Inner Dimension:16.9*11*12.1 inch. Net weight: 23.0 lb.

Q: How long does it hold ice?

A: About 3-5 days if it is constantly opened but 5-10 if left closed.

Q: Does the partition keeps ice and liquid separate? Could I put dry goods on one side without them getting wet or soggy?

A: The partition is the cutting board and it is not a watertight divider.

pros +

Holds ice for 5 day Equipped with non-slipping fit Ideal lid system Stylish design Easy to use

cons -


4 place :

Top Secure: Pelican ProGear Elite Review

Top Secure: Pelican ProGear Elite Review

Pelican ProGear Elite is the best cooler that helps to keep ice inside for a long period of time. It looks like a secure case that can be used to transport treasures. Its perfect insulation, easy-to-carry handles, and top-notch latches deserve special attention. Thanks to its 65-quart capacity, you will be able to store a lot of ice inside. The lid comes with cup holders, and inside the cooler, there is a bottle opener. Based on the cooler reviews, this device is perfect for parties outdoors and even by meat and fish sellers.

pros +

Good insulation Excellent durability Nice design Is easy to drain Equipped with a bottle opener and cup holders

cons -


5 place :

Best Tailgate: YETI Tundra 50 Review

Best Tailgate: YETI Tundra 50 Review

YETI Tundra 50 is famous for its large capacity as it is possible to store up to 32 cans inside. Based on the YETI coolers review, it is considered to be a bear-resistant model thanks to its super-thick walls. So, if you are planning a trip to the wood, don’t be afraid. Its lid latches are made of heavy-duty rubber and will serve for a longer time. It will be the best option for the money even on a tailgate party. Also, it is possible to choose between 4 beautiful colors.

pros +

High durability Excellent insulation Bear-resistant design Excellent capacity For various purposes

cons -

High price

6 place :

Great Design: Klein Tools 55600 Review

Great Design: Klein Tools 55600 Review

Klein Tools is another brand that is famous for its products. This icebox can easily keep about 18 cans for 30 hours. It is equipped with 2 compartments: one is used to store food and drinks, and another can be used for keeping keys and even smartphones. The stainless steel lid is absolutely rustproof and you can open it at 90 and 180 degrees depending on the compartment you need to reach. In addition, this model has a unique design and can withstand 300 lbs of weight.

pros +

Modern design High-quality construction Comes with 2 compartments Corrosion-resistant lid Retains Ice For 30 Hours

cons -

Not waterproof

7 place :

Bear-Proof: YETI Roadie 20 Review

Bear-Proof: YETI Roadie 20 Review

This is another masterpiece by YETI that is very popular among picnic fans. It has a capacity of 14 cans and would be best to take with you to the beach. In addition, it is certified as the bear-resistant cooler thanks to its design and extremely thick walls. Interlock lid system is used to create a barrier between the content inside and the temperature outside. The handles are also well-built, so the ice box is easy to carry. Therefore, if you don’t have a necessity in a large device, this YETI cooler would be a perfect fit.

pros +

Suitable for various conditions Ideal for the beach Bear-proof Excellent durability Proper insulation

cons -

High price Small capacity

8 place :

Budget Friendly: ORCA TP0400RCORCA Review

Budget Friendly: ORCA TP0400RCORCA Review

If you are in need of great cooling capacity, consider buying the ORCA TP0400RCORCA. It would be a perfect choice for any tourist and adventurer. This cooler chest offers proper insulation, so all your drinks and food remain cool for a long time. For this, you need a special bag with ice that should be stored inside the box. Convenient handles make this device easy to carry. As extra storage, it is possible to use an additional Cargo attachment.

pros +

Excellent price Large capacity Easy in use Easy to carry Perfect insulation

cons -

Not long trips

9 place :

Most Durable: Igloo Products 00044921 Sportsman Review

Most Durable: Igloo Products 00044921 Sportsman Review

If you are looking for the most durable option, don’t pass by Igloo Sportsman model. It is protected from UV, is safe from corrosion and equipped with anti-skid feet. It would be ideal for people, who are fond of hunting, fishing and for camping fans. The heavy-duty handles make it easy to carry. A top-quality lid is equipped with a great locking system and even with a fish ruler. In addition, it is odor-resistant.

pros +

Excellent durability Corrosion-proof UV-protected Equipped with a great drain system Easy in use

cons -

Looks a bit heavy

10 place :

Best for the Beach: Pelican Elite 20QT Review

Best for the Beach: Pelican Elite 20QT Review

Pelican Elite 20QT is another best ice chest for the money. It is bear-resistant and you can take it with you anywhere. At the same time, it is perfect for the beach. Thanks to the thick cooler’s walls, your drinks will stay cool even when it is very hot outside. This model is superb as it is able to retain ice for 10 days. The capacity is about 12 cans. Thanks to its cool design, this model has a lot of fans and deserves to be in our rating of TOP 10 coolers.

pros +

Perfect for the beach Bear-resistant Retains ice for 10 days High-quality materials Easy in use

cons -

Poor drainage system

So What Cooler Types Are There?

What Cooler Types Are There?

Today there are various types of coolers at the market, that’s why it might be too hard to choose the best option that would fit your needs perfectly. Let’s consider the most popular types and see what their characteristics are.

Traditional Coolers

These are chest coolers that are cheap and the most commonly used. Usually, they come with special foam insulation located between the plastic shells. The lids are tight and able to keep a necessary temperature inside. There are traditional models that retain the drinks cold for more than 5 days.

Advanced Coolers

Based on the cooler reviews, these models offer maximum durability and perfect insulation. They are expensive only because they are equipped with numerous useful things for tourists. They come with thick walls and rubber lids for proper insulation. So, if you are fond of tourism, it is recommended to choose the best advanced model as it will serve you for a long time. Moreover, food and drinks will stay cool for more than 6 days.

Specialty Coolers

These are top devices that are designed for particular needs. Usually, they are soft or electric. They are not so popular, but still, it is possible to find the right variant that will suit your goals.

Soft Coolers

Soft coolers are special bags equipped with a shoulder strap or those designed as backpacks. They are compact and easy portable. It would be the best decision to have a soft cooler for family picnics.

Electric Coolers

As it is clear from the name, electric models need electricity to keep the right temperature. They are similar to fridges but are small in size. If you are planning to stay somewhere where the electricity is, choose this best model without any doubts.

Cooler Buying Guide – What To Look At?

When buying the best cooler for the money, first of all, you need to decide on the purpose of the future purchase. Its size, cooling time and some functional features depend on it. Here are some important factors that you should think about before buying coolers best.


To choose the best model that is suitable in terms of capacity, you must take into account the number of people you need to store the products for. The larger the company is, the larger the device should be. For example, if you are planning a family picnic or a party outdoors with a big company, it’s better to take a container on the wheels with a large capacity.


This factor is also important, so you need to decide in what way you will be getting to the place. If you choose a lightweight cooler, you will easily move it from one place to another. Cooler reviews prove that heavy models are a bit difficult to move, and they may take all your energy if the container is overloaded.

Ease of Use

It would be better to choose a model that is easy to use. For example, there are ice chests coolers that start maintaining a necessary temperature at once and those that require some time to get ready to be used.

Energy Usage

Choose the option that doesn’t consume a lot of energy. It will help you to save some money in the future.

Cooler Buying Guide

Inner Space

Many modern top rated coolers can boast of an additional set – a set of dishes, special compartments, pockets for bottles, etc. To buy such a bag or not is your personal decision. It is worth considering that a set of plates, forks, and glasses may not be useful to you outdoors or on a picnic, and it is hard to say how often you will use such a service. But such a cooler will be more expensive. More practical in this regard are the fixers for the products. Even if your bag fell or turned over – the products inside will not be damaged and will not fall out.

Outdoor Features

Depending on your goals, the cooler’s volume and weight will be different, and, accordingly, it will be necessary to transfer it to various places. Some containers are equipped with small handles and a shoulder strap for easy transportation, others, in turn, have only two handles or have only one handle with a shoulder strap. A lot of models are equipped with the wheels. Therefore, pay attention to the ice chest’s shape and size to understand whether this type suits you personally or not.


This criterion is decisive. If you do not plan long trips or there is no need for a long time to store products for a large number of people, then you can opt for a small variant. In this case, you can consider the models, the capacity of which does not exceed 30 liters.


Make sure that the device is convenient. It is necessary to check and evaluate the handles’ convenience, locks’ reliability, how they open and close. Also, it’s worth seeing if there are additional pockets and compartments. These little things make the operation simple and convenient.

Design and Material

Best coolers are available in various designs and are developed from different materials. It is possible to come across models made of fabric, metal, plastic, and Styrofoam. Coolers developed from Styrofoam are less expensive, but they won’t be able to keep the temperature for more than 2 days. Metals and plastic coolers are ideal for long-term trips. In addition, they are durable and well-insulated.

If we are talking about fabric iceboxes, it is necessary to say that they are lightweight. Such variants are ideal for the beach.


Think about the durability if you are going to purchase an icebox for excursions and some winter trips. They should withstand high and low temperatures. For such occasions, it is better to consider plastic models, as they are the most durable and keep the products inside safe.


Consider the best models with shoulder straps or those equipped with 2 or 4 wheels. In this case, there will be no need to carry the heaviest container on you. Still, for camping, it is better to choose a lightweight option that won’t bother you on the way.

The Best Cooler For The Money in 2019. Final Advice

Now, after we reviewed top rated coolers, it’s high time to speak a bit more about our top pick – Coleman 54-Quart Cooler. Based on our research, it is the best cooler for the money 2019 due to numerous factors. Let’s start with a design. This cooler looks very aesthetic thanks to its charming retro style. In addition, this model is equipped with a wide-opening lid and perfect latches for proper security. In terms of durability, it is also fantastic as it is corrosion-resistant and can serve for ages. Unfortunately, this model has no wheels, but still, it is easy to carry it thanks to great handles. As you see, this option has a lot of positive characteristics and can retain ice for 4 days. If you choose it, it will be the best decision.

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