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5 Christmas Light Projectors in 2019: Light up Your Party

Last Updated: 21 November 2019

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After testing over 20 hours and considering a bunch of models of Christmas light projectors, our staff writer Сindy Blare finally examined the inventory at local stores, including Costco, Home Depot, and Walmart. To expand the personal experience, she also spoke to Sue Shannon, Interior Designer at Nandina Home & Design. who have helped customers choose the best light projectors.

Moreover, she spent some time at the store's showrooms getting a feel for the design, ease of use, build, and sturdiness of some of the most popular models. Clearly, Сindy doesn’t do any hands-on performance testing for this review, but she does draw on what she’d learned from the hours of testing experience and expert advice.

We associate Christmas night with dreams and hope for a miracle. In such moments a little child comes to life in our souls and wants to see and get something incredible, beautiful and amazing. Miracles are always next to us: to turn an ordinary night into a fairy tale, sometimes it is enough to do something simple and easy, for example, to buy the Christmas light projector. With this elementary device for Christmas and New Year and, you will make an instant jump from grey everyday life into a magic snowflake tale.

Christmas Projectors FAQs

What Is A Christmas Outdoor Laser?

Christmas Laser

If you prefer to celebrate Christmas in a cottage or a big house, then you are not limited to decorating rooms. The great idea is to create a magical atmosphere in the courtyard, so that, beyond the threshold of the dwelling, all the guests and family do not leave the fantasy world. The light projector is an ideal variant even if you want to create unique 3D images show.

If you used to hang Christmas lights all around the windows, it’s time to forget about this procedure. With the Christmas light projector, this task goes simple. You install the device right in the snow and turn it to the building or the parking area. It works on electricity through the USB-adapter or regular outlet. If you buy the outdoor laser lights, you will get the whole set of accessories in the kit. Most manufacturers equip their products with a waterproof coating, which is not afraid of the rain, hail, or wet snow. The street Christmas lights usually have long legs that allow you to put the device on the ground in slushy weather or deep snow.

How Many Lights Do You Need?

Usually, for one building you will need one projector for each side of the house. But, sometimes you may require more.

Step 1. Find out how many square feet can the projection cover. Then, calculate the size of the area you want to decorate with laser light projectors. For example, if you want to light the garage door, don’t buy a unit that covers the entire front of a house. If you want to light up the big area, you may need two units.

Step 2. If you want to put the device far from the house to get a wider display, you need to have a large front yard. If your yard isn’t wide, or you have bushes, trees or other obstacles that block the projector, then you may need more than one unit.

Are They Waterproof?

Most lasers are IP65 rated. Manufacturers seal them to make 100% waterproof. But, do not submerge the device underwater. For more safety, we recommend you to buy a waterproof extension cord safety case. Please, note that the point between the wall outlet and the power cord is usually not protected, so snow or water can seep in and cause a short out.

Where To Place A Light Projector?

This will depend on your preference and the size of your household or backyard. You can place it indoors or inside the room. Still, there are factors you need to think over before the installation:

  • Length of the cord.
  • Availability of the socket. Most models use the standard 110V sockets or UL adapters.
  • Size of the room or landscape of the yard.
  • Size of the surface on which you want to project. Some devices need a flat or white surface to provide sharp and clear images. Please avoid pointing the light into the sky (because of the risk for pilots).
  • Purpose. For example, if you have a party with live music, the lights have to complement the show.
KITCHEN APPLIANCESItem DimensionsMaterialItem WeightPricePowerIncluded ComponentsFeatures
SNOWFALL OUTDOOR LED CHRISTMAS LIGHTS12 x 9 x 6 inches(Package)1 pounds$$$110 volts/4.4 KW
1BYONE CHRISTMAS LASER LIGHTS13.2 x 9.9 x 7.2 inches4.9 pounds$$120 volts/ 12 wattsStar Patterns
12 PATTERNS CHRISTMAS LIGHT PROJECTOR6.7 x 3.9 x 6.3 inchesMetal, Plastic1.3 pounds$110 voltsThis LED party light contains 12+2 featured patterns. 3 of Christmas Party with Rudolph Elk Santa Claus Snowflake, 3 of animals with Panda Flamingo Owl Tree essence, 1 of Birthday Party, 1 of Independence Day Celebration, 3 of Halloween series with Pumpkin Skeleton Ghost, 2 of Random Patterns.

Top 5 Christmas Projectors Compared And Reviewed

Christmas time is always great, especially when your house is ready and decorated for this fairy-tale season. Think about it in advance and purchase a projector to create a magic atmosphere inside and outside of your house. The market is full of various devices. And it is very hard to choose the right variant. So, we analyzed and tested top rated products and compiled the list of best Christmas light projectors for 2019. We list the results of our thorough investigation and research in our Christmas light projector reviews below.

1 place :

Best Overall: Geekers Christmas Laser Lights

Best Overall: Geekers Christmas Laser Lights

When you are tired of hanging the lights all around the house, it’s high time to pay attention to the product by GEEKERS. It will help to decorate the house and the outdoor territory for a wedding, birthday party, Christmas or any other occasion to celebrate. It is a kind of RG star that will help you create an unbelievable party. This product developed of top-quality materials is IP65 waterproof and dust-proof. It covers the territory up to 2000 square feet, is good for outdoor or indoor decoration. You can pick one of three installation methods: wall, ground or tripod mounting.

Professional lasers have got FC, CE, FDA, RoHS safety certificates. The unit rotates automatically, or you can change settings with a sensitive RF remote control that reaches 15 meters. The remote control includes the auto-timer feature for 2H, 4H, or 8H options. On top of that, the manufacturer offers a 30-days return guarantee.

pros +

Waterproof design Remote control feature 3 color modes Easy to install Power saving device

cons -

The area of the coverage is not large enough for some customers

2 place :

Best Outdoor Christmas Light Projector: Snowfall Outdoor Led Christmas Lights

Best Outdoor Christmas Light Projector: Snowfall Outdoor Led Christmas Lights

This amazing outdoor Christmas light projector developed of top-quality waterproof ABS plastic is good both for indoor and outdoor use. The working temperature (14 °F-122 °F) and weather protection make it an all-season device. It is perfect for your patio, garden or lawn to spice up your party, wedding, any festival, Christmas, New Year or Halloween.

The color of the lights is white, and its dots resemble snow. The model covers a distance of 30 feet. With the help of a special ground stake, it can be placed into the snow or ground. Feel free to control the speed of the snowfall remotely. The light appears to be quite bright. After the purchase, you get an 18-month warranty, friendly customer service, and 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.

pros +

Top quality materials Large area coverage Can serve as excellent indoor and outdoor light projector Weather-resistant The remote control is included in the set

cons -

The design is simpler than in products by other manufacturers

3 place :

Best Motion Christmas Lights: Bulbhead Star Shower

Best Motion Christmas Lights: Bulbhead Star Shower

If you want to create a New Year’s mood at home, the excellent idea would be to purchase a holiday light projector by BulbHead. It can cover the widest area of 3200 square feet and looks festive. Only imagine thousands of bright multi-colored stars will reflect on your house. The show looks incredible. Thanks to the inbuilt laser sensor, it automatically turns on when it is dark outside and turns off in daylight. If you have a big house, you can also use such a device indoors. 8-feet lawn stake allows installing it into the ground. It serves as another best outdoor Christmas projector.

pros +

Energy-saving Easy in use Contains in-built sensor Would be great for the indoor and outdoor use Affordable price

cons -

Requires a long extension cord

4 place :

Power-efficient: 1byone Christmas Laser Lights

Power-efficient: 1byone Christmas Laser Lights

If you want to decorate your house and its territory quickly, consider 1BYONE best laser light projector. This device is an energy-efficient and can serve you all year round.

You can use it both indoors and outdoors thanks to special ground stack and a stable stand. Built-in timer switches the device on and off automatically when it's night or day. Also, with an automatic timer function, the laser light will turn off after 6H using and turn on again after 18H.

Regulate the intensity between motion, flashing, or use stationary modes. Based on many laser Christmas lights reviews, this festive device covers the area of 2100 square feet. 10 Light modes with Star and Christmas tree patterns in red and green look fascinating. Rated IP65 casing guarantees weather resistance.

Q: Will the laser light damage your eyes?

A: The lasers are 5mW and go through a diffraction grating. The amount of laser light in any one of the dots is reduced greatly and will not harm anyone's eyesight. The grating also smears out the dots the further they go so it is not a danger to aircraft or drivers.

Q: Does the product come with a base so you can prop it up vs sticking in the ground?

A: No. It comes only with a stake for sticking in the ground.

Q: What is the length of the cord?

A: Cord length is 11 feet.

pros +

Power-efficient Easy in use Can be used indoors and outdoors Includes a timer Covers an area of 2100 sq. ft.10 light modes

cons -

The design is in the form of green trees and red dots

5 place :

Best Indoor Christmas Projector: 12 Patterns Christmas Light Projector

Best Indoor Christmas Projector: 12 Patterns Christmas Light Projector

This is another great device on our list of the best Christmas laser light projectors that can also help you decorate your place for holidays such as Halloween or a birthday party. It comes with a 12pc switchable pattern lens that lights up your festivity with over 10 celebration series. Soft LED light protects eyes as a night light for baby kids. Regulate motion between slow, medium, fast, fixed and off using the power button on the back of the device. IP65 and CE, ROHS, FCC certification guarantees the complete safety of this unit.

pros +

12 various patterns Fits several holidays Easy in use Perfect timing function

cons -

Small area coverage

6 place :

Multi-functional: VegasDoggy Christmas Lights Projector

Multi-functional: VegasDoggy Christmas Lights Projector

VegasDoggy developed another top Christmas light projector. It is equipped with a metal shell made of top-quality materials. This amazing device is multi-functional, and you can mount it on the wall, on the ground, and on a tripod. Just a few simple steps and your house is ready for the Christmas season. RF remote control helps set up the colors of the laser show (single red, single green or red and green), the speed of moving and an automatic timer. In addition, its high-class IIIa laser light suits 2.0mW power output. The whole item corresponds to the requirements of CE, FC, FDA, RoHS standard certificates.

pros +

Weather-resistant 3 possible mounting ways 2 colors for the laser decoration Remote control Adjustable angle

cons -

Is not long-lasting

7 place :

Great Cover Distance: Star Shower Laser Christmas Lights

Great Cover Distance: Star Shower Laser Christmas Lights

The Star Shower Laser Christmas laser projector can transform any home in a moment. It can add thousands of colorful stars throughout the house, both inside and outside. What you need to do is to connect the device to the network. This model turns on & off automatically thanks to the built-in light sensor. You can regulate the performance with a unique motion activator button. This is absolutely the best Christmas projector! The bulb uses less than 5mW and boasts of 3R classification for saving energy. Star Shower has a lawn stake or indoor flat base, which allows using it on the ground and on the snow. The system is waterproof, so you can enjoy it in any weather.

pros +

Includes 2 laser modes All-weather resistant Indoor and outdoor Christmas projector Covers a large area of 3200 sq. ft

cons -

Is not stable on the ground

8 place :

Most Versatile: Christmas Led Projector IP65

Most Versatile: Christmas Led Projector IP65

This LED Christmas light projector is very reliable and is sold at an affordable price. There are thematic modes for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, St. Patrick's Day, Easter Day, April Fool’s Day, Independence Day, Valentine's day and more. Will be an excellent solution if you want to decorate your house inside and outside and absolutely substitutes white laser lights for trees. To start using it, plug unit and choose the desired motion. The device withstands temperatures between 14℉ and 104℉ and is weatherproof. Timers and automatic modes will help to save power.

Thanks to RF remote wireless control, you will be able to choose the favorite slide from 15 meters distance. The available modes are dynamic, fixed and twinkle. It would be an excellent present for kids.

pros +

Excellent choice of slides Can be used indoors and outdoors Top-quality wireless remote control Waterproof Best holiday projector

cons -

Small display

9 place :

Cool Lighting Modes: Laserxplore Projector Lights

Cool Lighting Modes: Laserxplore Projector Lights

It is another Christmas light projector equipped with 7 lighting modes. It offers gigantic coverage of 1550 square feet if to install it on the distance of 26 feet from the house. This projector features amazing blinking effect that can create a perfect starry sky view with over 4000 red & green pin-points. A built-in timer is responsible for automatic turn on/off of the device. In addition, it is water-resistant and can withstand any temperatures outside. This best Christmas laser light projector can decorate the building not only for Christmas but for any other holiday thanks to the unified design. Sunproof, rainproof, snowproof and dustproof design, IP65 lamp body can withstand all kinds of weather.

pros +

Easy to install 7 lighting modes Inbuilt timer Weather-resistant Owner of numerous certificates of quality Good for Christmas laser show

cons -

Absence of wireless control

10 place :

Best Blue Christmas Light Projector: Imbeang 18 Patterns Christmas Projector Light

Best Blue Christmas Light Projector: Imbeang 18 Patterns Christmas Projector Light

When it is closer to Christmas, it’s time to get a new Christmas light projector. Imbeang will be your top choice if you are looking for the device offering many lighting patterns. All the patterns of this projector are dynamic with over 1000 of blinking spots. It comes equipped with a remote controller which allows changing the pattern and its mode easily. The moving speed and timer can be also set up. It features a unique security lock that protects the projector and its Xmas laser lights from jealous neighbors.

pros +

Perfect choice of 18 patterns Excellent remote controller Security lock feature Water-resistant Easy in use

cons -

Can’t be used with an extension cord High price

Types of Light Projectors

Best Christmas Light Projector

Christmas light projectors may belong to 3 main types: battery-operated, electricity-powered and solar. Let’s consider what the differences between them are and what are their pros and cons.


These are not long lasting and are less powerful. They usually use batteries and accumulators as the source of energy. Based on Christmas light projector reviews, the main drawback of such devices is that they get broken quickly, but their cost is low.

Powered by Electricity

Electricity-powered laser lights are very popular, and people prefer them. You can use them inside the house and outdoors. Their special construction allows putting it on the ground in the patio or to install somewhere on the floor in a room. The price varies depending on power and the area of coverage.


Solar best rated laser Christmas lights are not the cheapest. And it won’t work great inside the house. If you want to decorate your building and terrace outside, choose the projectors of this type. You won’t be limited with a cord length that is rather important.

Outdoor Projectors Buying Guide – What To Look At?

On the eve of the Christmas holidays, many people want to decorate their house, make it brighter and more cheerful. To achieve this, you will need to purchase the best Christmas light projector. This is an excellent alternative to LED lighting and colorful garlands, which often do not work properly. So, what are the main things to think over while choosing such a device?

Indoor Or Outdoor Type

If you purchase the Christmas house projector and use it outdoors, it should withstand cold temperatures and be water-resistant. In a case with indoor devices, they should work normally in warm temperatures inside.

Durability Of Construction

Pay attention to the materials used. Top-rated Christmas laser lights may be plastic or metal. The last variant will be better in terms of weather-resistance.

Ease Of Use

The best Christmas light projector should be easy to install and easy in use. It would be nice to have a device with remote control or wireless. Here you won’t need to get closer to the product to change settings.

Coverage Area

It all depends on the area you’d like to cover and the size of the Christmas laser light show you’d like to organize. If you make the right choice, you won’t need to purchase any other additional devices to finish a composition.

Choice Of Patterns

Review of Best Christmas Light Projector

When you are choosing from TOP 10 Christmas laser lights, keep in mind that there are devices equipped with different patterns. It means that you can use such decoration element not only for Christmas but also for any other holidays depending on the pictures it has.


Especially if you have children, make sure that the product you are about to choose will be safe for kids. It might possess certifications that prove its safety.

Which One to Choose? Final Advice

It’s high time to talk about the best Christmas light projector 2019. Based on our investigation and similar products reviews, GEEKERS Christmas Laser Lights is the leader in this category. It is on the top of best rated laser Christmas lights because of many factors. First, this Christmas projector is one good example of top-quality products developed of top-notch materials. It will be appropriate for any occasion and will add magic to your house. Its IP65 waterproof grade guarantees you can leave it outside even in cold and rainy weather. To create the best composition, GEEKERS best Christmas light projector allows adjusting its mounting bracket. In addition, it is very versatile and will have a long life. To put it into action, choose the right place and run it. This won’t be the cheapest solution, but usually, the products of the highest quality are more expensive.

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