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Best Boning Knife in 2019: Top 8

Last Updated: 10 February 2019

Cooking is an art that requires special skills, perfect ingredients, a good avenue called a kitchen and most importantly, tools to carry out some activities. One out of these tools the best boning knife that allows you to handle a piece of meat skillfully and cut into desirable sizes of your choice. If you want the possibility of this, all you need is the best boning knife because it has better quality than many others sold on the market.

In this review on the best boning knife, there is a lot to talk about; hence all knives have been categorized on the basis of their best features. Some of which include the best professional boning knife, boning knife for beginners, best budget knife, etc. and examples such as Victorinox boning knife, Wusthof boning knife will be described. Also, if you have so many choices when shopping, there is a buying guide in this article that narrows down your wide choices to a special one.

Best Boning Knife FAQs

There have been so many questions going around on this product, especially on its level of importance in the kitchen; however, below are questions that are frequently asked in general.

What Is A Boning Knife?

A boning knife is a piece of tool used for handling meats particularly bony ones which may be difficult to cut in perfect sizes and shapes. The architectural design of this knife is in such a way that cutting is made easy and meat becomes bone-free and easy to eat after the process.

What Is A Boning Knife Used For?

In simple terms, the best boning knife is used for cutting bony meats like chicken to perfect sizes, shapes without making mistakes or recording any form of casualties.

How to Use a Boning Knife?

There is no perfect way to use a boning knife because it is synonymous to a domestic/kitchen knife, only that it is more effective and requires proper maintenance.

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1 place :
Best Overall: Zelite Infinity Boning Knife

Best Overall: Zelite Infinity Boning Knife

This 4-inches blade boning knife can be used for several purposes. This is the Best Boning Knife with high performance and extraordinary slicing mechanism which will be a perfect utensil in the kitchen. Its features include Japanese stainless steel, classic round handle that enhances balance and comfort grip, sharp edges that cut deep into any object smoothly. In general, its durability is topnotch due to its resistance to rust; the blade is flexible and straight but with curved edges for efficiency.

pros +

Bolster tapered handle for balance and grip Ultra-sharp stainless steel Multipurpose in use Highly durable

cons -

Requires extra maintenance

2 place :
Best Flexible: Wusthof Classic Boning Knife

Best Flexible: Wusthof Classic Boning Knife

Taking just one look at Wusthof boning knife, this second best boning knife can be seen as a classic model of a boning knife with ultra-modern and traditional style in regards to its optimal weight for cutting. The ultra-modern style involves its stylish stainless high carbon steel blade while the traditional style is its handles designed for comfort, grip, balance, and performance in general. Because of its delicate structure, the 6-inches blade has been designed primarily for filleting fish rather than bony, large meats (which is a secondary use).

pros +

High flexibility and balance when filleting Requires less effort than most other types of boning knives Sharp with great edges Highly durable and versatile to a point

cons -

Only suitable for experts

3 place :
Best Design: Global Cromova Boning Knife

Best Design: Global Cromova Boning Knife

The design of this third best boning knife includes a 6.25-inches blade, and you could totally fall in love at first sight without even considering its other features and qualities. Some of its features include; a Japanese Vanadium steel blade which enhances resistance to corrosion, ergonomic handle for comfort, great grip and balancing when doing a cutting job. Also, it can be used by experts, either at home or for professional use at work without any form of difficult while still great for multipurpose use.

pros +

Excellent body design Good for multi-purpose use Vanadium blade to protect against corrosion Built with a high-tech material in general

cons -

Only suitable for experts and not beginners Good for simple cuts and requires proper maintenance

4 place :
Best Size: Shun Dm0743 Classic Boning Knife

Best Size: Shun Dm0743 Classic Boning Knife

Out of all the boning knives for sale, Shun DM0743 is one with a beautiful but different outlook, because it seems more like a Japanese sword than a knife. The model is crafted with good stainless steel and a D-shaped handle, performance is beyond exceptional with high durability and comfort when cutting. The blade isn’t flexible but semi-stiff (like the one of Dexter boning knife) which makes it good for a number of activities. All these qualities make it the best professional boning knife available from few others.

pros +

Size of blade and design is captivating Air pockets reduce friction on a blade The handle is strong and comfortable Suitable for professional uses

cons -

Versatility is limited

5 place :
Best Versatile: Wusthof Classic with Hollow Edge Boning Knife

Best Versatile: Wusthof Classic with Hollow Edge Boning Knife

One feature that gives this among the best boning knife away is its hollow edge which is good for different things including filleting of fishes and deboning of meats. The honed edge of the knife ensures that friction is reduced to the very minimum and quality of the blade is preserved within the time frame. Another difference between this Wusthof knife and the previously mentioned Wusthof knife above is the curved blade in the former and straight in the latter while length remains the same.

pros +

Curved blade for multipurpose use Hollow edges for reducing friction The blade is made of high carbon stainless steel Sharp and great in quality

cons -

Poor durability

6 place :
Best Balance: Victorinox Boning Knife

Best Balance: Victorinox Boning Knife

Victorinox is another brand that makes the best knives with a high carbon stainless steel blade and Plastic-Over-Molded (POM) handle for support, balance, and comfort. The more you re-sharpen the knife, the better it is (with regard to performance); the blade has a high quality because of its forging process with high retention edge. In general, Victorinox 6 inch boning knife’s excellent control is a result of its full tang, a long handle which allows a user to maneuver easily with hands.

pros +

Excellent balance as a result of its full tang, long handle Re-sharpening increases performance High retention edge for effectiveness Suitable for larger hands

cons -

Cannot execute simple or delicate activities

7 place :
Best Budget: Zwilling Boning Knife

Best Budget: Zwilling Boning Knife

A suitable boning knife good for any budget is Zwilling knife; many people judge the performance of a product by the price in which this product disagrees with that notion. It is designed with a German high carbon stainless steel that ensures smooth cutting. Its molded polypropylene handle enhances a sturdy grip, improving stability and balance ultimately. The design is slim, and blades are super-sharp with high durability compared to many other types sold, therefore, ensure you maintain properly and keep in a safe place.

pros +

Blade has a laser-controlled edge for high performance Stable and balanced. Can be used for a very long period of time when properly maintained

cons -

Requires proper maintenance

8 place :
Best Value for Money: Cangshan Boning Knife

Best Value for Money: Cangshan Boning Knife

Cangshan knife is fragile but hard and flexible which makes it an ideal choice for everyday use in the kitchen for any task without disappointing in the level of performance. One look at the blade, you could say it gives an accurate cut, stable and firm feeling and total control while cutting your meat or fish. Regardless of its quality, it comes at a lower price, and it is highly durable which could be used for many years without rust or corrosion if properly maintained. All in all, this is a very good boning knife.

pros +

Comes at an affordable price Sharp and effective Highly durable and can be used for many years if maintained Accuracy in cuts and stable when held

cons -

Handle grooves of the knife makes food get stuck

Types of Best Boning Knife

Boning knives for sale are classified on 2 bases: blade structure and blade use. There is not much of a difference between boning knife vs fillet knife, but let’s see exactly.

Classification of Boning Knife Based On Blade Structure

#Curved Boning Knife

Curved boning knives are easily identifiable with their curved retention edges which are smooth for certain tasks even when it requires extra effort and grip. The structure of their blade doesn’t limit the performance, and it is just an ideal choice if you need to update your kitchen and utensils. Two examples of curved boning knives are Shun Dm0743 Classic Boning Knife and Wusthof Classic with Hollow Edge Boning Knife with their respective features and qualities.

#Straight Boning Knife

Straight boning knives are also identifiable with their structure and can be used for several purposes including filleting and deboning of fishes and meats respectively. However, there are some straight boning knives with curved edges which help in executing tasks effectively; and also, blades can be flexible or semi-stiff. From the best boning knife review above, Zelite Infinity Boning Knife, Wusthof Classic Boning Knife, Global Cromova Boning Knife, Victorinox Boning Knife Zwilling Boning Knife Cangshan Boning Knife.

Classification of Boning Knife Based On Blade Use

#Boning knife

For a boning knife, it is a type that is specifically used on large or bony meats because it requires effort and it has been designed to withstand great pressure. An example of this type of knife is a chicken boning knife that has been designed solely for cutting out a chicken.

#Filleting knife

Filleting knife is another type which requires less pressure, but sharp edges are important to ensure a smooth cut – it is less-stressful with sharp edges intact. This is solely used on fishes because smooth cut into desirable sizes is paramount but with less pressure exerted on the knife.

Best Boning Knife Buying Guide: What to Look At?

When you have to buy boning knife, there are basic things to look at because they contribute to the performance of the knife and they include:

#Quality of Material

Everyone knows the material for making knife blades is steel because it cuts deep and enhances resistance to rust or dull blade edges. However, the most common type is stainless steel which is produced by different brands with their own trademark and features; hence, quality of material must be topnotch.

#Blade Flexibility

There are different blades when it comes to flexibility, you either have a semi-stiff or flexible blade in which both have their respective uses when it comes to cutting. For instance, a flexible boning knife is more comfortable in filleting fish while a semi-stiff blade works best on meats, chickens, etc. and chicken boning knife comes in handy.


Also, a handle is another thing to check when shopping for the best boning knives because they enhance grip and balance when cutting meats or filleting fishes. It must be comfortable in hand; and sometimes, they possess bolster which contributes to balancing and acts as a finger groove for protection.

#Blade Size

Most importantly, the blade size in terms of length determines the quality and ease of cutting; for instance, boning gets better with longer blades while longer handles give perfect control.


A solution to avoid comparing boning knife vs. fillet knife is the level of versatility of a knife which is how it can be put to multi-purpose use.

The Best Boning Knife: The Final Advice

If you have paid attention to the review above, you would have discovered the importance and features of boning knives 2019 which an example is the best professional boning knife. However, it is also important for us to pick out the overall best boning knife that has all or the majority of the buying considerations as well as great quality. Zelite Infinity Boning Knife is definitely our ideal choice because it is one of the top-rated, its features are unmatched, quality and performance are topnotch with no doubt.

If you are still left with doubt whether to buy Zelite or not, below are specific buying considerations that could trigger your decision.

  • Knife with outstanding balance and performance?
  • Safe to hold and comfortable to keep?
  • Good price and great quality of steel?

Below are benefits you will certainly enjoy if you purchase this type of boning knife:

  • It cuts meats and fillets fish to perfect size
  • Smooth and easy cut
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Proper balance with great holdFinally, you must have made your decision and enjoy the benefits; therefore, tell others about this amazing kitchen utensil and let them have a feel of perfection. In fact, you could make them see reasons why it is important to have certain equipment kept in the home and properly maintained.In conclusion, other types of the best boning knives are good with respect to their structure, design, steel, blade material and handle, and you can pick any of them. You don’t necessarily have to go for what we have offered; it’s our choice to customers. You could find something else that would interest you. Nevertheless, the best boning knife is expected to be perfect, sharp, swift in action and easy to hold, so you should go any of the recommended above.

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