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Work With Wood Easily With 9 Best Belt Sanders In 2019

Last Updated: 30 October 2019

Why you should trust us?

This article was created by Corey Blare, our staff writer. To learn more about belt sanders, he spent roughly 15 hours researching dozens of belt sanders, and spoke to Chris Fredell from Ickler Company, to give Home Expert Reviews readers the best of the best list of belt sanders.

This article contains the best belt sander 2019 rating with detailed belt sander reviews and a buying guide, which will help you choose the one for your needs.

With home repairs, construction and auto repair works, people often have to peel, grind and polish vast surfaces. These processes require considerable physical effort, accuracy and time. A special best belt sander is indispensable in most cases.

Why Do You Desperately Need A Belt Sender?

Most often, it is used for removing old coatings, processing wooden planes (carpentry parts, flooring) and walls (when sanding plaster after reusable putty). Its design allows you to grind and polish large areas with maximum effectiveness using the best belt sander.

Belt Sanders FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions to guide you through to determining the belt disc sander that you need.

Belt Sanders

What Is The Operational Principle Of The Belt Sander?

Its principle of work is based on the constant movement of the annular abrasive belt. Several rollers drive the sanding belt, and it is pressed against the surface by a flat base.

How To Clean The Belt Sander?

Usually, a dust collector is provided in such models, which makes it possible to collect all the dust and dirt into it. As for the device cleaning, it is enough to wipe it with a damp cloth.

Top 9 Best Belt Sanders Compared And Reviewed

1 place :

Our Pick: Makita 9903 Belt Sander

Our Pick: Makita 9903  Belt Sander

This high-quality universal device works with an 8.8-amp motor. It is quite effective and can be used for most necessary manipulations with wood. There is a large speed selection and an electronic speed controller, which gives you the opportunity to maintain a constant pace.

To maintain the perfect balance, this 3x21-inch tool has a low profile design. In addition, an extended basic design has been developed here. For convenient operation, there is a large front handle. Makita belt sander is easy to use. This effect is achieved by using an automatic tracking system that controls the belt without adjustment, which improves accuracy. This is one of the best belt devices for woodworkers, deck builders, carpenters, and contractors.

Q: How well does the dust collection work?

A: The dust collection works. How good is a matter of opinion. When sanding a floor the dust bag routinely had to be emptied and the floor had surface dust that needed to be vacuumed. I wore a mask buy didn't feel that there was much dust circulating.

Q: I'd like to mount this for table use, but the trigger may be hard to reach. Can the trigger be locked On?

A: Yes, the trigger can be locked on.

Q: Can I sand metal with this sander or is it only for wood?

A: If you look in the product discription it will tell you that you can do both wood and metal!

pros +

Convenient speed controls Large speed selection Comfortable front handle Automatic tracking Great balance

cons -

Quite expensive

2 place :

Top 4 x 24-Inch Model: Makita 9403 Belt Sander

Top 4 x 24-Inch Model: Makita 9403  Belt Sander

This option is perfect for sanding large workpieces. Despite the fact that there is only one speed here, it allows you to remove material very quickly. By the way, the speed is 1640 feet per minute.

A separate advantage is that this belt sander works very quietly because the noise level reaches only 84 decibels. Thanks to its labyrinth design that provides tightness and protection for the engine and bearings, you get a sanding machine that will work for many years. Like the leader of this ranking, here is a convenient large front handle that makes the work comfortable. An additional advantage is in a dust bag that rotates through 360 degrees.

Q: Is this 120v or 240v?

A: It is 120v. Standard North American 15amp plug.

Q: I want to hook up my Makita 4" x 24" belt sander to my craftsman shop vac, but there are no specs on the size of the Makita dust port.

A: The exhaust port has an outer dimension of 1 3/16".

Q: Does this belt sander have variable speed control?

A: No, this sander has a single speed.

pros +

Quiet operation Convenient size Comfortable front handle Labyrinth design Comfortable dust bag

cons -

Only one speed Not cheap

3 place :

Great Handle: Black & Decker DS321 Dragster Belt Sander

Great Handle: Black & Decker DS321 Dragster Belt Sander

Black and Decker belt sander is what you need if you want to have basic settings and functions in a home kit. This device has a very small weight, which is only 8.2 pounds. The built-in 7-amp motor can reach speeds of up to 800 feet per minute.

The option is distinguished by the latest front rollers' design which makes it possible to handle the narrowest angles. It is worth noting a retractable three-position handle that ensures comfortable work with the device, and your hand will not be tired. In addition, here is a quality dust bag, which is also very important for comfort and clean work.

Q: The belt keeps sliding off. Is anyone able to fix this?

A: Yes, there is a knob that you turn to calibrate the belt to keep it on straight.

Q: Can I press the button and it will stay down? Or do I have to hold it?

A: Yes, it has a button you can press. Press once and it runs, then press again and it stops.

Q: Can I use this to sand the entire hardwood floor of my house? I can't find floor sanders/ anyway probably too expensive.

A: No, you'll need a heavy-duty sander.

pros +

Good price High-quality dust collector Retractable customizable handle Compactness Lightweight

cons -

Only one speed Motor power is sometimes not enough

4 place :

Top Comfort: Hitachi SB8V2 Belt Sander

Top Comfort: Hitachi SB8V2  Belt Sander

One of the main factors when choosing such a tool, of course, is comfort. Hitachi belt sanders provide it precisely because they have a soft elastomer grip handle. There are a speed controller and a strong and durable V-belt. The motor has a capacity of 9 amperes, which makes it possible to reach speeds from 820 to 1475 feet in one minute. Impressive, isn't it?

This one is quite small because it weighs only 9.5 pounds. An additional advantage is in the tracking window, which gives excellent visibility directly on the surface, and on the sanding strip. The dust collector on the left side improves the work quality in the corners.

Q: My previous belt sander was very noisy. What noise level is the Hatachi?

A: It's not noisy, pretty quiet actually. So far no problems w mine.

Q: How long is the power cord?

A: The cord is about 5 ft long.

Q: Is 220 V or 110 V? Thanks.

A: This item is 110V. Have a great day.

pros +

Adjustable speed Comfortable grip High-quality V-belt Tracking window 5-year warranty from the manufacturer

cons -

Does not process small pieces

5 place :

Affordable: Genesis GBS321A Belt Sander

Affordable: Genesis GBS321A Belt Sander

This model is an excellent option for working with a thin surface or with materials that require low speeds during processing. The motor has eight amps capacity and can reach speeds from 390 to 1180 feet in one minute. This is a universal option due to its low-profile design; it can handle hard-to-reach places. Additional convenience is an easy sand strip replacement with one lever.

An adjustable front handle also adds comfort when working. There is a convenient tracking system. As in previous models, there is a dust bag. It is worth adding that this is one of the best sellers thanks to its reasonable price.

Q: Would i be able to turn it upside down and use as a stationary bench sander?

A: With the two bolt holes on the side and a little imagination, this can be used as a bench sander. I mounted it once just to try it and it works great.

Q: Does it compatible with 220V power supply?

A: No. This is for 110 volts only.

Q: Does this have a locking trigger for continuous operation without having to press a trigger?

A: Yes! It does have a locking trigger. I use this all the time when I clamp the sander to my work table and use both hands to sand a piece of wood.

pros +

Adjustable speed Low price Large speed selection Quick belt change Comfortable front handle Low profile design

cons -

Low-quality dust collector

6 place :

Most Powerful: Porter-Cable Belt Sander

Most Powerful: Porter-Cable  Belt Sander

This model has an incredible power because this wide belt sander has a motor power of 12 amps, which can reach speeds from 1000 to 1500 feet in one minute. This is the highest power on this list. Nevertheless, this is the most expensive device in the ranking; although you should understand that it is worth it. Because there is a 4 x 24-inch sand strip, you will have the opportunity to process large surfaces in a short time.

Additional comfort is ensured by the ergonomic handles, and a rotating bag for dust will perfectly collect all the garbage. As in previous models, there is a quick-release lever belt change, which reduces the time spent on replacement. The disadvantage is that this is a rather heavy device because it weighs 15, 5 pounds.

pros +

Very powerful motor Adjustable speed You can quickly replace the belt Ergonomic handles

cons -

Heavy Expensive

7 place :

The Smallest Model: Wen 6321 Belt Sander

The Smallest Model: Wen 6321 Belt Sander

This affordable model is very lightweight. The machine weighs only 6 pounds. Wen belt sander's power is seven amps. It can reach speeds of up to 820 feet per minute, so this tool is an ideal option for working with regular projects. You can sand difficult angles because there is a front roller. You can also quickly replace the parts without using tools. An additional advantage is in a blocking protective function, which makes it possible to work without holding the trigger. The dust collector in this mini belt sander is quite capacious.

pros +

Low price Lightweight Compactness Blocking protective functions

cons -

Weak motor One speed

8 place :

Best Pressure Control: SKIL 7510-01 Belt Sander

Best Pressure Control: SKIL 7510-01  Belt Sander

This device does not lose its popularity due to its power and good quality. This is what is needed for those who rarely work with such tools since this is a sufficient budget model.

You get excellent value for money and comfortable control. The benefits are in the Pressure Control Technology system that will warn you if the pressure is above the norm. In addition, thanks to the Auto Track System, the belt will always be in the track center. Its advantages are microfiltration, which captures small dust particles, and a good dust collector that will control the purity.

pros +

Pressure control system Auto Track system Fast sand strip replacement Microfiltration

cons -

Not suitable for commercial use A dust collection system could be better

9 place :

Great Sanding Platform: TACKLIFE PSFS1A Belt Sander

Great Sanding Platform: TACKLIFE PSFS1A  Belt Sander

Despite the fact that the brand is not well known, it is quite popular. Those who need a device for easy work at home often choose this sander. You get excellent value for money as well as many additional features. One of them is a high-quality grinding platform that has two screw clamps, so you can flip it over and attach it to the table, which will give you more convenience.

The following advantages are in a small weight, which is only 6 pounds, and a speed-setting knob, which has six-speed dials. The dust protection system is equipped with a dust collector and a vacuum adapter.

pros +

Good value for money Lightweight Dust collection system Six speed sets High-quality grinding platform Great for work at home

cons -

The platform may be bogged down under great pressure Not suitable for commercial use

Types Of Belt Sanders

Types Of Belt Sanders

The sanders are divided into two types: handheld and stationary. Before choosing your option, you need to know something about the features of each type to choose your personal device.


As the name implies, such devices are fixed in one place. Moreover, you need to put the necessary surface to the device for processing. In such options, the tape is fixed on top. Usually, these tools are heavier than handheld ones. They can sand wood, metal and other surfaces, which makes them perfect for commercial use, as many belt sander reviews tell.


Many belt sander reviews mention, that these are the most popular tools. They can have different sizes and shapes, and they are lighter than stationary models. In this case, the sanding strip will be on the bottom. Therefore, such a portable belt sander is suitable for sanding the floor and many others. An additional advantage is that they can have different speeds and belt sizes.

Belt Sander Buying Guide — What To Look At?

When buying a belt sander for sale, you should consider such factors.


Although sanding does not require much energy, you must choose a device with a powerful engine. It is faster and more efficient, but it usually costs more.


Belt Sander Buying Guide — What To Look At?

The unit’s sizes correspond to the belt’s sizes, which can be used with them. There are two main sized grinding machines: 3 x 21 inches and 4 x 24 inches. The first option is the most popular because it is quite compact and easy to use. This machine is ideal for woodworking. The 4 inch belt sander is suitable for commercial purposes and for processing large surfaces. Give preference to the 3 x 21 inches’ machine as it can be used in various conditions and at various places. 2×72 models or 1×30 devices are suitable for delicate work too.


The work convenience depends on weight. If you are going to work with the belt sander in a horizontal position with uneven planks, then give preference to a heavy device. If you are going to work in a vertical or upright position, then you should pay attention to lightweight models.


These machines offer two-speed types: single and adjustable. Machines with one speed are old models, they are not universal because you cannot change speed. Adjustable speed models are more convenient, as you can modify it depending on the work you need on the project. Some devices allow you to set the speed as high and low. Other models provide more opportunities to choose any intermediate speed using the dial.

Dust collector

In order not to collect and not produce a lot of dust when working with Porter Cable belt sander, for example, give preference to models that have a quality dust collector included. The dust collector must be large enough so that you do not have to empty it every time. Some models have a dust collector that can be removed and connected to a vacuum cleaner. This is even more convenient.


Reading user reviews on specific products, you can understand how they work in real life and what difficulties you may have to face.

The Best Belt Sander: Final Advice

The best belt sander is a great device for working with various materials. The best belt sander can be used both at home and for commercial purposes. When choosing the best device, you need to be guided by power, weight, size, read user belt sander reviews. The best option on the list in our rating is Makita 9903. This is the best-designed machine that has excellent technical characteristics and is very popular on the market.

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