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5 Best Baby Walkers In 2019 You Can Get Online

Last Updated: 21 November 2019

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Today’s Home Expert Reviews stuff writer Cindy Blare, which is professional in housekeeping and parenting, tell you about the best baby walkers. She has all of the necessary test (for about 20 hours) equipment and software to provide objective measurements to back up her subjective (but unbiased) opinions.

There will come a time where your baby will try exploring the world even before they can walk. One way to help them expand their horizons is by investing in the best baby walker.

Best Baby Walkers In 2019
These are useful for parents who want to stimulate their children to start walking and provide them with more options to explore their surroundings. Infants and toddlers that still don’t know how to walk but are attempting to stand will appreciate this device. It makes them feel amazing and allows to explore what’s around them faster.

Another significant benefit of the best baby walker is that the child will build lower body muscles, which is important for mental and physical development. It’s also another way to entertain them, as once kids get the urge to move around, they’ll stop at nothing. The last benefit is that they also have extra features built into them to keep your kid entertained. While walking may be fun at first, toddlers are known to space out and move on to the next best thing. We have compiled a rating of top products on the market based on baby walker reviews.

KITCHEN APPLIANCESItem DimensionsMaterialItem WeightPriceFeatures
DELTA CHILDREN LIL' DRIVE27 x 27.8 x 26 inchesPlastic10.6 pounds$$
DISNEY MUSIC AND LIGHTS WALKER 25 x 28.5 x 22.5 inches12 pounds$$
COMBI BABY ACTIVITY WALKER28 x 26 x 21.5 inchesPlastic17 pounds$$$Adjustable HeightToysLightsMusic
KOLCRAFT TINY STEPS 2-IN-1 24 x 32.5 x 26 inches7.5 pounds$
BABY EINSTEIN NEPTUNE WALKER23.5 x 6.5 x 17.8 inches12 pounds$

Top 5 Walkers Reviewed And Compared

1 place :

Best Overall: Delta Children Lil' Drive Review

Best Overall: Delta Children Lil' Drive Review

The Delta Children Lil’ Drive is an excellent product with entertaining properties. It includes lights, music, and can rotate between 12 different songs, and is powered by AAA batteries. Other features are a height adjustment feature with three different positions. This allows your child to use it as they grow. There are sturdy wheels which ensure that the walker will move easily for your child on all surfaces, including carpets and wood flooring. Extra padding lines the inside of the seat which is a washing machine safe, just in case there are any accidents. The tray includes space for snacks, drinks, and contains two activity trays. The item meets all ASTM and CPSC Standards and JPMA Certifications. This one is surely the best baby walker on our list.

Q: What age did you start using this at and do the wheels have brakes?

A: You can start at 6 months old. The wheels have rubber brakes to prevent the baby from going down the stairs.

Q: Does it make sounds?

A: Yes, it makes noise, but you can turn the sound off to save the battery.

Q: What are the weight restrictions?

A: This walker is intended for children weighing up to 25 lbs (11.8 kg) and those that are not over 30 inches in height.

pros +

Padded machine washable seat Food & drink tray Music lights Folds flat for transportation

cons -

Tiny wheels

2 place :

Disney Music And Lights Walker Review

Disney Music And Lights Walker Review

The Disney music and lights walker offers your toddler endless amusement. It’s a popular pick amongst mothers because of the cute design and cool features. The wheels are crafted to be durable and roll smoothly on carpets. The attractive design, princess-themed characters presented on the back of the seat and pink color make it a baby girl walker. An oversized tray is big enough to hold food and other objects. It has a padded seating, a snack tray, and a weight capacity which can hold up to 30 lbs. There are the grip strips its reduce movement on uneven surfaces.

Q: How high off ground is the lowest height position?

A: 8 & 3/4" according to the measurement taken from lowest point on the leg hole to the floor.

Q: What is the weight limit?

A: The Disney Winnie The Pooh Music & Lights Walker can be used up to 30 lbs.

Q: How many songs does it play?

A: The Music and Lights Walker has 12 songs.

pros +

Portable Adjustable padded setting Oversized tray Sturdy wheels For 4 to 48 months

cons -

Assembly required

3 place :

Combi Baby Activity Walker Review

Combi Baby Activity Walker Review

This combi baby activity walker is a pink baby walker with electronic play tray. It comes with entertainment for your child which helps stimulate your child’s senses. The model has been stabilized so that the baby can focus on both entertainment and walking, without the risk of falling over or getting injured. Extra features are fun lights, sounds, and mirrors on each side of the device. The cute design of this car-themed entertainment center allows your child to stand, jump and explore surroundings. You can remove the car hood to make a large tray surface for snacks and drinks.

Q: Does the steering wheel light up and make sounds?

A: Yes, but the steering wheel requires batteries to make sounds and light up.

Q: The description says there is a lockable jumper feature. How do I get that to work? Also, is the seat machine washable?

A: The lock is on the side just push down the walker and turn knob to lock.

Q:Where do you change the batteries? I've been looking all over this thing and can't find the place where they go. (this was handed down to me)

A: The top part that looks like a car hood comes off and there is a tray under it.

pros +

Lights, mirrors, sounds 3 height positions Snack tray Anti-skid brake pads

cons -

Very small Color may fade after washing according to user’s reviews

4 place :

Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Review

Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Review

Kolcraft tiny steps 2-in-1 activity baby walker converts from a seated to a push walker as baby grows. It includes a conveniently placed snacking tray, extra storage, and features a lovely machine-washable padded seat. There is an upright mirror decorated to look like a flower. Other features include spinning balls, bead bars, and a few other attached toys. Skid-resistant friction pads are adjustable for the baby height and guarantee its safety.

Q: Does this work well on carpet?

A: Yes, more-so on firmer carpet, than on shaggier, but it works alright.

Q: What would be the baby age or weight requirements

A: Mine was 28 inches and about 18 pounds. His feet touched flat on the floor and he has steady head control which I believe are the most important things.

Q: Does is scratch hard wood floors?

A: It didn't scratch mine.

pros +

Padded seating Easy to clean Can be folded Enhance motor skill toys Non-skid friction ads

cons -

Only for kids that can support their body weight with legs already

5 place :

Baby Einstein Neptune Walker Review

Baby Einstein Neptune Walker Review

The Baby Einstein is one of the best walker baby toys which looks adorable and features fun underwater characters on the seat. It comes with a few preset classical melodies, and that encourages your baby to develop a taste for music. The toy station includes fun toys and characters to keep your child occupied. The unique elliptical frame adds stability to the construction. There is a steering wheel that activates lights and ocean sounds. The seating pad is machine washable, and you can raise the back high to provide your child with extra support. The item is good for babies aged 6 -12 months.

Q: Does anyone know if the front wheels swivel or are they stationary?

A: Yes they do swivel, baby can move left or right in this walker.

Q: Can the wheels be locked?

A: No, they cannot be locked.

Q: What are buckles under seat for

A: He has an adjustable seat to fit baby's height. Best regards.

pros +

Elliptical Frame Sturdy platform Nautical toy design Removable toy station Machine washable Back support

cons -

Not adjustable height

6 place :

Safety 1st Ready, Set, Walk!

Safety 1st Ready, Set, Walk!

The Mickey ready set is one of the most sturdy built baby walkers around. It features a unique design with a thick base and lining, to ensure that your little one doesn’t tip over. You can find 12 beautiful pre-installed songs which come with flashing lights. The weight capacity can support up to 26 lbs at a time, and the set is padded to ensure comfort. The baby seat is also safe to put in the washing machine and allows you to clean any mess easily. The unit can be folded for storage or when traveling.

pros +

12 pre-set songs with flashing lights Wide base Padded seating Washing machine safe Unisex design

cons -

Not a walker carpet model

7 place :

Joovy Spoon Walker Review

Joovy Spoon Walker Review

The Joovy is a compact baby walker that features a modern and stylish design. It is quite big with the dimensions of 18 H x 25.5 W x 27.75 D inches in the open position. As all first step walkers, it is foldable for storage or transportation. Height adjusts easily: turn the rectangular button counter-clockwise 90Âş and then push in, lower the walker to the necessary height, then release the button. There are three different height adjustments, and it is a non-slip baby walker with wheels. The maximum weight supported is 30 lbs, and the seat is comfortable, soft, and can be machine washed. The item is BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free to guarantee your little one more safety.

pros +

Super big tray Stylish white and grey design BPA free Padded seating is machine washable Non-slip pads Adjustable

cons -

Short legs

8 place :

Bright Starts Roaming Safari Walk-a-bout

Bright Starts Roaming Safari Walk-a-bout

The Bright Starts is a sit-in baby walker that provides both entertainment and safety. It includes adorable and well-designed toys of safari theme for extra joy and mental stimulation. All toys are electronic, removable, and feature bright and vibrant colors. It features pre-installed melodies which also have lights for entertainment. The adjustable baby walker features three different height settings, and you can change the volume of the walker as needed. You can remove the toy station and use it on the floor for more playtime.

pros +

Exotic safari design Unisex Removable toy station Adjustable height

cons -

Doesn’t move sideways

9 place :

Vtech Sit-to-stand Learning

Vtech Sit-to-stand Learning

The VTech is a baby walker for carpet which features a unique design and FrustrationFree packaging. Each toy pre-installed in this walker features sounds, numbers, and other forms of education to help start your child develop mentally. There are interactive learning tools which include five piano keys, buttons, and different shapes to develop and improve motor skills. The wheels are designed to be used on both flat floors and carpets. Other features include spinning rollers, sorters, effects, and the baby walker can switch between over 70 different songs. It is recommended for kids and toddlers 9 months to 3 years old.

pros +

Piano play pretend Over 70 sing-along songs Can be used on carpet

cons -

Made of plastic, may not be durable enough

Baby Walker Buying Guide – What To Look At?

Baby Walker Buying Guide

When buying your first baby walker, you may need to look out for a few specific features. We’ll provide you with a quick guide below.

Safety Features

One of the biggest concerns is your toddler or little one falling over or getting hurt. While baby walkers provide your child with ample freedom to explore, they still have the potential risk of allowing your child to get into something they shouldn’t, or the threat of them injuring themselves. There are models which include anti-slip, prevent falling over, and secure your child into the seat. The anti-slip properties are excellent for hard tiled flooring or wood floors. The wide base baby walkers which feature a thick frame can help the unit from falling over. And last, adjust it to your toddler’s age. You’ll often find walkers come with a suggested weight limit, height, or list the ages of when it can be used.

Multi-purpose Use

One of the best features is the ability to have multiple uses. Why invest in one feature when you can get a bunch for free? You’ll find baby walkers that include music, flashing lights, toy stations, and feeding trays. Other features include portability, adjustments, and folding capabilities to make it easy to store away and easy to use.


Comfort Baby Walker

The next big feature you need to look out for is comfort. You’ll find that many baby walkers don’t come with comfortable seats, which is vital if your child uses it for hours. Keep a lookout for padded seating which is machine washable. This will provide your little one a nice seat they can sit on when they’re not moving. You’ll also want to look for baby seats which have adjustable settings. Toddlers aren’t all growing at the same rate, which means you must account for their leg length. Find a baby walker which can change. You’ll find that many of them offer three different settings, but not all models come with this feature, so be careful when choosing for your toddler. Last, another prominent feature is looking for a supportive back. Few baby seats come with this feature, but you’ll find that for larger toddlers you’ll want a nice and long supporting backing on the chair.


The last feature is optional, but it can help mentally stimulate your child and give them something to do if they don’t want to move. Children have one-track minds, so they can only focus on one thing for so long. Having extra toys, sounds, and buttons can help entertain your kid and also give them learning opportunities. You can even find toddler walkers which include numbers, shapes, and letters.

Best Baby Walker In 2019. Final Advice

Baby walkers can help your child build muscles, stimulate their senses, and enhance their needs for new adventures. There are many types of such tools, but each on our list has been created to work well for all sizes of babies. If we had to choose one of the above baby walkers as the best baby walker 2019, we’d have to select the Mickey Ready Set because it has a broad base, can’t be tipped over, and is easy to clean. It enhances your child’s stability and can fold for storage. No matter which top-rated item you choose, all we’ve mentioned are excellent choices. Just be sure that your child can fit into the baby walker before you purchase it.

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