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10 Best Air Hockey Tables to Spice Up Your Parties in 2019

Last Updated: 18 September 2019

For recreational fun at home, one of the popular pastime games is air hockey. While it may be fun to go to an AppStore for free download game app or head to a bar, it’s not always the best choice. One of the best ways to fix this issue is to invest in your own hockey table game! The game table is very affordable, easy to use, and can provide you and your family with hours of fun. You’ll be able to impress your guests letting them play with this new free game.

Air Hockey FAQs

What Is It?

Types of air hockey tables

The design of the best air hockey table imitates a real hockey match. However, the differences lie in where two players are put against each other, one on each side of the table, and attempt to beat each other. Air hockey table uses air to push a hockey puck you hit around with handheld strikers, hence why it’s called a free air hockey table.

How Much Does It Weigh?

You can expect a full-sized game table to weigh over 200 lbs, but a portable version is less than 30. An extra large unit that has the dimensions of 82 x 42 x 30 inches weighs around 270 lbs, which what air hockey table reviews state. The weight will highly depend on the materials, make, and model of the air hockey table.

10 Best Air Hockey Tables Compared & Reviewed

1 place :

Best Overall: Harvil 4 Foot Air Hockey Game Review

Best Overall: Harvil 4 Foot Air Hockey Game Review

The first on our air hockey table reviews list is the Harvil Air Hockey Table. Specially designed for sports enthusiasts. It is a folding and best budget air hockey table at the same time. You will also get an electronic scoreboard operated on 2 AAA batteries. There is a digital screen showing earned points, which enables you to quickly check the score and get back to the game.

The four-foot curved panel occupies less space and is excellent for kids bedrooms according to the Harvil 4 Foot Air hockey table reviews. It is not heavy (28pounds) and can easily be taken apart and stored. Last, there are extra leg levelers to keep the board from tipping over during rough playtime or intense matches. With the 90-day warranty period, the manufacturer will repair or replace defective parts at no cost.

Q: Does it plug in or is blower run by batteries?

A: It does plug into the wall, a regular plug.

Q: Does it fold?

A: It does not fold. Once assembled, it's together.

Q: What size motor does it have?

A: This table uses 110V motor with enhanced air speed.

pros +

Very compact Perfect for apartments Money back guarantee Durable Stable build Leg levelers Electric scoring system Multiple accessories

cons -

May not be durable enough

2 place :

Best for Kids: Nhl Hockey Table Review

Best for Kids: Nhl Hockey Table Review

The NHL is another model which cater to newer players. This product comes with National Hockey League photos printed all over the edges. Included are also Eastern and Western leagues which can help show your support. Overall, this is an excellent addition to any home if you’re looking to show your spirit for your favorite sports.

What makes this board stand out is that it’s adjustable and can change to three different heights. This makes it perfect for families to enjoy, as you can move it to accommodate your young ones or teens. The unit comes with a pre-installed fan which can help keep the puck from getting stuck. Last, it comes with an electric scoreboard which you can use to track the game. pay attention to the sound effects.

pros +

Locks for easy storing Excellent for first-time owners Comes with all accessories Excellent entertainment Adjustable height Powerful airflow Electronic scoring system

cons -

Sound effects may get redundant

3 place :

Traditional Style: ESPN 60 Review

Traditional Style: ESPN 60 Review

Another pick is the ESPN Air Hockey Table review. This one is like table games you’ll see either in arcades or on TV. It features the brand’s name on the side of the desk and comes in a very stylish and sleek design. The colors are black and red, which makes it noticeable.

Over the top, there is a piece that shows the scores, but it doesn’t use electricity. According to the ESPN 60 air hockey table reviews, you must manually put in the score which is a bummer. However, the legs are sturdy, you can adjust the height, and the blower will keep the puck from getting stuck. The device works on the 110 V motor. The smooth glide playing surface increases the puck speed.

Q: Can the legs fold down or come off for easy storage?

A: They CAN come off. Though not very easily. There's at least 3 screws per leg plus the connecting boards between each of them, not just the short ends but the long sides too. It's not a quick up, quick down.

pros +

Traditional style Excellent for avid fans Durable construction Long lasting Smooth surface Adjustable leg levelers Included accessories

cons -

Too long

4 place :

Best Electric Air Hockey Table: Triumph 3-In-1 Swivel Multigame

Best Electric Air Hockey Table: Triumph 3-In-1 Swivel Multigame

The next item on our air hockey table reviews list is the Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel. It’s one of the top models on the market! It features a unique swivel design which allows you to switch between multiple types of games. However, you can also swivel the product back again if you’d like to play pool or other games. It also includes a smooth surface which enables you to play tennis or other types of games if needed.

As for the design, it’s made to provide high amounts of air evenly which can help create an excellent experience for you and your guests. There are also puck catching corners which can enhance your gameplay. According to the Triumph air hockey table reviews and information provided by the manufacturer, there are high-quality levelers on each of the legs which can keep the desk stable during use.

pros +

Easy to install Comes with all accessories Fully sized air hockey table High-quality materials Three games in one Rotating swivel table Even air distribution

cons -

Not as stable

5 place :

Best Arcade Air Hockey Table: Atomic Top Review

Best Arcade Air Hockey Table: Atomic Top Review

There are plenty of models on the market, but the Atomic Top is one of the better picks. It features a design which is closer to the traditional one. You could have seen it in an actual arcade. It comes with a 120V motor. This enables you to play fast-paced games, even ones that get too heated. The board has plenty of pressure, but because of the powerful motor, you can play for hours.

As a bonus, you’ll also receive an electric scoreboard which can help keep the score of both players. Every time anyone scores, the scoreboard will automatically update. Last, the tapered legs ensure that the desk is durable and stable.

pros +

Modern design High powered PVC airflow LED lights Good sound effects Sturdy LED Lights High-speed playing surface

cons -

Very heavy

6 place :

Mini: Atomic Blazer Review

Mini: Atomic Blazer Review

Our next Best Air Hockey Table is the Atomic Air Hockey Table. This is smaller than others on our list which allows you to place it into more compact places. The modern design looks more standard as it uses red and white tones to help accent the top of the table. It reminds popular hockey games as all the colors and lines are the same.

It features a thin railing around the perimeter of the top. This can help you bank shot into your opponent’s field. The railing also does an excellent job at keeping the puck from sliding off, even if it’s very thin. Another feature includes a curved tapered leg system that prevents it from moving while in use. Good even for intense games.

pros +

Sturdy build Easy to put together Extra sound effects Electric scoreboard Decent pricing Lightweight High-quality air pressure Electronic scoring system

cons -

Not as durable as thicker models

7 place :

Classic Sport: Triumph Lumen-X Lazer Review

Classic Sport: Triumph Lumen-X Lazer Review

Another one is the Triumph Lumen-X Lazer. Unlike others you’ll find, this one features a more modern look. Its sport black and white design includes gray and blue undertones. This model features many LED lights which decorate the edge, making it a nice touch to any man cave or family room.

However, there are also lights which light up the scoreboard. It will automatically update after each score. Whenever a player scores, the lights will light up and flicker, adding the excitement of the game. Other than that, there are built-in levelers to help keep the air hockey table stable.

pros +

Easy for kids to use Affordable Strong and sturdy Easy to assemble Fast delivery speeds Light up LED scoring system Leg Cross Braces LED hockey pushers

cons -

Consumes a lot of energy

8 place :

Best Home Air Hockey Table: Triumph Fire ‘N Ice Review

Best Home Air Hockey Table: Triumph Fire ‘N Ice Review

We have another Triumph model here. Unlike the previous one, this one features a better design excellent for those who want to play competitively. All the LED light bulbs are like the last design, except this one feature more colors. The competitive design includes red and blue strikers which light up. When they come into contact with the puck, they will also light up.

The unit itself includes fire and ice graphics are on each side of the desk, making it easy to distinguish between the two players. There are also built-in cross braces which provide some much-needed stability and durability for competitive games. Last, you have a good scoring system here.

pros +

Professional grade Easy to put together Durable Excellent customer service Powerful airflow Smooth white playing surface Four mallets Electronic scorer

cons -

Not everyone may like the design

9 place :

Full Size: Viper Vancouver Review

Full Size: Viper Vancouver Review

Viper Vancouver is very similar to other air hockey tables in arcades or sports bars. It provides you and your friends with a genuine feel. This desk comes equipped with an electronic scoreboard which will automatically update whenever someone hits the spot. What’s even better is that the scoreboard is facing both players, so they can keep track of who’s winning.

On top of everything else, there is a puck retrieval system. It makes it easy to keep playing with little hassle. There’s also a built-in airflow blower which is high performing and blows 110 cu/ft. According to the Viper Vancouver air hockey table reviews, it includes quite sturdy built-in levelers to keep it stable and ensure the playing field is even.

pros +

Very durable Excellent entertainment A very big playing surface Easy to assemble Dazzling design Durable construction Premium airflow

cons -

Heavy model

10 place :

Still Good: Hathaway Enforcer Review

Still Good: Hathaway Enforcer Review

The next one on our air hockey table reviews list is the Hathaway Enforcer Air Hockey Table. The model features a vibrant blue and black design which entices players to join a game. The legs provide extra stability and are much thicker than others on the market. This helps provide extra support when the table is in use.

It’s also made using MDF paper, which gives it a better design and overall appeal. The blowers in the corners of the desk push the puck and prevent it from getting stuck. There’s also an electronic scoreboard which will automatically update. Last, Hathaway Air Hockey Table reviews state there is an easy return feature, which enables you to play without retrieving the puck each time.

pros +

Very durable Excellent entertainment A very big playing surface Easy to assemble

cons -


Types of air hockey tables

Before you head out and purchase your first best air hockey table, it’s important to get the facts straight. There is over one type of it, which differ from one another. If you’d like to learn more about these types, keep reading, and we’ll quickly explain how you can choose the air hockey table.

Each type provides a different playing experience. If you’ve never owned an air hockey table before, then learn about the different types. In this section, we will give you a quick rundown of the pros and cons of owning each type of table and what air hockey table reviews have to say.

portable air hockey tables

#Table Top

These are compact models which are lightweight and portable air hockey tables. They feature rubber covers over the bottom which prevent it from moving during a game. They include a flat surface for many games.

#Regular Desks

Regular variants are the ones you’d see in homes and bars with American heritage of sports events. These come in various sizes, weights, and designs. These are suitable for all ages and make a great addition to any home.

#Arcade & Multi-Game Units

Arcades are products you’d typically see in stores – they feature materials for more intensive play.

Multi-game models can be flipped around and used for other types of games. These have smooth surfaces, enhanced gameplay, and come with extra features. However, they are heavier and take up more space.

Air Hockey Table Buying Guide – What to Look At?

Air Hockey Table

Certain features stand out and create the top-rated air hockey tables. If you’d like to learn them, then keep reading as we’ve done the research for you and crafted a buying guide. This buying guide will detail what you should keep an eye out for and how they can change your experience.

#Scoring Methods

The scoring methods feature an electronic board which will automatically update every time you score. These are much more convenient than other models, as you won’t have to stop your game to keep track and change the score on a manual board.

#Fan or Blower

A fan and blower can help keep the puck moving while you’re playing. If you’ve ever used older models, you’ve probably experienced the pain of watching the puck slowly come to a stop in the middle of a field. Fans and blowers will keep the puck moving at all times, ensuring your game is exciting.

#Power Source

The power source for the scoreboard will either be from either AC, AA or use AAA batteries. However, older models can go through batteries pretty quickly, so prepare to have extra on hand.

#Multigame and Combo Models

Multigame and Combo Models

The combo models of air hockey table include other types of games which you can flip over using swivel or tilt surfaces. Each of the games will vary, but you’ll usually find one with the option to play at least 2-3 extra games.


The desk size will play an essential part in how much space you will need in your home. If you’re limited on space, consider getting a smaller option. However, for those who want a larger playing surface, you can expect to have more than 80 x 70 inches of space used up. Always account for at least 2-3 extra feet on the game players sides.

#Leg Levelers

The leg levelers can help keep the playing field even. If the balance of the desk is off, then there’s a high chance someone will be at a disadvantage. To prevent this, modern models come with leg levelers which not only keep them stable but also prevent any shaking or moving.

Multigame and Combo Models

#Graphics and Design

The last factor for top rated air hockey tables that is not very important but influences the buying decision is the design and graphics. Tables come with ice hockey rink styles, realistic looks, and some that are just outright more modern and flashy. Some have LED lights while others have printout logos of teams. Either way, find one that matches your aesthetic.

The Best Air Hockey Table In 2019. Final Advice

For completing your man cave or family room, there’s no better game piece other than the top-rated air hockey table. These types of games are classic and popular additions to any space. Whether you’re a sports fan, enjoy the game, or love betting with your friends on who will win, an air hockey table can help you achieve those goals. Last, they provide you hours of fun and most recent models are much more compact and affordable for the average air hockey table fan.

Multigame and Combo Models

However, there are so many factors that go into selecting the top rated air hockey table. These factors are up to the player. It’s important to understand that the size, weight, and stability will be the main points to consider. Extra features don’t influence the game. However, choose the one you’d like! It doesn’t matter if the accessories and build are all correct as if you’re not attracted to the design.

As we come to the end of this article, we’d like to point out that there are many models available in today’s market. Every year there are more upgraded designs with new features come out. The best air hockey table on our list is the Harvil 4 Foot Air Hockey Game Table. This model features enhanced stability, control, and LED lights. It also includes an electric scoreboard and is lightweight, making it perfect for kids rooms or the family room.

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Patrick M. Williams

29 March, 2019

I love the stylish color of the ESPN air hockey table and it is one of the best tables with awesome features. Quite noticeable I must say, and one of the few incredible types that do not consume electricity (used manually) but offers significant benefits. A traditionally-styled table as well as strong, sturdy legs that can withstand a lot of pressure.