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5 Best 4 Cup Coffee Makers for Big Family In 2019

Last Updated: 21 November 2019

Coffee fans will appreciate this information first of all, as we will help you figure out what the best ways are to make a refreshing morning drink so that it matches your desires as much as possible. As we may assume, you’re like most of us, so have no need for an expensive, professional coffee maker. That's why you should love our list of reviews of the best 4-cup coffee makers available on the market today. To give more information, we cover the advantages and the disadvantages so that you can find a model with features you love and will be able to avoid any with flaws that you’ll hate.

What Is It?

 Best 4 Cup Coffee Maker

A coffee maker is an automatic or semi-automatic brewing machine. This device was called so because it allows you to make the drink without boiling water in any separate container. It is so convenient that the maker began to be used everywhere. It can be seen not only at home, but also in the office of various institutions, enterprises and organizations.

Why Do You Need This Product?

The 4 cup coffee maker is an ideal solution for people, who want to drink refreshing coffee at home. Their size is perfect for a small family, and they do not cost a lot of money. At the same time, the drink's quality is not worse.


Even if you think that you know everything on how to make the best drink, there are surely some questions that will help you choose.

 Best 4 Cup Coffee Maker

What Is The Best 4 Cup Coffee Maker?

It is a compact product that makes a perfect aroma drink any time you want it. With this device, you will be able to have a nice family breakfast. In general, it is a machine that meets all your expectations. For example, if you prefer latte or cappuccino, then the best variant for you will be the device with a frother.

Our recommendation as to the best model is Cuisinox Roma 4-cup Espresso Maker.

How Many Tablespoons Of Coffee Do You Use To Make 4 Cups?

First of all, you need to use a special scoop, which holds 2 tablespoons of ground coffee. One scoop will be enough per one 6 oz cup size. This is a usual and most common recipe.

KITCHEN APPLIANCESItem DimensionsMaterialItem WeightPriceIncluded ComponentsFeatures
CUISINOX ROMA 7 x 7 x 8 inStainless Steel4 pounds$$$1 extra gasket & reducer includedFor all cooking surfaces.
MR. COFFEE 6.4 x 7.2 x 9.6 inchesPlastic2.5 pounds$Removable filter basket Function Grab-A-Cup
CUISINART DCC-450BK10 x 8 x 5.25 inStainless Steel3.25 pounds$Stainless steel carafe30 minute automatic shutoff
MAXI-MATIC 9.8 x 9.49 x 14.8 inAluminum2.25 pounds$Swing out filter compartment with re-usable and washable built-in filterPause 'N Serve function and On/Off switch
CAPRESSO9.75 x 7.5 x 13.25 in ABS plastic and stainless steel 5.96 pounds$$Built-in safety valve prevents hot steam from escapingAdjustable steam output for perfectly frothing or steaming milk for cappuccinos and lattes

5 TOP Four Cup Coffee Makers Reviewed And Compared

1 place :

Best Overall: Cuisinox Roma Review

Best Overall: Cuisinox Roma Review

Cuisinox Roma 4-cup Espresso Maker was developed for people who are fond of top-quality drink but are limited in budget. This variant is ideal for brewing at home and has a lot of interesting and useful features. Among them are a perfect induction base, an ability to serve up to 6 people at once, ease in terms of cleaning. Its perfect stainless steel body is ideal for kitchen and it is really durable, able to withstand the highest temperatures. As a bonus, the manufacturer offers an extremely generous warranty – 25 years! This is a great quality proof.

Q: Is the inside of the water chamber steel or coated with some other material?

A: The inside of the water chamber is high-grade stainless steel. No coating at all. In fact, all of the surface is high-grade stainless steel. The outside is just highly polished.

Q: Confused by answers re:induction cook top use. Yes or No? Does it require a metal plate or not? Thanks!

A: It doesn't require anything. Just put Cuisinox on any Kitchen stove (IH or otherwise) on low to medium heat and brew.

Q: This pot is great, but half the water just never comes up, leaving a small amount of coffee made, what am I doing wrong?

A: There are a couple of different possibilities: you are not leaving it on the burner long enough, or you overpack grounds into the coffee grounds receptacle, or perhaps the grind of your coffee is too fine for the pot, or you are using too low a heat setting. Try changing one variable at a time, starting with the fineness of the grind.

pros +

Reliable coffee maker stainless steel construction Elegant design Ideal capacity for a small family Suitable for various surfaces 25-Year warranty

cons -

A bit overpriced.

2 place :

Best Programmable Coffee Maker: Mr. Coffee Review

Best Programmable Coffee Maker: Mr. Coffee Review

Mr Coffee 4 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker is an ideal solution for people, who can’t live without caffeine but are very busy at work. This amazing switch coffee maker can brew the drink up to the moment when you want to drink it. Moreover, it allows pouring a cup by the end of the brewing process. It is equipped with a removable filter, so the cleaning process is very simple. In addition, it has an amazing design that will fit any countertop.

pros +

Smart machine Useful Grab-A-Cup feature For office and home use Simple in use Easy to clean Affordable price

cons -

The digital clock may get broken

3 place :

Compact Construction: Cuisinart DCC-450BK Review

Compact Construction: Cuisinart DCC-450BK Review

An exclusive Cuisinart 4 cup maker has a compact design that is suitable for a cozy home kitchen and office. With a perfect Brew Pause feature, you will be able to take a cup even if the brewing process is not yet completed. In addition, this device has an automatic shut off feature, so you can be sure that your house is safe if you forget to switch off the device. Stainless steel carafe looks expensive.

Q: Does this have an auto-shutoff?

A: Yes, it will shut off 30 minutes after starting the brew cycle and will no longer keep any coffee remaining in the carafe warm.

Q: Do I need to use a paper filter with this coffee maker?

A: Yes, a #2 cone filter is required.

Q: Is the carafe glass-lined?

A: No, it is metal, stainless steel to be exact.

pros +

A top-notch carafe Compact design Reliable construction 4 cup maker with auto shut off Brew Pause feature Good price

cons -

Doesn’t contain a timer

4 place :

Budget Friendly: Maxi-Matic Elite Cuisine Review

Budget Friendly: Maxi-Matic Elite Cuisine Review

A 4 cup pot by Maxi-Matic is not big in size, but the compact design is its main privilege because it can find a place at any countertop. The carafe is made of heat-resistant glass, and the water reservoir is almost transparent. Water level indicator helps to take care of the water you are pouring. For example, if you need just 2 cups, add liquid for 2 cups. In addition, this model features a useful Pause N Serve function, which allows drinking a cup even during brewing. A filter is easily removable and washable, so you do not need to spend extra money buying disposable filters.

Q: Can it use for hot water and tea making?

A: Yes, yes it can. For hot water just clean the filter and maybe run it once or twice with just water to clean out the coffee flavor if you also use it for coffee. For tea I just put loose leaf tea in life I would cofee and I think it tatses fine but some tea purists would disagree.

Q: Automatic on?

A: No you have to turn it on and turn it off,but it makes really good coffee.

Q: How long is the power cord? Short 2 foot cords drive me crazy.

A: Just over 2 feet, perfect for me and a very good coffee maker.

pros +

Automatic carafe warming Top-notch compact design Suitable water indicator Convenient water reservoir Cheap

cons -

No automatic shutoff feature

5 place :

Best Cappuccino Maker: Capresso Review

Best Cappuccino Maker: Capresso Review

Capresso 4-Cup cappuccino and espresso machine has a fantastic design with a glass carafe. Thanks to a perfect cool touch handle, you may be sure that your fingers will be safe. Based on 4 cup coffee maker reviews, this is not just coffee, but also a cappuccino maker. The frother is included into its design and allows adjusting the steam. The milk is steamed quickly and into thick delicious foam. To keep it clean, don’t forget to wipe it every time you use it.

Q: What is the wattage of the heater?

A: Watt/Volt/Hertz: 800W/120V/60Hz

Q: Is this machine capable of making a single serving?

A: Yes it can. It is small enough where you can make 2 double shots or 4 single shots at a time. There is a control knob that switches from brew to steam. And when you have what you need just switch off the steam. If you are just done, switch it off.

Q: How to make the froth?

A: I recommend skim milk or low fat only. Microwave the milk briefly (30 seconds) take the plastic air-rator off and keep the nozel in the milk to your desired temp. Then bring the nozel just to surface of the milk and make your foam.

pros +

Ideal for various types of coffee Allows milk steaming Safe in use High-tech construction Compact design

cons -

A bit overpriced

6 place :

Noiseless: Mr. Coffee Steam System Review

Noiseless: Mr. Coffee Steam System Review

This Mr Coffee maker coffee is devoted to espresso lovers. It is easy in use and at the same time, delivers a perfect flavor of the refreshing drink. This amazing device allows to make a tasty mocha, creamy cappuccino and latte loved by many. The carafe is made of pour glass, the convenient handle remains cool, and the frother can be easily cleaned. All the drips are collected in a special tray that you can clean without problem.

pros +

Compact design Top-quality construction Includes a frother for creamy drinks Works quietly Affordable price

cons -

No warranty

Types Of 4 Cup Coffee Makers

However, all these makers are different. They differ from each other, and therefore they are divided into several types.

Review of 4 Сup Сoffee Maker


This device consists of 3 main parts:

  1. A section for clean water, usually with a transparent scale to control its quantity. For example, some makers have two scales to choose the strength.
  2. A basket with filter and coffee grounds. The filter is also with a scale, so you can determine the amount of poured drink.
  3. A bowl for a ready drink. Coffee accumulates in this bowl drop by drop. The bowl is on a special metal plate base, which keeps the drink warm all the time so that it does not cool down.


Steam machines can be either manual or electric. It is placed on the stove. The electric 4 cup filter coffee maker is connected to the household mains.

Such devices consist of a section for water, a filter filled with coffee and a four cup pot. A coffeepot receives the ready drink through a special filtration, which prevents the grounds from getting into the ready-made drink.


 Best 4 Cup Coffee Maker

These are ideal for true connoisseurs as it makes espresso. Based on this drink you can prepare cappuccino, latte, Americano, etc. Espresso maker comes in two types: steam and pump. Steam is designed for the simultaneous preparation of one to four cups. This process is longer. Pump makers have more pressure and open the taste better.


4 cup automatic coffeemaker is the top of the evolution in home appliances. A person controls the entire process – the degree of beans’ grinding, water temperature and even the portion size. Krups 4 cup coffee maker is a good example of such devices that is rather popular these days.

Coffee Maker Buying Guide – What To Look At?

All the 4 cup coffee makers are pretty simple, though there are some features and even benefits that should be taken into consideration while choosing the best for your needs.

Ease In Use

The best coffee maker should be easy in use. For example, it might have a comfortable handle and a reservoir. Also, the product shouldn’t be overloaded with features.

Ease In Cleaning

It would be better to choose device with removable parts that can be used in a dishwasher. This will save you a lot of time. Filters deserve special attention because they may be hard to clean. Also, some glass carafes may change color and become darker if they are not cleaned properly.

4 Сup Сoffee Maker

Pause And Serve Feature

As you already know, there are special machines that allow taking a carafe and pouring a coffee even during brewing. In this case, you will not be tight in time.

Automatic Shut-Off

Based on 4 cup coffee maker reviews, the best variant is when the product has an automatic shut-off feature. In this case, you can leave your house and be sure that the device will be turned off automatically in 30 minutes, for example.


Manufacturers offer a warranty for various periods. Make sure you choose a model with a long-term warranty of at least 2 years. It is important to know that the product is developed with top-notch materials and if something goes wrong, you can easily contact the manufacturer.

Best 4 Cup Coffee Maker - Final Advice

4 Сup Сoffee Maker

It’s high time to talk more about the leader of our 4 cup coffee maker reviews – Cuisinox Roma 4-cup Espresso Maker. This excellent stainless steel pot will be the best device for any kitchen. It has a lot of advantages, so it is pretty clear why people are choosing it. It lives up to the highest standards, so the features include a top-notch construction and the best ever induction base. The last one allows using the product on any cooking surface which uses either gas or electricity. The lid is easy to open, and you may even follow the brewing process and see how the espresso cream is forming. Ease in cleaning and more than generous warranty add more bonuses to this amazing machine. It means, if you want to buy one of the best 4 cup coffee makers 2019, you’ve already found it!

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