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7 Clever Ways to Organize Your Tools

7 Clever Ways to Organize Your Tools
Last Updated: 09 August 2019

There are different ways on how to organize your tools properly, and there is no single formula that applies to all. It is an individual thing and, in many cases, how you organize your tools depends on how and where to use them. If you are an avid DIYer, a hobbyist, or a woodworker, you should read this for gaining an insight into how you can organize your hacks.

Different skill set has a different set of jacks. A woodworker may need more storage for his small jacks while a DIYer may need a bigger and easily accessible place so he can organize his power jacks.

Even if you are not one of these above but has an essential hack to store, there are smart ways on how to organize and store them. These hacks organization tips and ideas can help put your chaotic garage in order.

Sort Things Out

The initial step for organizing your jacks is to sort things out. Find out that there are plenty of useless items there, which should be removed. Removing these trash and other items of no use will give more space to work on.

There should be no stone left unturned. All your storage cabinets should be emptied, and every bin has to be sorted through. When doing this, know what you need and what you don’t before making any headway for organizing these jacks.

Organizing Your Tools

Here are some simple organizing solutions that will make your area more efficient and improve your workflow.

#1 Create a Zone

During that initial purge, we did not group our hacks yet. This next step is to consolidate these hacks according to categories. You will have hand jacks, garden, and paint, and small power hacks as these first main groups. While doing this, you are also making an inventory of what you have.

Once everything is grouped into major zones, break it down further into subcategories. For example, put together all these screwdrivers and put them in a designated storage cabinet. If you have hacks for woodwork, make a DIY cabinet that is near that table saw. You might think that these details are too trivial, but you will learn later on that it enhances the ergonomics in your space.

#2 Add Pegboards

Pegboards are one of these most common ways to organize your hacks because you can hang your tools. It not only saves space, but it will be easier to find these jacks that you need. This creative piece of organizing hacks helps clear your floor space of hacks. It is easy to install pegboards, and you can add hooks on them for extra storage. They are clean and neat too, hence that most preferred addition by many.

#3 Add Shelves

So, how to make garage shelves or how to build storage shelves? By adding one or two additional layers of shelves can give you more storage for the tools. You can reconfigure them so that it will be easy to arrange the jacks that you have grouped. It will provide easy access, and you can locate the tool you need quickly. Learning how to build wall mounted garage shelves can also maximize the area when you have many things to organize.

It is easy how to build garage shelves. Old or reclaimed wood will do and adding hooks at the bottom of the shelves will give extra storage space.

#4 Use Empty Jars

Make use of empty jars to store the nuts and bolts, nails, screws, and other small parts that can easily get lost or lying at the bottom of your toolbox. Label the jars and place them on the drawer or neatly arrange them on the shelves. You can also screw the lid onto the underside of a shelf for a different approach.

There are mason jars that you can buy, or you can opt for the plastic ones. Whatever it is made from, jars work well for organizing small parts.

#5 Stack Up Crates

For bigger and heavier hacks, crates can be a perfect solution. It can hold not only the jacks but its accessories too. No need to look elsewhere for these parts and components as they are all in one place. Depending on the size of the crate, it can contain different kinds of hacks. What’s good about it is you can stack them up to free some space.

Choose smaller crates so that it will not overcrowd the area. Also, don’t forget to label them so that you can easily locate your things. If you have crates of different sizes, you can organize them according to dimensions.

#6 Add Drawers

If you have a working table in your workshop, drawers will come in handy. It can save a lot of space, and you can organize different jacks in every drawer. You just should ensure that the tools can easily fit in the drawers.

You can modify any table or surface that you want to upgrade if you’re going to add drawers. Old plywood or reclaimed wood can be perfect for a drawer.

#7 Tool Hangers and Hooks

Another way to organize your tools is by installing tool hangers and hooks. If you already have a pegboard on your wall, you add the hooks so that it will be easy to arrange the jacks properly. You can also add them inside the cabinet for hanging your hacks. It will save the space inside the cabinet, and by hanging them, you can easily see the jacks you need.

Tool hangers can accommodate big and small hacks and all you need it a flat surface on your wall to install them. Just make sure that the wall is stable and sturdy to hold them. Otherwise, it can fall off the wall.

Final Note

There are plenty of ways to organize your jacks. Use all our recommendations here to arrange your garage, workshop or tool shed. Just make sure that you will have space to work around when you do. You might be surprised at how well organized it is that you won’t recognize that it’s yours.

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