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3 Methods on Removing Vinyl Wallpaper

3 Methods on Removing Vinyl Wallpaper
Last Updated: 05 September 2019

Removing vinyl wallpaper is not an easy task. People are avoiding this task because of too much work that needs to be done. Now, there are lots of tools that can make this task much more manageable and requires you less effort.

You can use nontoxic enzyme strippers and other tools to remove your old paper. To help you with this task, below are the things you need and steps to remove your vinyl paper fast and easy.

Things You Need:

  • Ladder
  • Plastic putty knife
  • Water spray bottle
  • Paint roller
  • Steamer
  • Stripping solution

How to Remove Vinyl Wallpaper?

You can remove vinyl wallpaper by using hot water, stripping solution, and by steam. Before you start working on your paper, don’t forget to cover your floor using a sheet of cover or drop cloth. Make sure to protect your doors, baseboards, windows, or other objects mounted on your wall.

Note: if you are removing this vinyl cover near a socket or electricity outlet, make sure to cover it to prevent the water from flowing inside during this removal process. Remember even these outlets without power can be dangerous when they get wet.

Steps on Removing Vinyl Wallpaper Using Hot Water

Step #1 Peel the Top Layer

You can start peeling that top layer of your paper with your hand. Then use a spray bottle of water to soak the paper backing and loosen old glue. Start scraping off this paper backing using a 4-inch putty knife.

If your wall had been painted before installing this vinyl cover, that process of removing it is easy. After soaking it with water, this cover backing will come off quickly. Start peeling off this top layer of your paper.

Step #2 Peel off the Top Layer Section by Section

Using your small putty knife lift a corner of that cover and peel off this top layer in a slow and steady motion. After removing that top layer, what is left is these backing papers. If there are still some sheets remaining, find a new corner, and repeat this procedure.

For hard to resect backing papers, you can respray some water this time with warm water and let this water penetrate within.

Tip: Spray 3 foot by 6-foot section at a time. By doing this, you can scrape this area easily before your paper dried out.

Once that paper backing is removed, what is left will be this painted surface underneath. It requires less force to scrape that paper backing off your wall.

Step #3 Wash Away the Residue

Finally, clean that area using soap and hot water. Rinse that area to resect any residue, and then dry using a clean rag or towel.

Steps to Remove Vinyl Wallpaper from Drywall Using Stripping Solution

Step #1 Scoring the Wallpaper

Before you spray that stripping liquid, you need to score your cover first. Scoring that cover or putting holes in it will make it easier for this stripping solution to soften that adhesive.

Some would ignore this process because it will produce small holes on your drywall. For a real plaster wall, this is not a problem.

For those who want to skip this scoring process, you can use 120-grit sandpaper with a vibrating sander. Do that sanding to take off some of these colors.

Step #2 Mix Hot Water and the Stripping Solution

In a bucket, combine hot water and that cover-stripping liquid. Make sure your water is hot enough. Follow these instructions on that stripping solution bottle on that proper mixing.

Tip: For a cheaper alternative, you can use a vinegar liquid, which is useful, non-toxic, and affordable. You can add a 20% percent solution, but if you prefer a milder concentration, you can do some experiments.

You can also use fabric softener and add around 25% to 50% solution. No need to choose an excellent fabric softener, but make sure it is unscented.

Add this stripping solution batch by batch to keep your liquid hot.

Step #3 Applying the Hot Water-Stripping Solution

Use a paint roller to apply the stripping / hot liquid solution. You can also use a large paintbrush or sponge.

Tip: It is much faster to apply the solution using a spray bottle, but it can cool down the solution faster. Assess which will work best on you.

Apply the solution portion by portion, on that area that you can strip in 10 to 15 minutes. Allow the solution to penetrate your cover for several minutes before scraping.

With a plastic putty knife start stripping that cover, peel these pieces of paper away as you scrape it.

Tip: Peel your paper with your putty knife in an upward motion. It will make scraping much easier.

Step #4 Wash the Residue

Remove the residue by rinsing it with soap and hot liquid, and wipe it dry with a clean rag or towel.

Wallpaper Removal Using Steam

In using steam to resect wallpaper, you need to rent or borrow a cover steamer. This method is ideal for the paper that is hard to peel off.

Step #1 Score the Wallpaper

Scoring this vinyl cover can help this steam to penetrate faster.

Step #2 Steam the Wallpaper

Do the steaming in sections to make it easier to peel off the cover this way. Run the steamer through your wallpaper to loosen and soften the adhesive. Peeling off can be hastened by steaming the cover longer.

Note: Be cautious when using the steamer on drywall. Your walls can get damaged by the excess moisture.

Do not forget to wear long sleeves and gloves as the steamer drips hot water.

Step # 3 Scrape the Wallpaper

Use a plastic putty knife in scraping. Then peel upwards. This vinyl wall paper removal tips can make the task simpler.

Step #4 Wash Away the Residue

Remove the residue using hot water and soap, rinse, and wipe dry with a clean rag or towel.

Final Thoughts

Choose the convenient and the best way to remove vinyl wallpaper, to make the task much easier. Before you start peeling off the old cover, make sure you have everything you need at hand. Also, don’t forget to take the safety precautions mentioned above.

You can share your thoughts with us, or you can ask questions by commenting below. Removing vinyl wallpaper is not hard. All you need to do is to follow the steps above.

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